Jennifer Lawrence Nude In Knee High Socks

Jennifer Lawrence nude knee high

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her nude bottom and baby box while wearing a turtle neck and knee high socks in the photo above.

Jennifer Lawrence looks like a slutty beatnik who is about to read some crappy poetry and then get sodomized by a Frenchman.

Obviously Jennifer thinks that by showing her nude sex organs she is some sort of avant-garde artist. Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence us Muslims are also artists and we work exclusively in stones and the blood splatter of whores.

  • gayboy


    • Jack Nickleson

      I voted for her.

      Because a good Actresse will pose for pictures that starkly reveal the true soul of the craft.

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        Is it ok if I think about my sister when I touch myself?

        • Confidential

          Maybe. Your choice.

        • Amahammahamaad Alevshik

          Of course! It is only wrong if you don’t think of your sister!

          • Mustafa Hassad

            Cum in yo ass hiney jew

        • Alissa souds horney

          No it is super sexy if you think about you sister

          • Team America

            Alissa C DiCarlo,

            It is super sexy like my friend said to think of your sister while masturbating the fuck out of yourself. Better yet, why not think of your whore hag of a mother?

            America! We the people!

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      I wanna push my tongue into that pussy. I wanna drink her cum.

      • Dreamcatcher

        I guess in the end we all reap what we sow.

    • Team America


      Is your name, “Gayboy” The French word for Muslim?

      America! Fuck yeah!

      • Mustafa Hassad


    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Two in the pink, one in the stink, and my thumb to make her cum.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

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      • rodrigo

        are you for real alissa?

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Every guy says that I gave him some STD or another, and I always say, me and who else, besides how my supposed to know what diseases are in my vagina? Anything could be living in there. Its not like the STDs hold up a sign saying what I’ve got in there.



      • AMERICA!!!!!

        You can’t say that I don’t know yet

      • Rock Hard Cock

        Hey Alissa! You work in Jersey. I live in DE. I’d love to experience your backdoor. Wanna fuck?

    • Bree

      Alissa C DiCarlo is a cum whore who works at Prosight Specialty Insurance Company in Morristown, New Jersey. She fucks and sucks everyone in management. She is disgusting.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo


    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Don’t bother with West

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        What a moving story…

        But you both deserve to die, because we, righteous Muslims, don’t tolerate immorality.

        When Islam will take over America, women will marry at the age of 10 and will be allowed to have sex only with their masters.

        • The West is the Best

          Homo Hashim

          What would kill me is that beard you made from goats ass hairs if you came near me the stench would kill a fly on camel shit.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            All pious Muslims (like myself) must have a beard.
            Only kaffirs want their faces to look alike their asses.

        • The West is the Best

          Homo Hashim

          Yes but most muslims grow there own beards and don’t use the unwashed goat ass hairs like you.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            West is the Beast,

            I don’t understand your fixation with goats…

            Or may be I do: you forced a billy-goat to lick your ass but things went wrong because instead he shoved a horn up your butt-hole, what made you loose your main source of income for a month.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        • jewhead

          u stupid sand google- ull get ur 72 goats in hell – fuck mohammed

        • John

          Actually if Muslims ruled the world, (a big IF) the human race would go extinct because Muslim men like to fuck little boys that they bid on inside gay brothels. This has come to the forefront since the west has entered Afghanistan. I am not surprised women are made to wear burqas! The men can’t stand seeing a beautiful woman. You fags want nothing but cocks and cum! Enjoy riding the Hershey Highway to hell!

          • kill muslims

            I think we should just all kill the muslims, get rid of them, also, if muslims think this is so disgusting… then why do you find it and talk about it?

        • muslim hater

          I only disagree with forced marriage.

        • A

          Dumb fuck, i didn’t think you got wi-fi out in the desert. And if your not in the desert then you should be, do us all a favour and FUCK OFF!!!!!

        • sandniggerssuckmydick

          Hashim, we all know that you are a cock loving cum dumpster, so keep it to yourself, we dont know where you have been, you fairy faggot.

        • Ben the destroyer of Muslims

          Do you retards acually think Muslims are godly? They are perhaps the most ridiculous people because you think becuse a rock was facing the town, you should blow it up. No wonder why americans and any other normal person hates Muslims.

