iCarly On Air Nip Slip Video

iCarly nip slip

Jennette McCurdy appears to have had a nip slip on the popular Nickelodeon kid’s TV show “iCarly”.

This wardrobe malfunction certainly is no accident, and was most likely arranged by Jennette McCurdy and the shows Jew producers to try and sexualize their young girl TV audience.

As all Muslims know the sight of just one nipple can turn impressionable girls into c*nt hungry lesboqueers. This iCarly nip slip video proves that the Zionists are using Jennette McCurdy to corrupt the youth, and supply their Satanic war machine with even more unnatural homosexual debauchery.

  • bertmansk

    have i beaten all of the firsts?

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    How can you Americans have breast on your kids programmes, my wives wont even show me their breast when i am mating with them through a hole in their burkhas, come to think of it i haven’t even seen their faces before, i could be fucking a man for all i know, now iam getting worried.

    • ?


      pretty good

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Sounds more like you are getting excited….

      • horny douche


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    • Voice Of America

      That’s the most f**ked thing I’ve ever heard! You stupid fu*ks need to step into the 21st Century and drop the asinine rules and customs you limit your lives by! Stop all the stupid fighting over something that no one can produce any factual information about. We must STOP dividing as a race and join together as a species! Accept the fact that when you die, your just dead! There is nothing! Nobody has and physical proof of any “GOD” even exists! What’s next you going to tell me you believe in Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny? C’mon! Wake the fuck up and smell the dead roses! Idiots!


        thank you

    • Brittany

      You idiot it’s fake holy shit do ur research

  • Allah the dead terrorist

    Look at these butthurt Muslims on this website…

  • The Observer

    I have observed that Nickelodeon and Disney are nothing but purveyors of jailbait and borderline kiddy porn.

    Parents who allow their children to watch this shit (although the above is clearly a satirical image) deserve to be beaten until unconscious.

    • Imam Khalid

      Have you ever considered converting to Islam?

    • Jareyna

      Dude wtf is wrong with you are you a fucking idiot what the fuck is wrong with you you comment the most stupid shit on everything you and that other terrorist

  • Anubis

    In a frightful fit of lesbo depravity, Jennette McCurdy felt a terrible horny urge to finger and scissor her costar Miranda’s sinful shaved snatch by ripping the clothes right off her slender naked body. While bouncing her seductive milk jugs all about, Jennette’s screams of, ” Miranda babe, ya know mama wants your juicey wet pussy juices rubbing all over my face. GIMME IT NOW, BITCH!” could be heard through out the Nick studios. Jenny often likes to refer to herself as mama to her rug munching lover Miranda and to other actors on the ICarly set.

    Because of their lustful lezzy escapades such as this had been getting way out of hand as of late, this caused even the degenerate show creator, executive producer and writer, Dan Schneider to finally end the hit series, with the last episode titled, “IGoodbye” airing tomorrow night, November 23, 2012.

    It is rumored that Jennette and Miranda are spending Turkey Day by shoving big turkey legs into each other’s pussies and butt holes getting each other off. Probably typical behavior for infidels in their western culture when they go on holiday. Great Allah is not pleased with all this sick depravity.

    • Moshe Dayan


      That’s ok. We have already grasped from your avatar the fact that you are turned on by oiled up twinks wearing leather and holding long thin dildoes. Pussy and why even women would want it is lost on a fag like you. We jews take pleasure in finding two dykes and setting em straight by feeding them some BIG circumcised Jew cock, then burning them out in a lusty threesome, kinda like the two whores in the tent scene from Troy that Brad Pitt destroys with his massive schlong (he’s a righteous Jew by the way).

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        If you were an automobile…you’d be a “coupe de fag”

    • USA Rules

      You do know a lot about i carly!
      Why does a Muslim fag like you know so much?
      I still say your a Muslim want to be!
      I think you was born in America and dream of becoming a Muslim.
      Waiting for your 72 male virgins!
      Be a man and go get them.

      • Anubis

        To Mushy Gay jew and the oooosa queer pig –

        We’re aware that homoqueer infidels have far too much sissy retarded limp wristed brain cells to comprehend much, but the purpose of this most holy Islamic site is for Muslims to make fun of the likes of you two anal french kissing pigs and your disgusting infidel western culture, skank celebrities being your spokeman. In the process we also inform other pious Muslims of western immoral decadence, a further extension of brother Durka Durka’s holy mission here on great Allah’s blue Earth.

