Jennette McCurdy In Her Little Black Dress

Jennette McCurdy black dress

“iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy shows off her shameful feminine curves in a slutty little black dress and 6-inch high heels.

How dare Jennette McCurdy try to tempt men into raping her with this provocative outfit! She-devils like Jennette obviously derive a sick joy from blackening the souls of men by peddling their flesh and causing sexual assaults.

Thankfully Allah is a just and forgiving God, as he pardons men who force themselves upon women who are not in the burka, and punishes the vile temptresses (like Jennette McCurdy) who provoke these lustful acts by sending them straight into the eternal hellfire.

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  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    One cannot rape a female who refuses to say “no”…

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Very interesting and correct reflexion; from a level much superior than Miss Piggy’s boring small talk about ass lube, ass give away parties and so on.

  • Anubis

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    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Brother Anubis……

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  • Umar the Brown

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    This slut has this pic all over Twitter.

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    • Dr. Walad

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  • i-hate-carly

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