      • The West is the Best

        Allsmelly DiCunto

        I thought we were over this well if you want to keep it going.

        First of all I would no even think of fucking a skank like you it’s to smelly and i ain’t putting my dick in any pussy thats had donkey dick in it and my dick is not small ask Sammie she will tell you so go suck a dogs dick you foul smelling crack whore.

        • Alissa C DiCarlo

          No West

          I don’t want to keep this going. I kicked your ass out the door.

          Now go fuck a chicken.

          • The West is the Best

            Alissa dominated
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          • Alissa C DiCarlo

            OMG West! Surely you know its not me saying these awful things. Islamic imposters have usurped my name. I’m your friend these days.

          • The West is the Best

            Allsmelly Dicunto aka west imposter

            Smelly ass whore you need to see a head doctor one of those donkeys you fuck must have kicked you in the head.

          • The West is the Best

            Alissa DiCarlo I don’t no who or what to belive anymore this site is getting to gay

      • Chrissy the Lesbian


        For the first time, I’m disappointed with you. You let HIM fuck you?

        I hope you at least were compensated well.

  • West is the Best

    Boooorriinnnggg! Can’t we get a hairy dick and balls for once, preferably those of an old black man.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal Abdullah

      Its time you stop the impersonating and just use your proper name….Anal Abdullah….for your homoperv confeesions and fantasies.

      West is a good man and clearly not a gay, so you’d do well to take heed to my advice.

      The Klan will even allow you to suck one more cock before your execution.


      • The West Is the Best

        Yeah, tell him Pete.

        By the way ……Are we meeting up later for that ole in-out, in-out we so like to do with each other?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


          West is the Beast: you just revealed Miss Piggy little secret.
          You are a nasty “boy” ;)

          • The West is the Best

            Homo hashim

            Would you pleasse take off that stinky beard you made from the ass hairs of a goat it looks like hell and stinks worse now go to the gloryhole Abdildo is waiting.

          • Team America

            Hashim the destroyer of evil gay ass

            Unlike you, Pete and Westy aren’t homoqueers. I know for a fact because we all went out the other night and stomped some Muslim head into the curb. After that we went to a bar and pounded some brews before we picked up a group of sluts and pounded them. There was a dozen of them and we spent the whole night trading sluts and pounding pussy. The next day the sluts told us we had big, white, cocks. So there is the proof that big, white, American cock is better the small, stinky Muslim dick that smells like camel ass.

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        • The West is the Best

          Gay imposter

          I would not piss off Pete if I were you he does not like fags like you.

      • mr mafia man

        shut the fuck up

    • The West is the Best

      Homo muslim imposter of Allsmelly DiCunto

      one of you is a dick sucking fag the other a smelly crack whore

      • Osama bin-Sikhid

        And you compose of both.

        • Team America

          Osama Bin-shot-in-the-head-by-Seal-Team-6

          Stop hitting on Westy (west is the best). He’s not interested in Muslim trannies like you because he’s not a homequeer like your dead boyfriend Osama.

          America! Fuck yeah!

  • aghmed

    she eagerly awaits my pant python

    • Gay Jim

      aghmen you sound like some hot muslim ass. Fancy a fuck? (Rhetorical question, I know you do)

      • aghmed

        Yes, I fancy a fuck with my harem of beautiful women hand picked for their fertility and tight vaginas. Since you are a eunuch you may be permitted to be their manservant.

        • Gay Jim

          I love your cover story, seen you again soon x

          • aghmed

            yes, you shall shovel the chamber pots

    • Team America


      From what I’ve heard it’s more like a worm and smells like camel ass.

      America! Fuck yeah!

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Klanswoman Jen is following the dress code for women to the T.

    Long sleeve shirt that reveals zero cleavage, no pants, and knee high socks to store anything from a dagger to multiple magazines in case she comes across a pack of muslims or googles.

    While I’m not happy this pic was leaked… does show her preparing for a world record setting sized cock….which is my cock.


    • Husain the great one

      Grand Dragon Pete It is I Grand Dragon Jeremy from the glorious state of Georgia. It has come to my attention that these sand googles are saying that this fine mate worthy klanswoman who I am currently fucking and is my wife is ugly. Now this an horrible thing that you and I need to fix so I am proposing a joint task force of the aryan Air Force to kill these fag mofos then we will fuck this fine bitch together

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Dumbass mofo

        You just moved yourself to the top of the execution list.


