Hayden Panettiere In A Bikini Video

Hayden Panettiere bikini video

Converted Muslim Hayden Panettiere wears a skimpy bikini while diving into a pool filled with Muslim men in the video above.

Hayden Panettiere is being rewarded for her excellent service to Islam with the highest honor a woman can receive, a holy Muslim gang bang.

Words can not begin to describe the erotic pleasures Hayden is about to experience in this pool of sensuality, as she is passed from one virile Muslim brother to the next. However, lets just say Hayden Panettiere will not be walking upright for the next few months.

  • Rafiq Mohammad

    There are 3 kinds of people who visit this website

    Extremely stupid- The ones who think that this website is actually run by Muslims and vent out their anger mindlessly

    Stupid- Who post merely to proclaim “This is fake” “This is photoshopped” ( By devoting their energy into stating the obvious…they prove their stupidity )

    The not so stupid- Who get the sarcasm..and involve themselves in it by posting sarcastic, snide, mocking remarks towards the staff of the website

    • Word of wisdom

      And there are the mossad agents like yourself who try to undermine the credibility of Brother Durka Durka. You won’t succeed in weakening our jihad, which strength is soon to engulf the whole USA.
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      • Rafiq Mohammad

        Nobody is trying to undermine anyone, Negro.

        Where is my cotton by the way?

        • Word of wisdom

          Man, you name yourself “rafiq” and call other peoples “negro” ?
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          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Look at your picture before replying, Negro

            Enough said

          • Word of wisdom

            The picture I use, rufuz, is not my portrait, but the one of our most beloved friend in the white house, devout muslim barry Soetoro, you may know under the jihad name of Barrack Hussein Obama.

            There, a bigger version, whore :

            He may be an abid, but he’s one of the most valuable assets of islam. It is fair to celebrate this man
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          • Rafiq Mohammad

            If one of them is Obama then the other one must be you.

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Abid the Shitmaster

            Make no mistake. I am not one of the wimpy guys that post here that you can insult and get away with.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Abomination to Butchers

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          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Look the point is that I can’t find my cock so you can’t suck it although I would like that very much since I’m a fucking sick queer.

          • Rafiq Mohammad

            Mr Imposter

            Have you noticed that the number of commenters has gone down significantly in these past few weeks?

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            It is because of impersonators like you.

            Mimicking is fun when done within limits…but when it runs rampant and you impersonate EVERY single commenter…you take out all the fun and make it annoying.

            If your agenda is to deter people from posting here…then congratulations…you have succeeded.

          • Rafiq Mohammad

            But what do I know?

            I have AIDS.

      • Rusting Toenail

        Jesus, save that shit for the actual morons who lack common sense. It’s redundant doing it with the people on here who aren’t braindead.

    • USA Rules

      4 kinds
      Fags like you!

    • AGuy

      I come here to fap….

    • Rafiq Mohammad

      Make that 4 kinds of people: those who crave cock.

      For example, ME!


  • Grand Dragon Pete

    The only thing one can get from a muslim gangbang is cock worts and muslim AIDS.

    Oh……and a lot of small cock.


    • Konatathemisfit

      The japanese have small cock and we have no shame so we can have school girl tenical porn orgys in the street and the cops wont give a fuck so small dick big pride

      • Rafiq Mohammad

        Konami Shit

        Q: What happens if a Japanese guy with an erection walks into a wall?

        A: He breaks his nose.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Q: what happens when a klansman with an erection walks in to a wall?

          A: the building collapses at the strength of our powerful python.


          • Kisuke

            I thought the answer was “he fucks the first baboon he sees”

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Sucks men

            That’s no way to talk about your mother and sister.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy (aka Small Worm Pete),

            Congratulations: you are getting dumber by the hour.

            1st – Why would a “klansman” walk into a wall? To knock his head on it?
            2nd – If the building collapses what happens to the brave “klansman” inside it? Becomes soup?

            I bet you didn’t get today your daily dose of sucking cock. You are too delusional….

