Jessica Alba Shows Her Bare Butt

Jessica Alba

Finally we are making some progress with Jessica Alba. After years of her making horrible movies and not showing us some much as one nipple, Jessica has finally caved in and shown her bare ass in a movie.

The movie is called “The Killer Inside Me”. I assume it is about Jessica Alba getting railed by a killer. As you can see from the screen caps below there is a scene in the movie in which Jessica finally shows some skin in the form of her naked butt. Kudos to you Jessica, but frankly after making “Good Luck Chuck” with Dane Cook you owe us a lot more nudity than this.


Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba

  • Dead Ed™

    My girlfriend asked me, “If you could be a celebrity, who would you be?”
    I said, “Jessica Alba, so I could grope myself and not get arrested.”
    We’re no longer together. :(

  • Dead Ed™

    Did you hear about that guy who sued Britney Spears for breaking his foot?
    I’m going to sue Jessica Alba for damaging my arm.

  • Dead Ed™

    “You wouldn’t steal a car… You wouldn’t steal a handbag… You wouldn’t steal a movie”
    So goes the piracy warning at the start of DVD’s.
    Well the other day I hotwired a Ford Fiesta. In the glove-box I found a handbag with a brand new
    copy of Slumdog Millionaire nestled inside.
    Just to rub salt in the wound, I got home and downloaded a DVD-rip of Fantastic Four – just to
    have a massive wank over Jessica Alba.
    Take THAT Hollywood!

  • Cjones

    LOL i seen the trailer to this and thats not her bare ass just her wearing tight skin color pants

    • butthole

      yeah exactly considering it doesnt look like skin at all its a little suspicious, in toher words stockings.

  • dickspit

    Does this guy fuck her ass after spanking it? I surely would. Over and over and over.

    • Royy

      haha maybe she thought the illtte ruffles at the top would stay in place and keep her covered all night apparently that didn’t work out so well.