Jennifer Love Hewitt Sex Tape Video

Jennifer Love Hewitt fingers, dildos, hanjobs, and gets tit f*cked in the sex tape video above.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is 100% right lots of women in the infidel West make sex tape videos like this one, and not just for men, but for themselves to satisfy their perverse voyeuristic and exhibitionist desires.

It may be “cool” right now for a woman like Jennifer Love Hewitt to have a sex tape video, but when she is standing trial in Shariah court and awaiting judgement for days as the clerics review her sex tape in their private chambers she won’t think it is so “swag” or “YOLO”.


  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    The Sharia Court will be also the destiny of Team Anus. And for the same reason: sexual exhibitionism.

    But in this case because of showing their ass again and again in pole dances at gloryholes all across America, but mainly in the southern States.

    Islam will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Hashim

      What you say is true. And it is also true for the rest of that sick collection of pud-yanking-jizz-gulpers he cavorts with: Sex with Seals, Mr. Ed, Nobrain, and that brain-damaged retard, George Whorington.

      The Sharia Court has a sense of humor, but not when it comes to these followers of all things related to faggotry.

      They’ll get whats (deservedly) coming to them!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Mr E

        Hey Abbasshole, you little sparrow fart. Had a talk with your mom last nite. She says she doesn’t mind you living in her basement as such, but she wishes you’d stop screaming her name when you’re jacking off to pictures of Hashim.

      • Mr E

        Hey Abbasshole, you little sparrow fart. Had a talk with your mom last night. She says she doesn’t mind you living in her basement as such, but she wishes you’d stop screaming her name whenever you’re jacking off to pictures of Hashim.

        • Hezbollah Hitman

          Mr Erection

          Listen up you fog breathing pointy tooth homo queer. Disrespecting a pious brother like Imam Abbas has earned you a fatwa. Soon you along with all of your glory hole nation of Not So Great Britain will be on fire.

          I may keep Rachel Weisz alive long enough to pound her hairy baby box a few times and then kill her. Of course she might make a good Muslimina instead of a Jewess slut.

          By the way, one of the UK’s biggest porn stars Alexis Silver is no longer in the infidel porno business because she is now a devout and pious Muslimina. ‘

          So you can take your Islamaphobia and shove it up your Mandino nigger cock loving mangina!

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Mr Ed,

          You tried to say something funny and you managed to do it.

          It’s a pitty this will cost you the life. No one can insult a Muslim and stay unpunished.

          • Seal Team Six

            Hashim the Homo,

            I agree. Insulting a muslim is not fun. Shooting him between the eyes or dragging him behind my humvee at high speed is…fun.

          • Nobody

            I disagree. Insulting a muslim is fun as well as shooting him between the eyes, dragging him behind a humvee, burning his eyes out with a soldering iron, cutting his fingers and toes off with bolt cutters, applying high voltage to the testicles or the old favourite of leaving the body in the village street so the locals can cut him up and devour him because as we all know muslims are cannibals.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            I see you’ve been reading one of our Al Qaeda manuals.

            But on them we don’t talk about humvees, because for every day’s Jihad work, we use the much more reliable Toyota or Mitsubishi pickups.

          • Imam Abbas

            I notice your high voltage to the testicles comment, which further demonstrates your concentration always moving from the topic at hand to a man’s groin.

            Your obvious inability to stay off the topic of male sex organs for even one comment serves as evidence to support my first comment to Brother Hashim.

            Case closed.

          • Imam Abbas

            We’ve noticed that humvees are most excellent for target practice…

            Now THATS fun! The only (albeit minor) problem, is that after they’re hit with an RPG, there isn’t enough left to drag behind a child’s tricycle!

          • Arcachnar

            blahbah….bah…humvee….shooting between the eyes…Of course you are. How long did you say that you have these kinds of delusions?

          • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

            Sissy Team Six,

            The Humvee is for American girly men.

            That is why us Muslims use the mighty Toyota truck to take us on our missions of Jihad.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Farzan,

            Most probably that pickup has more than 1.000.000 kilometers at the service of the Jihad.

            Allahu Akbar!

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            Brother Farzan

            The Toyota is to Jihad as what the Prophet (PBUH) is to Islam!

