Jennifer Lopez Nip Slip In Topless Outtakes

Jennifer Lopez topless

Jennifer Lopez slips a nipple while topless in these outtake photos from “Ghoulish Hoe Weekly”.

These Jennifer Lopez nip slip photos are coming about 40 years too late. Much like dogs (though not nearly as hygienic) Puerto Rican women like Jennifer Lopez age quickly, so much so in fact that one human year is equivalent to 3 Puerto Rican years.

That is why there is just a small window between the ages of 5 and 6 when a Puerto Rican woman is acceptable to us Muslim men. Unfortunately Jennifer Lopez is well past that time in these pics, and thus looks like some sort of mummified husk with saggy tits.


Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez

  • DGA

    She’s Old Now not Hot

    • aghmed

      I will let her do me in my man-pussy.

      • Prince Charles

        I would think it awesome if she put her middle finger up my ass and the wiggled it a lot.

    • CAC BU

      But her breast and ass are still very beautiful

    • Imam Khalid of Basra

      She was never hot. Lopez is a non-human aka taco bender.

      • Team America

        Speaking of tacos I really wish you’d shove your tube of pork in my chilli hole.

        America! We the people!

  • Team America

    No wonder she is showing nipple

    Look at the picture on the bottom left, she looks like skelator. I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck her but I’d need a time machine to do it.

    America! We the people!

    • Troll

      Team Skid-Mark

      The only reason a time machine would be useful in your case, would be for your brother to prevent himself from impregnating your sister.

      Then none of us would have to suffer the burden of your whining, unfunny, unoriginal, homo-queer-centered diatribes.

      • Team America


        If I had a time machine I would go back in time and stop that she-ape from being fucked by an Arab and getting pregnant with Muhammad putting an end to your gay cult of pedo-queers.

        America! We the people!

  • theUnholy

    Even with your amazing photoshop skills This old bag is still too hard to look at. Next time the best thing to do would be just black the whole damn photo out. I did however find the original cover after searching online. Be warned it is hard to look at. So look at your own risk.

    • JLo

      I will vanquish you mother fuckers!!!!!

  • Imam Khalid of Basra

    This aged wetback looks different every time I see her. Clearly,s he is a Reptilian Spic/Jew hybrid.

    I issue a fatwa for her immediate stoning and immolation while the appropriate Qur’anic verses are read over her burning, scaly, lizard meat husk!

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    Oh my god look at those chi chis. Love to see them bouncing.

    And I always thought her belly button was cute too. Most men wouldn’t notice a thing like that they just go for the obvious but to me there’s something sexy about that. Now that is a Borecua (Puerto Rican Taino) bonita. If you don’t know what that means it means more or less I’m saying she’s a Godess. .

    I was sad that she lost weight from her ass as that wagon she’s dragging is part of her appeal. Still hers beats out most black girls so so much for that stereotype about theirs being the best.

    I’m laughing pretty hard at the between age 5 and 6 shit. Part f this site’s hilariousness is the captions every bit as much as the pictures themselves. Just please no more Bieber dick pics. I don’t need to throw up.

    If J Lo doesn’t give you a stiffy in your khakis you’re queer.

  • Mr E

    Dear God, this used to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Mr Durka appears to have a valid point about Puerto Rican years. It looks like Miss Jennifer’s “window of hotness” slammed down repeatedly and unmercifully on her face.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Her grandchildren tried to stop these pictures…..

    ….Shaitan be on their failures…..

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Her tits were never big enough to sag…..


    I suppose seeing a lil nip has got to be better than to see those camel faced sand nigga bitches camel tits

  • Tecumseh

    What a shame. All that jelly and nobody to spread it. Then again most of the people on this site are homos so it’s no wonder.

    That’s right. Just like your moms crabs I’m back.

    • Whitefella

      Oh JESUS! Now we’ve got two drunken raving Injuns on the site. It could soon be time for a temporary white-Muslim alliance around here.

      • Tecumseh

        Well well well! If it isn’t the retarded brother nobody ever wanted! What do you got against us “Injuns” White Felcher? Did you get your ass beat or did your woman leave you for one? Of course i’m kidding. About a woman ever loving a flaming knob goblin like you.

        And these filthy Muslim wookies may hate me but they’d never unite with you. You eat swine and don’t worship their God. That’s reason enough for them to condemn you to death.

        • Whitefella

          Fuck me dead, TheCumSucker. I didn’t have anything against Injuns at all until I came across you and your drunken raving cohort in this miserable website. With you two around, it feels like I’m amongst the Last of the Homohicans.

          And as much as the Moosies might want me dead, I reckon they just might make an exception for a little while if it’s gonna help get rid of you native cunts.

  • the man

    That’s not Jennifer Lopez.