Jennette McCurdy Nude Photo Leaked

Jennette McCurdy nude

Earlier this week private lingerie photos of Nickelodeon “iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy were leaked online (link), and now the nude photo of Jennette above has also been leaked.

Many have speculated that Jennette McCurdy’s ex-boyfriend, the giant abid basketball player Andre Drummond, was the one leaking these pictures. However that seems unlikely as monkeys lack the cognitive ability to use anything above simple tools, and could certainly never grasp the concept of the Internet.

It is much more likely that Jennette is herself leaking these photos for attention, and is using her recent breakup with Drummond to deflect the blame. For as we can see in this naked photo, Jennette McCurdy isn’t above getting down and dirty.

  • Smackabitch

    Def photoshopped, nice try tho

  • The moderator

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          • Ben

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        • Alex

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  • Word of wisdom

    Well done brother Durka.
    Good you found the original pictures of this exhibitionist trollop, without the poorly photoshopped lingerie.


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  • Jeggy

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  • Matthew Dejong

    Now you guys repeating yourself you already posted this photos earlier

  • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

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  • Fiction

    This is actually pretty good for a fake. You guys have started putting your website name on the fake pictures. Nice.

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    • hahaha

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  • Sensei

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  • Team America

    This Harlot has gone from nick to being a mudshark I guess she needed the BBC after Miranda Cosgrove fucked her silly with huge dildo strapons
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  • 123132


  • Z

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  • marx

    This one is photoshopped, here is the real one.

  • Sando


  • Skalvom

    It has to be photoshoppes cuz if u follow the link in the article it takes u to the same exact pic with no difference other than she is wearing langire

  • Tom

    So let me get this straight there are nude chicks on this site yet for some reason you are all going on about gods and athiests

  • Inspector

    Photoshop, the original is her in bra and if you look at the right breast the way he used the selection tool was decent but he didn’t smudge the color of the breast into the blanket giving an almost blurry effect, looks like he
    ctrl-v’ed a nipple and cut out the bra, and the tone of color on her lower back doesn’t fit in with the rest of the back, didn’t even make an attempt to shade or lighten it well to make it seem legitimate.

  • John Doe

    Fake Photoshop, its the same lingery but photoshoped. Shame on celebjihad of making the fake.

  • Truth

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  • matt

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  • Antonio Padilla

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