Heidi Montag’s New Plastic Surgery Face

Heidi Montag plastic surgery

Pictures of “The Hills” star Heidi Montag after having 10 different plastic surgery procedures done to her face and body have been released.

Heidi looks fantastic! Who was the witch doctor that performed these miracles on her face? There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing then a woman who is incapapable of showing any form of expression in her face.

Spencer is a lucky man. Heidi will now be able to sit in quiet regard to her husband, and not risk a lashing for showing a sign of disapproval at his actions. I only hope for Spencer’s sake that one of the 10 plastic surgery procedures Heidi underwent was to have her clit removed. There is nothing like making sweet love to a woman who can achieve no enjoyment as she lies there with a blank look on her face.

  • heidimontagisworthless

    i think she looks frozen, like nicole kidmen. she is so young why get all this work done? she looks like an alien. everything was in proportion before and she was beautiful. now her boobs are way too big, she has tiny arms, a chubby face. not like a fat chubby but like a babies if u know what i mean. and her eyebrows and scary! she aged herself ten + years with this. She talks about god and how much her faith means to her and being naked in playboy is good because god created the body and its beauitful, then why all the changes. it was awful when i saw the picutres of her posing wearing a crown. shes a confused person if she thinks god would like that and or be flatter by that.

  • Rollo

    I think she looks amazing. What a wonderful job her surgeon did.

    • julia

      she looked better the way she was 5 months ago… now she looks frozen.. she reminds me of kim from the real housewives of atlanta

  • Mary jane

    She looks like someone taped her face back
    it’s karma from being a little bitch on the Hills
    now she’s fake on the inside AND outside …
    she can go fuck herself
    Spencer probably doesn’t do a good job with his chode

  • Dead Edâ„¢

    CelbJihad is correct for once (in this case, it’s Durka Durka: kudos, bro), Heidi Montag DID in fact get 10 plastic surgeries done, and all 10 were in 1 day. Wtf?

    She’s going down the road of heroin and alcoholism.

    She’s going to get addicted.

    • Kunte kinte

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  • Km

    Why the hell did she do that? She looked better before. I would be able to tell that she has had A LOT of work done on her face if I just saw her without knowing what she looked like before. Thats really sad. Changing yourself on the outside that much doesnt help how you feel on the inside.

  • mp

    wtf is wrong with those superstar ..is she even 25!??…..she look good both!!! but c`mon HOW MANY TIME DO WE HAVE TO SAY THAT “NATURAL BEAUTY“ IS WAYYYYYYY BETTER

  • fleur

    i think she looks beautiful, but she also looks completely lifeless. she’s looks like a different person, and not in a good way.

  • sam

    she looks scary now..no one should have 10 surgeries…thats disgusting. all she needed was the nose job and she looked decent no matter what shell never be hot

  • Michelle Parris

    Sad she doesn’t like what God gave her. Man didn’t do better hopefully she can acknowledge and forgiver herself 4 these mistakes and stop trashing her looks. Michael Jackson was reincarnated lol. We’ll pray 4 her. She may like the attention 4 now, but sadly it fades along with looks.

  • Mandy

    I actually think she looks amazing!!!