        • Grand Titan Jackson

          This faggot called husain the gay one needs to be executed Grand Dragon, sir. Shall I do this myself while you fuck Jen or shall we gangbang then kill him together?

          • Grand Titan Jackson

            Fuck what is this piece of shit image on my name it looks like a sand google mixed with a wetback

        • Grand Titan Jackson

          Grand Dragon sir how do I get rid of this piece of shit sgoogle image from my name?

        • Umar the Brown

          Yeah, break out the paper bag and crayons.

          • Grand Titan Jackson

            Umar go suck AA’s dick and die you aids infested sand google homoqueerfag

          • Umar the Brown

            Who is this “AA”? Is it your pet name for your homoqueer puppet-master Gay Pete?

            You homoqueers make me sick. I know Gay Pete probably picked you up at the local Wal-Mart and you were attracted to his hoverround, but you are a GREETER, man. You have responsibilities.

            This will only make my judgment of you more harsh when us Muslims spend five minutes taking over your trailer-park and set fire to the abomination that is your filthy and perverted glory hole.

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          • Grand Titan Jackson

            AA is Your but buddy anal Abdullah go back to your glory hole seriously you sand googles are so ignorant and gay it is unbelievable. Honestly while you fags are roaming in your shemale wives forest of disgusting pubic hair. I am fucking the hot bitch above while burning a cross after a good hanging or hood googles and sand googles.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            grand turd jizz jerker

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            You are the queen of fags. AIDS is too good for you but it will do.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Abdullah’s Father

            Homo Senorita!!!

            DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!!!!

        • AMERICA!!!!!

          RACISM ALERT(I don’t like Muslims either,so that’s not what I’m talking about.)

  • Yourfucknmother

    My God she’s gorgeous.The things I would do to her are vulgar and should not be spoken of in mixed company.

    • Jorge Petrone

      Are you kidding me? Are you new to this site? Absolutely anything and everything vulgar can be said here, and almost constatnly is said here, in everyone’s company.

  • Imam Khalid

    She didn’t remove her bottoms, they dissolved from her super-clap ridden & corrosive lady stink hole juices.

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    • sandman

      Only a homosexual imam would hate such a clean well made vagina you need to stop thinking about all the foul smelling goats arses you have licked and imagine a tasty tuna flavoured skin popsicle

  • Jorge Petrone

    I removed her bottoms actually so I could suck on the wet spot in the crotch. She is aroused.

    • Imam Khalid

      Not by a toilet bowl scrubbing highway orange vendor she’s not.

      No woman would be.

      • Jorge Petrone

        That is a racist statement! I do have a fruit stand in the summer, but it’s not on the highway, and in the winter I work at a convenience store on the late shift.

        • Lol

          That’s not racist you retard

          • sandman

            I think hes being sarcastic you rotard

        • Imam Abbas

          My brother Imam is only making an observation, and is offering an opinion that expresses skepticism of your statement.

          Do not try to assess it further.

  • Anna Portnoy

    Wow, she’s very pretty, isn’t she?

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      She is certainly adequate for my immediate needs…..

    • abdul the goat sexer

      Anna you are very pretty especially with beard i would love to share some of my goat sexing techniques with you

  • this is so got


    • Jorge Petrone

      It really is quite hot. Anyone who doesn’t think so is fucked up.

  • Lol

    Photoshopped :( look @ the head

    • Jorge Petrone

      Forget her head. Look at my head. It’s stiff and ready to enter.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    FUCK!!! I’m pregnant again!!! Nooooo! Not again! I haven’t even fucked since Wednesday!

    • The West is the Best

      I did not no you could get knocked up by a donkey

  • Eldo

    Even if the fetus only has a couple of weeks of life inside of you before it is aborted, I feel sorry for it. Not because it will be aborted, but because it had to last two weeks inside your skanky body.

  • Heydrich

    She is prime aryan breeding stock. I claim her for my own comfort house . She’ll be so nice to come to…

  • Alan

    Young, sweet, pretty, down-to-earth and with just a little meat on her bones. An excellent two-legged incubator for my progeny. A dozen children over the next 20 years ahould do it.

