Jennette McCurdy Self Shot Butt Pic

Jennette McCurdy ass

“iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy flaunts her meaty rump in the self shot picture above.

Jennette McCurdy’s bulbous butt and thunder thighs make her an excellent candidate for field work, as she probably has the posterior muscle capacity to till even the rockiest of terrains.

If Jennette McCurdy would just convert to Islam and learn to take the bit in her mouth without bucking and snorting, her sweet ass could have a promising career on a holy Muslim poppy farm. Certainly a much more moral and fulfilling life than selling depravity on her crappy Nickelodeon TV show.

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    • Goodbye

      And it will be your last.

  • Abdul Jakul

    Death to america!

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

    I really Like how fake this picture is…it gives it a realistic reality to its complete fakeness.

    • Hans Wurstington

      It’s actually real.
      She posted it herself on her own official Facebook page!

      • Murma

        Hey u still have the link where u got the pic I want to see if this is real or not

  • Kwame

    She got a nice ass for a white girl

    • John Frog

      Koon Kwame, no one asked your opinion, you shit skin.

  • Einsam

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    She’s almost as much of a cum whore as I am, but she’s straight. I’m a dyke. How many cum whores do you know who want semen all over their body and in theirbody who are lesbians. I think there are not too many I would say.

    • Umar the Brown

      You are very deep. Your sniftikar, I mean. Like the bottom of the Persian Gulf kind of deep.

      • Parole Officer

        Umar the Brown aka The Bathroom Bandit

        Are you not violating the conditions of your parole by being on the computer!? I know that you are not to have any unsupervised contact with children under the age of 12. And you are not allowed within 1000 feet of any school or small animal sanctuary. But you also are not allowed to posses or use a computer. You leave me with no choice but to revoke your parole and return you to the state facility for convicted pedophiles and animal rapist’s.

        • Umar the Brown

          Parallel Orifice,

          What are you babbling about now? I do not know how you managed to get out of the “bitch cage” your gay KKK master Big Gay Pete had you stuffed in, but you will soon learn that you do not come on this site and pick a fight with the Muslim World.

          Your IP has been logged to our database of those khufars especially worthy of being sanctioned. Go ahead and try to reinforce your trailer walls with tinfoil and empty Chinese food takeout containers. We shall see how they hold up against several dozen RPG shells, kufahr mongrel.

          ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

    • I Piss on Muslims

      Smelly DiCunto

      No one gives a fuck about a stupid wanna be porn bitch Lezzie ass licker.

  • Umar the Brown

    This is probably really her and since it is, that is the reason she is covering her face. My camel, Thor, looks better.

    • Word of wisdom

      It’s her : our islamic photo-analysis software (using pure qu’ranic algorithms) confirm the picture is 99,27% compatible with the terrabytes of internal CCTV hacks accumulated over the years by the Peshawar cyberwarfare team on this jezebel.

      Note the details : a box of lubricating wax on the ground (68% empty), various red masturbating devices on the bed, and a cylindrical box full of “sex-toys” in the background.

      I guess we all know who was her guest that night.

    • jew boy

      Thor is a great name for a camel,like David is a great name for a king……………….

      • Umar the Brown

        We Muslims also accept David as a Holy Prophet of Allah.

        I also believe that he was not really a Jew, but secretly an Arab.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Jennette is a real loser.

    Too old for marriage or Harem Concubine and too scrawney for well digging.

    The only use us Muslims would have for such a worthless slut is target practice with the stones.

  • Zeppelin

    I’m sure she would jump at the chance to make drugs for your profit. Ya sure

  • Anubis

    Jennette figures she’ll need to flaunt her body now that her ICarly show has been cancelled. But she’s not getting any taller and aging beyond her prime breeding years. So being rather short and gaining weight, her Hollywood sexpot option is limited. With her muscular beefy legs and large meaty ass, she just might be able to work in the fields pulling a plow though, as brother Durka had mentioned.

    She should be put up for sale immediately. If she’s lucky, some Muslim master may buy her, strip that floozy whore dress off of her, and strap her naked body up to a plow. No use wasting a nice burka on infidel plow slaves.

  • Edward

    You Muslims are all closet homoqueers by day.


