Hilary Duff And Emma Watson Are Lesbian Lovers

Hilary Duff Emma Watson

Are Hilary Duff and Emma Watson Hollywood’s newest lesbian power couple? According to this photo of Hilary playing with Emma’s snatch the answer is yes!

While it has long been reported on this site that Emma Watson is a degenerate lesboqueer, we had yet to confirm the same of Hilary Duff. Of course we have always had our suspicions considering her strong masculine jaw line, perfect for munching lady crotch. Not to mention her last name is Duff which is just one letter away from Muff.

Yes Emma Watson and Hilary Duff are almost certainly lesbian lovers. The thought of them passionately licking, sucking, and fingering their taut bodies haunts my dreams, making me erect with disgust. May Allah smite them soon for this deviant lesboqueer behavior.

  • Huge Cock Habib

    Such shameful behavior I shall club them both like baby seals with my flaccid cock until they renounce their Zionist ways.

    • Hllary’s Muff

      It’s no surprise your cock is flaccid habbibie, specially looking at all those hot looking women in their burkas, bet their cunts are pretty smelly under there too, probably why they have to wear one, to keep everyone else from smelling how fishy their unwashed smelly cunts are, you really should take them to the car wash at least once a month to hose them down, oh wait that’s true, you don’t have car washes, that should be camel wash.

      • Habib the assassin

        habbibie? you must be cum shoot. And yes we do have car washes We drive top of the line vehicles the ones that the obese americans paid for buying are oil. Cum obese shoot you will be a slave at one of our car washes when you are taken back to the middle east to be trained and put on a diet you will learn the muslim way of life if you disobey you will learn a painfull lesson from your masters whip.

        • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

          wow you drive a camel that is so cool…i only drive a donkey…niggah please the nicest car youve seen is the American Humvee with a machine gun on top to keep fuck tards like you away from us

          • Huge Cock Habib

            I saw one of those once and I blew it up with an RPG.

          • Habib the assassin

            Fucks mules why is it you wish to fuck muslims dogs stick with the donkey you drive up the ass.

        • Aeneas252

          hey douchebag americans arent all obese and i will never be muslim and my master is GOD!!!!!(christian god)

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Your new master is us Muslims. All westerners are our slaves or soon to be slaves.

            Submit to us or be stoned.

          • Huge Cock Habib

            Anus, I shall humble you with 10 inches of limp cock slapped across your face.

          • the mad mexican

            HEY ABDUL THE BUTCHA the only thing you butcher is your daughters pussies !!! and their father is your lead donkey!!! and the English language of course!!!!! long live Christianity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • osama bin ladin

    fake the should make a vid

  • The Guy with the EyE

    HOT DAMM!!! just blew a load on da keybopard.

    • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

      dont worry habibbie will come and lick it up no charged, just took a shit and ran out of toilet paper? dont worry he will lick it clean

      • Habib the assassin

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        • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

          it make perfect sense being educated I can tell by all your post the only thing you talk about is ass homo cum so I used my knowledge to tell that’s what you are in to I nasty as it may seem i wont judge thats for your allah

          • Habib the assassin

            Cum shooot It only makes sense to a moron like you. By the way you forgot smelly pussy,queer and whores. Thats right your educated first one in your family to become a 6th grade grad. Bet the shine was flowing at the trailer that night. and you were given a tube of KY and the homosexuals book of Karma Sutra as a gift.

          • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

            once again but im not surprise by the education level of a arab i think your towel is too tight habibbie (do you ppl put bombs in them)

            “Bet the shine was flowing at the trailer that night.” please speak proper English I know you are not civilized living in that backward country this is not hieroglyphics you dogs use its English no spitting when you talking it either

  • HONG

    Tat photo is fake. Get a life u bloody SOB’s

    • Habib the assassin

      Hong the homo It is well known that they are lezbos. They will be leaking a sex tape soon

  • Omar{paki rambo}

    my islamic brothers:
    we as people shouldn’t let the infidel bother us. Remember they are kufars who Allah put on the earth to surve not to bitch about all in good time you’ll see. though give some of them credit they can raise good points at times

    • Hal

      rubber dinghy rapids

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Considering the homoqueer population of the u.s. of a. (all of them) it is no wonder females like this duff have turned to the “bearded clam” for sexual pleasure. Even an ugly tranny like emma is still better than the fag-boy americans.

