Jennifer Aniston Pretends To Care About Haiti To Win Back Brad

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt

Noted bunny boiler and President of the Women with Low Self-Esteem International Jennifer Aniston is so desperate to win back her former husband Brad Pitt that she has resorted to pretending to give a crap about Haiti.

After already shilling out a ton of her own cash to help the Haitian relief effort Aniston has announced that she will be hosting yet another telethon to raise money for the earthquake stricken nation. She then asked “Do you think Brad will watch?”

Nothing brings two people together like tragedy. The tragedy of others that is. If the earthquake that killed 100,000+ people in Haiti can reunite Brad and Jen then I say it was worth it. I just love happy endings.

  • tahoegeminii

    Yeah she just kept missing him at Geoge Clooney’s gig-I guess she decided if she hosted one Brad would have to actually talk to her–see this is why Anuston has NEVER been cool and always been chasing cool and saying look at me I did this-that makes me cool right? she wasn’t even cool when she was married to Brad-I always wondered why he gave her a ring and it seems it was because she promised to have kids with him-everybody is always down on Brad for dumping her but she is the one who wasn’t keeping up her end of the bargain-after 5 years of being strung along about getting pregnant he finally saw the light and jumped into a ready start family to make up for the lost time
    So Team Anuston-if you get a man to give you a ring based on a very big promise that you refuse to keep -is it fair to make the man honor the commitment that the woman already sleazed out of? I don’t think so-Anuston did the switcharoo on Brad-we all know she married him to further her pathetic career and getting pregnant was never in HER plan no matter what lies she strung Brad with to get the ring-ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN US Weekly made up headlines-and just so you pathetic Team Anuston hags know-the whole continuous Brad and Angie Break Up covers on US, InTouch OK and STAR (all the same publishing house by the way) are directly targeted to idiot housewives who their marketing people tell them are for the jilted ex-wife and they think as a consumer group (cash cows) that you are all to stupid to remember what they wrote the week or month before and figure as long as you see something bad about Angie and a lead that Jen is taking Brad back it will sell their fish wrap at the grocery store check-out–so the yellow journalists making money off of this claptrap are betting that TEAM Anuston is a bunch of stupid vengeful bee-yotchs that will buy any rag with a dig on Bragelina on it-I hope you are all so proud of being played for total idiots. Brad and Angie have been together longer now than Brad and Jen-so when does the TEAM Anuston stop expecting them to get back together-on Bragelina’s 10th Anniversary or 20th what does it take –I would say 3 biological kids and 3 adopted is a much stronger bond then a marriage based on lies and false promises.

  • LoveJan

    .The person who wrote this rumor must be mental retarded.
    Jennifer does Not need Brad. Don’t you get?

    • ben

      Nobody want her. That why she need Brad very badly because Brad was so stuppid married her.She so fugly and fake. No man want her. They just want to have sex with her then after that run run away . Easy, childless women

  • Cristina

    Jenn is a generous person and if she back or not with Brad is only her life….All people who say something bad about someone who gives help to those in needs are a empty sack with not feelings..Please let Jenn be and do not talk bad about her because you never give nothing to the pain of humanity..Jen please go back to Brad and shut the mouth of all those people who have nothing to do..

  • Barack Obama Bin Laden

    HAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HA U FUCKING IDIOTS!!! Brilliant article once again….

  • jan

    tahoe: i feel very sorry for people that hate on the ex jen as i think they have a very big self esteem problem and cannot see a woman that is happy and well off living her life and not giving a crap about the haters. calm down she does not want peewee back in her life nor is she doing charity for mr peewee, jolie is safe a jen does not take hand me downs like jolie. she was into charity way before jolie as she introduced peewee pitt to bono and africa before jolie was on the map of charity. so take ur snark and all the negative comments and redirect it at yourselves. jmo

  • Chorlton

    I think this crowd is not entertained!

  • The Wheelies

    I think i speak for everyone when i say: Who truley cares?

  • Brad Pitt

    She failed after Friends and she failed during it. But in all fairness she fails overall and she is a SLUT

  • MJ

    Hey. If Angelina deserves to be happy with Brad. Jen deserves to be happy with her friends (male or female). By trying to be comfortable in that pool and it happened that someone got a picture of that ass hanging in the air it doesn’t mean Jen wants Brad back. Use your little brain buddy!!!!!!!!!! Whoever said that is just envy of Jen’s ass.Hahaha!!! Jen doesn’t bother anybody, she doesn’t bother you. Just leave her alone… she is obviously happy with her life now that Brad is not with her as it shows…she is sexier and richer. She doesn’t beg you for anything. It’s not good to judge people because you will be judged too and you are not as good as Jennifer Aniston. Comments like these should not be allowed to be posted here. It should be screened before posting.

  • Charbel

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  • Jamal Zougam