Hayden Panettiere Classy Nude Photo

Hayden Panettiere nude

Once again Hayden Panettiere shows the class and grace of a Muslim woman by posing for the above photo completely in the nude.

Of course this photo is meant exclusively for Muslim eyes, so if any infidel dare look upon Hayden’s gorgeous naked frame they can expect to be jihaded most righteously.

Hayden is treating her Muslim fans to a feast of flesh in the hopes that us virile Islamic warriors will become aroused with desire and mount her in a mighty gang bang, planting the seed of a future jihadist inside her belly. A noble desire to be sure and one that surely will come to fruition shortly.

  • habib pudding

    Allah akbuhhhh sorry lost my load

  • Reza

    Classy indeed.

  • Observer

    She will fetch a fine bride price…..

    • Allen

      why is money considered, she is Human and should never be sold as a prize

      • Awesome

        No she should be sold.Like a Whore.Like a lady should be

        • demon85

          fuck you and die you cum guzzling gutter whore

    • Allen

      why is money considered, she is Human and should never be sold as a prize.
      She is wonderful and Australian and should stay that way

      • Max

        She’s Italian dumb fuck

        • rdj

          And a former teen prostitute

  • Larry

    Classy? Maybe. But it is a fake. Good thing she is a devout American and will chear like the rest of the world when the United States military takes down the muslim world.

    • Word of wisdom

      Your words are as fake as the fake state of israel. Your pitiful zionist propaganda can’t hurt the honor of our beautiful (and not small) muslim princess Hayden, bride of the oummah and friend of the jihad.

      • demon85

        it is a fake look at the tan line she’s always at the beach she’d be more tan than just from the neck up her whole body would be tan you retard. and she is not muslum she’s american she is not jihad she loves america and she will cheer when ur pathetic race is extinct AMERICA RULES YOU MUSLIM SCUM, and not to mention she’s married or dating a boxer.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      loose asshole larry

      When us Muslims ride our camels into your town….you’ll eat your words and a few rounds from the AK-47.

      • Piss on muslims

        Abqueera the dick licker

        We don’t want you to fuck your camels in our or any town just stay in your homo compound with the rest of the homo muslims

        • Abdullah The Butcher

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            What does RPG stand for is it Rear entry Penis Grabbers Or Rectum poppers group.?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            piss drinker

            No doubt a glory hole king like you has a different definition of RPG than us Muslims but one day soon….you’ll find out what we mean by it.

          • Big Pete

            Anal toy Abdullah

            This ain’t “Taxi Cab Confessions” you damn homo, so we don’t want to hear about the cock on your breath. No doubt there is a touch of shit stank from going ass to mouth.

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          • I piss on muslims

            Abqueera the homo

            RPG is code to a muslim that stands for which gloryhole are we going to today.

          • Sean

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        • Sean

          Your just a fucking google shut your ass up.

      • Awesome

        AK-47 cuz u Fucking idiots Muslims cant make ur own damn guns.Go suck some camel duck dimfuck idiots.Gotta buy some cheap as guns. And were gonna riding tanks and their barrel up ur cammel ass fuckface

      • Frank

        Hey Abdullah you stupid muslim scum will be too busy fucking (or getting fucked by) the camels too do any shooting anyway. You stupid muslim cocksuckers and goat fuckers better not come near my place. I raise a bunch of animals and don’t want you near them. I’m afraid you’d make the whole herd sick. Do yourself a favor and cut off your balls (if you even have any) followed by your head

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          faggy frank

          “raise a bunch of anaimals” is code for….gay animal sex where you suck off donkey cocks and fuck he-goats up the ass.

          For these immoral crimes…you will be shot with the AK-47 and your entire family set on fire.

          • Piss on camel jockeys

            Fucking muslims the us military killed Osama and we will kill all u little sand google bitchs

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Bozo Larry,

      Don’t insult our intelligence. Beside that, “Panettiere” (that by the way means “baker” in Italian) is far from being a name with a horse-face heritage.

      America is not only a degenerate society: all their major “scientists”, artists, etc, came from other countries.

