Jennette McCurdy Shocking Naked Pic

Jennette McCurdy naked

“iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy appears to take a break from doing laundry to spread her legs and pull her knees to her head in the naked picture above.

This Jennette McCurdy nude photo is shocking because one would think that a woman with Jennette McCurdy’s checkered past would be able to get her legs behind her head!

This shameful display of inflexibility reveals that Jennette McCurdy is only capable of receiving a true deep-dicking when taken from behind. As her face is by far her worst feature this is not a deal breaker, but her lack of versatility will certainly hurt her chances of full time work in a virile Muslim’s harem.

  • Reza the Persian Prince

    Who the fuck is this girl and why is she always behaving in such immoral ways?

    • miäääh

      she is a character from iCarly du Lumpen

      • Reza the Persian Prince

        I don’t watch shitty American shows with a cast of whores. Only scum like you do.

        • Barney Fifer

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          • james

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          • hfhgfhgf

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      • White Knight

        That Jennette bitch may look white, but from the looks of her nose and facial structure, she must have had some chimp’s hanging from her family tree somewhere in the past.

    • Dumbass Muslims

      You dumb fucking Muslim assholes. This is soooo obviously a fake. Maybe if your dumb barbarian culture would keep up with the technological world, you wouldn’t be beating off your tiny dicks to a fake picture on the Internet that a child could make.

      • USA is the best

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    • Bender

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    • Frenchy

      It’s not a real pic

  • Grand Dragon Pete

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Homo Pete

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Abdul

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Abdul

          How about you come to Tikrit so we can make love together!

          I’ll also suck your dick because im a kind and generous muslim. Pete, you can join to if you like!

          • james

            can i join

          • The West is the Best


            You total dipshit you should have changed your avatar before you post as another stupid mofo if you are going to be an imposter at least do it right.

      • Gay Bob

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      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Rectum Rasul

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        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Tiny Pecker Pete,

          When you talk about “your favorite pig” are you referring to yourself?
          Since you are such a delusional narcissist, I bet you are.

        • Muhammad The Great

          Hmm… I wish all my brothers, and the U.S citizens were peaceful. Perhaps it will be that way someday? Brothers, be peaceful. As for you Americans.

    • Farzan The Wise

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        • Farzan The Wise

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          • Henchman

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        • james

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  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

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  • osama

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  • Henchman #2


  • Viran

    Fake, look at how much brighter her head is when compared to her body.

  • moshe dayan

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    • Farzan The Wise

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    • a

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Mighty Drake Jacob

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    • Farzan The Wise

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  • The West is the Best

    This was taken from a private video taken by Miranda Cosgrove in the next scene she lights her farts using lighter.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

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      • The West is the Best

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  • SearchForTheRealButcher

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Am I wrong, or is this pic of Jenette McCurdy really well done and believable?

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly DiCunto

      You bash the muslims here all the time now you kiss up to them about this pic You have to be a retard besides having a smelly pussy.

  • hey_hey_hey

    Really getting sick of photo shopped pics.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      I know what you’re saying, but this ones really good. Durka is getting scary good.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    West may be the best, but ‘West is Best’ ain’t shit.

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly Dicunto

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      • Tyrone Shoelaces

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  • Abdul Kiar

    This girl looks more and more like a horse,even her legs are built like one,gross.

    Another thing,could she not make the background of the pic a bit more elegant instead
    of laying on a dirty pile of laundry next to a washer ?

    This infidel slut has nerve.

    May she rot in Hell !

  • Whitdy

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  • Tyrone Shoelaces

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  • DoggyKoture

    I vote with that dumbass muslims guy!!! Im not being racist, but wtf is up with all the muslim peeps here, and it’s ovbiesly a FAKE. For all you dumb ass people out there, It was done using Adobe Photoshop CS6. Also, STop talking crap about us americans, cuz if yaw peeps think were racist, Ya peeps are the ones talking crap and talking shit bout us. STFU…….

