Jennifer Love Hewitt Caught Playing Naked Tennis

Jennifer Love Hewitt naked

What a lovely sight it is to see converted Muslimina Jennifer Love Hewitt standing completely naked while her Muslim lord pelts tennis balls at her for his amusement.

Once again Jennifer sets an excellent example by showing the heathen sluts in the West how to conduct themselves properly by strictly obeying a Muslim man’s orders.

Jennifer Love Hewitt must be very proud that by serving as a nude backdrop for tennis practice she has pleased a Muslim man. As this picture shows, the joy of servitude is the greatest joy a woman can experience, and only us Muslim men have the raw masculinity to provide complete female subjugation.

  • crapola

    this is the fakest bullshit i have ever seen

  • Wow

    My three year old nephew could have done this shit photoshop job.

    • Kahlid

      It’s nice to see you associate your young nephew with sex.

      You sick pedo-fuck.

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    It was most pleasing when she began to sodomize herself with the tennis racket and fire tennis balls out of her baby hatch. It was the most amusing game of doubles I have seen. Then we retired to my reading room and fornicated.

  • Observer

    This site employs the best paparazzi I’ve ever known……

    It should be called Celeb ninja rather than CelebJihad……….but that would not serve All-Yah

    • Booboo

      In case you didn’t know, most of these pictures are fake like this one

      • Kahlid

        None of the pictures on this site are fake.

        They are all certified as 100% real by Imam Faisal in Tehran, Iran who is an expert in celebrity photo analysis.

        Anyone who questions their authenticity are hell bound pedo-queer feces-eaters.

        • george

          the lighting is not consistant to the rest of the picture so it is a fake and you are full of it

          • loser

            you seem like a desperate crazy stalker

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Boob Job in the Ass:

        Shut the fuck up and talk only about things you understand like, like… I can’t remember none for now but I admit there are some (maybe lollipops, baseball stickers, snow white comics, whatever).

        • U

          Just had to say your profile pic should be of Obama not a tad more acurate. Plus faake..why would she be naked playing tennis? And lose that muslim lord crap..unless your in a perpetual state of pure stupidity. (Hope you get raped by a large African American.) Then promptly hung.

  • Anubis

    Musliminas Jenny Love and Miley Cyrus should play naked tennis together. It would be amusing to watch their flopping milk jugs bounce about along with their bare butts and clean shaved snatches.
    Praise Allah for these rewards.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

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      • Anubis

        Tyrone, alias big Pete, Jemina, etc. –

        You keep trolling this site with your perverted queer nonsense using multiple user names. Get out of your mommy’s basement and go get a job.

        • Tyrone shoelaces

          Penis in anus anubis.

          No i don’ts unlike yous Abdull,Kahlid,Durka,Hashim and gthe many other names yous use you should gets outta your mama’s ass and get a life.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            tyrone turd-tosser

            I know what your ape brain is thinking and yes….that tennis racket would fit up your ass.

            its too bad your welfare check ain’t enough to buy one.

            I guess you’ll just have to save your nickles from giving head to homeless mofos at the glory hole..

      • Kahlid

        No scumbag apemancoon google could spell that many words correctly.

        I call shenanigans.

        • Mufti David

          The young chimp tyrone has learn’t some 1st grade basics from this great islamic site.

          One can only imagine the power of this holy ground if such a thick headed groid has gained some literacy.

          • Kahlid

            It would indeed be a miracle of Allah if even an abid could learn to spell correctly, stop stinking, being leeches on the rest of the productive world, breeding like cockroaches, doing drive by shootings, spreading AIDS, rap music and horrible Tyler Perry and so forth.

            It would be but since we know Allah despises the coloreds as Shaitan (Satan) placed them on this Earth as a punishment for our sins and to test our faith in Him, he would never bless any boot-lipped, blue-gummed, AIDS filled, walking Brillo pads.

          • Tyrone shoelaces

            Mufti=child molester

            aaaaaaayous should nots talk about yous muslim bros like dat or yous will be banished from da circle jerk.

          • g i joe

            alll the middle east needs glassed over nuke the bastered

          • g i joe

            alll the middle east needs glassed over nuke the bastered

  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    I knew under all her scant clothing she usually wears her body had badly some deformed angles and dimensions in comparison to her overall body shape. All that infidel-inbreeding is starting to deform the dirty, immoral American kuffar.


    fuck islam..this is fake

    • muddi

      You mother fucker I will fcuk ur sis…..

  • Ahmed

    Finally. I was wondering when someone would finally hack her phone for some naked pics of her. She has a better body than I thought.

  • cyborg

    i find that the celebjihades are rookie in photoshop….it’s the foolish piece of work i have ever seen
    learn some new tricks


    the FBI should just arrest the owner of this site


    all the photos on this dumb shit fu*king site are all 100% fake

    • Kahlid

      The only thing that is fake, you dirty chink pig, is the name that says FATHER on your birth certificate.