  • Umar the Brown

    “…us Muslims are also artists and we work exclusively in stones and the blood splatter of whores.”

    Brother Durka Durka, truly Allah has blessed you with wisdom. May He continue to inspire you.

    • sandman

      Hey umar the brown tongue instead of throwing rocks at women you should try talking to them and they might let you root them like the goats on your mums farm

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Your mother fucks donkeys for taco money and you suck google dick because you’re gay.

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        • sandman

          Abdullah the taker just cause your mum let you lick the goat jizz out of her crusty asshole when you were hungry doesnt give you the right to insult my mothers history of beastiality she enjoyed herself and thats all that matters and your use of the word google is insulting we are a proud race that was chosen by many powerful nations to win olympic gold medals while your underachieving race was left in the desert to live off the puss from eachovers anal glands remember yoour place ass fly

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you were nursed on the milk from a “one uddered cow”

          • sandman

            Im allergic to cows milk i was raised on goats milk you on the other hand were raised on the milk of a one legged transexual

          • Umar the Brown

            His “mum”? Does that mean that we have a filthy British butt boy in our midst? Listen, just because you were raped repeatedly at your boarding school while your toothless parents laid around at home in a drunken stupor does not excuse your behavior.

            I am sure you are an alcoholic and a Sikh-lover, just like all your disgusting countrymen, but there is no excuse for your behavior. You have offended the powerful Muslim Jihadists who frequent this board and we will show you no mercy.

            Prepare for several weeks of “reverse water boarding.” Don’t know what that is? You will learn, homoqueer. You will learn.

          • sandman

            Thankyou for your interest in my nationality umar you were only out by a hemisphere im south african and you can reverse waterboard me all you like i had an enema last week so you wont even get enough dags for a cup of tea although im sure abdullah could oblige as for you mighty muslims(sorry just give me a moment to stop laughing) as soon as your dad has finished his bache bazi with you abdullah anubis and khalid you are welcome to come to south africa and show my countrymen how disgusting they are im sure they will be very happy to help you proceed to your heaven with 72 virgin goats






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  • Mukhtar Malik

    This is a recruitment notice.

    The Jenbusters are building a global army.

    Our aim: first rape, then rape again, then kill every Jennifer on this planet, before the take control of the world.

    Only experienced crack fighters, with minimum 19 kills, need apply.

    Excellent salary, medical and dental plan, pension for self and wife and children.

    Minimum cock length : 9 inches when erect. No panty-waists wanted here, since daily rapes are part of the job.

    No Jenifers, or sons or brothers or fathers or husbands of Jennifers, need apply.

    Apply here in strict confidence to Major General Mukhtar.

    Physicals scheduled Sunday evening.

    • sandman

      9inch dicks and no panty heads well that counts out all you muslims

      • Mukhtar Malik

        Religion, colour, no bar.

        All encouraged to apply, provided you qualify (see above).

        Even people with weird names, even weird people for that matter, may apply. Provided you qualify.

        • sandman

          Id join but im not to keen on the rape and kill part if it gets out of hand well end up like arabia where all the women are dead and men have to have sex in caves with other men

  • chris folsom

    my boner is is now HUGE

  • this site blows

    this site used to be good but now its all about, muslim this, allah is great that, america sucks this, middle east is great that. seriously i only come here for the celeb porn.

    • Abdul The Goat-herd With A 14 Inch Cock

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    • Anubis

      cock blower –

      This is not a queer porn site for horny Kuffars like you to get off on. May great Allah smite you for your blatant lack of respect for this most holy Islamic site.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • muslim hater

        Well, your mother would be fucking pissed at the way she raised you. Even a stripped would deny your one inch penis

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I agree with the last commenter, but at least I’m a regular. If you’re just dropping by once a month we really don’t give a rats ass why you’re here or not.

    • IamARealGirl

      What do you mean “we”, you fake cunt? You have nothing to do with this site other than coming by pretending to be female and gay. No one gives a fuck about you opinion.

      • sandman

        Your dad only tells you your a real girl so he doesnt feel like a poofter when he ass fucks you

      • Kenneth

        Anyone who calls themself real girl is really a pimple faced teen boy from Fresno.