    – From, DoggyKoture
    (The Major Blogger from NY)

    • All American Male

      Doggy style homo the major boofooer from NY.

      Go back to your gay blogs we all no the pics here are shopped fakes we don’t need some dipshit New Yorker telling us this.

  • Twattle

    Good photoshop, but it’s rather obvious.

  • Anubis

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  • Mark the Infadel

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  • American Christian

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  • Boooy

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  • All American Male

    This Durka is a fucked up idiot if he thinks that he can fool the people with this photoshop fake.

    Jennette has a landing stirp and her asshole is smaller I know my dick’s been up it many times I also costarred with her on i carly I have also had threesomes with her and Miranda cosgrove if you ever post fakes of Miranda remember she has a hairy pussy and small tits.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • USA is the best

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  • BTR&iCarly

    The most incredible is that some people are dumb enough to believe that these images are real ¬¬

    • bryce conner

      i agree with you

  • JustAFan

    I refuse believing that exist people who think that this image is real. Please, before calling her a bitch, a slut, a whore, or whatever you want, search for informations about her and about this image, and you’ll find out that you’re being a dumb for believe that a woman who helps children with cancer really takes photos like this.

  • bryce conner

    muslins rock and no doubt about it

  • Patriot

    Fuck all u gay ass Muslims I hope u die and burn in hell and when u do give “Allah” my fucking regards

  • Patriot

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  • mjym

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  • Patriot

    U fuckimg Muslims got somethin to say about it y don’t u cry to “Allah” to rain hell upon me me cause frankly I really don’t give a shit

    • Your Mom

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  • Patriot

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  • Patriot

    Call me a rascist well u shouldn’t be running on the wrong side of the fence

  • Bender

    fuck u gay ass Muslims

  • Enjel

    Hello, Just wanted to clarify something while you all are having your religious war here. This would be Jennette McCurdy, her alias is Sam… Yes, She’s on an American show, there’s a popular program called Photoshop, using this computer program you can paste anyone’s head onto a naked body to make it appear that they are naked. No, this doesn’t mean they posed for a naked picture of themselves, it just means someone with nothing better to do with their time and yours is attempting to trick you into thinking that this young girl is naked. But once again I stress. She isn’t naked this is just someone cutting her head out of one of her pictures and pasting it a naked woman. ^_^

    • jhaidbomb

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    • celeb jihad jihad

      Check the lighting. These dumb phoques never seem to get it right. The legs are lit from the bottom right, while the face is lit from the top left. Once you see that, start looking for other anomalies, such as her face appears to be several inches too far forward….

      And what kind of perv spends so much time photoshoping pics of little girls.

  • Ilovesexandgaysandalraces

    You guys do realize most of the stuff on this site is bullshit and that people mostly come here to masturbate, right?

    • gunniesack

      So what the hell is your problem? The fact that this is a picture of pussy?

  • pennrandy

    If it wasn’t real it couldn’t be put on the internet.

    • MURICA!

      are you fucking stupid?

    • Iamchristianbitch

      You are too stupid for this world to handle

  • jhkl


  • Archimedes

    this isnt a Muslim site. It’s a sight owned by a white male and it permeates fake pictures and racism. Use common sense people. Dumb, idiotic, racist site.

  • marx

    Fake fake fake

  • BALA

    Got to say a lot of shit like Disney and nick drove the actor Jennette McCurdy to having sex with Miranda Cosgrove they both lesbians but I have to admit Jeannette is hot and sexy with her fine bobs and vagina she is hot

  • les

    Can’t blame her all the way’ her co-star, Grande, has also posed nude, and pics of her are on the internet. Soon as all these teen stars reach -18-, they want to show what lovely tits & pussy they have!

  • John Green

    is she not under age???

  • xcalibur

    What’s Islam all I know is that Jesus is our lord and savior god loves us and naked women are okay because that’s how children are made