      The time has come for us, pious Muslims, to take over that nation and rule it, saving America from the evil power of international Zionism and their rotten morality.

      Also watermelon plantations – as well as all Monsanto genetically modified crops – will be destroyed and replaced by healthy pastures for goats and camels.

      Only Islam will save America from self-destruction.

      Allahu Akbar

      • Nathan


      • rick joseph andrew

        islam is a satanic sham satan is decieving thru the koran he is a master of masquerading himself!!!allah is satan as well as mohammed!!!!!!!!!!!!satan knows his lies will not prevail against the one true living god!!!!!!!!!!!and he is already defeated but he’s taking a great many who of this false cult believe these fables with him to their eternal destruction!!!!!!!
        wake up before it’s much too late all of you who are muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        you cannot defeat an living god!!!!!!!!!!!he is more powerful than you all percieve!!!!!!!!!

        • USMC…trained to kill Muslim Extremists and Jihad Terrorists…and their familes

          Please learn to spell so that we Christians, as a whole, aren’t lumped in with an idiot that can’t speak or type his native language properly. You are exactly the type of moron that makes these underevolved sheep think that we are all idiots, and defenseless against attack.

          • Imam Kahlid al-Ashari

            USMC stands for United State’s Male Cocksuckers.

            Marines are the biggest homoqueers on the planet next to French men.

        • God Himself

          Er…there is no god dickhead. That doesn’t mean I like the Muslims you’re referring to. Yes some of them should die but some are ok. A bit like retarded Americans really…many should die simply for reducing the global IQ average amongst other viable reasons. But then some are alright. Are you American? If so you may feel a bit offended by that as regardless of the country, you’d be in the “retarded” group that should have been shot at birth.
          Being the hate. I enjoy the read. It makes me feel intelligent ;)

          • God Himself

            Bring the hate *
            I’ll correct my mistake ;)

      • Tony

        Stephen Hawkins- American, Steve Jobs- American, Bill Gates- American, Thomas Edison- American, … You sir are ignorant in your beliefs of who, or what America really is, America is a land of immigrants who can come here, and go to school, and become more than if they continued living in their shithole countries, you think anybody that wanted to be a doctor would ever get that opportunity or even want that opportunity in a country ran warlords, our country may not have the strict no skin policy your false god bestowed upon your following, but it’s because women are animals too, and should be treated with respect, and allowed to speak while men speak… Islam is a peaceful theology at it’s core, but imbeciles like yourself ruin it… A Salaam Alaikum

      • Piss on camel jockeys

        We the USA will rebel and kill all the Muslim faggets

    • Sara

      Fuck u . u bastard …….. The apparent muslim that posted this is a bastard ….. no muslims do harm and the ones that do harm people are not reliogous ………. SO FUCK U AND THE MUSLIMS WILL WIN ANYWAY .. USA Military will crush us pshh i REALLY doubt that

    • demon85

      i think the usa should just drop a couple of nukes on the muslims and end it destroy the entire country.

      • demon85

        do you even remember what happened to japan during world war 2 because if u don’t i think you could look it up on the internet or watch it on history channel. lets just say most of the country of japan went BOOM!!!! hahahaha you think you stand a chance against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or the UNITED STATES WE’LL PUT A NUKE DOWN YOUR THROAT!!!! we got thousands we could level your country all you got is suicide bombers ha eat that muslim scum!!!!!!!!!

    • Max

      He’ll yeah fuck Muslims. Go blow yourselves up no need to involve others who aren’t psychotic like y’all middle easterners. Stay in your own country!!. AMERICA!!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Word of Wisdom lol. You’re an ignorant douchebag. Your people wallow like pigs in an expanding cesspool of stupidity and ugliness. The State of Israel must and will prevail over the evil Muslim world so that it can be succeeded by Christianity and the most devout 144,000 can reach the Kingdom of Heaven. I urinate on your Koran and your pathetic proper Mohammed, who was nothing more than a transvestite whore.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      asshole de-no-classo

      You christians are nothing more than assholes too lazy too be jews.
      you have a fake jew god but you act likie he is on vacation, so you mofos drink, fornicate, lie, cheat, steal and engage in all sorts of perversions and debauchery.