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            little gay pete

            I’ll tell you what happens when a klansman with an erection walks in to a wall…….the fag behind him, who has his erection up the trannyklanner’s ass, asks if he needs glasses.

          • Imam Khalid


            Hilarious, Brother Abdullah.

            Big Gay Pete’s fag antics would put Liberace to shame were he not burning in Hell for being a homoqueer!

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • TBEAR182

            Grand cum stain Pete,

            Your mother and sister are the same person now pipe down and go back to your shanty in Inbred Hollow.

  • Yetiglanchi

    I enjoy sleeping nose to anus.

  • Mountain Iman

    I was proud to be in the pool, being the first to catch her as she dove in, I waited as my Brothers took their turns and finished the night with her. Have the bikini bottom holy relics to prove it.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    When I eventually take a turn at porking (forgive me, Allah) midgets……Hayden will be high on the list…..

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Rafiq Mohammed…….where does a poor goat-herd like my self fall in your riegister…??

    • Rafiq Mohammad

      Its awfully hard to determine…since I am still not sure about your gender.

      You have an avatar of a woman and a name of something or someone probably male.

      Offhandedly I’d say you are one of the staff….but your comment history has been wayward as well..so I still cannot categorize you.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Excellent analysis Rafiq……..

    …my staff awaits a Selena Gomez “leaked” pic….

  • CelebWanker

    I want to worship Hayden Panettiere’s naked body

  • //??//

    Come on Durka Durka could you show a nude tranny or Justin Beiber in drag post something us gays can jerk off over.

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    • //??//

      Please post somthing us gays can jerk to like a tranny with a hard on or a white guy sucking black cock.

      • Husain Ali Al-Husain


        Filthy vermin qweer you must suffer much pain for posting such filth on this holy muslim site.

  • Anubis

    Muslimina Hayden knows that by wearing this most provocative attire, Allah will soon bless her by filling her every orifice with powerful virile Islamic seed.

  • John Grande

    She isn’t a Muslim you Goddamn assholes.

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      John Grande…….are you sure??

      …she looks like one…

      • ObserversDickisaFatwa

        ..and she was tossing a Bhurka behind her…..

        • John Grande

          it’s called a jacket you asshole.

          • Yetiglanchi

            How would you know what a jacket looks like?

            You’re a poor person, like all wetbacks.

            Plus those lawyers you had to hire to keep you out of jail for stalking Ariana Grande must have cost you every food stamp you illegally get, puto.

          • Husain Ali Al-Husain

            Homo John

            Your daddy if you know which one of the hundreds of spics and niggers who fucked your mother is your father should have used a jacket (condom) so ther would be one less poge in the world .

  • Allah’s Geek

    I have a wallpaper of Muslimina Hayden on my newest creation, ‘The Allah 5000 PC’. She is down on all fours happily scrubbing the camel stalls and servicing several strong Muslim men at the same time. A true wonder to be hold.

    Nothing in the pathetic western world has the power of my Allah 5000 PC. It makes all other computers look like the crappy Apple Core Ipuke.

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    Oh wow look at the way Lady Panettiere takes off her Burka, with such grace, Allah will be so proud,
    i know my little fella is rite now.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Since Musliminina Hayden converted to Islam she has had to work out at a ferocious rate, to develop a muscular body able to handle the superhuman poundings from numerous powerful Muslims.

    She will produce many fine Jr. Jihadists before we put her out to pasture in a couple of years.


    fuck all you stupid dirka pussies why don’t you go back to blowing yourself up instead of criticizing females because if you assholes really didn’t like to see this then then your assholes wouldn’t be looking it the first place keep your stupid ass comments to yourself or just don’t look it up you stupid cunts oh and by the way fuck your stupid ass god allah or whatever

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Us Muslims get blown up regularly….by your deep-throating mother.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Asseater Abdullah

        Wait a second…..that ain’t his mother……

        Its Homo Hashim in drag “shallow throating” your tiny pecker.

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  • Joe

    In case anyone’s wondering, it’s from her new show, Nashville.