Hulk Hogan Shows His Daughter His Penis

Hulk Hogan penis

While shooting a commercial for a video game about spouting gibberish into a microphone, American hero Hulk Hogan became intoxicated and showed his daughter Brooke Hogan his penis (probably not for the first or last time).

As you can see in the video below, Hulk Hogan is his usual blowhard American self, running his mouth about how great he is. When his daughter Brooke starts doing some “booty popping” next to her dad, Hulk checks out her ass and comments “mmm I might be able to do a little of that”.

In the next scene Hulk Hogan is already in an erotic frenzy and proceeds to pull out his dick while his daughter Brooke looks on with lustful eyes. See for yourself in the video below. The incest begins at the 1:10 mark.

Hulk Hogan like the millions of Americans who grew up idolizing him, is nothing more than a filthy degenerate pervert. You don’t see the real greatest wrestler of all time, The Iron Sheik, making sexual advances towards his daughter (and not just because the Sheik is pure testosterone and would never seed a feminine offspring).

  • Dead Ed®

    Hey, Durka Durka,

    I got kicked out of paintball today:

    Apparently, strapping grenades to yourself and running towards the enemy shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR” is inappropriate.

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    Typical disgusting infidels! Stupid Amerikans will probably elect Hogan as president in 2012 to make all sorts of perversions legal in the land of the Great Satan.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Ugh….Is it possible for any infidel to become more perverted than the hulkster?
    I frigging doubt it!

    hulk hogan…not only is he a sorry wrestler……..his googleese isn’t good (or bad ) enough for him to get into the rap business. He sucks as a white infidel….and as a wigger!

    However, I will say this…when Islam takes over the USA……his giant daughter, Brooke, will make one hell of a fine slave for the first sheik lucky enough to capture her!

    Man….with her massive arms and legs…..she could work like a motherfucker at least 15 hours a day…..maybe more!

    And just think of the giant offspring she would produce for years to come….yes she will make a fine addition to one lucky Muslim’s harem!


    • Jonata

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  • theheadchimp

    The hulkster is a pussy brother. The original Shiek and his fireballs would have turned the Hulkster into a crispy critter. Abdullah is right about Brooke, a face like a man and a huge body she would be able to plow a field without the mule.

  • theheadchimp

    oops SHEIK.

  • Captain Chode Man!

    Figures the mans wife looks like Gary Busy

  • Iranian Fuzz

    The Iron Sheik is was a great Warrior, but Alcohol has turned him into a understanding Capitalist!
    With proper hidden funding, he can once again denounce girly men, crush the the “Hulk”, and defile the Burka wearing Brooke!

  • will

    its been proven muslims are the dumbest ppl on earth with an average IQ of just 15,
    that explains a lot because non of them can think for themselfs they are told what to believe
    and they do so like a child realy. if it wasnt for inventions like tanks guns everything realy
    they would still be running about with bows and arrows, and wtf cant they think of any names for there
    children they jus all call them mohammed naming them after an ancient war monger who marryed a child..

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What is it with your racist rant?

      You are a dumbass, bad spelling, bone head; hardly worth the time it takes to flame your cruddy ass.

      Just do everybody a favor and go take a nap on the nearest train tracks.

      If you are alive when I bring Jihad to the USA… will wish you had been run over by a train!


  • will

    hahaha racist rant, muslims are most racist of all.
    and i live in northern ireland bone head a place were there is 0 muslims,
    they wont dare come here we dont accept there stupid ways,

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      So, you brag about Ireland being a racist asshole country!
      You’re just like all the other infidels….intolerant and bigoted.

      Come to Tikrit….you will be welcomed by everyone.
      We will give you…..a very interesting time.

      Don’t feel left out of the Jihad….we will be taking over europe even sooner than we will take over the evil americans.
      But know this…..with our brother Obama there…..soon the us military will be reduced to guarding chicken farms and escorting old ladies across roads. They will not be able to save your asses like they have for the past 100 years.

      I advise you to convert to Islam before it is too late.

      Just remember…all we have to do to take over Ireland….. is to air drop enough booze to get all you assholes drunk…..then it’s the knife and neck party; our knives and your necks!


      • will

        well obama is not gona do that in the time he got, hes out next alection.
        and soon enough the UK will have the british national party in power.
        and nick griifin will clear the country of all u cavemen. and once hes done that he will
        turn the UK back to its former glory back to the world super power like it has been for centurys.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          You are right about one thing….the UK is a “has been”

  • theheadchimp

    will suck anyone for potatoes
    Don’t they have any schools in Ireland either? Plus you are full of shit too. There are Muslims and googles in Ireland. Check the census nitwit, so don’t post shit you know nothing about.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      An irish google……..can you imagine how much “Boones Farm” or “Colt 45” that mofo could put away?

      • Mahmoud Ajhmadenajad president of Iran

        Dont worry Sheik Abdullah, just bring up the “potatoe famine” and his dick will fall off. Causing him inturn to kill himself.

      • Mladjan

        i have been with the same guy since i was 15 and am now 31 we will be celerbrating 10 years of rgarimae this year. It is hard work and i think people who say it isnt are not in the right relationship. You dont always get along everyone fights once in a while. While we work different hours we tell each other about our days everyday. I take care of the kids during the day and work at night while he works during the day. I understand how people get comfortable in the rgarimae and forget what its like to have all that time when you are just dating. When you are dating you make time for each other and the thought of spending time with that person makes you happy. after you get married and have kids making time for each other becomes harder. we put the kids to bed and even if it just sitting on the couch saturday night together we still get sometime with each other. He is my best friend and i could not see my life with out him. he is everything to me next to the kids. We have a special trip planned every year labor day weekend just the 2 of us and it help us remember what we love about each other when sometime people forget. Even if everyday is not hearts and lovesongs its work and that what makes it all worth it. When you have that person that you can see yourself with in 60 years looking back on a good life.

