Jennifer Love Hewitt Got Butt Implants

Jennifer Love Hewitt butt implants

It appears as though converted Muslim Jennifer Love Hewitt has enhanced her backside with butt implants.

Normally us Muslims prefer our women to develop their posteriors the natural way by pulling the plow and digging wells. However, a woman of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s advanced age must maximize her booty potential quickly if she wants to remain employed as an anal concubine for us virile Muslim men.

Unlike the whore Kim Kardashian who’s butt implants are stuffed with fried chicken skin and watermelon seeds, Jennifer Love Hewitt used Islam approved butt implants which are filled with humus that was blessed by an imam.

Thus Jennifer’s ass now has the added benefit of emiting the pleasing aroma of chickpeas while providing a spiritual calm when getting stretched by a mighty Muslim’s meat sword.

  • Shah


    • Bennifer

      OMG! What happened to her ass?

      • Bennifer

        Is she turning black too?

  • Imam Khalid

    You have to hand it to the Jews That run the media in the West. They’ve made otherwise beautiful women think they need to look like gorilla monkey butt scumbag niggers.

    Most plastic surgeons are kikes, too.

    • Anubis

      Brother Imam Khalid, now that she has the butt size of a nigger, expect horny niggers like Kwame lusting over her rotund butt, wanting to jump her fat ass any chance they get.

    • Farzan The Wise

      Very well said brothers Khalid and Anubis. The degenerate west and their jew masters have done a fine job of convincing themselves that abid niggers are attractive. This ape is only good for one thing. Target practice with the holy AK-47 or sharpening my stone throwing skills.

      Allahu Akbar

      • Farzan The Wise

        I was speaking of the abid beyonce, my apologies.

      • Moshe Dayan


        I hear your goat is looking for you, its ass needs another rim-job and goat-hole fucking.

        You’re such a fag, on your license under sex it says ‘anal’.

        Eat shit and die mofo

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Lolll…agreed Imam Khalid. You are funny and yet so right. The Jews have created a baboon.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    She thinks they are butt implants…but the Muslim plastic surgeon who did the work knows she is packing the IED…..Ha…she is packing 2 of them!

    • Jake Watson

      No she is actually packing four of them… two in the front and two in the back…

    • Bashiri al-Saud

      My brothers, this poor.big nosed bitch is hanging on for.dear life! She hasnt been in a movie in years,her tv career is over, so she has to go to a jew doctor to enhance her ass cuz itz been fucked by half of hollywood. Like what i had to do to my old horse i would do to this old whore… my .40cal Glock to the head.

      • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

        Bashiri al Saud you are the only truly gay Muslim. The other Muslims to comment on this site are proud and straight. As a lesbian I know a gay man when I see his comments.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I’ll implant something betwixt those gluteus maximii……

  • Farzan The Wise

    Jennifer’s ass implants are just her way of showing that nothing but the longest and biggest of cocks can pleasure her. Which means only a Muslim mans torpedo. No small Aryan dong or micro tiny nigger dick could reach her tight anus or baby box.

  • Private Craig Stone US Army

    Muslims can’t touch her. She is on U.S. soil. Muslims can only dream about this woman’s pussy. On U.S. soil muslims get cut down like the sniveling sand rats that they are. When I was on active duty in Iraq I took out four muslims single handedly. I’m talking dead, not wounded. If its one thing Im best at its killing muslims.

    • Farzan The Wise

      Private Queer Craig

      You are delusional. I think what you meant to say was that you took on four gay army ladyboys at once. You boys sucked and fucked while us Muslims shook our heads in disgust. You queers will never beat us Muslims. We are real men.

      • lol

        I took out 4 also so thats now 8 less goat humpers. And the GOATS rejoiced!

      • cfo

        delusional?ha ha watch the news boy. i love seeing all them stinky muslims getting mowed down by our soldiers. muslims are little bitches who have to hide and do suicide bombings cause they know they have no chance against America. also its hilarious how you guys believe in a false prophet.

    • Moshe Dayan

      Congratulations Private Craig,

      Here in the IDF we have made muslim killing a game. We call it ring-around-the-imam. We tie an imam up and place a ring of high explosive around him with detonators stuffed up his ass. We then open fire at his feet with our Galils. When he jumps too hard and clenches his butt cheeks the detonator goes off and…grits is served.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        the idf games are the circle jerk and “swipe the dirty sanchez on the homo-jew”

        and its reported you are queen of both

  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    She’s an underwear bomber with C4 plastique butt cheeks. She’s gonna take down a jet with that ass.

  • pussyeatingbluewaffle

    i convinced her to have the implants so i can fuck her hard

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      go clean your momma’s pussy. the donkey she just fucked left her full of jizz.

  • Celebjihadist

    It looks like her ass is now a basketball

  • BlackGuy

    That’s a real ass.