Jennifer Aniston Naked Pic

Jennifer Aniston naked

Actress and decrepit old whore Jennifer Aniston shows off her barren lady hole in the naked picture above.

Some sort of slutty senility seems to set in for infidel women in their 40’s (like Jennifer Aniston) which causes them to mistakenly think they are sexy, and that they should show off their disgusting nude bodies.

Women at Jennifer Aniston’s age should be taking care of the grandchildren, and looking for an opportunity to martyr themselves for the Jihad so that they are no longer a burden on their families, not out showing their saggy naked old lady sex organs like Jennifer Aniston in this pic.

  • The Real Prophet

    If we had this line up of hollywood whores what would your order be.
    1Selena Gomez
    2Taylor Swift
    3Linsay Lohan
    4Victoria Justice
    5Hayden penetrerie
    6Vanessa Hudges
    7Milley Cyrus
    8Katty Perry
    9Emma Watson
    10Amanda Bynes

    • Umar the Purple

      How dare you include muslimina Miley on your list?

      Aren’t you aware of her piousness towards islam?

      • The Real Prophet

        I see your but hole has gone from red to purple the pounding must be relentless

        • Umar the Purple

          I knew it!!

          You are no real muslim will pretend to be a prophet..that is an insult to Islam

          You are a no good faggot who is crawling on this holy website looking for muslim men with large dicks to suck…

          Sorry queer..there are no faggots here..look elsewhere

          • The Real Prophet

            The only thing you new tranny
            was that your cornhole was going from red to purple soon as i had predicked it would.

            This is the outcome or pretending infidels like you who attack us straight men with your aids infested purple shitbox.

            may allah have mercy on those poor pigs you been oinking.

          • simon dale

            wow what a sad little man you are. never call a colored person that. its just the act of a small child. you seem so angry at everyone . just let it go life is a gift. the lord god said always forgive and I do. and I do wish you the best. just be happy my friend

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Don’t you understood yet?

            This “The Real Dumbass” character is just another alias of the mongoloid brat “The Guy with the Loose Ass Eye”.

          • Umar the purple

            Brother Hashim..I don’t think that this one is “The guy with the eye”. That retard cannot speak more than a few words..owing to his extremely limited vocabulary..since he is around 11-12

            This one here..I the crack headed degenerate “West is the best”

          • Homer J Simpson

            I knew a special forces guy in Afghanistan who used to operate covertly and watch unsuspecting Afghan farm huts at night for Taliban. He told me that on several occassions the father of the house would take the small boys outside to a shed like complex and have anal sex with them as this was common practice for them. He would listen to the small boys scream while being able to do nothing about it. Seems you guys have that built into your heritage. I wouldn’t be casting stones at others mainly because you’ve probably been ass raped by your own Dad just like your probably going to do to your own sons.

          • someguy

            did you just say HOLY website?! LMAO this is celeb porn dumbass, it is not holy, neither are you! you’re going to hell my friend

          • Andrew

            If he was a faggot, why would he be looking at this picture?

          • Rankin

            lol holy website. THIS IS A PORN SITE! And not even a good one!

          • nikita

            When my husband went to Iraq in April 03 for OIF-1 he had to pull a shift guarding POWs everyday after work. When they would pass by the American soldiers just arriving in Iraq the Iraqi POWs would start singing “we will we will fuck you!” They would yell this while pointing out which young male soldiers they wanted to rape and graphically simutating exactly how they would go about doing so. Its amazing that a group that tries to present us as morally corrupt degenerates routinely gang rapes all POWs both males and female. Not only are these terrorist fucks heartless racist pussys that attack places they kno contain innocent women and children, they are all struggling to repress their raging homosexual desires and jealously at America for being filled with hot sexy women and money when they are stuck in a shithole of a country full of hairy women, closet faggots, and sand.

          • Christian Jesus

            No of you are muslims otherwise what the fuck are You doing watching naked pictures!
            You are all a disgrace to Islam may you burn in eternal hell along with Omar!

          • MOHAMMEDSUX

            I’m confused? what do you mean no faggfots? I thought this was a MUSLIM site? OOOOOH I THINK I UNDERSTAND! ………. So when a muslim male is sucking a male donkey off it does not count in your country…..because it’s a Donkey. Thank you for clearing that up……you can go back to sucking your mule now. Umar to camel fucker

          • your mum

            fuck off sand niggas keep building your sand castles and when you realise its time to come to the real world and leave your shitty little beliefs at home we will help you get there you pathetic pieces of shit

          • tyro

            What’s wrong with you arabs, everything is holy to you. Don’t kid yourselves.

