Jennifer Love Hewitt Naked Video Leaked

Jennifer Love Hewitt naked video

This never before seen naked video of actress (and converted Muslim) Jennifer Love Hewitt has just leaked to the Web.

In the video below, Jennifer Love Hewitt takes a break from her chores to show off her nude body to another kitchen wench (as women are apt to do).

However, disaster strikes when Pepe the gardener interrupts the scene, and is no doubt so overcome by desire at the sight of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s bare flesh that he is compelled to forcefully penetrate her right there in the kitchen.

This Jennifer Love Hewitt naked video is certainly a lesson against slothfulness that all women should take to heart, less they too wish to be sexually assaulted by a dim-witted Mexican day laborer.

  • Name

    Video editing at its finest….but you are potentially cheating penises of the masturbators.

    I applaud and curse you at the same time

    • Ahmed

      OMG. She is the most beatiful woman in all of Egypt.

      • nigger

        I’m not racist, but do all the Ku Klux Klan members look the same?

        • not a nigger

          What have the Ku Klux Klan and anabolic steroids got in common?

          They both make googles run like fuck!

          • not a nigger

            What’s the difference between a black and a white fairytale?

            White begins, “once upon a time,” black begins, “y’all motherfuckers ain’t gonna believe dis shit!”

    • St Davis

      I’m stationed in Qatar but I’m just really surprised that the U.S. allows this site to operate.

      • NOCHUCK

        That because this is the USA and we don’t censor the shit out of our people like other countries. We take down child porn and some file sharing sites that trade in copyrighted or unscrupulous files that’s about it and I understand. Freedom of speech, I’d be upset if they censored that. Last time I checked that was kind of a big deal. If you wanna find it, it’ll take you about 5 minutes and a basic understanding of search engines to find pro Al Qaeda death to America type chat boards. Waste your time bitching about obvious satirical websites. Time well spent! Get a fucking life that’s worth living and remove the sand from your vagina(i’m guessing there’s sand in there because your stationed in Qatar. I Have Respect for are troops but no respect for whiny bitches. -NOCHUCK

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    After Musliminina Jennifer converted to Islam, her body was blessed by Allah and within seconds her saggy tits became firm; her flat-ass plumpified and her worn out pussy was restored to near virginal condition.

    She went from a 2 to a 10 within seconds….and it was due to the power of Islam.

    After her miraculous transformation, she happily stated, “If I’d known this would happen, I’d converted to Islam at age 6 and married myself a powerful Tikriti Muslim.”

    Wise up infidel whores and improve your life by converting to Islam or face death!


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      You are so right brother Abdullah!

      Also it is proved that the conversion to Islam is good for a wide range of health problems, from acne to anal itching, but also hair lost, memory problems, fagness, etc., etc.

      The joy of being a believer of the true Faith, has a tremendous impact in our psycho-somatic system and this makes us indestructible.

      And, as someone wrote, what does not destroys us makes us stronger.

      Allahu Abar

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Asalamu Alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatuh Brother Hashim

        Let us praise Allah for creating us Muslim!


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          حظا سعيدا وأطيب التمنيات

          (Good luck and best wishes to you brother!)

          • Nazi

            Sie sind beide sehr weise. TOD NACH ISRAEL. Translation: You both are very wise. DEATH TO ISRAEL.

          • Mr. Dawkins

            Abdullah The Butcher & Hashim, you are both living in a dream world. What you guys are talking about has no factual basis or evidence what so ever. You are either a stupid adult or an imaginative child. Your God is as real as all the other thousands that were made before and after. You are all living thinking there is a heaven waiting for you when there really isn’t. I pity you guys, seriously it is sad that humans always want more and can never be satisfied with what we have, so we make up things like heaven and immortality to comfort each other.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mr dork sucker

            you sound like that homo from the u of k who supports the crazy theory of evolution because he uses it to justify fucking googles and monkeys.

            It is clear you are just as faggy and just as perverted as he is. Your dream world is a 24/7 glory hole where your uncle has an eternal boner and he pumps your ass while you give blow jobs to barack oblumbo and his homo boyfriend eric holder.

            And us Muslims are just fine with Allah and the Qur’an and when we want to have a good time, we kill a jew or some other filthy infidel.

            And you are definitely on the filthy infidel list!

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Mr Dork,

            Soon you’ll live in a nightmare world. And you will carry to that world some extra grammes of lead in your body. That world is called “hell”; and the lead is from the AK 47 of the righteous Muslims.

