Jennifer Lawrence Naked Pic For “The Hunger Games”

Jennifer Lawrence naked

Jennifer Lawrence’s big break came earlier this year with the success of the movie “The Hunger Games”.

Now to assure the franchise continues, Jennifer is pulling out all the stops posing naked in the photo above right before “The Hunger Games” DVD release this Friday.

This says something about the degenerate state of Zionist controlled Hollywood. If a woman is not prostituting her nude frame for a film (like Jennifer Lawrence is doing) then the movie will likely go unnoticed by the horned up infidel masses.

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  • Voice of Reason

    For all you coons out there calling out our brothers from the east, you come on their website and call them out… What if I went into your “KFC” and started calling you out?

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  • Claire

    1) This picture should not be on the internet. I was looking for stuff about Catching Fire and this website was the third thing down on Google.
    2) This is clearly NOT Jennifer Lawrence. This is a picture of her head from the movie pasted onto what looks like a man’s torso and woman’s legs.
    3) Am I the only one here who can speak proper english and has grammar skills? And I’m not so immuture that people think I have the mind of a third grader? Seriosly, grow up.

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