Jennifer Aniston Topless Bikini Pics

Jennifer Aniston

Oh Allah most merciful, most wise, how can you allow such an offensive sight to befall my holy Muslim eyes as this old whore Jennifer Aniston topless in a bikini.

Allah works in mysterious ways, but I fail to see any reason in allowing the busted old shrew Jennifer Aniston to continuously flaunt her well-used body in a desperate attempt to land a husband before her uterus falls out.

Surely Jennifer Aniston will soon be smote for such blatant whoring. These pictures of her shriveled ass in a bikini will hopefully be her last. Aniston must learn that no man will ever marry her, for she is damaged goods, and probably a terrible lay as she was unable to keep Brad Pitt, the one man she was able to trick into marrying her

Yes Jennifer Aniston is a disgusting old bag whose desperately seeking male seed before her ovaries turn to dust by brazenly flaunting her body in a bikini. May her punishment from Allah be swift and severe.


Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston

  • Ibrahim yaqub

    What exactly is your motive mr. man? I can only make out that you are deranged and sick, but in all that twistedness, what do you feel is your motive. if you won’t tell us no wahala. Idiot.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The only thing worse than a whore in a bikini is an old flabby whore in a bikini. Jennifer needs to wear a burka.

    • william wynn

      ur photo speaks for its self

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        william swine

        My sword and AK-47 does my talking.

        I sure would like a “conversation” with you infidel!

  • miley is a no-talent skank

    not very hot

  • Creedheart

    William wynn …your a clown and tou would give your left nut for jennifer …..your so stupid you have the nerve to say she looks like crap…look in the mirror dumb ass….

  • The infiidel

    I have never heard so much crap in my whole life. If you don’t like what you see “DON’T LOOK” It’s not rocket science

  • Steve

    What is wrong with you lot? You would love to have a woman as nice as Jen.

  • stump

    what a bunch of pathetic losers !! she is gorgeous, and wot the hell u looking at her so intently if she if that bad then? no wonder u lot get a bad name for urselfs, and yes i’m white ,and dont believe in any kind of god !!!

  • sexey

    Ilove her

  • The messenger

    The messenger says:
    July 6, 2012 at 10:00 am
    Please stop looking at this porn. It might lead you to the path of lust. Lust is a sin because it is the uncontrollable temptation to do something or use something for unneeded periods of time. One example of this uncontrollable temptation getting out of hand. People want to have sex so much that if they can’t find some one in thier own age group to mate with, they will have sex with a child of other person against thier will.

    Another example of the of Lust is when some one wants to become wealthy but they can’t get it because either they don’t have a job or the job they have doesn’t pay enough, they might steal the money they lust for or they will blackmail some one to get the money. Lust doesn’t just have to do with sex. That is why lust is a sin.

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