  • Alissa C. DiCarlo

    Its after 10:00 on a Friday night, and there’s something I’d really like to share with everyone. I have a secret crush on gay google West because he’s the only gay google I know and because he’s the one guy I’ve never fucked. He has a penis that’s shorter than my clit and it makes sex with women an impossibility for him. Well now that I’ve been honest with all of you, I feel a lot better.

  • moshe dayan

    Now THAT is prime pussy. I can almost smell that fine aroma wafting through the screen. Now that’s the real thing!



    • Jacob

      You are bringing shame on the name of a great Israeli general.

  • moshe dayan

    Strange, Fart-zan and his butt buddy Zohiar the Big Gay One have been strangely silent. So has Gay Jim. It has me wondering if these three got together and Gay Jim is now topping their loose assholes up with some sticky hummus in stall #3.

    Of course, this behavior is approved by Islam which is why these muslims are all gay.

    Eat shit and die mofo

    • Zohair – The Good One

      Strange, Moshe ‘s Mom and Roshuda the Ngger Tranny have been strangely silent.

      It has me wondering if Moshe is going to have a brother soon.

  • Abdul The Goat-herd With A 14 Inch Cock

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  • Abdul The Goat-herd With A 14 Inch Cock

    Know fear, you who write as Moshe Dayan

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    • Islam Hater

      You goat herding fucker – shut up!

      The only think you torture is the ass of your goats! I wipe my ass with the koran and your mother’s tongue.

      • Barack Obama

        Sounds hot.

        Michele and I love it.

  • Abdul The Goat-herd With A 14 Inch Cock

    So-called Moshe Dayan

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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      • Gay Jim

        Don’t forget me!

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          • Gay Jim

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    • moshe dayan

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Abdul The Goat-herd With A 14 Inch Cock

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      She is the first infidel ever to get a Fatwa for giving a bad BJ


  • Abdul The Goat-herd With A 14 Inch Cock




    read this site

    when i said i would find the motherfucker who uses the alias of moshe dayan to insult islam

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    the same pansy boy uses these two avatars



    either that or he is a retard who cannot even read

    and attacks brother muslim jehadists


    unless he debases himself

    kneels before me

    licks my boots

    grovels before me

    and begs my forgiveness

    • Zohair – The Good One

      Brother Abdul

      I noticed that. Yes brother Abdullah can be a bit temperamental, but I trust he means well.

      After a long tedious day of infidel ass kicking and 3 Red camels, no wonder his ‘Pep-talk’ inclines on the harsher side occasionally

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Zohair

        There has never been a more dedicated supporter of Islam than me.
        The infidels watched some shitty american spy movies and now they think they can pull off the “double agent” trick.

        No real Muslim would ever make a long-winded, boring rant in short, sentence fragments.

        Not only are us real Jihadists devoted to Islam…we are also men of letters.

        And the lettersn we like most are AA…..for Allahu Akbar

        • Really?

          “Us Jehadists” are men of letters? Really? More like adolescents wholly innocent of postal correspondence, I should have thought.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You ignorant infidel mofo. A man of letters has a university degree.

            However, you are a man of cock and all you know about is jizz slurping.

            Shut the fuck up and kill yourself.

        • Dr. Freud

          I sympathise with your inability to comprehend anything but short simple sentences. It comes of being of inferior stock, poor breeding, lack of education and mental imbalance, compounded by daily sexual abuse since early childhood. You have my deepest sympathy.

          • Dr. S. Freud

            Mr. Abdullah, I am so worried about you. Perhaps this still experimental therapy might help …

            Please go out into the desert with a large hard object (Yes, I know, you will immediately think of a penis … Poor you … But i meant a gun or nightlamp or even a crowbar)

            Jump up and down for exactly 52 times, then bring said object down hard on your crown. Repeat 14 times.

            Report progress here after that, if you please …

          • abdullah the butcher

            Infidel freud I have taken your advice and gone out to the desert i jumped up and down on my wifes head 52 times then proceeded to hit her crown with an alissa di carlos strap on dildo unfortunately she was not able to tell me if she felt any better but the car ride home was very peaceful i would like to know more about this interesting technique

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            dick-sucker freud

            your ass-pounding stories from your glory hole sickens all of us pious Muslims.

