Jessica Alba Sex Tape Video

Jessica Alba sex tape

As you can see the video above appears to be a scene from actress Jessica Alba’s sex tape.

This scene is pretty tame by Hollywood sex tape standards with Jessica mindlessly yammering away while rubbing her clit and getting her ass absolutely drilled.

The fact that Jessica Alba can continue to babble on while getting her butt stuffed like this just goes to show that there is only one hole on a self-absorbed infidel woman’s body that you stick it to shut them up.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Muhhamad

      I agree abuallah maybe he is off on his gay schedule

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        brother Muhamad

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    • Ahmed

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    • Big Pete


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      • Muhhamad

        Big Pussy Pete,
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        this is a horribly faked sex tape so how can you say this is you fucking her?

  • Muhhamad

    Who has hacked my phone? Oh she is going to be angry

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Typical Western female not focusing on the job at hand….but rather yammering and yapping to her female friends off to the side…..

  • Word of wisdom

    See how she was not properly cut as commands the prophet (mhsh). Result : she rubs herself frenetically, and can’t get her mouth shut, probably destroying the only legal pleasure : her husband’s one.
    But worst of all : you don’t cut them, and they end asking to be on top, want you to spend minutes and minutes when you could have finished far earlier, or they will talk you to flacidity…
    Damn the western world, and its corruption of females

    • Mufti David

      Brother wisdom

      Yes, very good point. This is what happens when the western gay weaklings can’t satisfy their women with their tiny worms. Their women become lezbos and their men are left with no choice but to become queers. This is why we have America as a major homo country.

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      • Kumal The Camel

        Brother David you misspoke all kuffar men were already queers. Not being able to satisfy their women just gives them the excuse they need to suck more cock.

        • Mufti David

          Thanks for your correction brother. I got a little carried away watching the filthy scumbag getting fucked a tiny dick. And yes, the western queer men just see women a burden, they are more interested in cock.

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  • Kahlid

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          • Arcachnar

            No. Christianity was not the first religion.

      • Anonymous

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  • ash phantom

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  • ahbdul sira ulo

    i think its fake..

    • sympatico

      I wouldn’t go that far. I think she was just drunk ;-)

  • Kool kat

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  • Kahlid

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  • Tyrone shoelaces

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  • sam

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    • Word of wisdom

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  • Da truth

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  • SomeRandomGuy

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  • Akoun

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  • someone

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    Btw am I the only one around here that gets anoyyed by these fake things? :( I come here for real celeb nudity, not fake sht :(

  • Osama Binladen

    So, where is the actual video?