        We are also greatly aware of decadent shows like ICarly, their great Satan unholy cast, and the homoqueer goings on like you two fudge packing low lives, since sucking cock and fudge packing is a typical immoral practice amongst you queer filth.

        Why don’t you two dirty Kuffar queers butt fuck each other to death looking at google porn, which you probably jack off to in your spare time anyway. You’ll both die from the homo disease AIDS eventually, but we would like to hasten your glorious demise along asap, so as to be finally rid of your annoying queer anti Islamic comments.

  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    When we invade the west, our first priorities should be kill whoever thought up the idea of iCarly, and send Selena Gomez back to Mexico.

    • TBEAR182

      Akinfenwa the Tank,
      I agree with you on killing whoever made ICarly but don’t send Selena Gomez home because there is always a high demand for maids or laborers in the sweatshops here.

  • PBUH

    I pray to Allah that the garment is a Niqab, so she can cover her heathen flesh and sinful female form.

  • Zeppelin


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When Islam takes over, them two whores from ICarly will have a choice: Either convert to Islam and star in the Muslim TV show about Islamic women….. called IConcubine……or die.

    Also, them poor looking titties are an insult to titties. It is clear jennette will have to wear a padded burka….or else my fellow Jihadists won’t take the show seriously.


    • Mohse Dayan

      Anal Abdullah,

      Makes sense a fag like you is repulsed by tits, your nose in an asshole with big hairy balls teabagging your lips and eagerly outstretched tongue are much more your speed. Why don’t you crawl back to your gloryhole and give your boyfriend Homo Hashim a nice wet-mouthed glans-glomming.

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        Also, I’m tired of your constant talk of gayness. You’ve made it clear that you’re queer….we don’t need a daily “fag report” on your glory hole antics.

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    • Jordan from Idaho

      You r a PUSSY! your shitty ass religion isn’t taking over shit.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        jordan the asshole

        When Islam takes over you (if you live long enough)…it would technically be taking over shit.

        • Jordan from Idaho

          Islam is a Religion not a Country so there fore it cant take over.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You dumbass mofo. Islam is the Muslim way of life: It is our government and our religion.
            And when the Grand Imam is sitting in the White House and our camels are shitting down your mother’s throat and an AK-47 is pointing at your face…I want you to tell us Muslims that Islam can’t take over.

            HA…..you won’t be able to say a word. You’ll be dead.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Jordan from Idaho

            Ok you’re argument just collapsed on itself, you just called yourself a homosexual. Also Islam is a Religion and a way of life your correct on that but its not a Government. A Government is something like Communism, a Democracy, Socialism, or Capitalism. Countries in the Middle East are, Iraq is a Federal Parliamentary, Iran is a Unitary State, Afghanistan is a Islamic Republic, Israel is a Parliamentary Democracy. You get my point, yes Abdullah, I know I mentioned an Islamic Republic but that don’t make the Religion of Islam a form of Government.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            In Islam our religious leaders are in command and they are the government. There is no distinction you infidel fool. You are a dumbass and no nothing of our ways but you will know about the AK-47 when it is filling you with lead..

            You are dumber than little gay pete and that is saying something about dumbness.

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          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Jordan from Idaho

            Does the word “metaphorically” ring any bells?

          • Jordan from Idaho

            You said Islam is going to take over the United States, but we are Allied with Middle Eastern Countries so there fore “Islam” can’t take over the most powerful Nation in the World. Iran isn’t even a big threat to the U.S, the are for Israel but not the U.S are biggest threat is NORTH KOREA! Pretty sure I know about an AK-47 because I own one. I know more than you, I know you’re gonna say otherwise but tell me what the answer to this math problem. 45,215,535 Divided by 4,555.

      • Ali Abu Musaffa

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        No we will leave the shit to you And being from Idaho You must know a great deal about sheep fucking everyone knows what you sheep fags do on the range with the sheep and with your cocksucking one another.

        • USA Rules

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      • USA and christ rules

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          who wins now

  • bob

    to bad i didnt see miranda’s breast she’s the one i l-o-v-e love

    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      Blow job Bob.

      You filthy Pervert how can you even have a thought of this miranda from the teen porn show I Carly first she has no breasts and she is a tranny and is known to fuck the other whore McCurdy because there lovers.

      This site is not for vermin like you it’s a holly muslim site and muslims don’t like pervert posting on this fine site.