          • USA Rules

            Go USA

      • Moshe Dayan

        Homo Hashim

        I noticed you mentioned anal itching. I bet when you converted to Islam your anal itching was cured by all the butt banging you received from Anal Abdulah and Shove-it-In-a-man Khalid. This just proves that you sick muslim fags are nothing more than brown eye lusting homoqueers.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          moldy asshole dayan

          The chances of you posting without making a lewd, homoerotic comment is about the same as finding an honest jew: zero.

          You filthy, homoqueer jews are trying to turn this holy site into the “west bank” of the internet.

          Well wont work. Sooner or later, you’ll eat the AK-47.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Z-Pig Dayan,

          I don’t smoke; but soon my Mitsubishi pick-up will have some ashes in the ashtray.

          And you’ll fulfill the calling of all the Jews…

          • Hashim the destroyer of Anuses

            That guy in your profile pic looks like a rapist or pedo :D

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            I could destroy your anus alright. But I ain’t because of moral and hygiene principles.

    • USA Rules

      Dorka Dorka is a Dork!

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal Abdullah

      Within seconds of you entering the glroyhole Hashim made your limp dick somewhat erect when he bent over and pulled his ass cheeks apart.

      It wasn’t until he farted that you became full aroused.

      Suck that homo


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

        Miss Piggy,,

        I don’t like this type of blasphemous and delusional comments.
        You know that me and brother Abdullah are straight, as all Muslim men.

        Soon you’ll be intoxicated with lead, you swine.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Hashim

          Ha…you told off that homo little gay pete with your usual Muslim wit and flair!

          ALLAHU AKBAR

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        grand gayboy pete…aka…little gay pete

        You’re so gay, you begged colgate to make a “cum flavored” tooth paste and asked Scope to make a “dick flavored” mouth wash..

        What’s next with you mofo…an asshole flavored pop tart?

        Ha…I hope I did not give you an idea….even though I know I have…you ass-rimming bastard.

        eat shit and die mofo

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Ass plumber Abdullah

          Colgate is for googles and white trash…..and that certainly doesn’t describe a powerful, wealthy klansman. I’m a big fan of the cinnamon flavored Crest, which is made exclusively for straight men who never think about sucking cock or tonguing ass.

          The only idea you have given me is to execute your faggoty ass.

          Best damn idea I’ve ever had.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            little gay pete

            “white trash and googles” are a few steps above the faggots in the trannyklan and cinnamon is code for “smelly monkey cum”…which the klan says if none is available, the jizz of a dirty google will do.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          You are right again brother Abdullah!

          Not to mention that “he” sent a mail to Intimissimi asking them to make a special white underpants with a ledge in the middle of the ass area. This model should be called “KKQueer Comfort Knickers”).

          They forward the email to the Mad House of course…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Hashim

            That was quite an astute observation and evidence of your superior Muslim mind.

          • theheadchimp

            I see you are still showing these dumb fucks some honest righteousness Abdullah. It seems the coons have left and been replaced by inbred hillbillies.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            Thank you for your very kind words. I return the complient.

            Relentless and determined Muslims like us will defeat the Infidel trash in general and faggs in particular.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The googles finally left (they all went on obummer’s welfare) and a bunch of hillbilly homosexuals have taken their place.
            As usual, there is no shortage of assholes or dumbasses.

            It is good to see you back. Your superior wit will send these homoqueers packing…



    • Gangster Style

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      • Abdullah The Butcher


        you wanna-be googles are the worst of all infidels. you think your shitty rap and ass-sagging makes you a coon but all it does is make you a goon.
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        now go back to your mommy and tell her us Muslims are coming to exterminate all you worthless swine.

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    • cowbulls

      The more important question is did the conversion tighten up her starfish? Any true horndog that lusts after JLH knows that she gives up that ass because she like having a big cock in there.

    • detroitbeans

      Allah is not God. He is a goat fucking faggot who prefers little goat boys. Get some kind of life you dumb bitch.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    The gardener will refuse her…..and she will yet be awarded to my second favorite camel….

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Pantiless!!! Mmmmmmmm

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Who is in the chair behind them…….the mistress of the harem…?

  • Gangster Style

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    • The Observer

      I’ve observed that you’re a severely retarded google.

      Possibly a wigger.

      Too many words are spelled correctly and no liberal use of ‘bitch, ‘ho’, ‘muthafucka’ or ‘gat’.

      • Gangster Style

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        • John Grande



          You have my full attention, my rainbow flag brother!

          • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

            You’re a cheating whore, Johnny. You said I was your forever bottom!

          • Imam Khalid

            I see John “The Stalker of Ariana” Grande and his homoqueer but buddy are back.

            You guys get benched from your gloryhole because of another case of Super Clap?

            Ha! Just kidding. You two probably always have Super Clap, disgusting hell bound homos.