            All infidels fear the “Jihad Mobile” as they should!

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            I thought Muslims tended to like the BMW more. At least in Iran that is. White BMW seems to be favored a lot.

          • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

            Native Pride,

            The Toyota truck is the prefered vehicle of choice of Jihadist the world over.

            A true jihadist will use it for a variety of tasks. It can hold many AK47’s, IED’s, RPG’s, concubines, infidel heads….and whatever else you need.

            Allahu Akbar

          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            I gotta give you one thing AK’s are the weapon of a true rebel. My people used them in the Oka Crisis to gun down a French Cannuck. They’re actually more practical than the M-16 or your M-16 variants. Two reasons, actually maybe three. They can with stand dirt, they can be in the water and while a round from an M-16 will go through you, entry and exit, an AK round tends to expand inside of you causing more damage. You could get a through and through bullet from a Nato weapon and not hit anything vital.

            Of course you can always have a GP25 mounted on there too.

          • Imam Khalid of Basra

            Brother Abdullah, I have expanded my jihad against the baggers. Their IP bans cannot stop the one with the might of ALLAH on his side!

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • Allaha’s got man tits

            Fuck off rag heads!! Your not gods! You follow a false god and your all just trash talking bearded terrorists

        • Imam Abbas

          Mr Erectile Dysfunction

          It is unlikely you talked with my mother, and I most certainly do not live in any basement. My compound is large and harem vibrant and wet (in all the right places).

          But you glory-hole-dwelling-sperm-burpers are all the same. And you’ll never convert any of us your less-than-halal lifestyle!

          • Mr E

            Don’t get me started on Haram and Halal you flea-infested camel jockey!

      • Seal Team Six

        Imam UpTheAss,

        Fear your white American superiors Boy!

        When the time comes for us to pull up in our Hummer and drag your pansy ass out of your cave to curb stomp you to death, you’ll fall on your knees, ass up and pants down, whining and begging for your life.

        Of course the kevlar soles of my Danner Strikers will have no compassion for your sob stories as I kick your fucking head in.

        • Arcachnar

          Wow. Still fantasizing about you being in the army? Stop playing those video games and go into the real world.

        • George Washington

          You’re on your own. I’ve been to the middle east once, its a nasty shit hole that stinks like goat piss and human feces. I’m gonna grab an ice cold case of beer, head over to the drone center in Denver, Co, and watch as the American serviceman/war hero knocks these sand niggers down and stacks ‘em like cord wood. Then I’ll head down to the local tavern and find me a Jennifer Love Hugetits look a like and post some real fuck picks up here so the pin dick losers can see what it’s like to be a real man.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Georgie Fag,

            I bet the Middle East you’re talking about is the name of a shack in Alabama where you use to drink grape soda and dance in the pole.

            This is gross.

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            Brother Hashim

            After dancing on the pole….Georgie fag sucked the poles…..of his homo customers.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Of course brother.

            That’s the general idea behind this whole disgusting business.

          • Imam Abbas

            Brother Muslims

            I would guess this is why the Fag-ulous Four refer to him as “Georgie Girl”.

            Be certain these non-halal-circle-jerkers will all be facing the Sharia Court: and then their next destination will be the eternal flames of Jahannam!

            Allahu Akbar!

          • Imam Abbas

            Alabama? By the beard of The Prophet (PBUH), now it all makes sense! No wonder he and Team Lady-Boy get on so well – This Boy-George Whorington is probably the type that goes to a family reunion hoping he’ll find a date!
            These progenies of incest always seem to somehow find each other to congregate. Perhaps that is Allah’s (SWT) plan: if they all find a way to hang out together – then they’re that much easier to pick off at once when the Jihadis find them!
            But to be both a progeny of incest and a meat-pole-sucking-goo-gobbler means that any fatwa issued on this special brand of deviant should be given the highest priority.
            Allahu Akbar!

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Denver Colorado? No wonder you rednecks like drinking Coors. It tastes like Rocky Mountain Cowboy Piss. Eat shit and die homo queer

          • Arcachnar

            Stop trying to make everyone believe that you have been there in the Middle East or that you are going over to the drone center in Denver. You really come over as someone who wants to make himself better than it actually is. Just stop.