    However, when Islam takes over, the flood of powerful and macho Muslim men into the u.s. of a. will put an end to the paractice of lesboqueerism.
    Us Muslims will show the infidel women what sex with a real man is like and give them a powerful Muslim orgasm!

    I can only imagine how greatful the former lesboqueers will be to Allah for bringing Jihad to the great satan!

    • Big Pete

      My bitch Abdullah

      The only thing that will come flooding in with muslim men is extreme homosexuality, and The Brotherhood doesn’t want anymore of it in this country. We’ve done a damn fine job killing the gays, googles, spics, and muslims, which means you’re doubly fucked, as a muslim and homo.

      The only thing that needs to be flooding in to the U.S.A. are body bags for all the non-aryan folk who are about to die.

      Suck on that you dumb mofo


      • Habib the assassin

        The KKK are a bunch of trannys you should change KKK to KY because you gay bastards are allways sticking your dicks up each others asses.

    • Hllary’s Muff

      And here’s me who thought Muslim women weren’t allowed to orgasm? Muslims, isn’t that what happens when camel jockeys fuck monkeys in the ass?

    • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

      you dont know shit about the KKK because your to busy sucking allah dick and building a bomb that will utimately fail before you leave your little clay hut that you call a home
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      • Abdullah The Butcher

        fucks homeless dogs

        What’s there to know about the kkk?
        They meet at night wearing dresses and go home with leaky assholes and a dirty sanchez.

        Even a dumbass like you should be able to spot a tranny club when you see one.
        Instead of the kkk, they should call themeslves the TFH (tranny fucking homoqueers)

        • Habib the assassin

          Brother Abdulla Your sense of humor is second to none you make fools of the american homosexual. Praise Allah

          • the mad mexican

            hey abdulah…. and all the other middle eastern assholes have a job opening for goat herder on my vast goat farm IN THE MEXICAN Territory !!!!only job preference is DON’T FUCK MY GOATS!!!! you must bring your own goat for mating and making more bomb makers,,,,,

        • Omar

          Brotha Abdullah,
          you always continue to amuse me. Your hummor is a blessing. Show the Paki bashers whos boss. mus~allah

      • Habib the assassin

        Fuck your mothers ass You say i don’t know a thing about the KKK. But you no a lot about KY due to your constant ass fucking of obese american males and trying to find there dicks which is covered over by there huge pot bellies so you can suck the small american penis. and yes we are making new bombs for the american homos they are dildo bombs we can only pray that you or your fag lover buys one of then we have placed in sex shops all over your country and we can only hope it goes off while you are fucking each other in the ass with it this will rid the world at least two homo americans.

        • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

          true i do know a thing about ky because i had to use it while i fucked the moms dry fishy pussy…it took all i had to even allow her the privelege to suck my cock…and even after i let her suck it her crooked teeth cut it up and your sister told me it smells like camel dick from your mom sucking it earlier

          • Habib the assassin

            Fucks little boys. The two good muslim women you speak of would never let you or your 3 incher near them they would smell you coming a mile away. These muslim women are trained and would cut you down long before you had the chance to take out your 3 incher.

  • Lewis

    Fake but who gives a shit. Its hot

    • Hllary’s Muff

      Ya gotta love sexy lesbians

  • jack meoff


    • Habib the assassin

      Jacks off You have this lie turned around this is what goes on in the den of satan you call America.

    • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

      Jack the brain off:

      First: civilized people don’t write with capital letters;
      Second: the sucess of the USA was well documented in Iraq when they have to run away like rats from a sinking ship;
      Third: your diet (beer, donuts, popcorn and pork) is dooming you to a premature death and a permanent brain damage;
      Forth: your morals -as this holy site quite well demonstrates – are shit.

      So: thank you Allah for keeping us away from this satanic country.

      • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

        if i remeber correctly Hashim the destroyer of Cock we killed osama and suddam so fuck you we were nice enough not to drop a nuclear warhead on you
        and the diet we have is a hella lot better than camel shit and allahs cock you faggot ass queers call food

        • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

          Fucked by Muslims:

          “A frog that lives in the bottom of a well can’t imagine how the sea might be” – ancient proverb

          How can you, a junk food eater living in a ghetto, speak about the richness of the world or Muslim traditions and food habits?

