Jennifer Lawrence Naked By Candlelight

Jennifer Lawrence nude

Jennifer Lawrence appears to be trying to be romantic by laying completely naked by candlelight with her legs spread and her meaty vagina on display.

Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence there is nothing romantic about the stench of spoiled mayonnaise and burnt motor oil that comes from her diseased lady box.

The only way Jennifer Lawrence could make this naked photo romantic is if she douched with bleached, grew a thick dark pubic bush, and then had that candle catch her hair on fire. Her screams of agony as she is engulfed in flames would certainly get us Muslim men in the mood.

  • Hidde



      Hidden face: do you have the Firsties Golden Card? I guess not…


      • Hidde

        But I still was first

        • FIRSTIES

          Shut up fake

          • Hidde

            Get a life

          • Black Pete

            Dat not her pussy.
            Dat is a forty yr old pussy.

    • Abdullah The Secret Nigger

      what a slimy pussy i bet it smells of lobster diarrhea

  • aghmed

    her vagina is sticking it’s tongue out, this is an insult to Allah!

    • Muderous

      I am not a Muslim (yet) but is her slimy roast beef halal?

      • Imam Khalid

        That is a good question.

        As you know, a woman’s (your wife) stinkhole is for procreation only – churning out babies for jihad. For fun, you must start to build yourself a harem and indulge yourself as you see fit so long as it does not interfere or take precedence over your duty to Allah (SWT) and Islam.

        In regards to her slimy, yeasty roast beef it is most definitely NOT halal and is likely distended and worn out due to all of the many, tiny Zionist Jew dongafel she has duffed to earn a career in heathen Homowood. If you factor in all of the various STD’s this flash in the pan harlot likely has, no imam in their right mind would deem it halal.

        What is worse is that it is probably filled with djinns. The only true remedy is a righteous stoning with crates of unsold “Hunger Games” DVD’s while reading relevant verses from the Noble Qur’an.

        • Umar the Brown

          This is a wise ruling, brother. Truly, Allah (SWT) has blessed you with knowledge.

          • Team America

            Umar the brown eye licker

            Allah also blessed Khalid with a tiny little dick for you to suck.

            America! Calling all patriots!

        • Whitefella

          Could you Muslim fellows please explain to me why the hair on most of your heads grows underneath it, instead of on top?

          Do the midwives at Tikrit Hospital pull the skin of your head around at birth, maybe to get you squealing, instead of whacking your asses? Or is it just another one of those genetic defects that your Allah has wrought on you as punishment for the many generations of your ancestors’ incestual and bestial fornication?

          Remember: BAN ALL RACISM!

          • Blackfella

            Gimme back my land you white cunt.

          • Whitefella


            I noticed you used the internet to make that comment, not a smoke signal. So I guess you want your land back – along with the house, electricity, internet, car, boat, phone, appliances, nearby shops, schools, transport and all the other things us white cunts brought with us too, huh?

            More than likely, you’d be just as happy with the bars, bottleshops and tobacco stores.

            How about this for an idea? Get off your ass, get a job and earn your land and all the other white shite that you enjoy, you just like all the rest of us have to.

          • Blackfella

            Oi, White cunt

            leave the bars, bottleshops and tobacco stores and get the fuck off me land. Don’t need a job ya white cunt. Centrelink pays for me goon and me smokes.

          • Whitefella

            Haha! Good for you bro! Call me blackfella and count me in too. How do I sign up? I’ll buy the first round of beers for us.

        • Team Americal

          Imam came

        • Team America

          Imam camel fucker Khalid

          I haven’t seen one of your gay posts in awhile, I was starting to think Seal Team six had finally tracked you down and taken you out. I guess your just small time and not important enough to place you higher on their hit list. Still, with any luck a drone is right now heading for your location.

          America! Calling all patriots!

      • Team America


        Imam khalids dick is halal, faggot. So feel free to make like the other homo Muslims on this site and eat Khalids dick as much as you want.

        America! Calling all patriots!

  • Mathias

    Why can there not be peace between muslims and “infidels” as you call us? Only The Almighty has the right to judge anyone. This is a known fact surely

    • Whitefella

      Matty ass,

      Who wants peace when there’s a good old fight to be had?