            You all wonder why the world hates you, yet you fail to see how shitly you all judge others based on their religion or preferences!

            You call yourselves peaceful but strap children to bombs! And you say you love your children!?

        • CelebFakeHad

          Muhammad should #1 on this list

          • Hakim – The fatwa specialist

            Allright everyone..let’s get it over with

            The sooner you all form a line..the sooner you can get your fatwas

            Grand queer are first…

            Dont be shy now..I have got a lot to do..come here you faggot..take this fatwa already..

            Alright…. NEXT…

          • America rules

            Yeah prophet said CELEBRITIES not terrorists

        • Fuckidy fick

          I suc k my Bff s cock all the time

          • Sammyboy123

            Fuck your a faggot

        • MATT WEBSTER

          i HATE MUSLIMS

          • I hate Muslims


      • fuck you dirty terrorist

        fucking sandgoogle

      • Sammyboy123

        The problem with u filthy dirty Muslims is that u r jealous of our western girls because the r so smoking hot compared to your filthy rag wearing bitchs and I do not know why the United States just bomb your shitbox country and get over and done with how men of our soldiers r going to die because of you dirty fucking cocksucking Muslims

      • me

        fuck u ya racist bastard

        • Sammyboy123

          He’ll yeah I’m racist white power

          • Legalize Gay Marriage

            You’re an ignorant asshole and it’s because of people like you that the United States and Afghanistan are even in this war. So just shut the fuck up.

          • Sammyboy123

            No the reason why the United States and Afghanistan are war is because America doesn’t like it when others disrespect there people and there way of life and the only reason why the war didn’t start earlier was cause the United States need there oil

          • nick

            Wow I’m white and I don’t even say that… your a fucking retard. Why don’t you crawl out from under your rock and take people for who they are and not what they look like. Piecesbof shit like you give every race a bad name. Just shut the fuck up

      • YouAllSuck

        Hey screw u and islam you asshole

      • antony

        dick, do you let herhave her feeling. by the way, i’m aztic, why don’t you come on over for dinner sometime?!

      • dosadi

        who gives a shit

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Bynes #1 cause shes a freak and would do whatever the fuck I wanted.

      • Kahlid

        You’re the freak, you stupid yeast infected dyke bitch.

        We’ve got you on the ‘lapidate on site’ list, you useless bitch.

        • greg selwood

          lol the middle east is a fucking joke urs just a bunch of stupid sand googles who got nothing better to do then fuck shit up for the rest of us you fucking retarded fuckheads

      • Demi

        I actually agree with you here lesbocunt Alissa

        • The west is the Best

          Dildo Demi

          You bitch about lesbos but the fact is they don’t want anything to do with your big smelly hairy pimple covered ass as much as any guy would.So wash that smelly thing you stinking dirty little bitch.

          • bored


      • The west is the Best

        Yes she is we dped her while she sucked off another guy and jerked off two others.

        • ju pappa

          almal suig tottie…….

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      Selena Gomez
      Katy Perry
      Victoria Justice
      Hayden Panettiere

      Repeat as necessary…..the others could tend my goats…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Real Homoqueer

      You look like the jew jesus and you are as fake a prophet as he is a god.

      Miley is Islams top Musliminima and Hayden is a recent converted Musliminima.
      They should be removed from your whore list…but that will not keep you from answering to the death verdict of Shariah Law which has already been passed…..

      this means that…you long haired tranny mofo…when us Muslims find you…expect to look down the barrel of an AK-47….instead of the usual infidel cock you’re used to seeing and then sucking.

      The AK-47 money shot wont jizz up your face…it will remove it!

      eat shit and die mofo


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Abdullah,

        You don’t need to waste your precious time with that dumbass. He is just an alias of the mongoloid Guy With the Loose Ass Eye.

        It’s useless. That brat IQ is under the 50 class.

        • Hassan the Timid

          To compare Guy with loose stool to mongoloids is unfair to mongoloids.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            You have a point my friend…

          • The west is the Best

            Hassan the rimmer.

