Jennifer Love Hewitt See Thru Wet T-Shirt & No Bra

Jennifer Love Hewitt wet t-shirt

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her nipples in a see through soaking wet white t-shirt and no bra in the photos below.

These Jennifer Love Hewitt wet t-shirt pictures are the perfect illustration of why a woman should always wear black clothing made out of either a stiff wool or a coarse burlap. Wearing cotton is not halal, and is a luxury that women just should not have!

Men of course can wear cotton and fine silks of every color, for if the fabric clings to our body and the outline of our enormous manhoods are revealed no one would be offended. The same can certainly not be said for Jennifer Love Hewitt and her sinful tits in these pics.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • Twerker


  • Imam Abbas


    So the mighty Jennifer Love Hewitt has lowered herself to showing up at wet t-shirt nights at the local dive bars to expose her fun-bags, and maybe win a few pesos.

    We have heard that she sometimes does this, in bars that don’t have wet t-shirt night.

    If peso are what she wants, maybe she could kick Team Glory-hole out of the way at the donkey show in Tiajuana, and perhaps get some tips from the crowd!


  • Kyke KIller

    I want to tell everyone here a little joke (this joke is funny cause it is true). How retarded are Team Americunt, Sex With a Team Of Seals, The Injun, and George Washes-cum-off-his-face? They are so retarded that they click the ads to the right of the page. Also this wouldnt be a post without saying they are queerofagatrons and deserve to be stoned.

    • Team America

      Kyke killer

      What the fuck. What about the ads to the right of the page? I’ve never clicked on one so I don’t know what they do. Are they are scam? Why would clicking on one make someone stupid? More information please.

    • Seal Team Six

      Kyke Kocklicker,

      Whats wrong with clicking on a picture of a pussy getting fucked or a hot chick working her pussy hard. Usually all that happens is more pictures of hot women in action comes up. Team A and I take the view that the stuff you click on like ‘Get Hard Dick Now’ or “George Michael and Freddy Mercury Fuckfest’ is gross and degenerate. Just like you BOY.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    This disrespectful whore should be “hosed down” with a shower of hot lead…..

    …though with the cost of lead these days….maybe we stick to shame-rape…

  • Dar al Harb

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

    As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

    Modesty is a branch of faith. It is imperative that a Muslim male and female preserve their modesty at all times. It is from the beautiful qualities of a woman to be modest and for this reason, a man ought to feel more attracted to a woman the more modesty she displays.

    However, because Islām is a balanced way of life, it also considers the natural demands of the human body. A person is naturally attracted to certain physical features in the opposite gender.

    When womans are in absolute privacy in the bedroom with husband, they may wear short tops and pants so that he may be more attracted to them sexually. This is an important part of a Muslim’s life contrary to what is witnessed in Western culture.

    A person should not be affected by Western practices and should make his standard the pure way of Islām. Modesty is a cherished characteristic in a woman and a precious inborn trait within her.

    And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

    • Nobody

      Fuck off idiot.

    • Seal Team Six

      Darn Hard,

      You’re ‘Dear Abby’ advice belongs in the 6th century along with your religion. I notice you never said anything about men. Guess that “OK” as long as you don’t kiss or swallow.

  • Mamoosh the wet nurse

    Those titties could solve world hunger. YUM!

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    With sweater meat like this I may actually consider sparing her from the execution grounds. Large mammaries are a sure sign of a woman who would do well working the plow in my poppy field.

    And imagine how those large tits would look covered in a burka? The very thought makes my tunic snake dance with anticipation. I must find out which Jew owns her. I will pay him two Spanish horses, a strong camel, and three cows. Them cheap Zionists won’t be able to resist such a generous bargain!

  • dick beater


  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    If this was a painting, it would be called: “granny hewitt shuffling in the rain with big, soggy, flapping tits.”