January Jones Topless Scene From ‘Sweetwater’

January Jones topless

“Mad Men” star January Jones poses topless in the powerful scene below from the movie “Sweetwater”.

As you can see in this video from the movie, January Jones is taking her Saturday bath in the river when she is come upon by 2 Hasidic Jews on horseback.

Luckily January Jones knew the area was infested with Hasidic Jews and she had her gun ready to blow these Satan worshiping dirty Christ killers back to hell, or they certainly would have robbed her and then drank her blood to celebrate the Sabbath.

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      • Chuck U. Farley

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        It seems like an awful lot of GAYS are on this site.

        • Whitefella

          Chuck one up the Farter,

          You seem very keen to know. You can only hope so.

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      • Whitefella

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        • Whitefella

          InMan Coloured,

          I nearly missed this one. This under 13 thing seems to becoming almost as much an obsession with you as impersonating me. Creepy stuff, man!

    • assdisss

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  • sdthr

    THIS is how Feminism works. You see what they did there?

    The woman shoots and kills the Men i.e Overpowers, defeats the Men and AT THE EXACT MOMENT when she does this, she shows her breasts.

    See what happened? They used her Breasts to DISTRACT you and meticulously implanted the idea of Women defeating Men easily.

    Sex to overpower Men. Nudity to overpower Men. Female sexuality to establish Feminism.

    Understand it now? Please, I say this not for my benefit but for your own good. Realize it already

    • Beastly man

      No body gives a shit about the feminist lezbo group! Those are just bitches who brains
      have not fully grown yet. Unfortunately for them this would only happen in a movie!

      Women are way to emotional to do something like that. If this was real that girl would have probably
      gotten real emotional and drop the gun then those guys would have raped and dismembered her.

      Her dismembered body would later be found floating along the river side with a bunch of fishes nibbling on her skin!!

      • sdthr

        Well Feminism isn’t a joke anymore. Gone are the days where we could rely on thinking we are obviously better and let Women excel just like that. 25% Fewer Men than Women Graduate College and the shit-for brains Obama says that’s great! What the fuck about Men?

        Boys are falling behind at schools increasingly, dropping out, forming the minority here as well. Things are getting really serious. This is all because of Femicuntism.

        Boys and Men who would see this scene would be too busy drooling over those breasts to notice what actually happened alongside

        Women Envy Men. At everything. From Physical strength to intellect and even emotions. Why do you think they wear heels to make themselves look taller?

        Feminism started because of Male Envy itself. And everytime a Woman is exalted. aggrandized on TV, and consequently a Man is belittled……..Women’s Vaginas go moist out of sheer joy. They love it !

        We cannot let the irrational, inferior sex dominate our society Gentlemen. We cannot adapt Gynocentrism. About time to raise our game. I leave you with a great quote by Schopenhauer –

        “It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the entire beauty of the sex is based on this instinct.”

        • Beastly man

          Dude men rule the world, that’s how it was back then, that’s how it is now ,and that is how it will always be! Women can try to talk their way., or”sex” their way to the top, but it will never work. Like everything has been since the beginning of mankind ,the only way to get in powers is by war! Killing, murdering, ending. Men are war addicts, women are not!

          Women try to settle things by talking it out with each other, men settle things by fighting, torturing and killing! We were made for this, this is why men love action and horror movies and women love the romantic bull shit! Even if we don’t do it ourselves we like watching others do it!

          Women will never get their way, you can believe all of that femin-crap all you want but if it ever came down to one gender killing off the other, i can assure you it will not even be a war it will be like taking cake from a stupid fucking baby. It will be a massacre! We would do what the zetas and all the other mexican gangs and arab groups are doing now, kidnap, rape, dismembered and play with!

          About the college and school thing, i hate to break it to you but school is over with, within the next two to three years (if we’re lucky) the gov’t are just going to close down school and have students learning at home! School is just becoming a waste, most jobs don’t even look at that any more, they are looking to see if you can bring sales and new ideas to the job! Even if you get a master degree or bachelor degree in college, it doesn’t make you get any extra opportunities then a high school drop out because jobs don’t look at that much anymore! Women are making almost 75% less than men are, doing the same job as men! Women are a piece of meat to us. Feminist are fucking stupid and so is anyone who think they are “taking over”!