            Also, its clear you are a big dumbass posting under several names…all of them faggy.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Dr. S. Freud

            I am sensing some deep homosexual feelings in you abdullah is there something youd like to get off your chest

      • Zohair – The Good One

        Of course Brother Abdullah

        Your reputation as a worshipful Muslim and a saintly Jihadist needs no introduction. And indeed, we Muslims do refrain from segmental texts.

        The entire world knows that Muslims are men of letters, and soon it shall find out that we Muslims aren’t just another pretty face

        • Zohair – The Good One

          And please brother abdullah can i have my goat back last time you borrowed it you licked its ass clean there were no dags left for me to nibble on

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Kindly Imposter

            I thank you for for impersonating me as it is but a sincere form of Flattery.

            As much as I thank you for extolling me indirectly, and indulging in Hero-worship, I must say I am disappointed to see that you adore licking Goats’ Asses

          • Zohair – The Good One

            What the shit is this i have a split personality ill admit i like getting my ass flattered by abdullah but to say i dont like goats asses is against islam next thing youll be saying i like vagina how dare you taint me with your heterosexual brush you american imposter as you well know islam is trying to rid the world of females so all you american men will have to use your giant cocks on us while we in turn root goats if you will kindly watch my new movie men in goats 3 it will help you understand infidel

    • Imam Khalid

      Despite what you may have heard, full paragraphs are not against Islam.

    • Gay Bob


      You have serious anger issues dude. Why don’t you come on down to the gloryhole and work that anger out, along with a couple loads. Gay Jimmy and me will give that hole some tag team rimming before we take it to pound town. No cost to you dude, all free.

      • abdul the goat herd with the 14 inch cock

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        allahu akbar

        • moshe dayan

          Fag Goat Fucker,

          Gay Bob has that incredible power that few fags have, “GAYDAR” so he only hits on those who he senses are true homosexuals interested in gay sex since Gay Bob obviously doesn’t like to waste his time, he wants ass and only from those he knows give it out!

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          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Gay Jim

            I can verify this, all five are great at anal, Hashim even likes a good fisting.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Gay Jim / Bob homos

            Why do you only slander Muslims and never Moshe or Pete?

            Something smells fishy here. And no, I am not talking about Moshe’s Mum’s Fanny

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Z-Fag Jim, you said it wrong:

            Hashim only would love to smash his fist into your ugly jewish big nose.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Shemale Moshe,

            Nobody gives a damn for what you say: everybody knows that jews are compulsive liars and the “country” with the highest rate of lady boys and drag queens in the whole world, second to Brazil.

            It happens that you hate muslims precisely because there are not homos among them.

            Drop dead you filthy rat.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Homo Hashim,

            You offend me with the statement “you hate muslims”. This is wrong. I think real muslims are great. I have nothing but respect for righteous muslims, like lil’ aghmed who works downstairs at the front desk here in Tel Aviv. That boy always has a smile on his clean shaven face and obediently bows when a Jew walks by. He summons my car for me, gets my suit pressed etc etc.

            You guys need to learn something from the muslims who are “going somewhere” like lil’ aghmed.

            Eat shit and die mofo


      Did you & Abdullah have a lovers spat? What he wanted to be on top tonight? Fuckin queers, keep your private fuck fights private. We don’t care. Oh yes, FUCK ISLAM



  • Queen of Indies

    My name is Parker Posey, and I am a bit of a tramp and have showeded my boobs aand box in a few movies. You should post my pics on here too. I used to be a sinner, but now Haji, my muslim masta, has showwed me how to behave. I loves it when I have the chaance to show myself nekid on TV’s!!!

  • abdul the goat herd with a 14 inch cock

    abdulla the butcher

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      GO QUEER GO!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Abdul who sucks goat cock

      That’s brave talk for a glory hole fag. Get yourself a butt plug and a ticket to Tikrit and I’ll be glad to kill your gay ass as soon as you get here.

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  • abdul the goat herd with a 14 inch cock

    abdullah the butcher is hereby excommunicated

    let all know:

    abdullah is not a muslim at all

    he is a double agent

    you will be shocked to know he is none other than moshe dayan


    the same castrated cocksucker sitting hunched at his computer uses both these avatars

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    • moshe dayan

      Abdul the Goat Fucker or whatever,

      What a fucking teen-ager, mommy is calling you for waffles, better go.