  • pussyfucker


  • ……

    if god made the world, who made god ? believing in stuff like god or allah or whatever da fuck is total retarded.

    • Team America

      Nameless homo

      Nobody made god, retard. God is eternal. You’re worse than the Muslims. I hope you enjoy sucking dick while your on fire because you’re gonna spend the rest of eternity in hell sucking Satan’s dick.

      America! Calling all patriots!

      • ……

        i donĀ“t believe in hell or heaven or god, so how can i spend the rest of my afterlife in hell ? dude totaly makes no sense, shows one more that americans are total braindead.

        god made the world in 7 days ??? ahahahahhhahahha. so on the last day he made adam and eva? rly, think one time logik about that and u relise that is total dumbfuck story.

        the world is around 4.54 billion years old and humans are on it since 200.000 years, so wtf happened to the rest of the billion years. idiots always believe in something what makes no sense. thats why we find no proof that is older than 200.000 years.

        ah now i get it , adam and eva though lets take a brake for about 4.52 billion years than we start with the human race. america and the church – biggest mass murderer in history of the world, so many were killed in the name of god , so .

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    SubhanAllah NA-UZO-BILLAH Brother Muslims

    In the name of Allah most great and by the word of the Koran, I condemn this harlot and her giant pussy, which reminds me of an “open face roast beef sandwich” that dirty jews often eat, before going to court to tell lies to get some land stealer out of jail.

    I look forward to hauling her ass to Sharia Court and watching her as the death sentence is presented.

    La illahah illalah


    • moshe dayan

      Anal Abdullah,

      I’m going to be fucking that giant jewess pussy tonight with my 9.5 inch meat missile. I will record it so you have something to whack off tor, seeing as Homo Hashim’s anal warts are acting up tonight.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Only you would call your dildo “meat missile.”

        I hope you clean the shit off of it before you plow it into her beefy twat. She already looks like she has a bad case of the pussy yeast, I doubt she needs any of your ass germs to wreck things even worse.

        Know this fag infidel…I want that jew bitch healthy enough to eat to her execution. It ain’t any fun killing the “half dead.”

        eat shit and die mofo

        • moshe dayan

          Anal Abdullah,

          You want to eat her at her execution?? I guess you’ve been exchanging notes with your FSA Syrian rebel buddy who likes to eat hearts. Seems sand googles not only cowardly ambush innocent people wearing t-shirts you don’t like, but you also like to eat them as evidenced by your FSA buddy. Your latest comment verifies it.

          The middle east needs an enema real bad and only Zionism has the power to deliver it. Power to Israel!

          Israel, a great land with great people!

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You racist fag bastard. Your bigoted reaction to our Islamic practice of eating the heart of the females we execute makes me sick. This practice is as old as Islam itself. I don’t give you hell about the dicks you suck at the glory hole and us Muslims expect you to respect how we kill drunken whores.

            eat shit and die racist mofo

      • Dancing boy

        Moshe stop being mean to my master Abdullah the Butcher. He is very sensitive and gets upset easily and if you make him sad he might cry and I don’t like it when master Abdullah cries. If you make master Abdullah cry I will just do a pretty dance for him and make him feel better. So take your 9.5 inch meat missile somewhere else because I prefer master Abdullah’s 3 inch tunic snake.

        • Captain Gaytard

          Remember Men:

          Cunt lips sink ships,
          Real jocks suck cocks.

    • Farzan The Wise

      Assalamu Alaikum brother Abdullah,

      La il Laha Allah, Muhammad a Rasool Allah

      Alhamdulillah !

      Death to israel !

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Farzan

        Asalamu Alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatuh!!!!

    • Dancing boy

      Master Abdullah the Butcher does my penis remind you of a lollie pop? Is that why you’re always licking and sucking it?

  • Team America

    If this bitch had a dick I would suck it dry

    America Homosexuals yeah.

    • Team America

      Aids infested gay ass raper

      If this is your way of saying you want to suck my dick forget it. I’m not a homo like your boyfriend Abdullah the butcher and I don’t want your aids infested dick any where near me. You’re a disgusting tranny and it doesn’t matter if you put on make-up and a dress and dance around sings I feel pretty, you’ll never be a real woman so just move on you dumbshit faggot.

