Jennifer Love Hewitt In Lingerie Sexy Again

Jennifer Love Hewitt

There have been amazing breakthroughs in science over the past few decades like supermarket humus, the burka, and of course martyr vests, but they all pale in comparison to Jennifer Love Hewitt in lingerie looking sexy again.

Once one of Hollywood’s hottest POAs, over the past few years Jennifer Love Hewitt has been nothing short of a frumpy eyesore. Her once taut body became a doughy pear shaped mess, and her adorable face started looking like a well used catcher’s mitt.

However, somehow scientists at the Lifetime network were able to turn back the hands of time and make Jennifer Love Hewitt sexy again in this lingerie scene from her new movie “The Client List” (which is no doubt a movie about whoring). Who these whiz kids are behind this amazing transformation I do not know, but they are nothing short of miracle workers.

So enjoy these completely unexpected pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt looking sexy while wearing lingerie, for I don’t know how long this science will last.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    I have to hand it to the infidel…they sure know how to take a doughy, cellulitic and irrelevant actress then apply some of that CG magic, makeup and photoshop to make a middle-aged hollywood concubine look good again.

    • Dar al-Harb

      She does indeed have hips not unlike those of my camels, however, I jizz over over her breasts to the sounds of machine gun fire every night since the release of these photos! Allah has answered my prayers and supressed my homoqueer thoughts! You know what they say. “For children a woman, for pleasure a boy, for ecstacy a goat!” Bring on the goats! Allahu Akbar!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        This infidel, Jennifer Whore Hewitt does indeed have impressive “camel humps”

  • Shigeru

    Come on, you guys are just trying to act normal. You’re not attracted to women, are you? Men and boys and donkey’s oh my. On the other hand, any Japanese man could teach her the art of the possible on the futon.

    She’s blessed with a body only the Emperor could design and her rack is even more beatiful than the cherry blossom in the Spring, or the the chrysanthemum’s viewed while enjoying ceremonial sake before battle.

    You smelly pencil-dicked camel fuckers wish you were Japanese, don’t you? It’s okay, any real man wishes the same. Women want me – men fear me – Bitch!

    Long live the Emperor!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Filthy Asian ape.
      Why tell these big lies when everyone on the planet knows that Asian males are the worst at pleasing women in the sex department? I’ll tell you why! You are envious of the virility and sexual prowess of the Muslim!
      Just read any infidel joke book. You yellow devils are famous for two things: Squinty eyes and lousy sexual performance.
      There is no hope for you in either department….you are stuck with the squinty eyes and undersized dick…………the best thing you can do is commit Hari-Kari.

      Kill yourself now….you whale eating infidel bastard!


  • Saddam Hussein

    Science, yes. Amazing how fat, muscle and skin tissue are molded into. Now all we have to worry is wonder how soon gravity and normal wear and tear will begin to take a turn for the worst. Love those tits.

  • Moumar Qaddafi

    Speak all you wish you infidels. Foreplay is more important than size. I also speak to you brothers, ignorant pricks. If not for the foreplay I wouldn’t have had so many successful love sessions with my girls. Truth as it is those girls are still with me. My only problem while minor, is keeping them in line when I travel. Such beauty, their full lips, long slender legs, how they walk and especially those spectacular humps. I love my camels. Shame on you Saddam! Infidel!

  • Shigeru


    So I just got done pounding a “woman” who looked a little like a cross between Mr. Ed from the old American tv show, a feral dog (probably a delicacy where you’re from), and a 3 week old brick of rotten cheese (the smell). I picked her up in Shibuya in Tokyo at, you’ll never guess, a 7-11.

    Now I know why you savages stick to men and boys. But don’t worry, I taught her the ways of the master Asian lover. The last I saw her she was staggering away from the love hotel eating a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, sucking on a bottle of Jack Daniels, and reading a copy of the Nihon Shoki. I’m sure she’s already converted to Shintoism after I made her see me (God – don’t forget we’re direct descendents.)

    I now will go to practice Kendo and hope the Emperor blesses me with the opportunity to practice my techniques on your savage ass.

    What is that smell????

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Just because the infidel Americans beat down your sorry ass rock of a nation in WW2 doesn’t mean you have to become exactly like your imperialist overlords.
      Then again, you Japanese are beyond any redemption and are only fit for teaching young Arab assassins the proper way to stab an infidel.
      Eat all the pig you like and drink yourself into a drunken stupor.
      Yes, stay drunk…and go out and drive…yes that’s what you need to do.

      I asked a great spiritual leader once why Allah created the wretched Japanese.
      His answer was most satisfying.

      Allah created the Japanese because he wanted to see what would happen if he crossed a monkey with a mule.

      Suck on that Monkey-Mule!


      • Anwar El-Ibrihim


        My brothers speak the truth. It is only because you live on an island that your country has not enjoyed the bliss of the Caliphate through the centuries. Just think how advanced your culture would be with Sharia…..why, you could probably be dwelling in caves on the slopes of Fuji rather than being the techno-center lap-dogs of the Great Satan.

        You should not mock Abdullah….you are probably already on the list for stoning. Don’t make it worse for yourself. Allahu Akbar!!

  • Mohammand

    Praise allah, she is fucking fine.

    Just imagine her bouncing on your cock

  • Bob Harryet

    Hi im an american so im a neutral party and the japanese are awesome im in fact moving to japan next year
    so yeah asian’s are awesome and i like jap chicks
    (the young hot ones)

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      There is no neutrality… are either for or against Islam.
      The Japanese Monkey-Mules are not awesome….in fact they are among the least awesome of the known infidel races. They are only fit for use as targets for shooting practice and for use as crocodile food.

      If you know what is good for you and your life… will turn against these yellow apes and embrace Islam.
      You have been educated kuffar…..the choice is yours.
      Convert or be stoned!


      • Bob H20

        For Islams. Like pussy, no matter how you look at it you can still fuck it.

  • Shigeru


    I had a vision this morning while meditating in a pine forest west of Edo (Tokyo for your moron ass). I wondered what it would be like to be a savage, would I have to suck dick and fuck donkeys like you?

    It’s a good thing I was born of the Master Japanese Race. I may confuse my L’s and R’s, but tonight I will bed a beautiful maiden after enjoying a sake perfected a thousand years before you savages learned to read. Oh, my bad – still can’t read, bad analogy. Anyway, think I’ll take the bus back down to Odawara station and enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen (with succulent pork belly of course) before I go meet my Goddess and teach her the way of the Master Japanese lover.

    Feel free to come to Nippon you filthy savage, my samurai brothers and I will know when you arrive by the smell and will welcome you with steel forged by Musashi Miyamoto’s master craftsman!

    Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Years of drug abuse and too much Saki has left you insane.
      We Muslims, however, kill all kuffars….sane or insane. In a short time your wretched life will be ended by a mighty Jihadist.
      The you can meet up in hell with Homohito….your shitty Emperor from WW2….you know back when the infidel Americans beat your bony asses into submission.

      Be warned horse teeth….the fatwa has been issued…….your rice eating days are numbered.

  • theheadchimp

    The japanese are the most vile of races. They are a pack of barbaric bastards. Between them and Africans I think the jungle bunnies are a step above the little yellow peckerwoods.

    • The Real Abdullah The Butcher

      You have wisdom headchimp.

      The monkey-mule japanese are truely a vile and degenerate race.

  • Aung Winn

    Jennifer, who is attractive woman, sexy, curvy for me?????????