            To compare you to a camel fucker is correct.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            The West is the Beast,

            The flawed spermatozoid that entered in your mother snatch and originated you, demonstrates that the Christian’s God, sometimes is sleeping; if not, he would not allow a freak like you to exist.

            Eat shit and die very far from Qatar, you mofo.

          • Hassan the Timid

            West is A Homoqueerfag,

            Your cock is like the smallest of grape leaves and gives no pleasure to your AIDS encrusted boyfriends ass. May Allah have mercy upon you and let your balls rot off your body so you may live as the eunuch you so richly deserve to be.

        • fuckmusslims

          kill yourself you stupid ass Nazi.

          • Homer J Simpson

            I see that you admit that there is a Christian God, so i guess that means there’s no Alla. Noob!!

          • Henrichhimmler

            fuck you your kind is inferior and should be exterminated swiftly

      • The Real Prophet

        Abdulla the Buticher

        you chicken fucking Imbeciles are mistaken I am the ALL Mighty Real Prophet., (not to be mistaken with the guy in “The Innocence of Muslims”)

        All you, who think im the loose ass guy or the west is the best are full of shit and as dumb as you look.

        Hayden and Miley have declared me as there only true Prophet and are currently tied up to my bed getting ready to feel the wrath of my Huge Dong.

        My, made in china, 50mm will surely jizz all over you like ak47

        So suck a camel dick bitches
        Turulu muthafuckallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

        • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

          You have to tie them up…..that is all you need to say sicko!

      • THE DJ SQUAD

        Uh excuse me guys, i have been told to give a messege to the following “powerful muslim men” and they are: Abdulla The Butcher, Hashim the destroyer of Evil, Rasul, Kahlid and Anubis. The messege says this, quote ” THIS IS THE HEAD DJ SPEAKIN SO LISTEN UP, WE HAS SEEN AND HAVE HEARD ENOUGH OF YOUR STUPID IGNORANT POINTLESS YAKKING SO IT WILL BE SOON TIME FOR THE SQUAD TO EMERGE AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! TO THE SO CALLED POWERFUL MUSLIM MEN, DONT CROSS US AND DONT BOTHER WITH YOUR EMPTY THREATS AND YOUR WEAK SAUCE INSULTS FOR IT DO U NO GOOD TO TRY AND CHALLENGE US, RACISM PREJUDICE DEGRADING DISRESPECT TOWARD WOMEN AND INJUSTICE WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED!!! TAKE DOWN THIS SITE OR WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU AND TEAR IT DOWN PIECE BY PIECE!!! LEAVE NOW OR BE ERASED!!! THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY WARRNING CUZ THE SQUAD DONT GIVE A SECOND ONE!!!! THE SQUAD HAS SPOKEN!!!” unquote and end of messege. Well thats what it said. Wow, judging from all that, they sound very serious. And…oh my god, that was The DJ Squad, The Legendary Elite DJ Squad, no freakin way, i better get out of here before they get on here because judging by that messege, they will turn this site into Ground Zero and they have the power to make it happen. I don’t know what you guys did to piss them off and I don’t care, I’m so not sticking around to be erased. So don’t go hating on me, I’m just a messenger. Don’t ask me to send a messege to them cuz i don’t know how to reach them. You can’t find them, they can always find you. Well, I am getting out of here before it gets ugly. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

        • UNKNOWN

          They told me to put the nickname THE DJ SQUAD so that you know its them and not me, i’m not stupid enough to do something this crazy, ok I’m gone, i want no part of this.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Blow Job (BJ) squad

          you dumbass mofos especially the head giving dj can eat shit and die.
          Us Muslims run this site and the world.

          you FAGs just need to worry about your glory hole and ass AIDS because if you don’t die from VD you’ll die from the RPG.

          Also the asshole who left this faggy post……….its too late. you are already an ugly mofo.
          and as soon as the Jihadists get to America; you’ll be shot with the AK 47

          suck on that ass bandits


            yea that was me who did his JOB and deliver the messege, so it was really pointless hating on me cuz i got nothing against you nor am i scared by u cuz everybody knows you use a plastic toy AK 47, but challenging The Squad just proves you are JUST PLAIN CRAZY!! didn’t u read it carefully? they said “DONT BOTHER WITH YOUR EMPTY THREATS OR YOUR WEAK SAUCE INSULTS FOR IT WILL DO YOU NO GOOD TO CHALLENGE US”. i ain’t getting shot by u cuz i’m not even in america LOL. well this ain’t about me,this is about weather you are stupid enough 2 take on The Squad by yourself, or be smart n tell your powerful muslim brothers about what The Squad said and see what they will do or say about it. one fact about The Squad is that u can’t see them and you can’t find them, but they CAN see you and they CAN find you. i could give advice 4 a price on how 2 take on The Man With The Plan and beat him cuz a gun and a sword won’t do squat. However, since u threatened me, a reasonable businessman, its no longer up 4 grabs, so u lose….