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      • goatfuckerhater

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    • Zeppelin

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    • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

      I think somewhere on my Harddrive of Shadows I have some leaked nude photos of Miranda Cosgrove when she was younger, closer to her School of Rock phase… Perfect for shooting a wet one over during a chaos magic ritual to ensure the commercial success of Black Ops 2. Woops! I’ve said too much already… ;)

      Love, Light, and Life,
      -Andy Gold

  • bbb

    for once a post thats not photoshopped

  • bbb

    and it’s not complete bullshit

  • The Observer

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  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

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  • I hate muslims

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    • Abdul Rasul

      I fuck Muslims

      The USA is filled with nothing but homoqueers and lesbodykes. The only thing we fear is getting aids from you kuffars. Now get back to work as a fluffer for your local glory hole infidel.

      • US and AUS FTW

        You fucking hairy muslim cunts listin up, If you faggots attack America,Euroupe or Australia i garrente that we WILL fuck you up
        And possible extinct the Muslim realigion seems that their will be nothing left of you shitty mud houses after this war.
        ~Fuck Muslims

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          US and AUS FTW takes it up the ass…….

          Us Muslims will be taking over Ass-tralia just as soon as the great satan falls.
          And new zealand will be renamed to reflect its population…it will be called “new fag-land”

          Now….Get ready for your whores to wear the burka!

          • Jordan from Idaho

            Wow, You’re so stupid.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            US and AUS FTW takes it up the ass…….

            Anybody who brags about the military power of Ass-tralia is a dumbass retard and needs an immediate punch in the nose followed by a sariff to the throat.

            You are now the laughing stock of Mesopotamia.

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      • Ali Abu Musaffa

        Brother Abdul

        Wise words my brother You speak the truth about these american fools.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Ali Abu

          Soon intelligent Muslim Men like yourself will be running things in america. Only then will they come to appreciate the wisdom of Islam and the benefits of women wearing the burka.

    • Imam Khalid

      We have – repeatedly – and you elect a leader who comes here and apologizes for us killing you homoqueer heathens.

      That is why Islam will dominate the West – you people are ball decadent, weak and completely retarded.


      • Imam Khalid

        *That is why Islam will dominate the West – you people are ball lickers, decadent, weak and completely retarded.

        I’ve had too much of the Islamic energy drink Red Camel today and my proofreading isn’t what it should be.

        Of course, Red Camel keeps does keep me alert as I defile Western mother’s orifices with my mammoth Muslim man meat.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Imam Khalid

          Red Camel is made in Tikrit and is the favored drink of jew killers the Islamic world over.

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          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Anal Abdullah

            No doubt “Red Camel” tastes like camel piss, goat sperm, and crusty bunghole.

            No wonder its the favored drink of jew killers.


          • Jordan from Idaho

            Is Red Camel your way of saying its Red Bull.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            little fag pete

            you may be an expert on goat sperm, camel piss and assholes but you don’t know shit about Red Camel.

        • Zeppelin

          Walk up to a US marine or an army ranger and say that precisely and you will be on the ground in about .001 secants.

          • Imam Khalid

            Marines and the rest of your pussy military are too busy butt pumping each other to do anything. We see them do this many times here in Iraq in their Humvees and bivouacs. Same thing with the lesbodyke women you let serve in your armed forces. The stink of rotten tuna is everywhere they go.

          • goatfuckerhater

            Goatfucker Imam Kay-lid
            Our women have more balls than your entire country. When am I gonna see the video of you skull fucking mo-HAM-ed with a bomb vest?

        • thomasengland


    • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

      I’d love to see that too, but unfortunately the mozlem population is far too poor and complacent to be provoked. Oh well! I guess the false flag attacks will have to do until we can find an excuse to finally free all those poor genetically unevolved souls from their dark-skinned bodies… That will be a big step in the direction of a true New World Order of Peace and Light. In the meantime, let’s keep perpetuating these mozlem stereotypes in order to aid our Sister Citizens in visualizing the reality we want them to see. For life is but a dream…….and We are The Dreamer.

      And let’s all together visualize that glorious day when the Sun/Son will rise over our New White Unified Zion… Remember, “vis-u-al-ise” is really just “this you will eyes.” ;)

      Love, Light, and Life,
      Andy Gold

  • Up

    Please explain to me how having a wardrobe malfunction is turning little girls into “cunt loving lesboqueers’. And their called LESBIANS not “lesboqueers”.

    • TBEAR182

      2 girls 1 cUP,
      It’s called satire genius this a satirical website.

