Jennette McCurdy Nude Photo Found

Jennette McCurdy nude

During one of my late night research sessions I stumbled upon what appears to be a nude photo of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy.

I do not doubt the authenticity of this nude, as the vagina pictured is certainly meaty enough to belong a stocky degenerate teen slut like Jennette McCurdy.

One can just be thankful that Jennette McCurdy was not aroused when this nude photo was taken or her fat punani would look like a disgusting overly mayo-ed baloney sandwich.

  • The Guy with the Eye


    • Kwame

      Fuck yall racists. All of you spread lies

      Here is a link to a you tube video where a brotha tells the truth. All ya racists who hate us brothas for nothing, watch it yourself. Nigga lovers especially, PLEASE WATCH. Here :

      • Arcachnar

        @Kwame/Black Knight Go away. You are just as guilty of racism as all the others on this site.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Achy anus

          Go away…’re just as guilty of homosexualityism as the other muslims on this site…..maybe even more guilty since you fuck a goat while a camel licks your ass.


          • Arcachnar

            Wow. That ‘retort’ is so uncool and mentally retarded in so many ways. Stop embarrassing yourself.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Achy anus is having tube steak and ass gravy for dinner.

            He had the same for breakfast and lunch.


          • Kwame

            That guy at the top is not me. He is another imposter. I bet he is either Fag Pete or Homo Hashim. They been impostering me all the time,

          • wyatt

            white power

          • Grand Dragon Pete is gay

            your gay all homophobes are closet gays

          • koon kwame

            Look at me Look at me. I am a Panzy.

          • Nnnn

            Y u care if ur kkk

        • .

          Arcachnar and Arapaho Native

          Has it ever occured that you posted a coment and it did not appear ?

          • Niko Bellic

            Arcachnar and Arapaho Native

            You didn’t answer the question this guy asked : Has it ever occured that you posted a coment and it did not appear ?

        • Kwame


          You say I’m guilty of racism? How? Because I I tell the truth about my race and not allow it to be bashed constantly by you loser MuSLIMES, honkeys, injuns, and fags?

          You are the racist. You refuse to accept the accomplishments of black people and the fact that Arabs have black blood because you hate black people. That is racist. Black folk gave you civilization yet you deny it. Fuck you!

          • Kwame

            Just to prove my point, that I always tell the truth, here is an excerpt :

            Average black IQs have been measured in the 60s and 70s in Africa, rising to 85 for black-Americans (who are 20%-white by ancestry). Average IQ in Europe is 100

            Negroid skulls are renowned for exhibiting alveolar prognathism (Protruding Jaws) ; Protruding jaw is a very primitive trait that is characteristic of APES

          • White Knight


            You are absolutely right, we should acknowledge some of the things black people have accomplished. For example, you guys have accomplished taking perfectly good sections of cities and turning them into crime ridden ghettos, you guys have accomplished bankrupting this country with your constant begging for government handouts, and you also have accomplished making multimillionaires out of watermelon farmers and the makers of Colt 45. That is quite a list there if you ask me, you should hold your heads high……at least high enough so your knuckles quit dragging on the ground……..BOY

          • Arapaho Native

            Kwame, your idiotic, insecurity ridden rants regarding race superiority is ill advised and just stupid. No smart human can constantly say such easily disregarded nonsense over and over again, and it’s probably because of your own personal views.

          • Kwame

            Well White Knight

            What can I say except thank you for acknowledging negro accomplishments, and we demand reparation !

            Compensate us brothas post haste !

          • Kwame

            Arapaho Native

            Why do I get the feeling that you didn’t actually read my comment ?

          • farooqalimuhammad

            They also made colonel Sanders very rich, and they never caught on to the fact that he was one of our first agents, sent here by abdulla the butcher’s great uncle to learn of weaknesses to exploit to further our cause!

          • Kwame

            The 2nd Kwame who posted underneath me is not me! He is an imposter. Plus those “facts” are not facts at all. How do you know what the average IQ of Africa and Europe are? Some guy went around giving tests to 2 billion people? I doubt it. Most people on earth have never taken any type of IQ tests so the numbers you say are probably made up.