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay on the street

            that sauce you’re eating is google semen

          • THE DJ SQUAD


          • Mplizzle

            Hey abdula the bitcher if muslims rule the world howcome your the only dumb fuckers that wear towels on your head n still listen to music from the 80s? Also why do you still use the completely outdated ak47 its a spray n pray weapon n since I doubt your smart enough to understand that ill dumb it down for you it means you couldnt hit the broadside of your little mud shack unless you unloaded the whole clip… If we didnt have such pussies in office we would have erased your entire country from the face of the earth about an hour after 9/11 you cocksucking arab sandgoogle we shouldnt even call you that its a discrace to googles you are all so much worse than googles its you who we should have made pick our cotton

          • tyro

            Abdullah? You guys run the world? Lol?
            Is that why everyone in the world hates you and if you cause more shit you’ll be nuked? The only thing you run is a shit country of dust

        • Abdul Rasul

          The Bj giver squad

          That was literally the gayest thing I have ever read. I think you gave my iPad aids.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Abdul

            I don’t think big gay pete has ever been as faggy as this bj squad….and thats saying something to “out-fag” big gay pete.

            In fact, I laughed so hard when I read their pathetic post that I almost fell off my camel.

          • Abdul Rasul

            Better be careful brother Abdullah, or the homo squad is going to erase all the seman from our nut sacks.


            no, they will erase this sorry excuse of a site and erase EVERYTHING about u or ANYBODY, as if you NEVER existed. least that’s what i heard about what they’re capable of. you guys are crazy. rasul they can’t give your ipad aids, but they can make it crash and make you lose EVERYTHING in it an NEVER get it back. dont believe me? dont matter. things happen. bad things, heh heh heh…..

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay on the street

            when they eat the AK-47…they’ll know what it means to piss off us Muslims.

          • crackerkiller

            all cracker googles die

        • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

          Heard all those empty BS threats before!

        • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

          What a crock of shit!!

      • black panther leader#1

        hey fuck face got back to sucking your hairy goat balls we dont give a fuck about your crack potted relegion cause you guys are dumbfucks thinking its real!!!WHAT HAS YOUR FAGOTY ASS gOD EVER DONE THAT HAS HELPED YOUR COUNTRY!?!Huh?Thats right nothing because its a load of gay homo bullshit that belongs in a dumpster and not considered as a religon so stick that up your ass you fucking homo!!!!

        • shocked

          Dude, while I’m totally with you that this bitcher is a moron, what god has done anything for any country? They’re religion is no less valid than any other, any logical and reasoning person can see the holes and discrepencies in them all…

    • White Supremacy

      Hell man, Katy Perry is #1 cuz she can wear the purple hair and walk half naked in a land of candy with great poise and sexiness. She can magically form a transparent twizzler flavoured bubble barrier around herself so if any Saudi tries to perform any infidelic action on her, LOOK OUT Chuck Norris will come out of hiding from a bon bon in the shape of a big set of boobies and will use his most devastating fighting combo on him, Punch, Kick, Punch, Kick.

      • DeShawn


        Nigga you high as fuck.

        • White Supremacy

          If you never seen the “California Girl” music video, then you don’t what i’m talking about, she is at her sexiest in that video.

          • A song for Islam

            Whose broad lips and gay kuffars!

            Throughout the perilous orgy.

            O’er the gay pornos we watched, were so gallantly streaming

            And the nuclear red glare! The bombs bursting in air!

            Gave proof through the night, That the fag was not there.

            O say does that star spangled – google yet wave.

            The land of the weak!

            And the home of the gaaay.

        • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

          Right! Bon Bons? Your buzz killing this debate!

