Jennifer Lopez Shows Her Big Butt For Attention

Jennifer Lopez

Desperate for attention, Jennifer Lopez bent over and showed her big Puerto Rican booty yesterday.

Jennifer Lopez had a meteoric rise to fame in the 90’s as the first Hispanic woman to have a large ass. However, her lack of any talent proved detrimental to her career as she quickly faded from the spotlight.

Now JLO is desperate to regain her notoriety and what better way for her to try to relaunch her career than to have pictures of her famous butt taken?

Time will tell if this bold career move pays off for Jennifer. In the mean time enjoy these pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s gigantic ass.


Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez

  • Garry

    Your comments on Jennifer Lopez are inane. Whatever her success and her talents, I seriously doubt she showed off her so-called “booty” while playing with her children in some sort of effort to relaunch her career.

  • Christalee

    “Sweet Cheeks” Jennifer is sexy as ever.

  • Sofitan

    I’m Agree with Gary.Your comment about JLO is a bit insane and not very nice

  • tobie

    JLO is desperate for attention and those are HER photographers, so in the 1st place why would she wear bottoms that are wedged in her behind and then bend over like that? She knows full well those photos are being taken. Marc knows it too, but JLO is the one that runs that marriage.

  • Milo


  • Rick Mac Neill

    Sorry to let yo down, but JLo’s ass is not all that. It protrudes, but it’s certainly not shapely. You want to
    see the best ass EVER. Then look up Selena Quintanilla. Now there’s a woman who definitely had all the talent in the world and the ass to back it up. Thing was with her, she didn’t have to flaunt it. And I might as well add, JLo built her career on the back of Selena Q.
    I luv ya Sel…peace baby girl

  • stefma

    You are deluded…or live under a rock. This woman is famous world wide and has no need to “revive” her career in any shape, form or fashion. It’s sad for her that she can’t even spend a day with her family outside her home without photogs stalking her like vultures.

  • John

    It seems that the person who posted this is ignorant and delusional.

    Latina women are known worldwide for their curvy bodies and big butts.

  • Tomoe

    Everything an actress does is for attention. I agree with the writer. My wife doesn’t go out playing with the kids with her ass hanging out, nor do most women anywhere, unfortunately- except the ones nobody wants to see. Lopez always had a body I couldn’t understand- why all the hype? It’s basically a fat ass flat chested mediocre talent broad.

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  • otoniel duarte

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  • otoniel duarte

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  • raymond

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  • Mary6214

    Jennifer thinks too much of herself and she fails to realize that there are so many beautiful women in the world who really know how to act like a decent lady! In order to be beautiful you do not need to be showing off your butt; I have had my curves when I was younger, and I have also been a beautiful woman myself; to me, she is not beautiful! I kind of feel sorry for her, primarily because I try to serve the LORD and to me, Jennifer needs to watch how she acts, or she will not have any room in Heaven. She is a mortal soul just like we all are, and she is also aging very fast, no matter how much she tries to hide it!