            White Knight, why dont you go fuck your sister? Black folk invented rock n roll, rap, blues, jazz, soul, funk, and every form of American music. Black slang, fashion, and behavior is imitated by everyone in the country. Black culture is American culture, and American culture is the worlds culture, so black culture is the world culture. Everyone wants to be us. We are the best athletes, best musicians, best actors, best businessmen, best inventers, and best scientists. Obama is the best president who clean up Bush mess.

            Arapapoo Idiot, your a stupid Indian. No one cares what you think. Your the one who is insecure. You worthless people give nothing to society. I bet a black man steal your women. No one likes you losers.

          • blzy79

            I just wanted to say you’re a fucking idiot nigs aren’t the best musicians they can’t even play an instrument they just queef into the mic and auto tune it

          • Arapaho Native

            Kwame, your stupidity is beginning to bore me. You have nothing better to say other them lame, racial backpats and put downs. So no, I couldn’t care less about your opinions. Only a true idiot would draw so much attention to something so stupid and untrue.

            Also, I can’t tell if there are two Kwames or not, they both have the same ignorant race views.

          • Kwame

            Idiot Injun,

            No one asked for your opinion on nothing. No one likes your ass around here. All you do is say a bunch of drunkin ramblings. When I talk about race I say facts. So when I say blacks are the strongest and fastest that is fact. When I say blacks are the founders of your Native cultures (through the Olmecs) that is fact. Too bad your stupid Arapapoo people were too dumb to carry on black success after you invaded us. Then you got butt fucked by white assholes. Now you live on reservation and ride buffalo around like horsees.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            google brains have a supragranular layer of the neocortex which is 15% smaller than in white infidels.

            It is probably 75% smaller than a Muslim neocortex.

            This translates to googles being dumb.

          • Arcachnar

            @Kwame/Black Knight My posts does not have anything to do with racism. Only common sense, genetics and scientific facts that cannot be disproved, because of the evidences that have been found by scientists, professors of antropology and archeological findings. Clearly, you do not have any common sense or any clue about genetics, antropology, history and Archaeology.

            1) There is NO black blood in the Arabic world and neither was in the Native Americans and anywhere else. Seriously, blacks NEVER gave anyone civilization. At the time that the first people came in the Middle East, they already had NO black blood in them. Along gone.

            While nobody knows for sure where they came from, they do know that the Sumerians were already there for a long time and the most evidence (archaeological findings) shows that they came out the south of the boarders of what is now Iraq.

            Because I do not have the time (perhaps later) to teach you what all is about with genetics, antropology and such. For now you really need to go and read a book about genetics right now.

            2) Blacks have never been to America or Europe. Only as slave or to work as a gladiator.

          • Arapaho Native

            No one cares about my opinion? Well, apparently you all care enough to continue to replying, you dumb fuck.

            So when you say blacks are the strongest and fastest that is a vain opinion. When you say blacks are the founders of your Native cultures that is just a stupid opinion. You see, if there ever were olmecs I’m north America, then it would have to after the native Americans crossed the Bering Strait, but before Columbus. Also, the originated in Mexico and there is much evidence they traveled into modern America. Even though you think Olmecs are Africam they are not considered credible by the vast majority of Mesoamerican researchers.

          • Arapaho Native

            No one cares about my opinion? Well, apparently you all care enough to continue to replying,  you dumb fuck. 

            So when you say blacks are the strongest and fastest that is a vain opinion. When you say blacks are the founders of your Native cultures that is just a stupid opinion. 
             Also, they originated in Mexico and there isn’t much evidence to support that they traveled into modern America. Even though you think Olmecs are Africans, this theory is not considered credible by the vast majority of Mesoamerican researchers and I don’t believe it either. This just sounds like one of your ignorant, race back pats, and that explains why you want Olmecs to be african, so you can’t take whatever past accomplishments for your own petty needs. Moron. 

          • Arapaho Native

            My first post was an accident, an unfinished post.

          • Mary Test

            Since the average IQ of googles in the U.S. is classified as mildly retarded at around 75 to 85, they really scrambled hard to make up an excuse for this one. The tests are racist! That’s the answer ! Sure !

            Never mind that all the other races, including Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, etc. don’t seem to have a problem with it. Only googles whine and bitch about it and call it racist.

