Is Taylor Swift The New Hugh Hefner With 6 Girlfriends?

Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift trying to become the new Hugh Hefner? If this picture of her showing up at the CMT awards with 6 slutty lesboqueer girlfriends is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.

Taylor Swift’s appetite for the ladies is well documented as she has been romantically linked to everyone from Selena Gomez to Katy Perry, so this latest act of brazen lesbianism should come as no surprise.

Clearly Taylor Swift is one horny dyke who enjoys the company of multiple women, probably staying up all night caressing each others nude bodies, licking, sucking, fingering, and scissoring until they collapse into a big pile of exhausted nakedness. Just the thought of it makes me ill, may Allah smite Taylor Swift soon and most righteously!

  • HONG

    i would kidnap Taylor and her friends, take them to place. raped them. cum inside their mouth, ass, vagina, on their breasts and faces. i would ask 6 of my friends to join me in this wonder gang bang session. the 1st person who cums 1st wins. and i will ask them to line up in a straight line, and start shooting taylor and her friends on their breasts and vagina with my AK47 and Magnum Sniper =). who want to join me???

  • Steve Tompkins

    I would eat Taylor out myself and maybe that cute blackhead girl in her band, But the rest i don’t give a care for. That one in center is like 50 years old. Kentucky boys eat girls out.Mostly hot clean ones myself. I’m picky though.

  • Steve Tompkins

    Why would any man hate eating pussy. Damn I could not wait myself. Pussy is my stuff. I never get enough of it though, thats for sure. Maybe money is destroying my women and they think it buys them “LOVE”. Money can’t buy love, it buys shiny things though.