Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ass in See Through Leggings

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Desperate for attention Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her dumpy ass in some see through leggings.

Jennifer, let me just say that your whole I’m a cute little girlie girl thing doesn’t work anymore. What are you damn near 40 now? Grow the hell up, your only coming off as sad and pathetic.

But I’m not here just to knock you down JLH. I believe in you! I think you can whip that doughy body of yours back in shape and give us the hardcore nude scene we deserve. Think of it as your last hurrah.

We’ve put up with your “I’m innocent I can’t do nudity” act for years now while you’ve run around Hollywood getting nailed by any semi famous d-bag that would take you (John Mayer, Carson Daily, and Jamie Kennedy). You owe us some quality nudity. Have some pride and do the right thing.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • jaja

    fuck you whoever you are posted this entry! love hewitt is better than you!!

  • Bwey

    Hey you stupid jerk stop sayn bullshits and go find a real job.Who are u anyway??U ARE PATHETIC,i bet that you are ugly as hell and unloved.F* YOU

  • Dead Ed

    Haha. I lost my cusor somewhere in her big ass. I had to move the mouse to find it, and there it was, coming out of her butt like a groundhog.

    • Dead Ed


  • Jesse

    Whoever wrote this is desperate and in need of attention. Near 40?? Are you serious. She is in her very early 30s. Check your info first, okay.

  • Sean Serritella

    An ass like that takes a lot of work. You have to call the unions in to work that ass.

  • Heather

    DURKA, if you want nudity go stand in front of a mirror. Jennifer Love Hewitt has the same grace, dignity, professionalism and SELF RESPECT as Jennifer Garner. Both deserve kudos for not lowering themselves to Hollywood’s lowest common depraved denominator…the last resort when talent and/or opportunities dry up for people who completely lack security in who they are themselves — REGARDLESS OF WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF THEM – especially people like DURKA DURKA. Could JLH use a little fashion advice? When it comes to the leggings, yes. As for the “doughy” body comment – dear DURKA – you have a doughy brain.

  • True Guy

    Bottom Line….. She is hott!

  • DeeeeCeeee n

    Just think, if people like Jennifer Love Hewitt actually “Grow the hell up” you’ll have nothing to post on your web site. Giggling like school boys, looking at upskirt and nipple slip pictures of woman all day, now there’s a very adult pursuit.

  • novass

    U little dicks dont even know what a woman is, i could wear that as a face mask. she is all woman, more than you can ever get. face it and come out your closet!!

  • Pendejo

    Yummy is she……………………..and im picky. Nothin else to say.

  • Pendejo

    FUCK YOU D-bag! She is hot and continues to be. Take your LITTLE crush elsewhere. Shouldn’t you be watching Bruno again!

  • tomkat

    cute butt and her not wearing underwear makes it better

  • David

    She is one of the hottest ass!!!. Whoever wrote that, you have an ugly ass! I wish she could sit on my face and put my dick through it

  • Jack

    Her ass is so fucken hot. Your lucky she isn’t a giant because with that hot ass of hers, she would squash you to death with it.

  • BlackGuy

    I’ll slap Jennifer ass until it’s black and blue.