            And what does the outcome of a folded piece of paper have to do with racism?

            Face it, googles are born retarded.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            infidel mary

            you are correct.
            Googles are born retarded because they have a number of genetic differences from other races, which produce rather different physiological, biological, biochemical and psychological effects.
            they are more closely related physically to homo erectus than to modern humans. a comparison of the two proves it.

            also, any place with a bunch of googles has a lot of problems.

            the solution is an AK-47 and several magazines and a lot of googles to shoot at.

      • Hitler

        how about all of you fucking spear chuckin monkeys shut up??? If you dont like it here and think we are all racist then go back to Africa no one is asking you to stay and I can promise you no one wants you to stay so jump on the boat and go back to Africa or shut the fuck up either way is fine with me but if you cant shut up and stop complaining about everything then leave

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      The dork with one neuron after using a new alias everyday, comes back with his favorite nick.
      What can we say to this distinguished member of the KFC (Kindergarten Fag Commission) gang?
      I just remember one thing: drop dead.

  • Jean

    This looks clearly photoshopped

    • Word of wisdom

      How dare you accuse the jihad of forgery.
      The pixels of this picture were authenticated as 97,3 % genuine by the institute of technical expertise in Damascus.
      The only doctored zones are probable carbuncles (from infected semen corrosion) and surgical scars (from any c-sec abortions) that were erased.

      • this website is fake

        u r all highly fucked up need to go to a mental institution muslims. If u think this photo is real i could hand u a candy bar & youd call it a bomb.that 97.3 bullshit is fAke i bet tht “damascus” peice of shit thinf isnt even real & u guys guys photoshop but try SOO hard to make it real when all of them are straight up shit.

        • Moshe Dayan

          Learn to fucking speak english wigger shithead

        • farooqalimuhammad

          Sadly you still play with your asshole while pulling your flacid one inch of glory over them

      • Jean

        “97,3” lol this is bullshit.. Look at her goddamn head it’s so fucking small compared to the rest of her… This is just a another Shitty photoshop like AJ McCarron’s girlfriend… That photo was from the miss America pagent where she was wearing a teal bikini… Now some of the photos I don’t doubt are real but this one is just a little fake

  • Fuck Muslims

    Damn that pussy look good

    • Imam Khalid

      She is over the hill. Past the prime breeding age. If you want this worn out old whore, you’re welcome to her.
      You kuffar are welcome to our leftovers.

      • Islam Khalid

        I say this even though I have fucked older and uglier goats

  • Mohammad Mohammad Mohammad

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  • The Persian

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    • Abdul Rasul

      Be quiet you smelly Persian, I compare you fags to the Turks or Armenians. You are all gross smelly heathens.

    • Moshe Dayan


      The persians in that movie 300 all looked like a pile of degenerate fagboys and fought like puffcakes. It was great when the Spartans slaughtered them and that’s what should happen to you. Alexander the Great once made the comment that Easterners i.e. Persians “fight like girls”. Look at how fast the action was over in Iraq.

      Thats why to this day you cowardly fags shoot at Marines from hidden cover, then run your yellow asses away when the return fire starts.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Arapaho Native

        Moshe, that movies portrayal of Persians was horribly inaccurate, the Persian army was not a horde of demons and the Persian king Xerxes was not an eight foot Puerto Rican.

        • Arapaho Native

          Also, the human Persians were not Hispanic extras.

          • Abdul Rasul

            Dirty injun

            1. You’re gay
            2. Moshe is a Jew and therefore a gay retard
            3. Persians are the retard cousins of Turks and they fuck each others cousins

            My overall theory on you three butt pirates is that all three of you should go fuck yourselves until all the aids has been pumped up your buttholes.

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          • Arapaho Native

            Abdul Rat Faced Fucker
            Loser idiot, why do I care for your stupid opinions? Their all extremely stupid and the fact that you can’t get through a paragraph without bringing up one of your homo-obsessions is sad.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Idiot indian

          Persoans are just as big of pussies as injuns.

          You buffalo fuckers don’t do a damn thing well except the turquoise and silver jewelry……which us klansmen steal from you weak assholes.

