Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Video

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

As you can see in the video below, the Hulk Hogan sex tape has just leaked to the Web.

Much like his wrestling battles with the Iron Sheik, Hulk Hogan has once again embarrassed himself and all of the heathen Americans with his pathetic performance in this sex tape.

Let this Hulk Hogan sex tape video below forever serve as testament to the limp-dick ineptitude of this infidel hero and self-proclaimed “real American”.

  • The Real Prophet

    Homos sux it

    • Rasool

      Alas…he would have made a great muslim jihadist…had he just a little more hair on that beard..

      Although…he does look a little like brother Hashim from the left side..

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      If I was in bed with them I’d suck both of them and swallow all their cum.

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        She’s a cum whore fur sur jus like me

        • The west is the Best

          Alissa Distreachedoutcunta

          You cum slut you need to be tied down on all 4’s and DPED with huge cocks and strap ons while a vibrator is on high on your clit as you lick a hairy smelly pussy and ass.

          • The west is the Best

            Alissa C DiCarlo you go girl…!

            I wish I could do that as for a tag team that swaps?

            I am flamboyantly faggoty :)

          • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

            Alissa C DiCarlo, your sentence has been handed down. You will be executed at first light. The method of execution will be stoning. The charge is offensive behavior which seeks to embarrass great Muslim men, such as myself. It is unfortunate that you could not be saved.

      • Rasool

        Ass licker Alissa

        You are a filthy jew horror and don’t belong on this most holy of sites!

        Your beat up, diseased vagina won’t be of any use to us muslims, but our camels will tear the hell out of it.


        • Riddle Cracker

          The masquerade has ended: Rasol is the coward imposter that impersonates brother Abdullah.


            Here any idiot with a brain can see that “Rasool” is a made up character by Abdullah The Butcher. Here he forgot to change back his name. Its almost impossible to steal someones avatar.


          • Rasool

            Riddled crack are one twisted fucked up degenerate

            You gave yourself away when you were first to point out the impersonating comment.

            I know it was you….you filthy excuse for a human being

            Dont abdullah is an insightful man..he will figure out your game soon..and trust shall pay in kind.

            I hope you die from the smell of a googles armpits

        • American Citizen

          actually i met hulk hogan in japan once on a plane ride first class he’s not that bad of a guy n alot of wrestling fans think he’s epic but really i can tell him all the shit ya’ll r sayin i have him on my contacts on my phone i can call him up anytime now n he will do 2 ya’ll what he did 2 carson daily throw ur puny ass bodies into a table so don’t talk shit bout my friend or anyone from florida or i will contact them 2 whoop your motherfuckin asses GO FLORIDAAAAAAA

        • The west is the Best

          Rasool the boy raper

          You stole Abdildos avatar and stop talking about your camel fucking save it for Abdildos glory holes when your there working a hole

          • Rasool

            The west is the Best AKA The pig masturbator

            I was in the middle of rfucking your mother when she saw your messsage and asked me to write this

            “Son celebjihad is not place for a kindergartner..much less a gay kindergartner..I have found the dildos and gay porn magazines under your bed..and this time you are grounded for a month mister

            I am ashamed to call you my son..because of you..Mr. Rasool rapes me is me who is paying for your asinine comments”

            Thats what she said( in this case..literally)

          • The west is the Best

            Rasdrool cum from his mouth

            This is a place for homos and camel fuckers so you will fit right in.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          rat shit rasool

          I might have known you’d like a sex-tape of a homo wrestler butt-pumping a filthy tranny.

          No doubt you and west is gayest and faggy pete will be re-inacting this vile humping of the “poop chute.”

          hulk may have coined “hulkamania” but you ass-wipes have created….’Fag-omania.”

          • Rasool


            Big fucking deal I tried to impersonate you. I already exposed you as the zionist that you are and now the rest of my muslim brothers like Hashim, Kahlid, Abdul, and Anubis fully understand the urgency of removing you from this most holy site. You spend your time on this site sending coded messages to the grand fag, west sucks best, and black as night google, and they’re always messages about sucking one anothers cock and other homo talk.

            Call me “rat shit rasool” again and you’ll get a fatwa.

          • The west is the Best

            Abdildo the shit eater

            You and this Rasool are butt plugers he must work your glory holes and your ass you queer

          • Rasool

            Mentally unstable impersonator of me..

            You have the perfect qualifications of a conniving jew bastard. Although..the way you are trying to sabotage cordial relations amongst us muslim brothers is not fooling anyone.

            Afghanistan and iraq will never go against each other as would neither me and brother abdullah.

            Your pathetic conspiring and meticoulous charades are wasting your time at best.

            Rest completely assured knowing that the afghanistani super intelligence is already on to you and it is just a matter of days until you start begging for forgiveness as any jew bastard would do.

