Jennifer Love Hewitt Airbrushed Skinny

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt continued her campaign to make girls feel like crap about their bodies in this month’s issue of Shape magazine.

As the picture above clearly shows Jennifer went on an airbrush diet for the cover. The bikini picture above is from just a few weeks ago. The only way she could have lost that many inches off her hips and thighs is if she contracted some sort of malicious gut worm.

So which is it Jennifer Love Hewitt, are you ashamed of your body despite all your claims that you are “proud of how you look”, or do you have worms?

  • Lafe Hubert

    The lead-time for magazines averages about 5 months; some have much longer times. This means that the cover picture could have been taken anywhere from four to nine months ago, which is plenty of time to gain a few pounds. I also note that she has freely admitted that her weight tends to yo-yo and she has been struggling with it for several years.

    Until we know for sure when that cover picture was taken, I think you should lighten up a bit and maybe even issue a tentative apology. Are we likely to see that, or are you one of those who just take cheap shots and then run away?

  • justsaynotoairbrushing

    This kind of thing makes me sick. First, I use Photoshop and I know that it’s quite possible to make pic B look like pic A. Heck, you could even put a head on a completely different body and make it look totally real, if you are skilled enough. Maybe this pic is real and maybe it isn’t. But what upsets me is why the airbrushing and tricked-up images are necessary in the first place. The national obsession with weight and perfection will never end until people change their attitudes. it. All you have to do is see some of the ignorant comments some people leave on celeb sites, if a star looks like they gained a half a pound or heaven forbid, showed signs of aging. I’d bet most of the people who feel the need to say ugly things would give their right arm to look as good as whatever celebrity they are dissing. When I see a magazine cover with some older celeb airbrushed to age 25 when I know they are 50-plus, all I can think of is WHY do you do it? Don’t these stars realize what a great thing they’d be doing if they allow themselves to be portrayed as they are? Why don’t they stand up for themselves and use their celebrity for something positive? And you know what, if the magazine won’t allow your real self to show then refuse to deal with them. If enough celebs started doing this they’d stand a chance of making a difference in the world, but most don’t have the guts and cave in to pressure. KUDOS to Jamie Lee Curtis for allowing herself to be photographed without retouching, for MORE magazine. You RULE Jamie!

    • You eat poop

      You eat poop! Shut up about your stupid photoshopping. Jamie is a fart.

  • wtj


    #1 – She’s at a different angle for her pose on the cover of Shape magazine.

    #2 – JLH has NEVER been able to dress herself properly w/o the help of a stylist which is why she is constantly wearing the wrong bikini!

    The black bikini lacks support and does nothing to camouflage her hips. Plus it’s a full on frontal photo. Nobody looks flattering in those. The stylists at Shape know how to accentuate the positive attributes of anyone they decide to put on the cover of their magazine, hence the full cup, underwire support of JLH’s bikini top and teeny, mini skirt embellished bikini bottom. It’s possible JLH did a few extra crunches for her Shape cover and yes, she probably IS airbrushed. I don’t think there is anyone that’s ever been on the cover of a magazine that HASN’T been airbrushed and that includes professional models. You should keep in mind the problem JLH has in her bikini shots are back angle shots where she seems to carry cellulite on her butt and thighs, so a frontal shot where she is tanned and glamorized with professional lighting is not the ‘real issue’. Stop making it seem as though she is the current size of Kirstie Alley and she was Photoshopped down to the size you see on the current issue of Shape.


  • Jamal Zougam

    she has never shown tits