      • Abdul Rasul

        T bag is right. It is satire having you faggy infidels coming to this site and flirting with us Muslims knowing damn well there are no gay Muslims. Keep dreaming kuffars.

      • TBEAR182

        I left out the word ( is ) and the fact that this site is also run by “Terrorists.”

        • Abdul Rasul

          T bag

          You also left out the word penis, and the fact that your anus is full of them.

          • Imam Khalid

            Brother Rasul, you are a fount of Islamic comedic joy this evening!

            I’m laughing and my wives were laughing, too, until I beat them severely in the tits with reeds for leaving the kitchen.

          • TBEAR182

            Abdul my friend,
            Here I thought we were starting to get along, If you ever speak to me in that manner or out of turn again then I wont let you drive me around anymore and you’ll have to find employment elsewhere.

          • Abdul Rasul

            Brother Khalid

            I have just been in such a good mood because my country Palestine has been blowing up Jews all week. It truly is a joyous time, praise Allah!

  • okaoka

    ok most shit on here is fake but ill give yall this 1 nice spot

  • F*ckOff

    Muslims will never take over, but whatever.

    • Imam Khalid

      And a google like you will never take over a job or a dean’s list.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        I have to agree with you on this.

        The only thing negros have taken over are prisons and morgues…..which is a damn good place for them.


  • fuck’meall

    if it gives teen girls ideas, then do it again! i’d let googles, jews, even republicans fuck my wife

  • Confused American

    This just isnt true…

  • bubba gump

    It is not real morons. This site posts faked stuff. Duh.

  • bubba gump

    Muslims are nothing more than human bombs. All you know how to do is kill, how do you even get Internet in your house made of mud? Smelly fucks that wipe your asses with your bare hand. wtf. Sand googles.


      no their house aren’t made of mud their houses are made of the shit they don’t have a toilet for

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    And their called LESBIANS not “lesboqueers”.…..

    …depends on who is doing the “calling”………

    I think it is more proper to say “They ARE lesbians and you may call them ‘lesboqueers’..”

  • bob

    this one is actually correct i don’t care what you say cunt lickers

  • Brendon D.

    It’s a fake. It’s already been proven and I’ve seen the iCarly episode before.

    • TBEAR182

      Just for the mere fact that you’ve said you watch ICarly says it all, there is no need for me to launch insults your way to make you look stupid you have saved myself and everyone else the trouble of having to do that. Thanks Bud.

  • Tyler

    If you watch the episode Sam has a peach colored shirt on when she pulls the dress of Carly

    • Imam Khalid


  • american pride

    @mohumad wives? Lol muslims having more than one at least americans have enough pride to only have one haha

    • Imam Khalid

      Your American women are all whores who lie, cheat, drink, smoke and spend your hard earned money and keep their men’s balls in their purses. That’s why so many American men butt pump each other.

      Yes, you’re sure showing us, you dumb kuffar homoqueers.

      • Why?

        Why must the Jews and the Muslims fight?
        Why must we argue so veraciously over such a small thing in the grad scheme of things?
        Why must we be mad at each-other?
        Why must we be separated by religious barriers?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          fag asks why?

          I don’t go to your glory hole and ask you why you suck cock.

          Don’t ask us Muslims why we fight the jew.

  • Faggot

    Child porn… Fap fap fap.

    • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

      Mmmmm;) As you channel that sexual energy remember to focus your Mind’s Eye on World Peace and Love through a One World Unified Government. God is inside you and every drop of semen counts. ;) Thanks.

      Love, Light, and Life,
      -Andy Gold

  • john

    this is soo fake

  • True wog

    Dude this is underaged porn, I like it.

  • NUKE the middle east

    Finally, something real on this damn site.

  • jamshid bin abdul ghadir

    you american infideles you know nothing of the rising of islamyou can suck a cock andapray we dont choke you on your dads ballsack faggot

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      google dumbass

      Nobody on this Holy site speaks google or cares what a google has to say.

      So take your big, floppy lips back to the glory hole and and suck on the “trouser turkey” so you can earn your colt 45 money.

  • Laxdude

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  • jack

    When I was in Iraq we would ride around and pick up young girls and take them out and fuck their hairy pussies then then give them a few dollars ….muslims are so stupid and islam is nothing but a way for you fags to justify raping girls and butt fucking boys you bunch of needle dick bug fuckers

    • Anubis

      jackass homo –

      Obviously you’ve never been to Iraq, and being a filthy queer infidel. you don’t know jack shit about pious Muslims and their total aversion for homosexuals such as yourself. According to the holy Qu’ran, homosexuality is strictly forbidden, punishable by a righteous stoning.