            If I didn’t know any better I’d say that you are Mufti david..but since we had it sorted out earlier I do not think you are are either riddled crack addict… or west is the best pig masturbator..or the granddaddy of the entire world’s faggot population i.e faggot pete

          • The west is the Best

            Rasool you sound like you have a cranium the size of a down syndrome retard. Please shove it up my corn hole because even monstrous muslim cocks can’t fill me up.

          • Rasool

            I always knew you were a faggot..

            Who else would choose a name as “The west is the Best”. It doesn’tt even have an identity!!

            Sorry homo… muslims only let ladies have the pleasure of sexing them up.. faggots like you are castrated with machetes

        • Christian whore

          Can I get fucked? I submit to Muslim men

      • Riddle Cracker

        Rasul abdullah american citizen all of you please fuck me together already..I promise not to scream

        • Riddle Cracker

          The Real Deep Shit:

          Stop impersonating me. Go play with your collection of dildos. It will be fun.

  • HurrrkaDurrrka

    This is the ugliest woman I have ever seen

  • Riddle Cracker

    The Real Dung:

    You are right. You are the firsties to have da big dildo shoved up your ass.
    Congratulations moron.

    • The Real Prophet

      Riddled ANus Crak with Jizz

      Funny how every other comment that comes out your gay ass is dildo or some other homo shit. Your mother just left she said you better find a fucken job and she promises dad wont touch you anymore.
      Sux it Tranny

      • belshvik

        The Real Prophet

        It is you who is an underaged faggot…not to mention deranged as well..

        It seems that you love google cocks up your asshole so much that you always keep reapeating “firsties” like a brain dead homophile

        • Riddle Cracker

          You are right Belshvik

          The Real Dung moron still has to ask his mom to change his diapers.

    • Riddle Crackers Dad

      Cum here Ridiculous Cracker I told you not to tell no one now your ass is gona get it like a step son from oklahoma. None of this would of happen had I not caught you fucking old betsy I can still hear her moooooossss at night you lil fucker now come here and suck it boy like I know you can.

      • Riddle Cracker

        Shut the fuck up the Real Underage Moron

  • Riddle Crackers Mom

    The Real Prophet
    OMG I told you he was sensitive about his father touching him, now hes not going to want to use the buthole cream OMG. I just got him to put on his helmet and right the little yellow bus. O well back to square one.

    ps see you tomorrow again I can’t wait!!!!! sucky sucky

    • Riddle Cracker

      Shut the fuck up The Real Brain Midget

  • Black Knight

    Hulk be my nigga. Whats wrong with gettin pussy? Maybe if you Muslims could get some you wouldnt be jelus of all the people who were. But too bad for you all your women leave you for big dicked black men. You cant please your women. That is what all my Arab hos say. Arab men would rather jerk off to camels then have sex with women. You all faggots. Thats why you make your hos dress in sheets that cover their whole body.

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    • American Citizen

      hulk’s a brotha he is my main man he’s epic n he’ll fuck up any ya’ll sand monkey’s asses in a blow mayb we should throw in mike tyson with that against all your armies ya’ll would be dead in 2 hits

  • Black Knight

    Where are all the sex tapes of Arab men and their camels? You hiding them in your hairy assholes?

    I just curious who the bitch is in that relationship. Do you fuck the camel in the ass or does the camel fuck you in the ass?

    You no what, it dont matter. Cause while you fucking camels you women seek comfort under the arms of the black man. Hahahaha! They love our big dicks and sexual energy. We the true blue alpha males and you all insecure faggots.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      black ass google

      Us Muslims refuse to film your she-ape mother humping and sucking the cocks of our precious camels.

      Also, you googles have such bad breath that you use dog piss for mouthwash..and its an improvement.

      • Rasool

        Abdullah The zionist

        There you go again talking to the google in code.

        The first part means you want to suck his black dick while fag pete films it. The second part of your post refers to a “golden shower” that you want after getting sweaty while sucking google dick.

        Do you see this Hashim, Kahlid, and Anubis?

        I shall issue the fatwa immediately

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          rats ass

          you dumbass little ass-zit.

          Us real Muslims knew you weren’t anything but a wannabee from the start and a retarded fool of one at that.

          your ability to twist words is nothing compared to your skills at deep-throating donkey cock or getting the DP from google queers because your worn out asshole is too flabby to take on just one.

          Us real Muslims are united against infidels like you.

          eat shit and die mofo

  • Abdul Rasul

    The iron shiek beat the piss out this homo gay all the time. The camel clutch is still the best move and the iron shiek killed at least 25 American infidels with this move.

    • fuckmusslims

      how about a ES-C90 bullet straight through your brain, you dirty Nazi wannabe.