          • Imam Khalid

            Bowel Movement types the above while leeching wifi from his neighbors in his run down trailer park while burning a pan of mac n’ cheese on his thrift store hot plate…

          • sdthr

            General questions, no offence ok buddy?

            Are you black? And how old are you?

          • Beastly man

            First of all mudafuckers, i own my own company! I am a millionaire and that is how i get to be on here so much! My comment about school is the reason i have so many dislikes and is the reason you are asking me if i’m one of those fucking monkeys!

            Well i can indeed assure you that i’m not one of those fucking googles! My comment is based on a bunch of evidence i have gather through my years and it led me to an educated guess that our school system sucks!

            Look in the news and media and all you will find is a whole lot of cases of bullying gone bad which led to suicide and a whole lot of homicide cases! I like the gore, so i really don’t give a shit about that.

            If you take a further look into it, you will find that the mass majority of students in high-school and college can not read pass a seven grade level and cannot even comprehend half of the text they are reading. School is meant to teach you, but from the looks of it the only “good” it has done is shorten our society’s population like most of the people on this website has done!

            My company is a computer programming company if you are wondering and we code a whole lot of different programs, and make a lot of hardware development ,as well and sell it to companies like microsoft, apple, cannon, sony , ect.

            In all honesty the best coders and developers we hired so far are ones who did not attend college and most are high-school drop outs who got on their computer and self taught themselves how to do things.

          • The Reaper

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          • hfchfg

            Hahaha…For once, I agree with the Reaper

          • Beastly man

            Fuck up, creeper at boy’s schools

            No body asked for your gay opinion. No matter what conversation we are having, rather it be about politics, sexy ass females or school, you always manage to bring glory holes into the subject. Is that all you think about? I mean isn’t it bad enough you have a life time pass to all of your local glory holes and VIP passes to ones out of town ,just in case you leave town to meet up with your dates .Of whom you meet on gay hook up websites.

            But to infest this holy not so holy website with the faggortory is quite disturbing!

          • Beastly man

            By the way creeper, you are a very good example of what i mean about the comprehending and below a seven grade level when it comes to reading! You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re and if all you got was a little info out of my statement above, then it is worst than i recently thought!

          • Imam Abbas

            Beastly Dumb-ass

            Men don’t even rule the outhouse in the USA – not since they gave females the right to vote. They might as well have cut their balls off.

            Here is the pious middles east – men reign supreme in civilized harmony, and females do what they’re told to do.

            Allahu Akbar!

        • Troll

          You’re a fucking idiot – and here’s why:

          Obama might have flaws (compared to that blithering idiot G W Bush, he a frigging genius), but he at least is trying to get education moving again. You might recall, after Obama suggested in the last presidential race that more people should go to college, Uber-moron Rick Santorum called him a “snob” for thinking more people should go to college.

          But your fucking brainlessness isn’t gong to be envied by any female of character – because they’ll see right down to your fucking stupidity in a New York Minute.

          • tfdrth


            Your name befits your comment.

    • Whitefella

      That’s why Me and me mates we get ’em REALLY young and light ’em up with a right dose of goon and then split ’em open like a ripe necatarine

      • Whitefella

        InMan Coloured,

        There you go, impersonating me again. The proof? If it were really me, I’d know how to use the term ‘goon’ which refers to the bottle that the ‘dose’ comes in and not the ‘dose’ itself. And unlike you, I’m also literate, which means I know how to spell the word, nectarine.

        What does bother me is that you’re, yet again, revealing these rather disturbing fantasies you entertain about the (quote) ‘REALLY young’. I would strongly suggest counselling or – oh hang on, that’s right. That sort of shit is normal where you come from.

        But whatever about your sick mind, if you think enough of me to want to impersonate me, then I guess I should be flattered, so please be my guest. Maybe if you keep trying you’ll eventually pull off a good enough impersonation to convince someone who doesn’t know me.

        And anyone who does know me will also realise that it would be a long way beneath me to ever stoop so low as to impersonate you or anyone else.

        • Imam Khalid

          I have wonderful and surprising news, brothers.

          After years of hormonal therapy and several operations, I can finally confirm that my full gender change is complete. From the former Imam Khalid, I am now Madam Khalida!

