Jennifer Love Hewitt Lubes Up For Sex

Jennifer Love Hewitt lube

As you can see in the video above, Muslimina Jennifer Love Hewitt prepares to be lubed up so that she may take the enormous manhood of a virile Muslim deep within her eager orifices.

Even though the Qur’an specifically states that spit is the preferred lube for sex, clerics have ruled that recovering infidels like Jennifer Love Hewitt may use more aggressive forms of lubrication as their cavities are only accustomed to the tiny crocked penises of Western men.

Yes Jennifer Love Hewitt is about to experience the unimaginable pleasure of having her orifices stretched by the powerful tunic snakes of us Muslim men. Truly Allah must smile upon her.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Ha! What a trick this is!

    I can confirm that this is Homo Hashim in drag and the finger belongs to none other than……Anal Abdullah.

    AA is getting ready to give HH the finger banging of a lifetime…..and he’ll probably finger bang his own anus at the same time. The screams of “harder, harder, harder” and “ok, give me three fingers” will be heard across the globe shortly.

    Also…..while not in the picture…..Fag Farzan and Nohair are butt naked and wacking off in anticipation of seeing finger to ass action.

    What a bunch of sick muthafuckas


    • Zohair – The Good One

      Grand Drag Queen Pete

      Replace every name in your imaginary convention with a KKK member, and what you shall get is……A KKK member’s dream come true.

      You would love that, wouldn’t ya Pete. Since I am unaware of the names of any of your homosexual fuck mates, I guess you are at an advantage (Gay advantage of course)

      Nonetheless, it isn’t hard to spot you homos, in fact it’s easy : Any person with a dildo underneath the hat (Just like your picture) is automatically deemed a KKK member and executed on spot

      • Justin Beiber

        Did her. Backstage at one of my shows. My Mom introduced us.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      There is no such thing as a “Homo Hashim”. There is only a straight Hashim.

      Hashim, which is a beard pious Muslim, who hates drags.

      The same Hashim that will solve your migraine problem forever. He will not make you take an aspirine, but he will chop your head instead.

      Your perverted talk will reach to an end at last. I’m sick and tired of it.

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        Allah knows that gay pete spews the filthy lies that only a cock-a-holic maniac infidel could come up with.

        Us Muslims will soon take over the u s of a and gay pete will answer to his crimes in Shariah Court.

        Hopefully…one of us will be judge, jury and executioner.

        Just make sure your toyota has plenty of “throwing stones.” in the truck bed.

    • Farzan The Wise

      Up The Pooper Pete

      You sick cock smoker. You, Moshe, Humpsmen and all the other KKQueers have plagued this holy Muslim site with your fag fantasies for the last time.Your lust for wanting to have sex with Muslim men knows no end. For that I have issued a fatwa on you and your fag buddies. Soon the proud brotherhood of Muslims will be on a holy pilgrimage to find you and make you pay for your sins against Allah. You have sucked your last cock fag.

      Allahu Akbar !

      Death To The West !

    • Abdullah’s Father

      Grand Dragqueen Penis, Zo-Pubic Hair, Homoshim, Abdullah Baby, Fartz on Cocks, and Anupiss

      Please be sure to pay attention to the rules of our little orgy:
      Grand Dragqueen Penis: Spread your butthole wide with a shovel
      Zo-Pubic Hair: Go sit on a bed of nails and shit in a cup to spread on the KKK homo
      Homoshim: You look like a piece of shit, maybe Zo-Pubic Hair will crap you into that cup
      Fartz on Cocks: Just lay there and suck Homoshim’s cock when he’s shit into the cup
      Anupiss: You get a 200 ft dildo and stick it in your pisshole nice and hard

      And last but not least….

      Abdullah Baby: You better not pout, you better not cry, you better not scream, i’m going in dry…Your Sugar Daddy is coming in YOU!!!

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        AA’s daddy

        Its no wonder your son is the worlds second biggest homoperv…..he learned from biggest homo.

        You buttfucking queers in the mid east may think its acceptable to eat shit, take dildos up the ass, and suck cock…..but you damn well know that mentioning a member of The Brotherhood in with your sick sex acts is enough for an immediate execution.