      • American Citizen

        fuck ya can i get a barret 50 cal. so i can blow some sand monkey asses

        • American Citizen

          blow up*

          • American Citizen

            No, I actually did mean ‘blow’.

            I’d love to have some Arabic cock.

            In both my holes!!!

          • fuckmusslims

            Shut up imposter you do know the real American Citizen is 12 and what you said is basically very childish and I can track you very easily so I would advise you shut the fuck up.

          • Unknown

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        • fuckmusslims

          I can’t you live in a Communist Country and the Military wouldn’t like me too and I could be arrested
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          • American Citizen

            i’ll kill him i liv in a communist country i could also send my friend 2 kill him he has his on private jet n everythin not in the military hates any government official forces but will kill whoever i tell him 2 kill or i’ll get him 2 pick me up send me to whoever u wants house n kill them i ain’t afraid of a shit people in this world i conquered tons of shit that no one could do shit i was just stabbed 10 times saturday not it pain wounds almost healed i push threw anythin i was chased by chinese cops yesterday beat them on foot so anyone have a problem with me come tell it 2 my face bitches

          • American Citizen

            sorry didn’t know what u ment i’m half awake here in china it’s 2 in the mornin but i don’t liv in china i go 2 florida this summer like all summers so i can go kill them now

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Anal rash

      The “camel clutch” is nothing but a homo move that you muslim queers use at the gloryholes. The more conventional name for it is the “reach around.”

      The Iron Shit was a big pussy and a notorious butt plunger.

      Suck cock mofo


    • The west is the Best

      Abdul ass rash

      The Iron she male never beat hogan he beat Bob Backland but backland looks like howdy doody anyway and the Iron shemale used the pit stop move on him shoving his face into his arm pit the stench knock him out.

      The camel clutch is how the she male fucked guys up the ass just look at the hold and you can see why. he also had a move called the camel back where he goes up behind a camel and sticks his dick in it’s ass. The iron shemale also wore fag shoes and carried a purse.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      when rats-ass rasool did the illegal camel clutch (grabbing the camel’s cock between his teeth) he got kicked in the mouth and had to go 3 weeks without sucking a cock at the glory hole.

      big fag pete cried for the entire time….out of his ass.
      they were “tears of shit.”

      • Niko Bellic

        Abdullah the American

        As a powerful cleric I hereby issue a fatwa against Abdullah The Butcher (real name John Paul Smith). I urge all my muslim brothers to search for and kill this infiltrator who is here to cause havoc up amongst us true followers of Allah.

        His talk of sucking camel cock and gloryholes makes him one of faggot petes KKQueers.

        I gave you your warning about the “rats ass” name and you chose to ignore it. Brothers, stone or shoot Abdullah on sight.

        Allahu Akbar

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Filthy imposter

          I hope the next homoqueer you suck off gives you tonsil AIDS

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Not much action. You should see my tapes. They’re fuckin’ nuts lol. Fluid transfer is so messy with me.
    My vaginal fluid gets everywhere and guys and girls soak the bed and get cum all over me.

    • The west is the Best

      Alissa di cunta

      If it’s true post a short tape of you in action I bet you don’t have any tapes and I say your a guy posing as a girl

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        I know that you’re a gay man who hides his effeminite nature behind his little west is the best moniker. You sure don’t know much about lesbians and you sure don’t know me ladyboy. If you wanna watch me you gotta tune into my site cluballyssahall

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I want her pussy on my face and his dick in my ass

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I’d suck off any vagina pretty much. I’m addicted to cunt.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I’m not addicted to dick but I take in penises into every hole so Idk

    • Jilly

      Will you take in my penis? Its rubbery.

  • Einsam

    no say it aint so brother

  • Anubis

    By the surprised look on Hulk Hogan’s face, I suspect someone must have suddenly shoved something up his ass. I wonder if the sexually ambiguous fudge packer Justine Beaver was behind him.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    My guess is that Hulk Homo is part muslim after barely seeing his tiny pecker.

    A pure aryan would be no less than three times longer and no less that twice as thick as this puny thing.

    Also…..that wasn’t no woman. That was Anal Abdullah in drag and what he really said was, “your dick feels so good in my man pussy.”

    Those butt lovers are some sick mofos


    • Niko Bellic

      No, that was you in drag being fucked by your old man.

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      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Sucks nuts Niko

        Good post queer


      • Niko Bellic

        Drag Queen

        Haha, so you actually admit that i’m better than you, Faggot

        KKK is gay

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          No nuts

          I see that bit of sarcasm flew right over your pea brain.

          I’m not surprised.