      In other words, you christians are children of satan.
      But don’t worry, us Muslims will soon send all of you to hell, for a very warm family reunion with your daddy satan…who will see that you mofos are ass fucked by horse-demons for eternity.


      • GOD

        muslims r destroying the world. 1. Blew up Twin Towers

        • Weylin

          You fail at life

        • Wolfwalker

          9 of the so called 9 / 11 suicides are alive and in steady employment. There names and occupations are published on the FBI site.

      • muslim haterz

        you will go hell you ugly ass mutherfucking bitch you guys are children of satan and you worship him. while you guys go to hell we go to heaven

    • Word of wisdom

      haha, whore, you don’t even understand your own religion, as your version of jesus denounced the pharisee and scribes, which are the root of modern rabbinical judaism : you jesus told they are spawn of the snake, traitor to the words of the lord, sons of the devil, rotting bones in white sepulchres etc… while the non corrupt israel went into the universal alliance.
      You don’t understand or even read your own texts, but you know for sure that you are the slave of the fake israel state. They taught you well, slave.
      To what demented levels has murrkins christianity sunk, so that they now are the (mediocre) foot soldiers of the pharisee satanist sect !

      But what you talmudical/dumb again/protestards (who even forgot the writings your fake prophet martin luther, I can see) – ending the pharisee heresy – we muslims will accomplish !
      in the meanwhile, go suck some rabbi microdick : when we get you, I will give you as fleshwhore to the slaves in my salt mines.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are a scholar and a Jihadist.

    • Piss on muslims

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    • saleem

      Stop making stupid comments islam=peace we won’t swear u but allah says truth will prevail so don’t think u 2 clever u would know what’s the status of a muslim only after you die

    • saleem

      Stop making stupid comments islam=peace we won’t swear u but allah says truth will prevail so don’t think u 2 clever u would know what’s the status of a muslim only after you die. Christians. Don’t understand that jesus is not the son of god because he even telss the people jesus:”oh israel I’m not good I’m bad nd good is my lord, thy 1 lord.” Not three

      • anti-terrorists

        Could you please find me a bible verse that says Jesus Christ isn’t God cause I’m having a little trouble, bitch. By the way no God of any religion would ever endorse conversion to any faith through violence and murder. Only Satan would have the power to convince you something so terrible is right.

    • rick joseph andrew


    • demon85


  • Alex

    She is pretty

  • Bennie

    OMG. I just came in my PJs. Does this make me straight? My cock sure got straight.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Hayden is a great Muslimima and this latest pic will no doubt send thousands of angry suicide bombers to all corners of the infidel world.

    • Piss on muslims

      Abqueera the homo

      No you gay bastard it sent thousands running to the VD clinc.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        No…that was your mother when she got out of prison last month for fucking donkeys in public.

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          NO that was your mama and she was fucking camels while not wearing a burka

    • Big Pete

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        the tranny-klans idea of a 2 for 1 special is when two trannys fuck you at the same time on your birthday.

        • The only guy on this side that seems to notice the tits

          Abdumbass the BBC-lover

          just fuck you and every other stupid terrorist
          nobody even hast lift a finger to defeat you, hell, you’ll blow yourself up anyway

    • anti-terrorists

      Then get ran over by US tankes

    • demon85

      shes american you retard.

  • Halib Douchebag

    Really… that’s as good a photoshop job as you can get you dumb sodomy lovin’ motherfuckers… Holy shit she looks like she has a giant head… Fucking idiots

  • Mario

    Ugh so many goddamn photo shopped pictures on this site.

    • Luigi

      Ugh so many idiots on this site.

      • Bowser

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        • I piss on muslims


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        Yes why don’t you leave so there will be one less

        • Nintendo®

          You’re a fucked up asshole messing good entertainment.

  • hamish

    WAY too skinny to pull a plough…..only good for the kitchen

  • The Real Real Huge Cock Habib

    I bet her pussy is a pleasure to tounge and tastes nice and salty.

