Jennifer Love Hewitt Dresses As A School Girl To Recapture Lost Youth

Jennifer Love Hewitt school girl

Well this is just sad. 42-year-old unwed shrew Jennifer Love Hewitt was photographed dressed as a school girl in a desperate attempt to recapture her lost youth. Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks she can still pull off the school girl look despite her weathered face and doughy well-used body.

According to witnesses, everyday at 2:30pm Jennifer Love Hewitt dresses up like a school girl and makes her way over to St. Augustus High School, a local co-ed catholic school in her neighborhood. As the school lets out, Love Hewitt desperately tries to befriend the students. As student Becky Hamilton tells it, “That woman is a freak. She came up to my friends and I babbling something like ‘Isn’t Scott Wolf from Party of Five hella hot?’, we were all like ‘Who the f*ck is Scott Wolf? What is Party of Five?’ so she left.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is also being quite friendly towards St. Augustus’ male students, according to the school’s star quarterback Chet Armstrong, “That chick is crazy. Everyday she is out here. Sometimes she’ll shout ‘Hey Chet!’ and when I look she’ll giggle and turn away. I don’t even know how she learned my name. She is creeping me out.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s antics are also causing concern among the parents. They have contacted the school’s administration and asked that they not allow Jennifer Love Hewitt to loiter on school property anymore. In response school principal Father Thomas released this statement, “St. Augustus is committed to having a safe environment for all our students. In that spirit we are instituting and strictly enforcing a 200 yard no Jennifer Love Hewitt zone around our school.”

Let us hope this is enough to keep Jennifer Love Hewitt’s sad attempts at recapturing her youth at bay.

  • Foolish Jihad

    She’s 32 you nutball

    • Scipio

      please like anyone is gunna believe that, take your lies elsewhere

    • me

      Yeah, but she has the weathered face and doughy body of a 52 year old. He was being generous.

  • Fat Housewife

    Those school girls have it so easy that they can just whore around for 5 hours a day. I miss back when I had that kind of time. Now I’m stuck watching soaps and folding laundry for three hours a day, followed by a movie and ice cream for two hours, cleaning and dusting for 6 people for three more hours, cooking dinner and making the next day’s lunch for all of them. And this 32 year-old can find time to stalk Catholic school boys and girls? Unfair. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a movie to watch and some ice cream to eat

  • Dar al-Harb

    In the name of Allāh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful! All I see is another filthy, western prostitute ready for a caring Muslim man to throw acid in her face! I know that most of you kuffars will not understand how this would be caring, but she would then cover herself in burqa! Now it makes senses to you kuffar?

  • Dead Ed™

    That show “The Ghost Whisperer” is the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever seen.
    If I was a ghost that knew where Jennifer Love Hewitt lived… I would not come to her for help.
    I would come to her….. face, tits and back.

  • charlie

    you’re a creep…. keep your creepy fantasies to yourself!

  • charlie

    Another stupid tabloid website that makes up lies! Jennifer is a busy celebrity with no time to
    engage in the kind of nonsense that is lied about here!