Jennifer Aniston Is Desperate To Breed

Jennifer Aniston Allure

62 year old actress and shrew Jennifer Aniston posed for the above provocative photo in a last ditch desperate attempt to land a mate.

Jennifer Aniston realizes that her ovaries have almost turned to dust and her uterus is sagging and about to fall out. If she does not breed soon then she will never be able to and her life will have been meaningless.

Unfortunately for Jen trolling for man spunk using provocative photos is an affront to Allah, and Allah has the final say on if a baby takes hold or not (except in the case of Jews who are not human but reptiles that lay eggs which are nursed to life in a vat of stolen diamonds and Arab blood).

Jennifer Aniston is foolishly prostituting her body in the hopes of getting enough man juice shot up her filthy lady hole to finally conceive a child. However, Allah will never permit a whore like Aniston to conceive. Her only chance for a baby is to try to win Allah’s favor by wearing the burka and breeding with a virile Muslim man who takes a fancy to her silhouette.

  • IHateCelebs

    My goodness, just look at this 62-year old washed up harlot. What the hell happened to her face?

    Jennifer MANiston always looked like a man even when she was younger. Now that Jennifer MANiston is a washed-up dried-out old hag, Jennifer MANiston thinks she can get herself slathered in man mustard just by parading arounf half-naked, which shows that her BRAIN is washed up too.

    Put some damn clothes on you old bag…no decent man wants to see that.

  • Happy Infidel

    That isn’t Jennifer Aniston you dumb blind fuck. And she isn’t 62 so why don’t you DROP DEAD?

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      Yes it is Dirty (pig) Infidel. Take a look at the February issue of Allure…. AND THEN BURN THAT INFIDEL PUBLICATION!

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    I have to agree…. What happened to her face? It looks like as if her face got stuck to a car windshield and then was caught up in the windshield wipers!

    With a face like that she definitely needs the Burka!

  • you

    That’s not her…. and she is 41 not 62… why do u have to lie so goddamn much?? geez! this is why the rest of the don’t take u seriously =/
    look here, this will help you :) :P

    • IHateCelebs

      It’s the fucking cover of fucking Allure magazine, identifying the picture as Jennifer Maniston. It’s been all over the internet.

      But you are clearly an illiterate retarded asswipe so believe what you want to believe. It’s OK, we’ll all be here waiting to point and laugh at you when you come back to say we were right. After you learn to read that is.