    • Jabbar Muhommed Kareem Ali

      My dream slaves are as follows:
      10. Betty White (someone has to teach these bitches how to cook and clean)
      9. Cyndi Lauper
      8. Pamela Anderson (she is down with hepatitus at the moment)
      7. Susan Sarandon
      6. Olivia Wilde
      5. Sarah Palin
      4. Salma Hayak (a wetback she is, but she is an excellent wet nurse)
      3. Christina Hendricks
      2. Lindsay Lohan
      1. Miley Cyrus

      • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

        You “prophets” all stink like armpits your food smells like a skunk was deep fried with Vomit and you have the nerve to degrade others?

    • corethree

      why don’t all you towel headed scum go back to towel head land

    • tommyt

      You are all faggot fassyholes! Go suck each others fake muslim dicks! Faggots! Claiming to be islam when you are abusive and nasty. Fuck you all. cunts. I’d smash the fuck out of all of you pussies!

    • lee rudolph

      1 off all jen is no whore 2d off all most woman would like to look like her and be so sucsesfull like her she has a great body worth showing off and has a great career so for all u people wo are stupet don’t be jelouse even I would love to marry that woman

    • one one

      First hayden for 1years..
      Vanessa 10months
      Emma watson 1 years..
      And three some with taylor and lindsey 10 monts.
      And if i die after that. I accepted. Can imagine

    • He Who Respects All Women

      how about no list at all? Hayden ain’t no whore, that’s one of my dearest friends you disrespected, punk. You better watch what you say about her!!! You are so NOT a prophet cuz they don’t talk like that or talk about women like that you fake phoney douche bag!!! For the record, NOT 1 WOMAN ON THAT LIST IS A MUSLIMINA AND CERTAINLY NOT A DAMN CONCUBINE!!!

    • He Who Respects All Women

      how about no list at all ? Hayden ain’t no whore, that is one of my dearest friends you disrespected. You watch what you say about her, punk!! NOT 1 WOMAN ON THAT LIST IS A MUSLIMINA AND CERTAINLY NOT A CONCUBINE!! You are so NOT a prophet cuz prophets don’t talk vulgar like that or talk about women like that you fake phoney douche bag!!!

    • Steve

      Katy perry she is fit

    • jman

      Vanessa Hudges is deffinatly number 1

    • Tefilo

      Dhar S Patel
      Soc Sec # 136-88-7344

    • jman

      Miley should be number one!

    • doug

      real prophet who is full of shit and an infidel…..fuck you and corrupt want to be.

    • I’d Fuck Them All

      I’d Fuck Them All in that order.

    • Sgtdarck

      Why’s Selena Gomez at the top?

  • 4L3DC4nt3r

    Hello infidel, it is me Aled Canter. Jennifer Aniston should be showing her saggy bits for the world man. I am the king, fear me. The sand lubber king, even of boston and new fork and alahau baka mack a i wanna touch little people families omfgroflbbq wtf is a sarnie why can i not put another midget on the barbie ooooooohhhhh ffffuuuuuccccck OFWGKTA muvafukka!!!!! I’m a whiteboi with a massive changing cock. Lol Aled has no poonanny. Durk/durkaDurkaDURKaDDDDDDDUUUUUUURRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAA DURK…. /wait, is a cully Dolan.

    • Bashir jamaluddin


      This is exactly why crack is considered so bad for people.

      Stop smoking crack you bran dead infidel!

  • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

    This place is exactly like the muslim word. Fighting each other and fighting the world. I see your jihad and raise you a jihad supreme with a side of koran twists and a pepsi.

  • Abdul Rasul

    This grandma is way to old for a strong Muslim man, she will be stoned when Islam takes over the world

    • Tecumseh

      Saggy tities ? WTF are you googles talkin about, I might shave that pussy hair with my tomahawk, I like my eagles bald. I would still beat that pussy up for at least another 2 or 3 years yet. . . Then yes I would probally have her work at one of my famous casinos, and probally give her to a few politicians, for a night of pleasures, they always like the haggered celebs

      • Cracker White

        You are one drunk Indian. But, I repeat myself

    • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

      Ya when you finally see a dentist!

  • Fuckyou Sand Niggers

    you small dick arabs couldnt handle good white women fuck all you sand googles

  • The Messenger

    Please stop this filthy talk my sons.

    • Cracker White

      Have a pork chop.

      • UNKNOWN

        boneless pork chops are the bomb :]

  • Jackson

    God bless the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

      And God bless the second amendment that protects the first amendment.