  • will

    you dumbasses you get lots of blacks, also muslim caveman in southern ireland,
    i said northern ireland, and were i live an arab would be shot on sight.
    and i think it funny use faggots only reply to this post and avoid the others…….
    god forgive my enemys for they know not what they do, because they are to fucking dumb.

    • Rockmuede Cameljockey

      Yes! The Arabs have oppressed you for centuries, we are the real reason for your anger.
      Maybe will should talk to his elders.
      How many IED fit in a bag of potatoes?

  • theheadchimp

    Why is it that the Northern Irish are considered the googles of Europe? Please reply Sambo……….

  • will

    first time i heard that lol, u just made that up just like a mentally ill person made up your religion.
    i got no problem with googles i would rather be one than a fucking raghead.

  • theheadchimp

    Will who answers to Sambo
    Its the first time anyone said it to your face. Its common knowledge amongst anyone who isn’t Irish that Irish are considered white porch monkeys. The Scots have more balls than any Irishman alive, they atleast tried to get rid of the Brits. Whats your excuse Sambo?
    What an asshole comment, you would rather be a google than a Muslim. A self respecting man would rather be dead than be a google. You are a sad excuse for a partial white man.

    • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

      I’d rather eat bacon than be Muslim I love bacon and beer

  • Igor

    Nothin’ wrong with camel jockeys, everyone should have one tied up in their back yard, if only to gobble up the dog shit…

  • Dead Ed®

    20th century fox are already in production of a film about the Chilean miners,


    Brad Pitt, as a white Chilean miner with an American accent

    Adam Sandler, as a white Chilean miner with an American accent

    and Hulk Hogan as the American hero who single handedly dug them out.

  • the GERMAN

    Does anyone this conversation startet with HULK HOGAN??? xD

    But all that talk of invading any country and being the new masters? The difference between you and me is that all you guys talk and MY FOLKS ACTUALLY DID IT! It was a hell of a ride untill all you worthless motherfuckers summed up :D next time we gonna get you and we’re not trying to convert you if you aren’t of our believe… we just kill you!

    greeting from a race that actually evolved faster than all you you!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a confused idiot.
      Your pencil dicked race may have beat up on some sorry jews, polocks, russians, and the faggy french…..but the infidel british and their asshole buddies the americans beat you like horse steak.

      From what i can see of you immoral fuckers, all you want to do is drink beer and eat pastry. The fight was knocked out of you decades ago and now all you can do is hide behind your drunken, whore women.

      You will have your chance to take on Islam…..or should I say….be conquered by Islam.

      It’s coming infidel……and you can’t stop it!


    • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

      Yeah Allah wanted to drink some Hogan sperm

  • cream abdul jabbar

    You German dickweed
    You evolved faster alright you fucking asshole. Germans are next to googles. You fuckers gave up in WW1, got your asses kicked in WW2, bungled the hostage rescue in the Munich olympics, butt fucked the Russians for years, followed Adolph like lemmings to the slaughter. You are lucky America took a liking to your sorry asses.

  • thank GOD i’m not muslim





  • zillaman

    Hey faggot head giving chimp, if you stop jacking off abdulla maybe you can type and spell better. Motha fooker punk bitch boy… shiek,, hahah what a stupid asshole. Talk about stooopid.

  • Bigboss

    There is a lot of hate in here. I already know I’ll get flamed for pointing that out…

    Anyway, Hogan’s behavior is typical of a drug addicted, godless, whore of a man. He sells out at the drop of a dime, and his daughter will probably end up in porn. Pray for his soul, and everyone elses. God is not a god of incest, whoring, or murdering. We all need salvation.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Hate is good you dumb mofo. It is a gift from Allah.
      Us Muslims hate the immoral infidels and that gives us power and energy to fight for centuries against the evil westerners.
      Our hate will eventually lead to a great victory against the big nosed jews and the fat lazy americans. The world Caliphate will soon be a reality.

      • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

        You only hate because nobody loves you

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


          Islam is all about love. For example, I’d love to see you getting stoned in front of the Tigris.
          Perhaps after Islam takes over, it will come to pass.

          • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

            Saying the word love and showing love are 2 totally different things for example I make love to my wife, I love a bacon sandwich. You’re are obviously immature, brainwashed Islamic twat The prophet Muhammad needs to man up and grow some balls. Islam is globally hated and if it was that great how come everywhere Islam is the place looks like a shit hole. I think your prophet is a pig fucker

          • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

            You have sex with goats because your women are fucking ugly and they have moustaches and pubes up to their belly button

          • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

            We have a saying….
            Sticks and stones may break my bones but Muslims are all goat fuckers

          • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

            You don’t even know what love is lmao, ooh look I’m going to strap a bomb to m self and go into a crowd boom lmao do you realise how laughable that sounds to non Muslims? It’s hilarious that’s how fucktarded Islam is

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            That is a good idea. You should strap on a bomb and go into a crowded KFC in one of your degenerate negroid ghettos.

      • Fiftyshadesof Graham Watts

        Wait love was good you was saying earlier lmao. You’re hate will lead every American to piss all over your prophet mohammed.
        Your prophet is a pathetic arsehole that tea bags you. Amen