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      • Osama bin-Sikhid

        Suck a dick

        • Team America!

          Osama Bin-Shithead

          Can you elaborate on your comment, please. Did you mean you want to suck a dick? You want to suck Reapers dick? You just want to suck dick in general? What ever dick just comes along? You need to add more information to your post, how else will the homo Muslims know who’s dick you want to suck.

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          • The Reaper

            Team Tranny

            I have noticed that all your posts have my name in them I have told you many time that I’m not gay so please stop trying to hit on me I don’t want anything to do with a filthy tranny like you so just stick with your lover Tyrone Shoelaces.

      • The Reaper

        Team Tranny

        Faggot Ladyboy That was not me you idiot unlike you I don’t do imposter posts or I don’t post about sucking dick like you do but being a queer you can’t help yourself.

      • Najid Hussein

        Team Transvestite-Fellator

        You need not fear catching AIDS – you’ve already been repeatedly diagnosed as infected. So you can have all the gay sex you want, and us pious muslims hope you will.

        If the faggotry that infests this holy site cross-infects itself with the many diseases that have collected in your puss-filled carcasses, this site will soon be left with the pious, manly, and virile jihadis it was meant for.

        Allahu akbar!

      • A ‘Murican

        Don’t you Muslim suicide bombers kill yourselves cause you have aids?

  • yoloswagfag


  • jimminy forgin

    i want to to disgrace her with my huge (soon to be muslim) shlong, do you approve?

  • ali buster hymen

    Now I am hungry for seafood…

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    This is very romantic. This is how people maaturbated before there was electric light.

    • Umar the Brown

      Don’t feel bad. We have all done the double post thing before. No one is perfect. Except Muhammad (PBUH).

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    This is very romantic. This is how people masturbated before there was electric light.

  • Just a dude

    Do you hate me because I’m Christian and I live in America because I don’t hate Muslims or anyone really

    • Dude Hater

      No, I hate you because you’re just a dude.

      • Allah Kadabra

        Hey, man. The Dude abides.

  • Osama’s Bin Fartin’

    Pwwwoooaaarrrr! Mother of Muhammad and Son of a Bitch! I need to stop mixing that raw kibbeh with my hummus, falafel and tabouli! PHHEEEEW!!! I wouldn’t wish that stench on an infidel!

    • Osama’s Bin Fartin’

      Hmmmm, on second thoughts, this could be just the biological weapon I’ve been looking for to unleash on the heathens…

  • CelebFAKEHad

    So obvious its funny funny fake shit burka burka

  • Alissa souds horney

    Oh alisa your porn is so sexy I want to Fuck up so hard in the butt

  • Danny J

    I’ve been popping in for a long time, had to write. The picture caption is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I’m still laughing just thinking about it! ROFL Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

  • Chrissy the Lesbian

    I’m sorry – but that pussy looks like its seen better days…

    • Socrates

      Cuz youre so nice and fresh

  • Muslim hater

    You’re not real Muslims! You’re all evil men a discrace to Allah and all who worship him!!
    Go ahead find me! I will stand and fight you for Allah! My address is 27494 on Makah Street Palestine!

    • Imam Khalid

      Apostate of Islam —

      Good now we will know where to send some of Brother Assad’s operatives who will eviscerate you and martyr bomb your gloryhole.

      Prepare for Hell, you homoqueer.

  • Jed

    I want to jump into the pic and have sex with her


    that is probably a fake. also whoever wrote this is a fag and need to get laid.

  • buddykush

    As a good Muslim man I am slowly going insane viewing all these pictures of naked female flesh. My loving right hand has blisters from all the excitement. Now if all the females shown were 6 years old I could really get with it. Salaam.

  • PaulDean

    I recognize this pic from a pictoral set in MET online. It is a fake with Jennifer’s head superimposed. Durka Durka Mohammed is either the world’s biggest joker or the world’s biggest loser.

  • Malala yousafazi

    My name is Malala yousafazi and how you men speak of women is completely degrading yourselfs all of you need to burn in the depths of muhamuds anus