Hilary Duff Down Shirt Shows Her Breasts

Hilary Duff down blouse

Actress Hilary Duff bends over to give photographers a shot of her busty bosom in the photo above.

Hilary Duff appears to have bountiful udders that would make a Holstein cow green with envy. However, they must be milked soon as her chest appears ready to burst.

Only us Muslim men have the firm grip and nipple tweaking skill necessary to drain Hilary Duff’s massive boobies. If Hilary wants to live she should immediately report to her nearest mosque for a vigorous milking (which will possibly be followed by some light to moderate anal).

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    • Munch

      HOLY MOSES! I mean Holy ALLAH!

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says


        This has nothing to do with Allah, but instead with the devilish hands of zionist plastic surgeons.

        Nevertheless I register the pathetic taste of replicating camel balls on Western women’s breasts.

        • james

          shut up muslim fuck tard

          • Chuck U. Farley

            My little penie would disappear between her big boobs.

    • Name

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      • Anubis

        Have no worry, I have a harem that takes turns bicycling to run the generator power for my tent, which keeps the light on and this second hand computer I’m using working, which I had bought in a flea market for only a goat.

        The light dims and my internet goes down at times, but nothing a few whip lashings upon their bare back sides won’t cure. Besides, the modified bicycle seat stimulates their sinful wet mud flaps as they peddle, which keeps the sluts in a constant horny stupor peddling away.

  • Charles.U.Farley

    …I guess id fuck her.Then can I have then NEW disney Slut Bella Thorne…Wheres her nip slips and slutty actions..this is a disney reqierment is it not???

  • Abdul Rasul

    My fellow Muslims

    Make sure to test the breast milk before draining. This harlot lives in the U.S.A and more than likely has the western AIDS disease like most American rodents.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Abdul

      That is a good idea. The last thing us Muslims need is to get a case of “infidel fever” AKA AIDS.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

      You speak wisely brother Abdul.

    • Grand Knight Leroy phillips

      Anal licker Abdul

      You fucking piece of shit muslim queer we are gonna get the rope set for you Muslims and googles should not speak about white women that way you fucking fags should not post white womens pics on this site.

      When the brotherhood gets thru with you for these posts you will beg us to hang you.


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        That rope you’re talking about is tied to a corn cob and shoved up your ass.

        I doubt a fag like you would know any other use for it.

        Also, if us Muslims see any of your queer trannyklan friends…they’ll get to meet the AK-47. It will be a once in a lifetime event…

        Then they’ll get to meet Satan and burn in hell!!!!

        • Grand Knight Leroy Phillips

          Asshole Abdullah the ass cleaner

          Leave it to a homo like you to even think about shoving corn cobs up someones ass. And you always speak of the AK-47 is that a muslim code for meet me at the glory hole?

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Grand Skype

            Ain’t no way you’re a powerful klansman.

            No Brother would ever ask a muslim to “meet me at the glory hole?”

            I suspect you’re a gay jew looking to piss off daddy……but all you’re doing is pissing off The Klan, and that puts you at the top of the execution list.

            Suck cock mofo


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

        Well, well, well…

        A rival for Small Worm Pete as queen of the KKQueer dancing club.

        • Arcachnar

          @Hashim It’s someone who’s posting here with another account(s). Hint: how he writes and spells.

          • Grand Knight Leroy Phillips

            @Arcachnar Please tell us who you think it is Mr.Holmes

        • Grand Knight Leroy Phillips

          Homo Hashim

          There are no queers in the KKK dipshit and you homo muslims are the onlt ones with fag dancing clubs with your 8-9 y/o dancing boys.

    • John Grande

      fairly any American has the AIDS disease.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    While most of my Muslim brothers are impressed with this hollywood whore’s huge milk jugs…I am just as impressed with her massive shoulders and biceps.

    Soon, her milk jugs will run dry, due to her advanced age but them powerful muscles will be around for another decade or so and in that time she could dig many wells, tend many camels and skin many mules.

    I say we send in the Iranian Republican Guard’s most elite squad and “extract” this potential concubine/manual laborer to a predetermined location in Tikrit and immediately immerse her in the Musliminina conversion process.

    By next week she will be a Burka wearing, well digging, concubine of Allah!