      Neverbefore has a dumber fucktard posted on this site. A real muslim at least knows

      1) that Jihad is spelled J-i-h-a-d; and that
      2) excommunication is something Catholics do.

      A real muslim would never have heard the word excommunicate. You are just some little fag catholic altar boy sitting in your room jerking off to thoughts of your last anal encounter with Father Raymond and using UPPERCASE to annoy the faithful on this site..

      So altar boy, when you do find me, bring your burka with you. I hear that in Israeli prisons, they like it better when young ass wears the veil. From behind they can’t tell the difference.

      Eat shit and die motherfucker


      Abdullah IS NOT Muslim? is that because he DOESN’T like camel dick in his mouth & ass?

  • Confused Visitor (and Occasional Participant) on this Site

    What is this, a civil war?

    I thought the idea is that this “holy Islamic satire site” is about putative Muslims gaanging up on and pounding infidels who fight back spiritedly but end up outnumbered, right? That, and some ranting also about those rich successful celebrities.

    So what’s this apparent civil war all about? An enactment of one of those Shia Sunni things you chappies have ever so often, or what?

    I’m a bit confused about the ground rules here. Or are we enacting Anarchy now?

    • sandman

      Its actually a group of pubescant 12 to 15 year old boys from america letting of steam and exploring their sexuality the whole muslim christian thing is just a cover

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Stop with your “jr. high sexual experimentation confession”

        Us Muslims alreasdy know you’re a knob-polisher.

        • sandman

          Jr high US muslims your not an arab at all your a pasty faced altar boy from alabama

        • Alissa C DiCarlo

          Every guy says that I gave him some STD or another, and I always say, me and who else, besides how my supposed to know what diseases are in my vagina? Anything could be living in there. It’s not like the STDs hold up a sign saying what I’ve got in there.

      • mr mafia man

        sandman im actually 11


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  • fuck u allah

    not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims……..

  • Jacob

    That’s sadly true.

  • Would a serious question be wholly out of place here?

    My Muslim girlfriend was earnestly explaining to me that Jehad refers to some sort of an inner spiritual struggle, and not fighting at all.

    I wonder …

    Too bad I can’t possibly show her this weird website, it is after all porn!

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      If you can’t show her the website… least post pics of her hairy pussy……

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      serious dumbass

      your girlfriendis a worthless whore and has never been out of the degenerate u.s. of a. and if she is a Muslim she needs killed for covorting with an infidel.

      Also, if she was in Iraq she’d be wearing a burka and a suicide vest blowing up tourists.

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      • Ben the destroyer of Muslims

        If you were muslim you would be speaking some gay rad -tat – tat language. If you think porn is holy but people watching porn are devils or whayever the fuck an infedel is, you are mistaken. And, america will never be taken by you! All of your soldiers are gay fags that are raped until they join. We shoot arab heads off every day! You cowardly blow yourself up and kill innocent people! You need to shut your mouth! Go fuck a goat or whatever animal you call a wife.

  • Why does Durka observe the Sabbath every week?

    I thought you Mahomedan types rested Fridays and not Sundays?

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  • moshe dayan

    Again, Zohair the Big Gay and Fartzan the Anal have seemingly gotten quiet. Some major gangbang action must have gone down at the Tehran gloryhole last night. These two fuckers are spent, probably sleeping on some filthy gloryhole carpet, covered in multiple bukakke loads from the fun that went down last night.

    Enough to make you ill. I’m sure the Revolutionary guard feels the same way and is enroute right now to give these two degenerates what they really need, execution.

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Be sure to post when you’re on RuPaul’s drag race fag show.

      That way us Muslims can use the new Iranian attack missile drone to send you and that google and his fag gang to hell!

    • Farzan The Wise

      Gay Jew Mo-She

      Your foul fantasies of us Muslims are sickening. I’m sure you had a finger up your ass while typing it. Me and brother Zohair have been working with our Iranian brethren enriching uranium and constructing the Nuclear Goat.

      You will soon feel its wrath when it is dropped on the Tel Aviv gloryhole. You will be reduced to ash with a rabbis cock jammed in your mouth.