        • Imam Abbas

          Sex with Male Seals

          To use a favorite term: BRAVO SIERRA, boy!

          It’ll be most entertaining watching you trying to kick my head in while your face is groveling in the mud under the heel of my boot!

          Does your mama know you’re using her computer?

          • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

            Brother Abbas,

            Sissy Team Six won’t be kicking anyone’s ass, he wouldn’t last an hour in the middle east. That is why he spends all day playing video games and jerking off to the Men’s Underwear section of the Sear’s catalog.

            We give American homo’s like him a very warm welcome here in the mighty Iran

          • just confused with muslims

            yo hi could one of you muslims explain to me why you guys blow yuorselfs up for your religion would it not be more noble to fight along side your ‘brother’ in iraq or afgan instead of shouting what ever silly thing you say then blowing up a bus or train.

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Brother Farzan

            I am glad this American was dead before sticking the US nazi flag in his anus or otherwise he may have enjoyed dying.

            If he were even a little bit sentient he would be screaming “Work it girlfriend” as most of these homoqueer farq white mofos do in the US of A. Since they all want to be niggers, by burning them you have done them a most generous duty by burning them!

          • Imam Abbas

            Brother Farzan
            Right you are! Limp wristed pantywaists like him don’t kick asses, they kiss and perform unnatural/non-halal sex acts with them.

          • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

            Brother Abbas,

            Very well said. It is a known fact that he enjoys French kissing his gay lovers anus hole.

          • Imam Abbas

            Brother Farzan
            I am certain that Allah (SWT) approves of your special brand of Muslim hospitality!
            Peace be with you!

        • Hezbollah Hitman

          Seal Team Jizz Bucket

          Superior? Do not make me chuckle.
          Most likely you whites will not even exist in 50 years because so many of your women are nigger loving mudsharks and white men like Asian women because oddly enough they are the only women who have tight enough vaginas to take in their small penis.

          All the other whites who do not become mongrels will be put to death. Either by stoning, the AK-47 or by being tied up on a beach with no sun screen. The first to die will likely be your redhead gingers (Hair like Satan) and then your blondes as they only have slightly more protection from sun than redheads. Your brunettes will hold out longest as they are closest descended from the original man, the Arab but of course their Euro trash recessive genes will have them succumb to melanoma.

          ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    I might consider accepting her into my harem. I will pay her father 5 goats and a camel, a reasonable price for an infidel woman. Of course even as she wears the burka, I can rest assured her chest puppies will still be poking out even as they are covered.

    I will rest assured knowing no other man may commit adultery with her by looking at her exposed flesh. The very thought of adding another woman to my polygamous paradise makes my tunic snake dance!

    • Mohammed

      Homoqueer Hitman and Homoqueer destroyer of anuses like sucking each other off. just so everyone knows.

    • Imam Abbas


      That is an almost obscenely generous offer for a well used infidel. Here’s hoping her owner accepts before you regain your senses!

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Indeed she is a godless infidel whore. But first I will teach her the nature of God. First my enlarged manhood shall be her God and she will worship it. Once she has accepted this as a dutiful Muslimina, we can move onto the discussion of the one true God, Allah. Not Jesus, Not Moses. But Allah.

        No doubt the only thing Boy George Washington offered his girlfriend was a ride home after the sex change operation. Martha Washington was a tranny. You can mutilate a man’s junk and try to make it a baby box but Allah is aware of all that you do!

        The founding fathers are roasting in eternal hell fire along with the Zionists and fags. . ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!!!

        • Imam Abbas

          Brother Muslim

          It is as if you were reciting the words of The Prophet (PBUH) himself in your reference to Boy George Whorington!

          Peace Be With You.

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Mashallah! Every word that Boy Georghe speaks from his cum drizzled cock sucker, the prophet (PBUH0 heaps more coals upon his head in the Fire that is being prepared for him in the hereafter!

            He is how you say…digging his own grave, no?

          • George Washington

            Right right…Dutch reporter raped in Egypt…Inamans ass blows Homo hitman…Mohammad rapes little boys and camels. Read the true headlines when you get time to leave the glory hole. Tell Lucifer/Allah I said Fuck Off dick dusters.