  • West Man

    This Muslin prick only fantasizes about white woman as he will never have one. Long live the Pork

  • i hate fucking muslims

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  • Anonymous

    This website is just for fapping btw :D

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    you bunch of fucking muslim queers, thats so obviously fake, a retarded backwards monkey could do a better photoshop, oh wait, THATS WHAT ALL YOU MUSLIM COCKSUCKERS ARE, go wipe your shitty arses on the fucking quaran you monkey fuckers

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    • John

      I like this guy, he or she has a lot of good ideas!

      • Mufti David

        Toilet John

        You always like things that eat shit like yourself.

        • muslims can eat shit

          at least hes not a incest rug muncher like your sheep mother and pig sister

          • Mufti David

            “I can eat muslim shit”

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  • Fuck muslims

    you people are retarded I could do a better job at photo shopping this photo. He’ll like 85% of the photos on here are photo shopped. You Muslims are fucking retarded and need to do something better with your lives. Like just kill yourselfs

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      I only wanted to kill myself once…that was after your mother gave me the super clap.

  • matt

    dude wtf this is so fake shes brighter collored then the background

  • Luis

    I like that picture so post picture of jennifer love hewitt uh

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Big fag pete was at this particular court when Jennifer was there and she wanted to play him a game.

    Pete declined because he didn’t want to take the tennis racket out of his ass.

    • Big Pete

      Ass eater Abdullah

      Your homo fantasies have gone too far this time.

      You may dream of Brother Agassi shoving a racket up your ass or Brother McGwire butt fucking you with a bat, but us Klan members only dream about think about hanging you from a tree by your little dong….if your lucky it will double in size…to two inches.

      Klanswoman Jen did get to play with balls that day on the court, but they were much larger than tennis balls.

      In case you’re too stupid to understand that (which you are), I’m talking about my grapefruit sized nuts.

      Ha. Suck that homo


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        big gay pete

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        No wonder the trannyklan calls you, the Queen of the glory hole…….

  • poop

    If you think any group of people was sent to this earth to cause punishment, then you are apart of that group.

  • J-ad

    You guys are crazy

  • George

    What I found most amusing and also hypocritical of all you Muslim fuckwits on here is that you make your women cover from head to toe in bed sheets with a mailbox slit for their eyes because you’re all worried that some ‘white western world men’ might look at your ladies sexually yet you’re all on here looking at pictures, clearly photoshop’d pictures to make it worse, of naked chicks and you’re talking all this smut and filth as well…..

    What a butch of hypocritical camel riding arse sniffing fucks you are !!!!!!!
    We all know Allah is not real but if she was, I hope she drops a big shiny black bomb on you and fucks you all off to hell for eternity !!!



  • robertwhite

    as rodney king said can,t we all just get along. we had a Muslim for a next door neighbor and no one could be more friendly.
    on the other hand i know a true Muslim would not tolerate pictures of naked women. Also jennifer love hewitt has been offered millions to pose nude and has refused. i would love to meet her on a tennis courrt if she was just wearing a tennis outfit; it would be sexier than this fiasco.

  • [email protected]

    looks like she needs bent over the net and a good spanking then an astronaumic welcome like send a probe to Uranus lol I bet its a tight ass lol

  • oct

    fucking sand googles

  • obama sucks

    LOL – fbf – fake but funny . . . she does need a good boob shot. its about time …!

  • Hater-free

    OK both of you cock suckers have way 2 much time on your hands accusing each other of whack shit. Who really cares if its her or not you act like you know if she’s a freak or not. If she did or if she didn’t or if this is a fake bottom line is who give a [email protected]! People need to understand and quit being a hater. Our life is way to short to hate. Stop hate worldwide starts at home. So if you jealous and talking about another persons doings then the hater lives in you.



  • Dearer

    You fucking sand googles should all be executed by western hand.

  • Muslims are pigs

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  • Muslims are pigs

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  • Heartless

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  • no1

    idk bout any of u but id do so many things to here, some sexy legs

  • real nigga whats up

    im sorry but who ever thinks these pics are really are seriously not smart at do u really think jenny love has a body that horrible…and the pics of selena gomez were taken before she turned 18 so that wouldn’t even be legal

  • Nobody

    I’ve been using Photoshop for about 15 years, since version 3. That’s actually a very good Photoshop job considering that the photo is completely real, but in the real photo she’s wearing a black bathing suit (just google her name + tennis and you’ll find the original pics). Not an easy job at all to seamlessly remove the suit, much less add the private parts. The boobs are even fairly accurate down to the nipple size, compared with see-through paparazzi pics of her. The only things that’s off a little is the lighting on the boobs that have been added, just a little too bright. Props to whoever did this.

  • David cz

    who would be on a hard tennis court in the obvious heels she’s wearing lol they can barely walk in them as it is lol you cant move in them or run, stupid -her head looks so tiny in proportion to her body and her torso – this is weak, who said in real life shes a muslima? what bullshit

  • Harvey

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  • tom terrific

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