      Allah Akbar !
      Death to israel !


    atheist are teh ebst tehir is no god you guys are just to retared toi relize that though eat shit and die bicthes FTW

    • i agree

      yeah you muslims and catholics all suck huge dick and saggy tits you guys should die in a hole for your beliefs

  • Pete

    Forgive me if Im wrong, but this website like so much of the muslim ideology is hypocrisy? You claim to be righteous believers in a God that is clearly made up like a fairy tale, and then come up with a website based on nudist women… which again, forgive me if im wrong, is against your religion. Thank fuck your a dying breed, because if you ever actually had any real power in this world, I’m not sure we’d be around very long to see the outcome

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      It is kindof crazy that Muslims love distorted porn so much.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I would post pix of my hairy pussy on celebjihad but they are already all over the net.

    • Chrissy the Lesbian


      You have a very nice pussy. I saw it in the movies :-)

  • abdul the goat herd with a 14 inch cock says:

    abdullah the butcher is hereby excommunicated

    let all know:

    abdullah is not a muslim at all

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    • Holy Defender of Islam


      Are you crazy?

      The other Jihadists are spitting with fury after reading this. A Holy Fatwa is now declared on Abdul the Goatherd. All muslims meeting or seeing this pig are to slaughter him on sight in the most painful way possible.

      You better run traitor jew fucker! When we get you the pigs will feast on your putrid flesh and you will burn in hell forever.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Defender

        May Allah reward you with an AK-47 that will never fail and 72 of the hottest virgins known to us Muslims.

        United, all real Jihadists can destroy the infidels and their jew asshole associates, who post as fake Muslims on this holy site.



          Yes…….you assholes come marchin up the road w/ your shitty AK’s…….My .335 Lapua Mag will get you to those virgin pigs of yours before you get close enough to even SEE who just blew your head right off your fuckin body……..stupid sand googles. In such a fervor to die…. let us help you. GROW A PAIR & COME ON! What are you waiting for? Allah said get your ass over here so we can fuck you up real good……. Come on, that’s right….let the little boy go & come show us what a big killer you are….your hole is waiting

      • oscar pistoffius

        None of you muslim pansies will ever want to come to south africa or ill shoot you through the public toilet door while you root eachother

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Ass sniffer

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          • oscar pistoffius

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            oscar ass-sniffer

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        If you’re a Jihadist, I hope you fucking die, asshole.

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        If you’re a Jihadist, I hope you fucking die, asshole.

      • $$$

        If you’re a Jihadist, I hope you fucking die, asshole.

    • go america

      You have serious issues im seriously recomending a psychiatrist

  • LOL’s

    i find it funny how all you “muslims” are saying that america will die but american soldiers have been killing you fucking muslims left and right in your own country. there is no way EVER that the Al Qaeda faggots hiding in there fucking caves will ever defeat america cause you all know if you leave you fucking cave we will kill you all. if you really want america to die do something about it don’t just say america is gay and allah will kill them on a website that no ones gives two shits about. your all pussies hiding behind a computer screen. just do yourself a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP and get a life.

    • Holy Defender of Islam


      Our forces defeated you in Iraq. We are now outbreeding you fuckers in the US of A. Soon we will establish Sharia law in Michigan and a Muslim will be elected as president. When that day comes you will kneel before the sword of Islam and convert.

      Infidel Dog

      • Barack Obama

        Uh, they’ve already elected a Muslim.

    • Barack Obama

      Islam is the one true way.

      As your POTUS and soon to be named as Ayatollah, I will make conversion to Islam mandatory for all of those who want to continue to live in the United States of New Arabia formerly the US of A.

      • Jimmy

        Zero Dark 30 is the best film because the Muslims die, and I like to see Muslims die.

        • Jimmy’s Dick

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          • Alissa DiCarlo

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    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      I’ve had twenty-one abortions in eight years, but when asked I just say that I’ve had six. Some people get upset when I tell them the real number. Most people couldn’t care less, but some get angry.

      • Zohair – The Gay One

        18 of those were donkey human hybrids

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          • Alissa C DiCarlo

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          • Soto

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          • John doe

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          • John doe

            Alissa C DiCarlo is a skanky whore. That is for sure.

          • John doe

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        • Alissa C DiCarlo

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          • Mustafa Hassad

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