    • George Washington

      Hermaphrodite Handjob
      Holy fuck! Lucky her, gets to have sex with a disgusting devil worshiper in a stone age country where the livestock are treated better that women and children. Fuck yeah, I bet she’d jump at that. Dream on queer. Isn’t it Devil chanting/worshiping hour?

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Boy George Of Glory Holes

        This is a conversation between men not infidel dancing boys. Everybody knows the US of A tolerates homoqueers while we stone them.

        And you western men oppress women too. Rapists get a slap on the wrist, and women are only valued for their body and not their mind. The holy word of Allah says to love a woman for what is on the inside not the outside.

        You kaffirs are superficial. Your women’s looks fade and then you are old men with ED ad not even hookers want to touch your tiny hoses. This could be why you enjoy bath houses so much.

  • George Washington

    I’m not sure if there is a reason to comment on this retarded muslim hatred against the angel that will be a go between for the lost souls looking for their 72 virgins. its a sad end for the repulsive muslim male and she has been a sacrificial lamb taking care of these shit bags. Apparently this is how they say thank you. Fags who hate big breasts.

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      george homo-man

      Whats your reason for sucking cock and getting ass-banged?

      Ha…the answer is evident. You are a big fag.

      • George Washington

        Asshole shit stained underwear
        It’s always with the gay fascination. I can understand why a weak gene male like your self wants to be topped and dominated but…I’m not gay, you’ll have to call on your camel harem for satisfaction.

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

          george homo-tonguer

          Dont brag about your gay fascination mofo.

  • anonymus

    So fake!

  • Woody Johnson

    Everybody loves me look at me I’m the moderator I’m the moderator I’MMMMMMMMMMMMM the moderator I”MMMMMMMMMMMm the moderatorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    If indeed Celeb Jihad does become a show on HBO as I previously suggested

    (And I say HBO only because they win more awards than any other network. It’s just a fact) I think first the Game Of Camels should be finished I have no idea what that is about but Abdullah referenced it. It does sound hilarious. Maybe the next link this site posts should be about that. I’m sure it’s better than Game Of Thrones and hopefully won’t have sex scenes with an annoying midget in it.

    I do disagree on your Trayvon Martin movie being a real tear jerker unless it’s tears of laughter then I would have to agree but even so, it is more of a comedy than anything else.

    Also Chaz Bono is an excellent choice for playing Zimmerman due to the fat bloated frame. As for Jayden Smith I would cast him for no reason other than I want to see the nigglet get killed off.

    Will Smith, your son is annoying stop buying movies for him to be in. The Karate Kid was a joke. A Karate is Japanese not Chinese. B what would a nigger go to China for? Kung Pao chicken?

  • billy

    I knew it! Jennifer had a sex tape.

  • Confused

    Wow! Seriously!? I wasn’t racist against the Islamic people until now. This site and comments make you look like narcisistic prudes. I understand and respect the belief that you will win the war, and maybe I can concieve of letting yourself believe that everyone will wind up in your countries court system. You know, whatver makes you sleep better at night. But what I do not respect is the shere level of hippocracy, prudence, and closemindedness that this blog portrays. Why be so hateful? Wouldn’t the world be a bettter place to live in if we all conceeded that we are not the center of the world and that all cultures, genders, ideas, sexual orientations… should be accepted, embraced, and enjoyed.
    The bit that bothered me the most is that I can’t concieve of why you would arrest and punish Jenniffer Love Hewwit for making a sex tape. If she’s horny, let her be horny. Seducing and having sex with her would be exponentially mkre enjoyqble than watching a sex tape in your private living quarters, I cqn certainly assure you of that.

    • 35th army rangers

      I’ve been through the middle east in five different tours dealing with you goat fucking bastards and you all seemed like Pussies worshipping your fake god allah the butt slut and all that. btw George Washington uk why Arabs don’t get circumcised. it’s so they have a place to put their chewing gum during a sandstorm.

  • Enigma0

    Technically, the video is pretty well done, but the middle portion is too long and her mouth and eyes movements are more dialogue than commentary.

    The breast ejaculation segment nigh perfect. Whomever did this should try making a missionary-creampie vid for Hewitt.