Is Justin Bieber Dating ‘One Direction’ Singer Niall Horan?

Justin Bieber Niall Horan

Is Justin Bieber dating “One Direction” lead singer Niall Horan?

If the photo above taken in Bieber’s bedroom of Justin with Niall and another flaming homosexual boy is any indication the answer is a resounding YES!

Of course Justin and Niall’s relationship will run into problems quickly if one them doesn’t “butch up” and play the man. Hardcore bottoms like Justin and Niall can only prance around tickling each other with ostrich feathers for so long before they are consumed by their lust to get pounded hard by some man meat.

  • Rehana haq

    Justin beiber definitely needs to get herself a man!

    At her age in our muslim country..women are considered grannies

    Justin would make a man very happy I am sure..

    Love you justin..

    With love from Iran

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      • Joe

        Justin Beiber? Is that You?

  • Tecumseh

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    • Grand Dragon Otis

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      • neek

        tecumseh is right

    • General George Custer

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  • Infidel Mujahedeen

    That guy there in the back, he was just in Bieber.

    Thank you, thank you, don’t forget to tip your waitress!

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Oh boy! We could really use these three youngsters at the glory hole at our clubhouse.

    • Grand Dragon Pete’s Mom

      I don’t think so! You JUST got over those nasty anal warts.

      • Jamal


  • Jenny

    He’s Gay? Hmm, So thats why Selena dumped him.

  • manni

    the other boy next to him is zain malik the muslim from one direction from bradford

    • Hassan the Timid

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  • The west is the Best

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  • pincelebrityinterest

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  • Bashiri al-Saud

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  • Grand Dragon Pete

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  • The Messenger

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