  • saviourofpersia

    since when did this become a google site?i thought there was no internet in africa,guess i was wrong this is a faggot site full of fake muslims…my dick in all your ribs!!! And what is happening to the photoshop quality???

    • Imam Khalid

      The only fake Muslim here is YOU, you Shia heretic butt pumper.

      You greasy mofos better thank your father Shaitan (Satan) you have the bomb otherwise your homoqueer nation would have all of it’s sinful gloryholes burned to the ground.

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  • CelebWanker

    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s body is spectacular. I want to lick her feet and legs. I want to stick my tongue inside her asshole. I want to cum on her pretty face.

  • saviourofpersia

    and where are you from,cock sucking infidel?i can give you an Iranian citizenship status if you marry my camel..

  • Muslimgutsallovertheplace

    Q. What’s the difference between a Muslim and a vampire?
    A. At some point the vampire will stop being bloodthirsty.

  • St Davis

    I’ve killed sand googles and I’ve been shot at by sand googles.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sick mofo davis

      More like…you’ve sucked off many googles and took a lot of loads to the face.

      • Moshe Dayan

        Anal Abdullah,

        “We know when you are sleeping,
        We know when you’re awake
        We know when you’ve been bad or good
        So be good, or else”

        IDF Song (ripped off by Christians)

        Our IDF boys are making up their christmas list and your ass is on it. Seems our brave Sephardim are pissed that they didn’t get to head into Gaza and wipe out some arabs. Now they’re looking forward to some great fun, smoking your overused ass out of the gloryhole you’ve been hiding in. Once we get you you’ll join your brother Osama in a bag made of pigskin heaved over the side of a ship.

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          monkey jacker dayan

          IDF stands for “infidel donkey fuckers” and if I wanted to hear them mofos sing, I’d go to Tiajuana and watch them gang bang a mule.

  • Umar the Brown

    This is the evil Djinn known as Whatabooty. She lures men in with her perfect body and then steals their souls.



  • mohammed al jazari

    Where is this clip originally from? i want to send it to immigration


      there’s ole black Sabbath again!!


    I think I have MERSA :-(

    • Moshe Dayan


  • Professer Alexander of Basic Visual Art (BVA)

    I am reserching the acting of men tempeted by sexual stirrings and many of you are nearly hypnotized by this fake footage of visual understandings. In my younger years I actually transmitted the old cartoon Betty Boop into a pornographic physical visual show and won a animation award although it was porno it was still won. So don’t Belive your basic vision.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      professor homo

      Us Muslims believe you suck man-pole.

      • Professer Alexander of Basic Visual Art (BVA)

        likewise I hope you know I am Islamic

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          professor homo

          Imposible. There is no such thing as a gay Muslim, so a man-pole muncher like you has to be an infidel.

          Call yourself a Muslim again and you’ll munch on the AK-47.

          Suck on that mofo

          • MuslimSlayer

            Lol stfu you stupid Muslim faggot. Muslims are the bottom feeders of this world. You talk so tough behind a computer yet the “infidels” are the ones kicking your ass day in and out.

  • Mr.Jimmy Savile

    I Like Touching Little Children

    • TBEAR182

      Shut the fuck up you sick bastard!!!!

  • Smarter thanyou

    I don’t get why muslim people are always calling everyone else gay but yet when they torture man of their own kind they always strip him naked in a room full of guys and then hit him. If you weren’t gay you wouldn’t take off another man’s clothing and then stay there and watch I don’t see why they have the enjoyment of a naked man and always flip out when a girl takes a revealing picture.

    And why do muslims talk like they are so tough? More Americans have killed muslims than muslims have killed Americans get a clue your losing and will never win, you betray your god and think you will be rewarded for it

  • Willburnator

    This is probably the stupidest website i have ever visited. All this shit about Jews and Googles And Muslims is just fucking retarded. the sooner everyone realizes that there is no god and that once we die there is NOTHING THERE. OOk… STOp saying the following Ak-47(we get it its a gun big fucking woop), allahu akbha(words cannot describe how stupid this is),and Stop referring to yur self as a muslim

    • _Flip_

      Pretty sure it’s a troll site with just racial humor. At least that’s how most are taking it.
      Can’t stand people being so serious…

  • ben

    What’s the movie called?
    No silly trolling business plz.

  • this site is stupid

    site is all photoshoped


    This website is dumb as fuck its all fake pictures….fuck celebjihad and whoever runs this shit….fucking idiots

  • The Arabs daddy speaking

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  • JLHfan

    Is it just me or does JLH fall into the category of women that really should be forced into being a whore/porn star no matter what she wants (or maybe because she may actually desire it but won’t admit it)?