Jennifer Aniston Wet Bra And Panties Video

Jennifer Aniston wet bra panties

Jennifer Aniston proves that even extremely old sterile women can be degenerate sluts in the wet bra and panties video above.

As you can see in this video, urine pours down upon Jennifer Aniston as she feels up her withered husk of a body while in bra and panties diapers. Jennifer Aniston then even goes as far as to give herself a naughty spank, sending urine flying and fracturing her hip.

All and all this has to be the worst commercial for Depends Adult Diapers ever created.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Looking at jennifer’s dried up body, reminds me of some heathen, egyptian mummies, us Muslims set fire to last year to kick off Ramadan.

    When Islam takes over and we raid the old folks home where she resides….we’ll celebrate Ramadan by burning her …after a good stoning.


    • Word of wisdom

      Oh, man, last year’s ramadan was great.
      I remember fondly the piles of mummies set ablaze with all the papyri and wooden idols after we looted the museum of egyptian heathen antiquities in Cairo.
      And then we went on Tahrir Square to punish western female journalists.
      Truly, Egypt right now is still the best place on earth for Ramadan.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Word

        Yes, it was a great Ramadan! That red haired infidel news reporter sure put out to us Muslims. Too bad she turned out to be a whore.

        This year will be even better…we’ll probably blow up a pyramid or two.

        • Team America

          Abdullah the Butt-plug

          Don’t forget the special “Camels asses on parade” event that will be taking place. I hear you’ve hired a film crew to catch all the camel humping action so you can turn it into a DVD series that you can sell to other Muslims.

          America! We the people!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Team homoqueer

            Yes, I remember the camel parade. Your mother accidentally walked by when the camels were being judged. She won, “camel with the best hump.”

      • Imam Khalid

        Aniston is a withered old whore who should be burned at the stake.

        • Grand Kleagle Otis

          Bukkake Khalid you wouldn’t know what to do with any woman who wasn’t a goat or a camel so shut your crusty gob, motherfucker.

    • Abdullah The Secret Nigger

      you’r just jealous you can’t have a body like her

      • Kill them all

        All secret googles must die

    • koby

      Nice try!!!!! jennifer is beautiful!!!!!!she gets better and better with age………….

    • imam Abbas

      Brother Abdullah

      Now that Jennifer has degenerated to the point of requiring a “golden shower” just to “get wet”, it is clear that she is too far gone to be useful anymore. At least she hasn’t lowered herself to being defecated upon (like Team homo-queer), but she still deserves a stoning prior to her committal to eternal flames of Jahannam!

      Allahu Akbar!

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Brother Abdullah,

    I admire the style, refinement and creativity that you always put on your Ramadan celebrations.

    Undoubtedly you are a pious Muslim, and one day you’ll have waiting for you 100 virgins.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Hashim

      Thank you for your kind words. Your are a great Jihadist.

      Death To America on their day of treachery (july 4) against their former rulers…the U of K.

      • Imam Abdul Hussein

        Brother Abdullah

        No doubt there are many in the United States that wish they were still ruled by the U of K, especially after our great islamic allies, George W Bush and the GOP house leadership took their orders and flushed the USA down the tubes and destroying their economy.

        Our heroes – traitors for them!

        Allahu Akbar!

  • Arcachnar

    Is it true that even after Abu bakr ordered burning down all copies of Quran except 1, people kept altering the text for hundreds of years in the form of Hadiths?

    That would mean Quran that we read today is not even remotely close to the original version.

    That would mean that billions of Muslims are following rules made by a handful of people who wrote down the rules based on their own, their personal beliefs!!

    That would mean…….that would…….oh lord, help me! Is Islam a joke??

    • Arcachnar

      @Observer Why the need to blasphemy towards the Islam and Muhammad under someone else name who happens to be actually religious? It is not funny.

      I am willing to discuss religion (Islam versus Christianity, et al) with you IF you post under your own name again.

      • me

        I don’t believe in Islam nor Christianity. I am trying to help you get rid of this disease. I am trying to Un-Brainwash you but I can only do so if you are willing.

