Jamie Chung Topless Picture

Jamie Chung topless

You may recognized Jamie Chung as Ed Helms’ fiance in “The Hangover II”, or from the movie “Sucker Punch”, or as the woman who runs your dry cleaners, because lets face it all Asians look the same.

Clearly Jamie Chung is trying to make a name for herself with this topless photo. Like all up and coming actresses in heathen Hollywood, Jamie knows that if she wants to make it she is going to have prostitute her sinful female body.

This Jamie Chung topless pic is no doubt only the beginning of the smut we will be seeing from her. With Jamie set to star in the new Sin City movie, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her leak a picture spread eagle with a couple of chopsticks sticking out of her baby cave in the lead up to the film’s release.

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  • Reza the Persian Prince

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  • Abdul Rasul

    Jackie Chang has little titties but that doesn’t stop Jew Hollywood from exploiting him.

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  • Umar the Brown

    What I find most disturbing is that judging from the background, this picture was taken in the subterranean hideout of a filthy Jew Hollywood producer. He is obviously holding the poor young woman there against her will to film his own disgusting pornographic movies. The phone in the back is merely a prop; she cannot call for help.

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    • h8erofmussels

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    • h8erofmussels

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    • h8erofmussels

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  • Jonathan Kingston

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  • FAN

    this photo is 100% fake.
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  • buddha

    The true believer of life is one that see no colour and has no war over differences, for when you see no colour, you see that all life is precious and sacred. Bless you my brothers. Namaste

  • Havik73

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