Jennifer Lawrence Caught Being Intimate With Lesbian Lover

Jennifer Lawrence lesbian

After winning the Oscar for “Best Actress”, Jennifer Lawrence jetted off to Hawaii to spend some alone time with her lesbian lover.

As you can see in the photos above, Jennifer and her lady love share an intimate moment on their hotel room balcony after drinking some red wine and having a vigorous ass-to-ass double sided dildo session.

One can only imagine all the steamy lesboqueer sex Jennifer Lawrence and her girlfriend are having as they take turns working each other over with Jennifer’s new Oscar. Certainly it is a sickening image that will not be soon forgotten.

  • Not Gay

    If Jennifer Lawrence had a penis, how big do you think it would be? Imma say 5″

    • A Feminist

      There are now women politicians, women soldiers, women scientists, women astronauts. But our mission is only half-done: we still haven’t prevented men from doing those things!

      – A Feminist

      • Berta

        Right on

        However we don’t need them for sex. We have the Strapon.
        We don’t need them for reproduction. We have Invitro.

        So men are becoming more and more irrelevent.

        • A Feminist

          Thats what I’m talking about girl! Spot-on!

          • TrueTexan

            You stupid, ignorant CUNTS! You actually DO need the men even for invitro, cause we donate the sperm you dumb broads need to get pregnant. And if it weren’t for men, a lot of those gold digging whores out there would be broke, since they’re only after the money. And the only reason you use the strap-on is because you like dick, and are just afraid to admit you want the real thing.


          • Zohair – The Good One

            This is the second time I heard logic from coming from Texa (first being Segregation)

            Want to know what real Feminism does? Here :


            Iceland, the world’s most feminist country, has banned Porn, Strip Clubs et cetera
            They are now working towards banning Public Urinals where men can urinate standing upright. They shall force men to urinate sitting down like women!

            This is what Feminism does, and it is proliferating in America at an alarming rate. If things do persist this way, you Americans can bid adieu to all Pornography, including internet, that means no CelebJihad as well

          • A Feminist

            Shut up perverts. I have Icelandic friends and I can tell you it is the best country in the world! I am thinking about moving there for a while.
            So banned pornography? Is it bad? noooooooooo it is good. Porn is demeaning for women and should definitely be banned in USA too. I would love to live in a porn free america. And in case you havent noticed we Feminists already call the shots

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            iceland is an asshole country, filled with lazy infidel nomads and drunken lesboqueers.

            However, after the Iranian atom bomb falls, it will have a new name: atomic-land.

          • Camel Jockeys are Fags

            A Femdipshit

            The only thing you call is your dog to lick your stinking pussy.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        Women must obey to men, and fulfill their wishes. Only that way they will be accomplished and meet the will of Allah when HE allowed them to be born.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Homo Hashim

          I really hate that Allah fellow…….that mofo created all sorts of homopervs…..and they are all muslims.

          I look forward to the day that God shows himself…..with the head of Allah in one hand and a lightning bolt to shove up your ass in the other.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy,

            Jesus, the incumbent son of God, was a preacher that made some good things.

            One of them was expelling the Jews out of the temple. If you lived in that time you would be expelled too…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay pete

            you look forward to putting your face in a google’s crotch and slurping black snake.

        • Umar the Brown

          Very wise words, brother. Truly the Noble Koran is the path to enlightenment. Its light will reveal the workings of Shaitan and his homoqueer, lesbodyke workings, allowing us Muslims to shoot it all back to hell with the holy AK-47.

          ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!!!

      • The West Is the Best

        To a Feminist

        Do you have any needs for a sexual house slave? I have recently been taking larger and larger cocks and strap-ons. I also do lots of licking and cleaning very well.

        I bow down to all women as my Superiors.

        • A Feminist

          West is Best You seem to be the only intelligent man here who knows his place. All men should respect women like you do.
          Also what is with nudity on this website? My idols Megan fox and Jennifer Aniston have never gone nude and wont go nude in the future too because they know how to handle you men

          Stop degrading women. Nudity is bad. Respect women!

          – A Feminist

          • TrueTexan

            Actually, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston have BOTH been topless in the movies. Megan Fox was in Jennifer’s Body, can’t remember the Aniston one. Suck on that one.


          • A Feminist


            Megan Fox was nude in Jennifer’s Body? Are you retarded or what? Search again
            Jennifer Aniston has never gone nude too. there was a scene in wanderlust where she went topless but she had it edited because she knows how to play her cards.American Feminists are just too smart for dumb American men HAHAHA

          • TrueTexan

            Megan Fox was topless in a scene in Jennifer’s Body, but you can’t see anything due to camera angle. As for Aniston, you just proved my point that she has done nudity, just not full nudity.

          • TrueTexan

            I forgot to add, and you call me the dumb one. Tits are tits and nudity is nudity no matter how full.


          • A Feminist

            “Megan Fox was topless in a scene in Jennifer’s Body, but you can’t see anything due to camera angle.” HAHAHA you are kidding right? If the audience does not see it then the answer is NO she did not go nude. It was only the film crew that saw her like that not the public!
            and for aniston, again, were you able to see ANYTHING? NO! so she has never gone nude! that is the power of feminism. actresses can do whatever they like and the director even after paying the actress has to accept her wish

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            stop pretending to be a real woman; you’re none other than gay pete in a dress.

          • TrueTexan

            While I strongly disagree with that camel fucking towel-head known as Anal Abdullah, he raises a point about you needing to shut the fuck up. However, AA, if you EVER disrespect the Klan and our powerful leader like that again, I will have my friends in the US military hunt your ass down. I’d do it myself, but I’m trying to prevent any illegals from entering from Mexico. Now on to the bitch of the day known as “a feminist”. If you look at still photography from both movies, you will see breasts. Either way, if they are not wearing a top (or anything at all), but you can’t see anything, they are still fucking NUDE! Oh, and since I’m on a roll, feminists want equality, right? I’m giving it you right here by trashing you like I would any guy that pissed me off. You’re welcome!


        • Crazy Dude

          The fake West homosexual.

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      • Imam Khalid

        Q: Why do woman have small feet?

        A: So they can get closer to the stove.

      • Crazy Dude

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        Women should be on the knees or all 4’s servicing there masters.

    • The Unholy

      What do you mean if?

    • austin

      This is why I hate women…

      • Abdul

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  • Not Firsties

    This is the first time that i get to beat “Firsties”. So Fuck everybody, I’m calling it FIRSTIES motherfuckers

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      GREAT WORK “not firsties”…… will receive your 72 Sturgeons shortly…..

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

    THats HOT lets see um make out and rubb titties

  • aghmed

    that is clearly a picture of a lesbo queer detention/rehabilitation center that I manage. Only through fornication with a mighty muslim penis, prayer, and plowing will right the wicked path of these devil women.

    • Abdullah The Crossdresser


      You can plow my ass anytime.

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Timmy

    Big deal!

    My Uncle Tonoose was a lesbian too.

  • Guest

    fake! and Celeb Jihad is just jealous that he wont be able to bone her