Jamie Lynn Spears Bikini Pics

Jamie Lynn Spears bikini

Many may remember Jamie Lynn Spears as the classier younger sister of pop star Britney Spears, and the star of the hit Disney Channel show “Zoey 101″.

Jamie Lynn Spears had the good sense to give up her blossoming career in Hollywood to get pregnant and married while still in high school, so she wouldn’t grow up to be a whore like her big sister Britney.

As you can see in the bikini pics below, the heroic decision to shun fame and fortune to follow the will of Allah, and live a simple life in a Louisiana swamp raising children and being a dutiful wife has really paid off for Jamie Lynn.

Not only has the countless hours of hard manual labor done wonders for her body, but she also has the peace of mind of knowing that her life is in line with the teachings of Islam, (unlike her heathen slut of a sister) and when Islam conquers the United States her life will likely be spared.


Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears Jamie Lynn Spears

  • Infidel

    “Not only has the countless hours of hard manual labor done wonders for her body, but she also has the peace of mind of knowing that her life is in line with the teachings of Islam, (unlike her heathen slut of a sister) and when Islam conquers the United States her life will likely be spared.”

    This Allah is merciful LOL.

  • derick

    What has she done to be the recipient of such benevolence?

  • Anonymous

    “The star of the hit Disney Channel show “Zoey 101″.” She was on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101″, dumbass.

  • Ali bin Fuqrab

    In all my years of issuing fatwas against western infidels i’ve never seen so many of shining beacons of hope mixed in with the American waste. It makes me a little more positive in that Allah’s message is reaching their hearts. I feel that the day the USA turns towards Shari’a and Islam is right around the corner. Praise Allah and praise JLS’ funbags.

  • derick

    Anonymous Gay

    Don’t call me dumbass..that title is only for your dad.
    And the question I asked I saw now why he said so.The pregnency stuff.lol

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Nothing settles a teenage girl down like getting knocked up and having babies.
    If more infidels were like this jamie, perhaps us Muslims wouldn’t need to kill all infidels.

    • lindsay


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        lesbo lindsay

        How did you like what us Muslims did to your mother? We rode her hard and put her up sticky.
        And as for you, asshole, when Islam takes over I’ll personally see that you get sold to a nigger tribe in the congo and I guarantee that after one day you’ll be praying for ebola.

        also, one hair from Osama is worth more than your entire worthless, crack addicted, alcoholic, homoqueer infested family. He died fighting the infidel and now enjoys the company of 72 eternal virgins. When you finally die, all you’ll get is the cock of satan.

        Eat shit and die asshole!


        • Mulkey

          First of all, isn’t Islam a religion of peace? Somehow I don’t see that in the hostility of your posts Abdullah. Second of all, nothing says the 72 virgins he is “enjoying the company of” are females. They could be male virgins. Not only that, but the fact that they’re eternal virgins, means they’re ALWAYS going to be virgins. No sex.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            It’s too bad you can only be stoned once. An infidel like you needs to pay for your stupid insults. It does give me pleasure to know that you’ll soon burn in hell.

            And for your information, cock guzzler, an eternal virgin is a female whose virginity is restored after pleasuring the Muslim. She never ages and is always the perfect woman.

            Also, I have never been hostile in any post. I have only spoken the truth. Now go and fuck yourself mofo. It wont be long before you’re in Sharia Court.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • fuckoff

          LOL “when islam takes over” keep dreaming Abdullah The Butcher… that day will never come you piece of shit. Eventually all you fucking ignorant pigs will be either jailed or slaughter like that faggot bin laden, learn your place you dumb fucking ape.
          By the way are you trolling or are you for real with all those retarded comments? I don’t know which is worse…

          all right lets here your “mother joke” comeback… stupid fuck.

  • dickspit

    Most of these teen Hollywood harlots practice licentious acts of sodomy as a form of birth control. Kudos to Jamie for embracing her duties to be a mother and not a skank.

  • er

    wait till Abdullah The Butche read this..lol

  • roppen

    Nobody should find these out of shape American women attractive. The gelatinous legs and stomach are repulsive.

  • Call praise hasslingburninhell

    Baruch Obama is a cruel and sadistic creature who delights in the pain and torture of others, you have seen his handiwork in the drunks there destruction will do much to ensure the safety of this country.