          PS – About nuclear bombs: us at Iran have already made enough to fry you all Infidels.

          • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

            the only issue is with yall bomb is like every other attempt to kill you will fail….When you attempt to attack america the power of THE LORD OUR ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD will smite you with all his mite
            a few verses for you to think about are
            Proverbs 10 27: for the fear of the Lord prolongeth days:but the years of the wicked shall be shortened
            Revelations 6 17: For the great day of his wrath is come;and who shall be able to stand?

          • adfadf

            so we’ve made enough to destroy the world 3 times

        • Habib the assassin

          Cum shoot You must be a fool it is well known thru out the world that America has the highest # of obese people on the planet your wild food orgy’s where fat slob americans eat till they vomit then go back and eat again.You teach your childern to eat like this and they are fat little smelly pigs. When the fires of the jihad burn in america we will not worry about being attacked because the fat slob american does not move very fast and you obese fools would use the fires to roast hotdogs

          • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

            a tale of 2 different countries well the US is one and ppl live better that the whole middle east its a shame Americans have so much and habibbie and the rest of bomb making dogs are suffering and dying everyday or starvation or road bombing hahahah I rather be fat than die in a road bomb

          • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

            Wise words brother Habib.

            Those fat American are doomed. When Islam takes over USA most likely they will be distracted eating sausages from both their holes.

          • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

            wud up my sand nigga hasher still living in that piece of shit qutar? dang I dont know how you can live there with all those bombing that goes on there you a a brave towel head sand nigga i’ll give you that. Any of your family ever got blown up by a suicide bomber?

  • jesus is number 1

    no one can over take america we killed osama and we will kill you if you try

    • Habib the assassin

      Jesus you said we killed Osama you were there now that we no who you are you will be put to death like the other cowards who took the life of this great man and leader he will be with us in spirit when we wage Jihad on the USA.

      • Ectomorph

        Excuse the confusion…. when you said “Osama” I thought you meant “Obama”.

        It should have been a fight to the death: one-on-one: the big O v. the big O.

        • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

          Obama would killed osama in a minute look at osama like all shit towel head the man weighted 90 lbs either starving or had aids from habibbie’s rotten ass hole but Obama send the infidels and shot shark shit osama in the head should have shoot the women there also

          • Habib the assassin

            Cum shoot yes the running dog cowards shot Osama while he was having dinner with his wifes and was unarmed at the time had they let him get his AK he would have been no problem for Osama to take out the entire seal sucking team.If it was the other way around Osama would have let them get there weapons for a fair fight because he was that kind of man. Also he weighed more than 90 lbs. it may have looked that way to you Obese american pigs.

      • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

        you tel me that the 40some navy seals who killed osama and all his cock sucking hencman are cowards when you guys were so stupid that you housed a terrorist…..next to your most prestigious millitary school…..we came in the like rambo and killed every mofo that got in our way…and you say you will take over the US but i can bet my left nut each of the navy seals that were involved in the operation will kill about 100 of you before you even see the rich soil of the greatest country ever known to be around…so go back to the drawing board because no matter what you try we will crush you

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          fucks california fags

          That’s right asshole.
          If them pussified seals had any guts, only one of them would have went into Osama’s house and fought him one to one…like a man.

          I’ll tell you why that didn’t happen. The seal would have got his ass kicked by the mighty Bin Laden…so the chicken shits had to run in when Osama was entertaining himself after a hard day of Jihad and they shoot him in bed, with his several wives.

          Afterwards, the seals went back to their rusty war-boat and celebrated by getting drunk and fucking each other up the ass….in usual u.s.of a. navy style.

          • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

            i guess all you muts-lims are stupid as fuck because none of yall had guns because yall were to busy jerkin off cause not even your ugly burka wearin harlots want to fuck yall…we kill who we want how we want…dont threaten the us because it will come back and but fuck you in the ass like you are used to
            as you say

            eat shit and die mofo

  • Word of wisdom

    This is how the west corrupts the mind of its children…
    I will never understand why a boy, emma watson, decided to have his penis removed and “become” a “woman” to have then sex with another woman ?! What’s the point ? I know Watson’s penis was dwarfed beyond any anatomical use, but still, it’s madness.

    • Hllary’s Muff

      Yes, our minds are corrupted but at least we have hot looking women, not like your burka wearing teenage mutant ninja turtle looking skanks, we can’t even see their titties or their cunts, maybe they’re all little Muslim homoqueers under those black shrouds?

      • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

        Sad mofo:

        Have you ever travelled through Qatar Airlines or Royal Air Maroc to see how beautiful Muslim women look like? I’m sure you didn’t because you pass all your useless spare time drinking beer in sinful bars and dreaming with those whores of the so called “star system”.

        But I have bad news for you: while you are raving they are being fucked by googles and waiting rows of promiscuos lilliputian-dicked WASPs.

        Allah rah ye’bal salawatak

  • Hllary’s Muff

    Emma’s clam isn’t bearded at all, in fact it’s nice and hairless and tastes delicious. After I make her cum like a fountain she’s going to fuck my hot ass with a strap on. Maybe we’ll even do a threeway with Jennifer Maniston, I hear she has a Big Clit to fuck us with. We lesbians are so fucking hawt, we make all you macho Muslims into little queer bois who stick their zob into each others asses. Ohhh gawd, she makes my cunt so horny and wet, I want to lick her all over!

    Hillary’s hot, wet mufff

    • Habib the assassin

      Hilarys foul smelling muff Or should I say Cum shoot.Emma’s Huge streached out well used smelly pussy has no hair for one reason she had the crabs the Doctors had to shave the foul thing to treat her.Also your ass is hot only because of the outside temp which makes it hot and dripping with sweat,old piss and whatever Emma’s tongue leaves behind.Jennifer Maniston does not have a big clit She is a shemale and has a big dick.

  • Jack

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    • Kahlid


  • Shoot all towel wearing Muts-lims dogs

    Pakistan completes demolition of bin Laden compound

    • the mad mexican

      I am having his Usama” s wives shipped to my mansion in Mexico to live out their lives as my goat washers…!!!! a much better life than living in that god forsaken land of Pakistan and selling their smelly conch for a few miserable rupees ……

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        mad dog drinking mexican asshole

        what you call a mansion, us Muslims call a 1971 VW bus.

  • melody

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      moo-cow melody

      When us Muslims find you…you’ll eat your words and then you’ll eat a lot of “Tikriti brown snake.”

      • the mad mexican

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          moron mexican

          and you are known as the cock sucker from Chihuahua.

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    • Habib the assassin

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  • emma watson

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  • Caitlin

    Photoshop-ed piece of shit.

  • Ghibelline

    Wow, an entire website dedicated to trolling and spreading misogynist stereotypes about Muslims. Be proud, guys: you’ve done a great job.

  • Fahq

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  • NotGay

    Thats an alarming site. If I was a woman I’d be on all fours getting pounded by men all day filling my duty

  • christina

    This may be a fake – but it’s still hot!

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    bitches plz. USA FOR THE WIN

  • Simon P. Bedard


  • Faake ass pic

    This pic is fucking fake :*

  • jake


  • US-Marine69

    Lol. Why are there some insurgents around this website? and why is the url saying: celebjihad?
    Guess we have to let the government check out this website.

    Stupid sandrats.
    Go fuck some camels

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      You are a perverted homoqueer to brag about doing a “gay 69”

      It’s no wonder us Muslims kicked the shit out of you marines…your assholes are so loose that just the slightest “thump” and you shit on yourselves like a 1 year old ghetto google baby.

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  • I like turtles, but I don’t do beastiality. I like da womenz.

    I love this fight. Why are you fighting over KY? I got some Smuckers right here! BTW: Stop getting you spermy-wormies all over the keyboard in the public library. OTHER PEOPLE USE THOSE!

  • shizz

    facts: did u know? majority of muslims are homos? No one knows. coz they kept it as a secret. you wouldnt know these faggy muslims here are homos. Listen, we’re all civilused people. except the more you talk crappy things, no point but at least im having fun reading these.

  • Inevitable End

    screw u muslim assholes Americans are just better than u idiots all u r is talk no show Americans are the ones who take action and go ahead and say u will stone me to death i stone myself with that good sweet mary jane

    • Thyun99

      American will fall to the ground

  • SodomyHuseinTheCamelFucker

    You guys realize that these are fake pics right? Even the Sand-googles that run this aren’t really Jihadeeez. It’s just a really bad “theme”. They’re pretending to be camel fuckers that like porno. Pretty stupid idea. There’s only one God and it ain’t Allah.