Jennifer Lawrence Sideboob For ‘The Hunger Games’

Jennifer Lawrence sideboob

Jennifer Lawrence is the star of the new movie “The Hunger Games”, which set the box office record for a non-sequel by making $155 million in its first weekend. Clearly the infidel masses are going mad for this movie, but why?

The story appears to be about some frumpy looking dyke running around in the forest playing grab ass with effeminate lady boys. Which is to say there is nothing about this movie anyone who isn’t a fat high school girl would want to spend money on seeing.

However, after uncovering the Jennifer Lawrence sideboob picture above from “The Hunger Games” promotional tour the answer to “The Hunger Games” success is clear.

The horny infidel masses have been brainwashed by Jennifer Lawrence’s tits for the profit of the Zionist entertainment machine. Clearly in the infidel world there is a strong connection between exposed saggy boobs and box office gold.

  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    Now we know what they mean by Hunger Games…

    It’s subliminal and about the insatiable sexual appetite of the West. This stunt involving Jennifer Lawrence in promoting Hunger Games proves it.

    With that said, after seeing this film the other night, i was so disgusted by the promotion of perversion and seeing her breasts bouncing and bouncing some more during the 2+ hours of this film that i quickly went home and flogged off for the rest of the night to punish myself!

    • Big Pete


      And we know what you muslims mean when you say “hunger games.”

      It means you homos are hungry for cock.

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  • Tyrone shoelaces

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  • Larry (open season on muslims in 2013)

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    • Kyle the Rapist

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      • Larry (open season on muslims in 2013)

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  • Anubis

    The reason the infidels flocked to see “Hunger Games” this past weekend, was because they were horny (a most lustful hunger) to see more of Jennifer Lawrence’s body. As you may recall, the skank also walked around like a filthy nude heathen with weird blue paint on through out the X-Men movie, as a slutty character called Mystique.

    Infidels being homoqueer degenerates, were expecting to see Jennifer step it up a notch in this movie by walking around in the forest naked, while at times doing really nasty things to her stink holes while spread eagle towards the camera. Of course they were hoping that as the bitch wandered about in the woods shooting arrows like a dyke, she would come across and interact with other participants (called Tributes) in all kinds of sinful lezzy debauchery (scissoring, rug munching, etc.). If you were unfortunate to have seen this movie, you may have caught a glimpse of Demi Lovato taking a smelly dump next to a bush in the woods, using her hands to wipe herself.

    The story was written by a woman, and as we Muslims are fully aware, women have smaller brains that are inundated with lewd thoughts and a passionate desire to whore their sinful bodies.

    • Masturbator

      Ummm… go fuck yourself, 1 hunger games seems like a good movie/book. 2 women don’t have smaller brains. 3 don’t say homoqueer because you’re using what’s the equivalent to a double negative, which makes it to where the person isn’t gay or homo or a queer.

      • aghmed

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      • Anubis

        Homobator –

        It is impossible to “fuck” oneself. It is a proven fact that women have smaller brains than men, and think with emotion whereas men think with intellect. You’re either a small brained female, or a pussy wipped male, and obviously a stupid filthy homoqueer infidel that is wetting your panties over the shameless whore Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Rabbi Brian

    Muslim women don’t shave their hairy breasts, so this would be a great affront to Allah.

  • Kahlid

    All Western women hunger for is cock.

    All Western men hunger for is the same.

  • AssyMcNasty

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    • Foo fighter

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  • Notch Persson

    Let me start out with saying that because of this site, I have learned to despose the majority of Muslims (or at least the extreme ones) Now for a reply on the topic. The hunger games is a thrilling trilogy with characters that you see change as the plot progresses. It is called the hunger games because the tributes fight for food. I can assure you that not one person went to see the movie because they thought it would be erotic. They never hoped for any X-rated scenes, just a movie that would capture the essence the first book did. They could change the actors to the ugliest people on the planet, but would the fans care? I think not. So thank you Extremest for making fools of yourselves. I am sure it entertained many viewers to see how ignorant your kind is, to feel that everything a westerner does it worthy of lashes, from going swimming to having a woman’s face exposed. And about what one of the loyal Muslims said, about it being a fact that women’s brains are smaller than humans. The size of the brain doesn’t affect the intelligence of that person, unless the difference was up to 60% Saying that just makes us know that you don’t comprehend many facts that have been proven. I will hate the Muslims that speak like you do, kill humans with a reward of meeting Satan, etc. but you will never get me to hate Muslim kind entirely!

    • Shity muslims

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