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          You’re an inferior people and need to be sent back to samoa with the rest of your people.

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          • kk wannabe

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            you’ll be “joined” before you can say “gay pete is a fag.”

          • Arapaho Native

            Grand Bastard Pete
            Why do I care for your dumb, imaginary stories? Grow up, dumb fuck, everything you said is untrue and immature and right how you sound like a 12 year old.

      • Farid

        Aparoho Native:

        All hoity toity and supercilious, aren’t we, Chief?

        You didn’t answer me, though, Smarty Pants. I am telling you why you partcular set of red googles are called Aparaho. That’s because ALL your women (including your mother) are ho’s–sorry, Smarty-Pants, I should say WHORES–and all your men are HOmosexuals.

        Got it, asshole? You are a homosexual son of a whore. I have just PROVED it to you.

        Now get out of here and don’t show your face again.

        And if you or any of theother porn-surfing trolls here ever insult Islam again, I swear I’ll get to you and fucking kill you, okay motherfucker smarty pants?

        • Arapaho Native

          Farid, what makes you think you’re even worth my time, moron? You lame view of my tribe is pathetic, and it makes no sense. Proved to me? Wheres the evidence, dumb ass. What possible way is there that you can prove something that stupid? And I don’t mean your retard-intelligence replies.

        • Camel boy killer

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    • Farid

      Arapaho motherfucker

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      arapaho means all women of your tribe are ho s and all men homo s

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      • Arapaho Native

        Farid, it sounds like you have hatred for all smart people. Is it because they so easily disregard you and your weak insults?
        Grow up, moron.

        • Farid

          My reply ewent up there somehow.

          Anyway i was saying aparaho means apara + ho, and all women of ur tribe r ho s and all men e homo a.

          Now go and cry to your mother’s lap in your igloo, okay, and don’t try to insult islam again.

          • Moshe Dayan


            Retard muslims make me cringe.

            You stupid cunt, Arapaho don’t live in igloos, thats Inuit. If you are going to insult him, at least read a Wikipedia page before you do it. He’s laughing his ass off at you right now dickhead. I bet you are some slant foreheaded snaggletoothed muslim. My favorite type for hunting though you’re so stupid it wouldn’t even be fun.

            If all muslims were as ignorant as you are, we jews would have finished you off in the seventh century. Unfortunately there are a few who exceed your plant-like IQ so it will take us a bit longer to get you all to kill each other.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Filthy Jew (this is a pleonasm, I know) Dayan,

            Yes, it will take much longer.
            And you will not survive to the time it will take.

          • Arapaho Native

            Your stupidity and ignorance has gave me great joy. Fuck off retard.
            Abdullah, you’re weak, intelligence lacking responses insult no one. Now stop dreaming about aids-infected glory holes.
            Hashim Shit Face
            Why does it feel like ever since you suffered defeat, you’ve been half ass-ing every post and reply. Now you’re bot even worth replying to, jack ass.

            Moshe, I appreciate how you corrected this dumb fuck.

          • FARID

            ARAPA-HO BITCH

            i thought that with your self professed predilection for logical argument over vacuous insults you would attempt to defend facts with counter facts

            seems i was mistaken about you, red cocksucker

            when spaniards (whose 10% arab islamic blood gives them the status of being quasi-civilized) discovered your naked wild tribe they found that every woman there, from 10 yrs through 90 yrs, were total whores, and they lay down with legs spread begging to be fucked whenever they saw a real man

            and all the men were queers and every time they saw a real man with even 5 per cent muslim blood they tried to suck his cock or presented their butts begging to be fucked

            so the tribe was called arapaho

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            now cocksucker red shit, what do you say

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            now mr smart ass if you have no facts to present here run awayfrom here to your mother’s lap and cry (provided she is not busy fucking the nearest available muslim cock)

            dont return here with empty talk if you have no real hard facts to offer



            igloo inuit or jew commune what the fuck matters they are all the same all uncivilized holes for uncivilized tribes

            to us civilized muslims these holes are all the same

            you tribals are worse than white christians

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            you tribals are pathetic wankers and no difference between you at all all are pathetic beggars

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            even christian gays managed to hive them the biggest whipping in history

            so you worthless cocksuckers go crying to your christian boyfriends who pat your ass an like throwing a bone to a dog give you your country as alms

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          • The Pedants Brigade

            Touche, Hashim, old chap.