        Here’s what I propose:

        I will admit that there is a possibility of you and Islam being right………..IF you admit that there is a possibility of you and Islam being wrong.

        What do you say?

        • Arcachnar

          @Me I disagree that it is a disease. You should know that originally it was a peaceful religion. Like Christianity, there are certain people (groups) who interpreted it differently and therefore promoting radicalization. If you know what I mean. This is also the reason that people distrust or criticize our faith.

          Would you be so kind to tell me your definition of wrong?

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Edit: To preserve the Qur’an against corruption and being lost, (because many who could memorized the Qu’ran died in battle) Umar requested the Caliph Abu Bakr to authorize the preservation of the Book in written format. They compared all the collected all Qur’anic verses from texts with those who had memorized the Qur’an. Satisfied that they have not missed anything or made any mistakes they wrote it down as one single manuscript and presented it to Caliph Abu Bakr.

            Of course, the Sunni and Shia have different views about Caliph Abu Bakr.

          • me

            I am Sunni. Are you Shia? Anyway, it does not matter what stories they will have you believe. What is important is that you use your own brain my friend.

            If Quran was absolute, how come the Hadiths exist? If everything was mentioned in the Quran, Hadiths should not have been in use, correct?

            When Muhammad died, the Quran was compiled by Ali, written by Zayd, and edited by many many other people, who manipulated and twisted it however they wished.

            The principles in Quran are nothing but products of the thoughts of human beings, just like us, just like you, just like me. There is nothing divine or supernatural about it.

            It’s just a Book!!

            Some, if not all, principles of that time collide with the civil society that we live in. Especially the western world. Many rules stated in the Quran are simply incompatible with the modern civilized society. They were written at that time when those things were required. Therefore after more than 1000 years, they are obviously invalid.

            Use you brain buddy. Muhammad was mentally unstable. First time he hallucinated in the cave of Hira, for 3 years he was scared shitless so never did receive any revelation during that time. Then suddenly after 3 years, he received his second revelation and then kept on receiving them. What does this tell you?

            His epilepsy returned, that’s what. Did you know why he went to that cave in the first place? TO COMMIT SUICIDE. What does this tell you about his mental health? A person manically depressed on the verge of killing himself does not sound like an Albert Einstein to me. What do you say?

          • Arcachnar

            As you may know Muhammad practiced praying alone for weeks in a cave on Mount Hira. Not to commit suicide. There the Angel Gabriel appeared and told him to recite verses that will become the Qur’an.

            Upon receiving of His FIRST relevation, He was deeply depressed and wanted to commit suicide. Not mention, the fear that others were thinking that he was possessed. However, he was reassured and consulted by Khadijah. During those three years he gave himself to prayers and spiritual practice. Scared? No. After receiving more relevations, he was reassured.

            I also find it hard to believe that a Sunni tries to bring down the Islamic Faith and even called it even an epidemic. Why?

            You also should know that I am perfectly well to think on my own about my religion. Thank you. Thus, not brainwashed as you may called it.

            Like Christianity the Islamic Faith figuring for MANY people as a safety net and may have saved their lives. Losing it is not a great option. As I said before, everyone interpreting the Qur’an or the Bible on their own way. That is why radicalism can happen in certain groups, et al.

            The rules CAN be uphold to preserve morality and decency, IF it is without radicalism. Just like Christianity and other religions.

          • me

            Arcachnar – Go here –

            councilofexmuslims. com

            Website with THOUSANDS of Muslims who have left Islam. Yes thousands, and this is just one many similar websites. (Don’t forget to click on “Forum’)

            Now do you believe that I am a muslim who is against Islam?

            Also, please read your own comment again, only this time try to read it with the ‘Third person’ point of view. And then tell me you aren’t brainwashed.

            Go ahead….try

          • me

            And the guys who gave Arcachnar’s previous comment thumbs up – you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am trying to help this poor guy, and you are encouraging his abnormality from behind. I bet you must be laughing your asses off while doing so. But please, don’t do this. The last thing he needs is more manipulation. Let him realize the truth for once. If you don’t want to help him, fine, but don’t enable him at least.