  • Umar the Brown

    This saggy and barren kufahr might be good for something…I hear the Taliban need a new pot scrubber at their outpost in Khuntigufahrk in Afghanistan. Those long, stringy arms of hers would do a good job of cleaning out burnt-on couscous and lamb stew.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    3,8,9,10,3,1,5,2,4,7,and 3 one more time..then id kick taylor swift in the va jay jay.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    The KKK propaganda machine is in full force ahead of Brother Romney’s election as president of the USA (Unted States of Aryans).

    I’ve received no less than four applications this week and expect another two this weeken. We’re on a record setting pace here in the great state of Alabama. We’ll easily have enough members by years end and we will reclaim the middle east as God’s country…….and we’ll kill every last muslim with a dick and turn their gloryholes in to whore houses for muslim women.

    Its a great time to be a member of The Brotherhood.


    • Grand Kleagle Otis

      Brother Romney will kick the colored Kenyan and his hateful, shit colored bitch from the WHITE House and the party will really start. We’ll make this nation pure, holy & White, once again.

      We will strike them greasy hook nosed mofos, root & branch, wipe them from the face of the Earth like the smears of shit they and their pagan god truly are.

      We’ll herd all the burrito humping fence jumpers into FEMA camps and crank up the ovens here in the USA, too. Not to mention finishing the job on the pepperoni skinned wolf fuckers.

      It will be a great time for everyone… who is (blessed by God) to be White!


      • Abdul Rasul

        Gay boys Pete and Otis,

        The only good thing about being white is that your not black or Mexican. However, compared to us Muslims you are all on the bottom off the camels nutsack

        • Grand Kleagle Otis

          It’s not my fault you’re a colored mofo.

          Blame the Devil for creating you as a test of the White man’s patience.

          And our patience has run out.


        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Rectum Rasul

          Its great that you’re so fond of us aryans that you would compare us with a camels nutsack…..your favorite part to lick and touch. I can’t help but think that you want a member of The Klan to ram your asshole…….and we only go for the pussy.

          I look forward to shoving camel nuts up your asshole.

          Suck cock mofo


          • Niko Bellic

            Holy Motherfucking Shit.

            Now the whole oligarchy of drag-queens has invaded this site! What happened while I was gone!? Long time cocksucker pete has become a member of this islamic site, seemingly leading a double life with his new boyfriend Chodis.

            Well it does not matter. Peter sucks penis as usual and this other fag fecal sucker otis seems to have joined the ranks of the KKGay. Just remember, your heads will be mounted on my wall, and your nutsacks will be cut off by savages and googles.

            KKK is gay

        • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

          Abdul Rasul please go see a fuckin dentist! And your old ass is above no one you fuckin pedophile!

      • Infidel Mujahedeen

        I think the KKK should take a lot more action to support Romney. He’ll win in a landslide.

      • USA 2 CamelJockeys 0

        Your an ignorant jackass!

    • Grand Dragon Pete’s Mom

      Boy, you left the Internet machine running and I can’t get off this filthy webzone. How do I get my Etsy?????

      • Arapaho Native

        Bug Dumb Shit Pete
        Wow, I see one of your narcissistic personas got away and is currently making a ass out of himself. Both(?) of you need to stop wearing cotton dresses while sitting in front of your computers. The kkk has and will never have power and that dumb shit Romney will not elected. Fuck off, white trash.

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          Shut up before The Klan takes your land and rapes your women…..while you watch.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            tranny klan prom queen big gay pete

            the only reason you want their land is to open up another glory hole.

          • The west is the Best

            Abdildo the shit licker

            You should talk about gloryholes you just had the ribbon cutting on your 25th gloryhole in the middle east and Hashim is handing out flyers with grand opening specials at all 25 of your gloryholes.

          • Arapaho Native

            The Klan is powerless and feeble. I don’t know where you get this arrogance, but the klan will always be a shit head-filled group of morons. Now take your dress off and step away from the keyboard a moment, you loser.

        • The west is the Best


          Shut up druken redskin and stop sniffing the spray paint.

          • Arapaho Native

            The west is dumb
            I see you still don’t know how to spell. It’s funny that the “drunken redskin” can spell better then you. That’s just means drunks are still a step up from you. Take my advice, take a first grade English lesson, learn something interesting to say, and lastly, you forgot a spot on the floor.

    • camel knuckle

      I, I KNOW that you and Abdullah the Butcher are the same person. What do you have to ay to that?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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