Is Miley Cyrus Whoring Her Way To The Top?

Miley Cyrus Adam Shankman

Nearly a month ago we here at Celeb Jihad broke the story that Miley Cyrus was playing Twister in her bikini with a group of dirty old sex perverts otherwise known as Hollywood producers.

Now a video has been released of 17 year old Miley Cyrus grinding and giving a lap dance to 45 year old producer Adam Shankman. Adam Shankman also just happens to be the producer of Miley Cyrus’ latest movie “The Last Song”.

Here is the video of Miley Cyrus grinding on Shankman so you can see the sickening display for yourself, but be warned this video is very sexual and disturbing.

I think it is pretty obvious that Miley Cyrus is whoring herself to anyone that may keep her relevant because she has become hopelessly addicted to fame. She is told to claim to have Christian values to disarm moronic parents into letting her sell sex to their kids.

When will the masses wake up and see Hollywood for what it really is, a cesspool of perverts, pedophiles, and sodomites hell bent on corrupting humanity?

Join the Jihad! We are the only ones with the guts to expose this evil for what it is.

  • Jordan

    I would wreck Miley lol.

    calm down im 17…not a pedophile

    • TheJihadisDead

      What a gay clarification!

  • Laura

    Leave Miley alone she is a teen having fun dancing hell we all pop it at the club people need to see she is getting older she cant be Hannah anymore! And the guy she is dancing with is Gay anyway duh she has a man she isnt a whore!!!!

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      And what next will you allow due to her being “a teen” hm? Heroin? Domestic abuse? Prostitution? Kafir like this and you should be locked away for endangering our women.

  • Nick

    She’s 16. 16 year olds don’t go to clubs. It’s disturbing wither way.


    I don’t believe this for a second. First of all “Nick” get your facts straight, Miley is 17 not 16. Next, Miley is a dyed in the wool lesbian and loves to tease old men’s viagra loaded crotches. Miley’s sexy little dances may get her what she wants, but I know that she is totally committed to her lez life. We have all seen the pix of her and Demi, Selena, Taylor, Katy, her “friend” Mandy, and countless other young starlets. Soon she will even be seen with that harem of deviants in “Sex and the City 2.” Miley is a smart girl and knows how to get what she wants. Miley, if you ever decide to try men my door is always open.

  • diedisney

    She has completely corrupted the name of Disney. Though she alone is not responsible i still feel she has played a tremendous part in the destruction. She was and for some still is an idol to many young children. She was there to create aspirations and dreams for these children or just for entertainment but working with Disney she should have known that any and every thing she does reflects on these children regardless of what point of her life shes at. While she is still in the spotlight of Disney and the eyes of her adoring fans she is telling these kids how to act whether she speaks the words or not. If she chooses to do things such as grinding on her “gay” friend’s dick, maybe she shouldn’t be doing it in public, and neither should anyone for that matter. keep it at home people, your ugly and no one wants to see your filth.

  • Tmick

    yeaaaa miley would it it all day long from my pants

  • WeedMan

    hey dude get a life man.

    “”When will the masses wake up and see Hollywood for what it really is, a cesspool of perverts, pedophiles, and sodomites hell bent on corrupting humanity?””

    what the fuck! you’re a buzzkill

    • Jamie Carter.

      I think we have waken up and seen this.

      We, the masses, like them anyway.

  • frank drebin

    what a huge fricken’ slut

  • sara

    > you said that she’s dancing ok !! can u dance with u’r father like that ! sluty dancing look how she move her ass around that d*** and he’s N old man and she’s 17 not 20 and she’s still like they say N idol for little cute children ! whore

  • dsw

    Like any of you wankers calling her a slut would say no.

    • diedisney

      i would, that bitch is nasty

  • who ever

    u ar rubbish miley

  • Duckie

    Get your fact straight. Even though her dance move are pretty slutty. Adam Shankman is openly gay and not interested in anything that Miley is rubbing on him.

  • diedisney

    ha you got your facts from wikipedia, you could have edited that information yourself you dumb fuck. nice try. shes a slut, we all know it, just except it.

  • Brian

    Miley is whoring her way to the top. Billy Ray is whoring her out to keep the Cyrus name in the limelight. She is probably doing this to make a clean break from her “Disney” image.

  • jack mehoff

    she’s disgusting

  • idsmash

    I’d smash Miley Cyrus anyday
    I honestly got a boner from that video, thanks
    I need to go to one of those parties..

  • Brandii

    Holy fck, what a slut. Thats gross. She’s into old men.. uug.
    That thought of me with an old man makes me wanna gag.
    Then again, her dad probably taught her how to give a lap dancce.
    The Cyrus family are nuts.

  • nicoleeee

    wow this isn’t a lapdance. it’s called grinding. i’m 19 and this is how my generation dances. true, it’s sad that this is how we dance, but this video doesn’t make her slutty or a whore. she’s just dancing and having fun. you people need to get a life and not be so judgmental. how would you like creepers putting videos of you on the internet which you had no idea were being taken in the first place?