          • Arcachnar

            @Me First of all, IF I looked at myself in “third person” point of view, I would see for surw, someone who is actual religious, yet, believe on his OWN terms. Not all Muslims are in your words “brainwashed”. If I have the time, I may look at that website of yours. Maybe.

            Secondly, you should know that you cannot FORCE anyone to stop believing. That would only make YOU just as bad as those extremists of any religion.

            More manipulation? Stop assuming things about someone you do not know. Nobody here or in real life have not done that.

            Others? The most who are posting here are more radical than me and dislike those who are demeaning their religion, so to speak.

            Truth? For one can it be a truth, for others it may not.

            Conclusion: do not worry about me.

          • me

            Don’t concoct stories Arcachnar. I NEVER forced you to do anything. Don’t make implausible insinuations.

            And the ‘others’ that you speak of, NONE of them are Muslims. They are pretend Muslims. Jeez, so many years you’ve been coming to this website, and still you haven’t figured that out? Wow. They laugh at Muslims like you and me, because we give them reasons. And trust me, we both are the ONLY muslims on this entire website.

            The site that I gave, tell you what, just join it for the sake of questioning them, and then ask them anything about islam. Since they are Ex- Muslims they would explain everything to you clearly. They are guys just like you and me from all over the world. Just give it a try.

            And the third person point of view, well I don’t think you got what I meant by it. Third person is like a spectator. He views the situation from a NEUTRAL position. Therefore, if you assume third person POV then you’ll have to be neutral, otherwise it won’t work.

          • Arcachnar

            @Me First of all, I never meant to make implausible insinuations. Sorry. It is just that the most people use religion (I.E. Christianity, the Islamic Faith) as a safety net and may have saved their lives. Can they then live without it?

            Secondly, I am actually very aware about the aforementioned situation on this website from the start that I came here. Yes. I said ‘dislike those who are demeaning their religion, so to speak’, however I forgot to write “who supposedly….’. IF you know what I mean.

            Still, you do not need to worry about me. I will look at that website when I have the time, okay?

          • me

            Ok good. I hope you go through it thoroughly and with an unbiased outlook. I am sure If you try, you’ll succeed. All the best.

            And our Muhammad discussion, we’ll carry it on, on some other thread some other day all right?

          • Message to Arcachnar


            You seem like an intelligent man apart from these other hooligans on this forum. If you have the time, I would like to debate with you and ask you a few questions about the Islamic faith and your point of view.

            Firstly, Why have you chosen the Islamic faith? Do you search for peace, knowledge, answers, or were you simply raised on this religion?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          me mofo

          Do you believe in the pressure cooker bomb? Well, you’re going to get one shoved up your ass for insulting Islam.

          • me

            Hahaha. I am trying to do what you guys should do in order to eliminate this Islamic epidemic.

            Remember : You will never be able to destroy Islam from the outside, but you can do so from the inside.

            That is to say, you keep physically hurting and killing them, they will keep reproducing like pigs and the same will be repeated ad nauseum. You’ll kill 10, they will reproduce 100 more. It won’t work

            However, if you go inside, and destroy the disease’s roots that causes the disease (through education) you’ll end this menace one and for all.

          • moshe dayan


            You definitely speak words of extreme wisdom. This religion based on a bad ripoff of Jewish texts. This pisses we Jews off big time!


          • me


            Well of course Quran is a rip-off of Bible and Torah. Even the Muslims know that but never say it out loud. Arcachnar won’t admit it. This is how Muslims are

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            pee pee me

            Ha..when the pressure cooker is shoved up your ass and explodes, you’ll be eliminated.

  • Sexy terrorist

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  • FuckUAll

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  • Dr.House

    She is totally fuck-worthy, besides she isn’t wet in this video you stupid Muslim douches.

  • ali buster hymen

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  • Hdhshdhs

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