        Its quite clear that you run the gloryholes and AA is just one your bitches. I should have known from the beginning.


        • Abdullah’s Father

          Grand Dragqueen Penis

          What are you doing to try to do in executing me, hmm??? “Stone” me with your dildoes probably.

          I do know Abdullah Baby lives in the USA, and I do know which city and state he lives in. He is in fact a she, a very unattractive she that looks like a goat. He/she has been very naughty and I have no use for him/her anymore. Would you like to know where they are?

          • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

            Petes Dragon is an animated film by great anti-semite Walter Disney, who despite his Western infidel ways, did agree with great redeemer Mel Gibson that Jews are essentially responsible for all the wars in the world.

            Walter knew the true evil of the Jew.

            He did not make Pete’s Dragon or anti-google propaganda film “Song of the South” with big lipped Uncle Remus so that secret negroids like Pete can steal the name of his animated features and antagonize my Muslim brothers.

            Pete is really called LeeeRoy Leshawnda Bigbuggerdingylips. His grand mammy picked cotton and his grandaddy was a house boy for Colonel Sanders. He gets his shit pushed back every day by his master, who does not even have the decency to give Pete a reacharound. At night, he hides under the white sheets, pretending that he hates the googles, just so he can get close to the redneck infidels and possible smell their discarded and soiled undergarments.

            Allahu Akbar

  • aghmed

    Her lady bits are nice and tight unlike the poop chute of Grand Fagon Pete, which requires an entirely lubricated limb from fist to shoulder. It is because he is homoqueer who gets pounded in the anus by entire queer homoKlan.

    • Farzan The Wise

      Gay Pete has a prolapsed rectum that would make gayest of porn stars envious.

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

    HOLY GRANNY PANTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • muslims are gay fags

    this website is so stupid… i bet some say gay virgin muslim made this site

  • glenn

    This is the biggest bullshit i have everyseen all their photos are photoshopped

  • muslims+gay?????

    wow ok this is gay

  • Muslims are Bitchess

    Q. How long does it take an Arab woman to take out the trash?
    A. Nine months.

  • Muslims are Bitchess

    A sex therapist is travelling through the Middle East getting data on goat-sex.
    First he visits Mahmud, an Iraqi goat herder on the outskirts of Baghdad. “Tell me” he says, “What method do you use for goat sex?” Mahmud replies, “Well I trap her head in a fig bush then attack from behind”.

    Next, the therapist goes to Egypt and visits Amar who works on the banks of the Nile, and asks him the same question. “Well” says Amar, I push her into the mud and when her back legs are stuck strong I grab her from behind and give it to her real good.”

    Finally he Visits Abdul in the Gaza strip and again asks the same question. Abdul answers, “”I stick her left front leg over my right shoulder and her right front leg over my left shoulder and as she stands on her back legs facing me …”

    “Hold on” interrupts the researcher, “this is unusual”. “Unusual?” asks Abdul, “In what way?”

    “Well,” says the researcher, “all the other Arabs take the goat from behind, none of them face the sheep”

    “What”! exclaims Abdul, “No kissing?”

  • Allah sucks dicks

    Allah sucks dicks! So does Jesus! Just kidding. They don’t suck dicks because they are as real as unicorns, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. In other words they are figments of your imagination. No really, check it out. There ARE no invisible old wizards who live in the coulds. They only exist in the imaginations of filthy unwashed camel rapists and inbred sister fucking rednecks.

  • Allah sucks dicks

    Oh, and here is a pic of Allah sucking Mohammed’s dick. :-P))-:

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Well I just don’t get why she needs lubricant? To get out of those extremly tight clothes cause she’s a fatfuck?

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly Cunto

      You have not needed lube since preschool.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Oh yeah, well YOU need lube on aghmed’s dick cause he gets it stuck in your throat if there’s no lube.

    • The West is the Best

      Ha. You funny as a crutch.

      • The West is the Best

        Imposter west

        Only homos are imposters so homo use your own screen name everyone knows i would not say something like that from your post you sound like a no dick chink.

  • Help

    Does anyone know where this is from