Jennifer Lawrence Bounces Her Boobs Video

Jennifer Lawrence boob bounce

New York City, NY – “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence rushes over to bounce her breasts for her fans in the disturbing video above.

As you can see, Jennifer Lawrence notices that she actually has people waiting to meet her, so she gives them a show by excitedly bouncing her nearly completely exposed boobies.

Of course Jennifer Lawrence should be more careful, for if one of her titties were to break lose and smack a fan in the face it would be a liability nightmare. Thankfully there is an insurance policy for this, and it is called a burka. Jennifer should get herself covered post haste.

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    • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

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  • Farzan The Wise

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Wooooaaaaahhh!!! And that there is why I follow this site. It’s not just that she’s gorgeous. It’s that she’s Jennifer Lawrence and we get that incredible clip right after it was recorded. Celebjihad rocks!!!

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  • Calvin

    Agreed….wow….so awesome…she’s amazing.

  • Jan Clive

    Jennifer Lawrence has to be one of the most beautiful actress models in Hollywood. This is a nice video of her.

  • Abdullah’s Father

    Farzan the Butt-Pirate

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  • Assad

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  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

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  • Hafez

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