            We who are of the Multinymos know one another, don’t we?

            The Gaia-ists hold that all life is one. But we know different, don’t we? We know that all significant life is TWO, eh?

            Cheerio, brother. The Prophet (GFBUH) keep you. And if you decide to shave, accept my condolences on your recent bereavement, W!

          • Arapaho Native

            Moronic Fuck-Up
            You see, I had no meaning to use intelligence to win an argument with someone like you, didn’t think I need to. You speak like a first grader and you know even less. 

            Idiot, the Arapaho first encountered Europeans, not spaniards. And only a small population of Spanish has Moor blood, no significant amount, you moron, and they don’t even consider themselves Arab. 

            You stupid fuck, Arapaho women only slept with their husbands, a custom, and there was absolutely no homosexuality, you immature loser. Now fuck off and take your lame “whore” fantasies with you. I’m guessing from your syntax and the way you project your homosexual fantasies on others that you’re most likely a boring, immature teenager. 

            Also, they were most likely called “Arapaho” from Pawne word “trader” as they were known for it. 

          • FARID


            “the Arapaho first encountered Europeans, not spaniards.”


            “only a small population of Spanish has Moor blood, no significant amount, … they don’t even consider themselves Arab”


            “they were most likely called “Arapaho” from Pawne word “trader” as they were known for it”





          • Arapaho Native

            Dumb Fucker Farid
            You idiot, I admit I was wrong, but in actuality I was trying to say that the Europeans that made first contact were not Spanish, and since there were no specific details back then, I had no way to put it simply. 

            “I HAVE TRIED TO SPELL THE ARGUMENT OUT IN LETTERS OF ONE SYLLABLE, SO THAT ONE OF YOUR INTELLIGENCE CAN UNDERSTAND IT”, well, if you had worried about your own intelligence, then you would’ve noticed that I am more then capable of reading and saying words with many syllables. Heh, moron, you shouldn’t have tried to turn an incorrect opinion into a insult, dumb ass. 

            “10% Muslim blood? You dumb fool, you mean Arabic, not “muslim”, that’s a religion, not a race, dumb fuck. All the Spaniards have ten percent Arab? You dumb fuck, as I already said, only a small population have any Arab blood and the entire population definitely does not have 5-10 percent “muslim” blood. Also, you forgot the factor of Berber blood, you moron. Obviously not a significant amount? You stupid fuck, I already said that, don’t try to repeat my words so you can seem smarter, dumb fucker. 

            You, dumb, unknowing imbecile, when I say “most likely”, I mean there is no factual origin of the name, and really it is unknown where the name came other then what I already said, awhy it is most likely. It’s funny when the stupid and immature try to turn a small thing into a majorly dumb insult, and if you were smart, then you should have looked through the possible meanings of it. 

            First of all, the use of the word “ho” for prostitution had not been invented until the latter half of the 20th century and by that time Arapaho already had it’s name. The same goes for “homo”, so there is your childish, lame opinion disproved, you dumb ass. 

            Proof? You dense moron, you know absolutely nothing about me and that is why your “proof” is nothing more then a stupid, ill advised rant. The truth is, you’re not worth the time it took to write this. Major idiot. 

  • White Knight

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  • The Persian

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    • Farzan The Wise

      Persian Poofer

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  • Dr.Frankenfurter

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  • Abdul Rasul

    My fellow Muslims

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

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      • Farzan The Wise

        Jew fag Moshe

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    • Mehdi

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Abdul Rasul

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      • Moshe Dayan

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Imam Khalid

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Umar the Brown

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  • The Persian


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    My putative Arapaho Native friend,

    What you mean is that Wikipedia doesn’t throw up anything beyond that old saw about the Pawnee word for ‘trader’. Nor other Internet sites or easily referenced books. I know.

    Can you think of any one people that hasn’t some (often many) detailed explanation, if only mythical, to explain why they call themselves what they do ?

    With a now sparsely spoken dialect, that is fast approaching actual extinction, no outsiders know, or care to know, those tales of origin of the Arapaho.

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