    Does it make me a bad person that I have had 6 abortions in 8 years? Cause I really don’t think it does make me a bad person. I really don’t. I didn’t want babies and I got knocked up. Once it was by a black dwarf I did a scene with in a porn shoot. Like what was I supposed to do? I don’t feel guilty.


    Did people expect me to have a black dwarfs baby? I even remember what happened. I was ovulating or close to it and I’d forgotten to take my pill the weekend before the shoot. He came sooo much. His cum was flowing out of me as soon as he pulled his penis out. Once he started cumming I didn’t want to pull away.

    • Umar the Brown

      Black dwarf? Is this a new type of star system invented by kufahr pagan scientists? Are you an astrologer along with all your many other crimes?

      Surely, you are possessed by many Djinn. May Allah have mercy on you.

  • Edward

    Six is a lot. My sister had three. One was mine.

  • somerandom

    It’s really her, check her facebook, she uploaded this pic and some other pics showing her cleavages

  • amber

    Hi im a 14 yr old gurl and how come ppl think that teenage gurls dont like porn too?do you grown men think that teenage gurls are so pure and that they are all disgusted by porn?

    for i.e.:just cause i say im a 14 yr old gurl guys on this website immediately think“Oh,its probably just some loser trying to pretend
    their a teen,cause then why would this gurl be on here,and even if she was,why would she tell ppl her name and age”?

    Well ill answer those questions.
    first off, im on this site cuz obvi,i like porn.but what i really enjoy is that every time im on this site,
    theres always a new fight starting
    between muslims,jews,christians,
    ect.and i think its really funny!

    And finaly,i say my name and age
    becuz i dont care about my identity being revealed.Only thing is i try not to put my full name(which i used to,but no one remembers)obvi becuz i dont want my parents looking me up and finding out my hobby is looking at fake celeb porn pics while reading weirdly interesting comments that are racist,hateful,
    and against america.but the comments are still sooo LOL!

    OK,well now that ppl kinda know me,here’s some obvi and some un-obvi confessions scince im gonna be commenting buds with u ppl for a while.
    1:I Rub My Clit-masterbating is what boys do, why cant i?
    2:Im Commenting On This Site Right Now On My 3DS XL.
    3:The Whole Reason Why Im Wasting My Young Teenage Life Looking At Porn and Funny Terrorist Comments Is- becuz im a little chubby,never had a boyfriend or my first kiss,dont have many friends,and one day i told myself that if i cant have love,i look at other ppl have it,and give myself yes,i know im a disgrace to my family and im a horrible child cuz im a gurl and i like porn.
    4:I Dont Care What Religon You Are-i like christians(i am one),mulims,jews,ect.I believe that anyone can be free to be any religion they want without prejudice.i personally dont judge,becuz ppl judge me all the time and i dont like it.if i told someone-for ex: a boy-,that i liked watching porn,he would think im weird cuz “im a gurl, and gurls dont like that stuff”.

    yeah so if u read this,thx,and i love all of ur guys comments,so keep making me LOL till i pee!!

    • Zeppelin

      It’s great that she’s so honest.

    • Ass

      LOL @ “for i.e” it’s either “for your information” or “i.e” those two things don’t go together you fat bitch

    • Levi Griffin

      Hey amber I’m a 15 year old guy wanna sext reply to this if you do ;)

  • Gabby

    Hey amber !! I’m 14 too and I like watching porn and masterbating :) I’m also a girl but I’m a lesbian^.^ you’re not alone ;)

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  • Jonas

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  • jew boy

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    • Ass

      She’s from nickelodean. Fail.

  • Umar The White

    Good evening fellow Islamic individuals… I Have Advanced To A New State Of Being… White!

  • The West is The Best

    What’s up with you muslim homos Jennette is one of the hottest babes on nick she has a fine ass and pussy both clean and shaved I have had my face in both and it was a pleasure.

    • Ass

      This site is a JOKE. How do people not realize this by now?

  • Ty

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  • Ass

    Good god I would sniff that thing it’s so nice

  • Brycin64

    the two things I want to say to Jennette McCurdy are, bend over so I can fuck you from behind and shut up and suck my dick… bitch.

  • Calvin

    How dirty them socks are for a chick

  • Uvv Uvv

    Is it just me or is every single story you see on celebjihad racist?