Jessica Alba Nude In Bed With Her Legs Spread

Jessica Alba nude bed

In a last ditch attempt to stay relevant Jessica Alba appears to be posing nude while laying in bed with her legs spread in the photo above.

At one time Jessica Alba was the biggest sex symbol in the infidel world. However, in recent years she has faded into obscurity as the infidel public has shifted their lustful desires to much uglier women like Mila Kunis and Rihanna.

Now it looks as though Jessica Alba is trying to win back the spotlight by shamelessly flaunting her baby cave in this naked picture. Unfortunately for Jessica this bold nude picture strategy is not likely to work, as she isn’t exhibiting enough “swag” and “YOLO” for this new generation. Perhaps if she was photographed twerking her ass on Lil Wayne’s dick she may of had a shot.

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  • Smellgibson

    Much better than Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Smellgibson

    Much better than Jennifer Lawrence.

    • crazyjohn2005

      they both are hot…

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

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