      In conclusion Mr. jackass, stop jacking off looking at pickaninny porn while being rammed in the ass by your fudge packing cronies. Failure to do so and someday you’ll be tried in Sharia court for your retched blasphemy.

      • Imam Khalid

        There are a lot of know nothing American know it all’s on this site. I’m not sure which are more annoying: the retarded homoqueers or the pseudo-intellectual assholes.

      • Ron Goodrich

        But the muslim religion thinks it OK to rape underage girls and have sex with goats?they also treat women worse than dogs,throw acid on them,mutilate their genitals,don’t want them to have an education or any kind of freedom,basically they want uneducated slaves do you think its OK to treat women as less than human?that sounds pretty gay do Muslims only screw female goats,or do they do the male ones too?that’s sick and twisted

    • Vigilante

      Shut the fuck up.

  • Backfill

    Witch show was that?

    • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

      Indeed iCarly is a “witch show”. ;–) I was a co-producer on it for one season and you should’ve seen the season wrap after-party! I haven’t seen so many runes written in blood and shit since the last time I tried to tell the future by looking in my organic toilet (last New Moon). Oy vey! I eat so much granola!

      Love, Light, and Life,
      -Andy Gold

  • Jay


    • ‘MERICA

      unless ur athiest-Allah is the name for god is islam faith….the same god in christian, luthren, mitt romenys, and unforchanetly the jews

  • Jay

    And what muslims don’t want anyone to know is that the single males are bisexual. That whole not spilling your seed on the ground rule. SO since they can’t fuck a woman they fuck a guy in the ass. Yeah, it’s true. Just you will rarely get one to actually tell you that that is true. FUCK ALL THE MUSLIMS! I will be glad when the earth is rid of you Satan spawn.

    • Allen Carter

      Little known fact: the 72 virgins are not women. Good thing they are bi-sexual.

    • Vigilante

      Rot in hell. I have a few Muslim friends and they’re good people, fuck wad.

  • Calf Killer

    Fake? Either way its the tits that all the kids grew up to want.


    USA! USA! USA!

  • Facts

    I like to say this is a bunch of edited frames.

    • Jenette McCurdy

      That is a fake. If you watch the real one I have a bra on you dicks.

  • USA woman suck

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  • ppppp

    why are u all muslim
    I live in canada and our children love icarly, stop wasting ur time discussing something that already happened and do something with you lives

  • KBKB74

    You do realize that if this were real, it would be considered to be child pornography…

    • SShields

      She’s almost 23 now. She’s totally legal.

  • christian boy wh hates islam

    Dude this whole site is UN ducking believable. IM going to have this whole site taking down and have durkadurka sued for fraud photos. Housing duck island need to go home! Stop complaining about the us and shut 5he duck upon you damn monkeys

    • Imam Khalid

      Shut the fuck up, stupid kuffar pig.

      You’re not going to do anything except keep sucking cock at your church’s gloryhole, you big time homo.

      • thomasengland

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  • christian boy wh hates islam

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  • Sexy Zangetsu

    is this a joke? why do most people commenting here call eachother gay, homo, cock sucker, lesbo, jew, american…

    Before 9\11 I had idea what Islam truely was. My teachers tought me alot back then but it really didnt matter to me, i was a kid. When i used to think of the word “Arab” i would think of a paradise in the middle of the desert. People were nice to each other, treaseures where everywhere and pyramids where a normal landscape.

    Well 12 years later i have grown out of my fairy tales. I realized pyramids are in africa, people will not like me or be nice to me and the real citizens affected by the war dont know or care about America.

    I dont know about you guys but you should realize that wether we are black, white,gay, tall, wise, muslim, crhistian or jew we all bleed red, get angry, disagree, make babies, poop and wish some external power be it a god or a pendant, give us super powers to get rid of all the ones we deemed unworty of being alive. WE ARE HUMANS BITCHES YOU ARE FUKING YOURSELF UP!!!

  • Chiles

    Seen episode 1000 times no nip slip

  • Kiki

    I am… what is this even?
    I don’t even know if I should laugh right now, I’m so fucking confused.
    Not about the video, but about this conversation.
    Just… what the fuck did I just read?

    • Alissa C. DiCarlo


      Stick that Gerbil back up your Ass and shut it.

  • Giggtygiggty