Jennifer Love Hewitt Topless At ‘The Avengers’ Premiere

Jennifer Love Hewitt topless

Converted Muslimina Jennifer Love Hewitt stunned onlookers by showing up completely topless to the premiere for the new Marvel Comics movie “The Avengers”.

Kudos to Jennifer Love Hewitt for using the slutty tools of the infidel against them, and prostituting her bare breasts like this. Now all the attention will be shifted away from the dangerous Zionist propaganda film “The Avengers”, and towards her righteous Muslim boobies.

With all the attention on Jennifer’s titties “The Avengers” will surely flop at the box office this weekend, and ruin the corrupt Hollywood studios once and for all. Truly a great victory for Islam is at hand and we have Jennifer Love Hewitt and her holy Islamic milk wagons to thank.

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    She’s not even apart of the Avengers why would she be there and the Avenger premier was last week so this is so fake

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  • Anubis

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  • somebody

    soooooo fake. i absolutely Hate it when people make fakes that Always have bigger boobs than the actual person.

  • Fail

    this reminds me of the time i was in Israel and i saw all the palestinian women bending over and taking it from the IRA as they knew that they were real men, and there was no point supporting the failing muslim cause which is a plague to the world, and like all plagues this one is being slowly eradicated. praise be to god

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