          • Niko Bellic

            Pig Pete

            You’re too retarded to understand the concept of sarcasm. It was merely an utterance of defeat from the drag queen himself

            KKK is gay

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Nut licker

          For not understanding the concept, sarcasm I sure made effective use out of it. It did go right over you, obviously.

          Go play with one of your other user names.


          • Niko Bellic

            Penis Licker Pete

            Haha, your lack of intelligence is always amusing, as is your hypocritical psyche.

            Go lay your man pipe on tom cruise

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


            grand fag pete loves “big balls” and he cannot lie…all his tranny homo friends don’t deny..that he’s a big cock sucker and a dirty daddy-fucker.

            big fag pete tried a carrer as a rapper…he was called…..”Sir Sucks-a-Lot” but he had to give it up because it cut into his glory hole time.

      • The Guy with the EyE

        How is liberty city Niko…and roman ur cozin?

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    • G-Dub

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  • Hulk Hogan

    You tiny cocked rag heads are just jealous of my massive turnbuckle sized dong.

    That and my juicy rip!


    Check out these guns, you stone age motherfuckers!

  • Arcachnar

    What happend to the thread? It just looks so weird.

  • The west is the Best

    Hogan can only fuck for 2-3 mins. Because of all the roids he’s done shrank his nuts to the size of peas and his dick lost some inches.also

  • Observer

    At least the female is thankful and deferential…..she will make someone a fine 4th wife….

  • Dick Hertz

    That was so romantic.

    • Guy Who Yells, “En fuego!”

      Very romantic, Mr. Hertz.

      It would have been hotter if I he’d clothes-lined her, then followed up with an atomic elbow right onto her cunt and ended with a strawberry shortcake.

      That’s how I do foreplay, anyhow.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    Thaty has got to be the LAMEST sex tape Iv ever seen…rather watch K.Kardasian get Google piledrived for a hour….LAME! EPIC FAIL!!!!

    • G-Dub

      you dumb i wold smack the fuck ouutta you.. wit ur fagggot name

      • Grand Kleagle Otis

        You’ll do nothing, coon. The Klan will take care of your sorry ghetto ass.

        That last batch of KFC you hogged down?


        When you wake up, you will be in Hell – meaning you will be filled with an uncontrollable urge to scrub your hideous ape-like body until you no longer smell like elephant shit in the sun, straighten your brillo pad fur into something resembling human hair, stop smoking crack, get a job and actually take care of your sprogs.

        Haha! Just kidding. You’ll just be dead aka a good jiggaboo.

  • Sidney

    Hmm. Not much of a tape.

  • jimbo

    This tape of Hogan is 15 years old.

    • The Guy with the EyE

      15yrs of Suck.

  • Mary Jane

    Hulk Hogan is a pig! Gross!!!

    • Brutus (The Barber)Beefcake

      Mary Jane

      Yes he is what you need is the barbers 121/2 inch cock rammed up your ass

  • Right

    you fuck wits need therapy

    • Guy Who Yells, “En fuego!”

      Google “Lemon Party” then YOU will need therapy, asshole.

    • elvis

      Social Security #155-84-1267
      Date of Birth 08/04/88
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  • Brutus (The Barber)Beefcake

    Why are you putting the tape of Hogan on this site he can’t even keep his dick hard My tape would have been better I do 5 babes with my massave pole till they beg me to stop and in the ring I always kicked hogans ass.

    • G-Dub

      ur dumb thatz how you

  • Brutus (The Barber)Beefcake

    We fought because our homo love for one another was frowned on in the 80’s.

    Now impure faggot lust is adored in the West.

    Amazing what 30 years of social engineering to create acceptance of a mental illness can do.

    • The west is the Best

      Fake Brutus

      I don’t no who’s more gay you or the real Brutus


    Damn son, his shit looks like a childs thermos…

  • Kim

    The girl is a penny whore.

    • The west is the Best

      Cum slut Kim.

      How do you know she is a whore You can’t even see her face well for all we know it could be your sister and you could be a crack whore.

  • Juanita

    I’d fuck him if he has a big dick.

    • Khalid

      You will be stoned as soon as we get halal HAZMAT suits with turbans so we don;t get HIV from your blood spray.

    • G-Dub

      slut hahahaha give me a holla

  • Libertine

    It’s just sex. What’s the big deal?

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    B============D—~~ ~~~~~ ~

  • G-Dub

    Kiss Omick to Alissa DiCarlo. you are crazy although your name is cool Alissa*

  • G-Dub

    Kiss Omick to Alissa DiCarlo. you are crazy although your name is cool Alissa* hahha

  • colorado city

    Muslims r joke

  • Hafez Mustafa

    Soon Muslims will rule the entire earth.

  • Disgusted

    Wow……So these comments are an example of the real Islam…….I understand now why this weird cult is hated and laughed at by every other person on the planet.