  • Keepin up with the Joneses

    Princess Diana is a cruel and sadistic creature who delights in the pain and torture of others as all our leaders are, all kings, queens, etc. Women on the other hand can hug, hold hands or even kiss each other without a hint of “homophobic” “anxiety” or “personal discomfort”? What? As if all menfolk have “personal discomfort” or homophobic anxiety. Right. A few womenfolk who have homophobic anxiety or personal discomfort in embracing and kissing other ladies on the cheek. God should have loved the Earth more than He did, enough to exorcise the devils from the devils and to turn them back into holy angels and not to let them be unholy demons and to have taken all earthlings souls to paradise instead of sending large multitudes to an infernal region in the middle of the Earth where we don’t belong in the first place. God should have told Adam to resist Beelzebub and demons. God did not love Adam that’s why He let Adam perish and Belial lived.

  • What?

    General discomfort with prolonged intimacy of any kind other women? lolwut.

  • Adolphus Busch loved the devil

    That’s why him and Eberhard Anhauser made the demonic drinkable poison called beer for, was so they could sicken the multitudes and get them slain from their beer sickness while they make out like bandits. King Richard Nixon says, I do by royal decree command that all men be offended by being lied about when they compliment ladies breasts, cleavages and rears, vexed sore and caged inhumanely for something they never said wrong that is a trifle. While at the same time conning you the people into trusting when I don’t have your best interests in mind when I jail my own people for not paying money even on taxes, throwing them out on the streets to beg for money for foods and drinks. Prince Charles and Princess Diana loved seeing people impoverished to that point where they practically had to ask strangers for money while roaming sidewalks as homeless people while they are living it up in their castles as all kings and queens and their royal families do. This at the same time they create armies as an excuse to justify killing other Christians battles and wars. People who make alcohol love devils.

  • Christianity should be the one

    Why does it seem like people in Brookfield Connecticut love leaving their messes of cigarette butts, papers, bottles plastic and glass, boards of wood, with and without rusted nails, junk, motorcycles, refrigerators, rusted metals, etc. for so many years in some woods on the sides of roads, highways, intersections and they even are committing this atrocity against nature in New Milford, Newington, New York, etc. and it serves no purpose. There is no reason why People’s Bank needs unwanted poisonous drug sticks called cigarettes in their parking lot, those being there is superfluous. Just like it’s harassment and unnecessary for police in Wasteport Ct. to force someone against their will late at night to go to a hospital when they are not injured when they were only looking at pictures of people in store windows. Ridgefield cowards love lying about men when they get baseballs by falsely accusing them of stealing. Sinking ships that cannot be removed from the oceans and seas is immature, stupid and completely satanic. Satan told the U.S. navy to capsize there ships in the oceans and seas and to get their asses killed and to kill others so their ships would likewise capsize and become permanent problem in over two hundred feet deep water. There is a lot of other stuff that does not even belong on our beaches too as well as in the lakes, our messes of bottles, etc. do not belong there either, just as it’s inappropriate to overreact to a man staring at your ass, cleavage, bosom, complimenting it, call it a so-called “crime” and to unjustly punish them for being respectful and friendly all just because you think with your heart and not your head. Sexual harassment is a lie used to persecute men like Clarence Thomas being victimized by Anita Hill.

  • Pentagram is blasphemous

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  • Elisha

    I am not sure where anybody would get stupid ideas about breasts being so-called orbs of “power” from, or insinuating that ladies bosoms are supposedly a “home entertainment center” or a so-called forbidden fruit. How does ladies busts have anything to do with the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. How would a lady’s big bosom have anything to do with a home entertainment center? A home entertainment center is probably a place where you can buy stuff to watch for home entertainment. How could women’s breasts have any pertinence to that? Its more like everyone including the scum of the earth Enfield mall police using a satanic, wicked sexual hassling law as a way to treat compliments of ladies busts, cleavages and asses as the forbidden fruit. When they terrify customers with the threat of jail f they return to a mall of the Big Sly Y that is the Tree of Life they want to keep them away from so they don’ have a life of freedom and saying, your breasts are lovely today they act as if that’s the “unpardonable sin”.

  • Busts don’t shape history

    If this were true than Princess Diana’s bosom would have played a part in England’s history but that is irrelevant and a laughable idea that is a untrue to what happened before and after her very tragic death. Women’s bosoms are not so-called orbs of power that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say. You would never say men’s penises are orbs of power. Breasts destroying men’s careers? What? I am laughing my ass off.

  • police lie about compliments

    As do governments and womenfolk who haven’t gotten their stories straight yet. All ladies who lie about men, there stares. compliments and complimentary whistles are living a lie everyday of every month of every year. the men are not who are doing this.