Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her 41 Year Old Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston bikini

Jennifer Aniston continued her search for a husband yesterday by shamelessly flaunting her tight tanned 41 year old body and hard nipples in a tiny pink bikini.

The fact that Jennifer Aniston can look this good in a bikini yet still can not find a man to put up with her sh*t for the pleasure of pounding her tight little body, really says something about her as a person.

Brad Pitt I can understand because he upgraded with the Angelina, but how Jennifer was not able to hold on to guys like Vince Vaughn and John Mayer is beyond me. She must be a real insufferable bitch to be able to drive off every man she ever gets close to even when she has a rocking body like this.

Of course I could always marry Jennifer Aniston, but I am having enough trouble with the 3 wives I have now and they are extremely ugly. I can not imagine the headaches having an attractive Hollywood movie star as a wife would give me. Sorry Jen but on second thought it is just not worth it.


    LOL, jolie is no upgrade, she has an ape like body shape and they have use body doubles in all her movies.

    • Snicker

      Wrong. Jolie’s never used a body double. You can see Jolie in all her glory in Gia, and in Wanted and in Original Sin. The fact that you were the first poster to bring Jolie up, when the subject is Aniston, her desperation and the fact that she repels men – tells me, you’re just another jealous cat lady mad at Jolie, irrationally railing away in defense of loser dump-iston.

    • TheJihadisDead

      _Wow… man, that’s exactly what I think.
      Ever since I saw her removing her clothes in Mojave Moon.
      Her body makes me think of a monkey hanging from a door frame.

  • jethro

    childless…. husbandless…. HA!

  • Snicker

    Just a guess, but maybe having a hot body is totally negated when you have a face like Dustin Hoffman’s Tootsie. Seriously, Aniston is along the lines of Sarah Jessica Parker and Chelsea Handler attractiveness – in other words, not VERY.

  • Joey

    I think it’s funny how homely as fuck Aniston keeps stripping (going on 20 years now) and gets NO love from Men’s magazines. Maxim just released it’s TOP 100 Sexiest Bodies and she was nowhere to be found (not even 99 or 100!! lol) – but FYI Jesse, Angelina was included despite having 3 babies in 3 years. Bahaha. Aniston can’t win.

  • MLB

    Are you kidding she is gay she is shacked up with her yoga guru

  • lolo

    And you are a LIAR !!!Angelia has a double in all her movies. Angelina looks like a hocky stick with hair. Do you homework! By the way she has a double in salt.

    • lola

      no, she d idn’t as Jolie showed off her body tattoos in WANTED> and Jolie didn’t even use stunt doubles for SALT.

      ask her stunt coordinator. He’s giving interviews.

  • Eve

    Angie has body doubles, and + was totally re-shopped for her role in Beowulf. I met the animators that had to 3D her for the movie. And trust me you would not like the pics they had to work with, the picture show her in only tight spandex in different poses. Not that interesting. I vote Jen! she is real and truly fit.

  • madamImadam

    Damn she was making like $20,000,000 a year on friends and shes haaaaght…why hasn’t some dude like Julia Robert’s husband made a run at that?

  • clitlick

    i would lick the piss right off her wet pussy