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

      Brother Abdullah,

      These Western sluts instead of having a legitimate and honorable work – that would give them a smooth shape and feminine curves – take steroids. That’s why they have this malformed body.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        This she-beast is of such proportions…I doubt a single shot from the RPG could bring her down.

        I sense she will do more well digging and camel shoeing…than “concubining.”

        • Grand Knight Leroy phillips

          The queer brothers asshole Abdullah and homo Hashim

          ASTFU queers and stop messing with white women stick with your hairy smelly burka wearing muslim pigs or beware the rath of the Klan.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            grand fag google

            Shut up fag or us Muslims will send an IED to your momma’s crack house and you’ll lose your “colt 45” money.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says


            Go eat your watermelon and leave this holy site free of Leroys, Jeffersons, Tyrones, DeShawns, Darnells and all the google shit.

          • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

            Don’t forgets Dontavious and LaQueesha and other made-up google names.

          • Grand Knight Leroy Phillips

            Asshole Abdullah the ass rimmer.

            Your mother should have used a IUD when she Gangbanged those 10 googles there would be one less muslim homo in the world.

          • Grand Knight Leroy Phillips

            Homo hashim

            I knew muslims were morons but you must be there leader Iam A member of the Klan so Iam not a google Idiot mofo go suck ashole abdullahs dick


    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Assfucker Abby

      After looking at other muslim men all day, no doubt those are the broadest shoulders and largets biceps you have ever seen.

      Klanswomen like Hilary will handle our light work……and you muslims definitely fall in to that category.

      Suck it homo


      • John Grande

        Pete, your so Goddamn retarded. Why would the KKK let you in their group of whities, oh yeah they didn’t.

        • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

          ohhh hot fuckin damn he’s got u righ there boy nice one john lol u told his ass wannabe KKK member not hopefully i don’t marry a girl with a k in her last name and change my last name 2 hers or else my intials would be KKK

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Small John

          Well, you tell me why a “group of whites” would “let” a white guy in. My guess is that my superior intelligence, bulging muscles, looks that drive the ladies wild, and ass kicking ability is what sealed the deal to me being Grand Dragon of the great state of Alabama.

          Your small cock and loose butthole is what got you in to the gloryhole club.

          Suck cock mofo


          • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton


          • John Grande

            Pete, the Klan would never be able to take on the United States Military or any Military for that matter. The Klan hasn’t killed anyone in a long time so what makes you think they kick ass when the haven’t killed anyone 30-40 years and don’t even give that your are next kill bullshit because the Klan is not gonna do shit to me and neither are you and that’s because I would have a M16 on my back, a Glock 17 on my side, a .44 Magnum on my other side, and 2 MAC-10S IN MY HAND SO TRY ME I DARE YOU.

          • John Grande

            Peter, no would be able to take on my insatiable lust for butt sex. Not you, not Freddie Mercury, not Ryan Seacrest. No one has been able to out fuck my ass in a long time so what makes you think my anus hasn’t killed someone in 30 years and don’t give me that you are next bullshit because no one can withstand my man pussy because it’s is loose and leaky. If they try, I’ll have a 32oz bottle of KY on my back, a double headed dildo on my side and anal beads on the other side, two poppers one in each hand SO TRY ME I DARE YOU.

          • John Grande

            I will suck the shit out of your asshole. Then I will force you to cum in my mouth and drink your cum and you wont be able to do shit about it motherfucker. Then I will make you fore my .44 Magnum inside my asshole and I will force you to enjoy it asshole

  • aghmed

    I shall put her on her back for the snake in the valley position

  • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

    She is well past her peak breeding years. Duff was choice when the fake titted harlot was on the sassy Nickelodeon show “Clarissa Explains Why She’s Not In A Burqa to a Sharia Court”.

  • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

    All I want o know is will i get a chance to deep throat her cock and will she let me be a top. Sgt. John Grande, sir, never let’s me be atop not even a power bottom.

    • Umar the Purple

      Kunta Kinte’s Retarded Twin

      Change your fucking name!! It hurts my eyes!

    • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton


      • John Grande

        Chiiiilll bro. You know you my boo and I’ll nevr let these Muslims have a piece of that fine mongrel ass of yours, you chink/google bitch ass punk.

        Now get over here and mouth my pole some more you dumb faggot.

        And say yes sir, bitch.

      • STEVEN


  • TheMessenger

    sstop it hurts gods feelings stop cursing at people

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