          The only part of this incredible process that has not been successful has been my face which the doctors determined to be too ugly to be repaired. The hormones have also not impeded the growth of my beard but this should not present a problem for you, my brothers, who are used to ignoring your repulsive, bearded wives in favour of your young male concubines, your camels, goats and of course, each other. And in any case, my face will be covered by the Burqa from now on, so you won’t have to look at it any more.

          My breasts have been fully and naturally grown out with female hormones and not by those odious, silicone implants that the infidel Hollywood harlots insist on using to augment their pathetic, flaccid, fried eggs. And my penis and scrotum have been fashioned into female genitalia indistinguishable from those created by Allah, Himself. The stitches came out of my vagina today and it is now, at last, ready for action.

          To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have decided to auction the virginity of my vagina in the same manner that my father and uncle auctioned the virginity of my anus as an eight year old. And I am offering you, my brothers, the opportunity to bid for this sacred prize. So what am I worth? Can we start things off with, say, two goats, a camel, a dancing boy and an AK47 with ammunition?

          • Murderous

            Your not the real Imam Khalid. Hes not a big time limey cock gobbler you fool. Change your writing style if you’re gonna try and pull off impersonations. You prolly cant do that because your a stupid drunk and a lazy fag.

          • Madam Khalida

            I can assure you, Murderous, that it really is me…

            The new me.

            It was very perceptive of you to notice that my language has changed a little. As a virtuous and respectable Muslimina, I will no longer be using those vulgar words so often spoken by my brothers and my former self. Words like homoqueer, glory-hole, fagtard. You know what I mean.

            Now, would you like to be the first to place a bid for my sacred vaginal virginity?

          • AA

            Madam Khalida – ROFLLLLLLLL

          • Whitefella

            Madam Khalida, please take no notice of that idiot, Turdinass. Instead, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you on the courage and persistence you’ve displayed by following all the way through to the end with this momentous decision to change your entire life.

            Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to bid for the special gift that you are auctioning to your friends here, partly because I’m not Muslim and partly because if I were to place the highest bid, I would be constantly dreading, during the consummation of my prize, the possibility that you might lift your burqa over your head and ask me for a kiss.

            Despite this, I want you to know that I now respect you as a virtuous and honourable woman and I’m wondering, in view of this great change in your life, whether we could also change – in other words, bury our past differences and become friends.

          • Madam Khalida


            As a pious and virtuous Muslimina it is my nature and my duty to forgive and forget. In that case I would be honored to become your friend.

            But first, I have to confess and beg your forgiveness that it was indeed me, as the former Imam Khalid, that posted all of those nasty impersonations of you, including the kiddie ones, to try to denigrate the exceptionally high standing in which you are held within the community that inhabits this website.

            I am SO sorry. I can only assume that my odious and ridiculous behaviour is the result of my brain being maddened by the multitude of hormones that I have been taking to effect my change of gender. I guess that means I now really know what it feels like to be a woman!

            Please forgive me, Whitefella, and take my hand in friendship.

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Calling this dumb bitch an actress is like calling a sand box the great Arabian desert.

    And for disgusting me by showing off them shitty tits, this bitch has earned a fatwa.

    • moshe dayan

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      On your license, under ‘Sex’ it says ‘Anal’

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        on your license it says “Trans” as in transhomoqueer.

        Also, yours isn’t a license to drive; it’s a license to suck dick

  • Umar the Brown

    This footage proves that American women are just as lousy with a gun in their hand as they are with a dongafel in their hand.

    That’s why the birthrate is so low in the West: the “men” do not have the guts to force their women to have the kind of sex they want. You have to make those bitches obey. There are several hundred suras about this in the Holy and Noble Koran. Our Beloved and Enlightened Prophet (PBUH) knew how to make whores do what he wanted.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Umar

      When Islam takes over, any american skank not worth raping gets blasted with the AK-47.


    My smart phone got stolen today. Some google grabbed it out of my hand while I was walking in the park. I was so mad. I was talking to my agent and GRAB! So pissed.

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      • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

        Brother Murderous…….you are wise in the ways of crime……

        ….I hope you star in the Broadway version of “Watching The Detectives”….

    • The Reaper


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  • Bob


  • America Fuck Yeah!!

    I love the way you sand googles demoralize women. It’s hilarious!! Cause ya know they aren’t as important as us men. They only spend nine months pregnant and miserable to give birth to your children, then while not pregnant bleed out of their crotch for one to two weeks a month. Better them than you I guess. But you could do that if you really wanted to though right?