  • jon

    Speaking from experience this is a fake Hayden has a freckle right above her right pussy lip for one I would know me an hey has been together for the last year and a half and another thing she would never show herself to some rumbaed retarded Muslims she is an American and she loves American she also told me to say may the Koran burn in hell with all the rest of you dumb fucks who believe she actually wants something to do with you

  • Infidel (obviously because I’m not a paki)

    Went on this photo cause wanted to see her tits (have done for a while) and found it fucking hilarious that a religious debate was goin on underneath it by a load of people who are completely wasting there lives believing in something because the thought of dying and going “no where” is incredibly scary for you, this is the reason I hate all religious people because you argue over something that you will never be able to comprehend or understand as a human, the fact that you cannot see you are adding to the main problem humanity faces on a whole is completely baffling to me, you talk shit to each other on here over exactly what people fight about in the real world except in real life it usually ends in a shit load of people dying and humanity being held back generation on generation, I am an atheist because I do not understand life (or death) and neither do you, you just cant, no one can, its ridiculous to think you know the answer over the next guy, you just segregate yourself because it’s either what your parents told you or because your just a fucking idiot, your all wrong, WRONG WRONG WRONG, and if any of your religions actually are true (and there not) then show me the fucking door I want no part in your shitty little theories that someone’s looking down on you, judging you, giving you a book to tell you how to live your life. If you’ve read this all the way through then thank you, if it has not made you think about what you believe at all then you’re a fucking biggot and you’ll realize your wrong at the very end.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      boring mofo infidel

      Your post has angered us Jihadists. Prepare to have an IED shoved up your ass.

      • Infidel (obviously because I’m not a paki)

        There is so much wrong with what you believe I don’t even know where to start, I truly don’t. And that comment wasn’t directed at you it was to anyone reading all the stupid shit you and your sister, wife and daughter raping, gay hating, honor killing, suicidal fucking insane paki brethren have said because I know people like you, and even after reading that full fucking paragraph all you could think of was “Koran Koran Koran… wait a minute I need to think of a decent comeback” rather than having a conversation about why your wrong, so so so horribly wrong, you all make me sick and unlike you mate I don’t hide behind a fucking computer, infact I’ll give you my fucking number: 07545488160 let’s meet up cause I wanna shove something up your ass too mate but it won’t be a fucking IED there’s not that many knocking about anymore your people keep using them to blow yourselves up for fuck sake

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          homoqueer infidel

          I called that number and the fag who answered said, “big pete’s gay bar”

          I can only imagine the ass pirates in that perverted place…..and the leaky assholes.
          But dont think you’re off the hook…us Muslims will eventually kill all you gay-boys…but on our terms…not yours.

          • Big Pete

            Ass filled Abdullah

            Your obsession over me and all things homo is disturbing.

            No doubt you beat your meat with tweezers while reading my comments.

            Let me tell you, boy, you ain’t never going to get the chance to choke on big white man meat….but you will be choke by The Brotherhood…with the noose.

            You are one sick homo


          • demon85

            one word for muslim scum”die”.

        • I piss on muslims

          Did you mean fudge paki?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            piss drinker

            Shut up you homoqueer attention hound…you’ve made it clear that you’re a fudge packer….why you find that something to brag about is a mystery…a perverted mystery at that.

          • I piss on muslims

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            Moron you have packed more queer muslim ass than all the homos on this site put together

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Speed

    Obvious photoshop is obvious. Obvious muslim troll is even more obvious.

  • Another dumb America

    This site is nothing more than an argueing site WTF 90% of the people on here are ignorant people

  • Hubabuba

    Omfg, you fuckin’ dont understand your own religion…
    And why the hell you are all complaining about White peopleso why the fuck are you looking at fake picture of them?!?!?!
    Everybody on this website is FAQ’S
    (not the Christians)
    Have a Nice day

  • Sword of Islam

    We fear nothing. We will bomb ur shit outof existence.

    • demon85

      one simple sentence for you “america is stronger then you just remember japan during world war 2 you know pearl harbor thing they bombed us quite alot but they really pissed us off we didnt drop 10 bombs we didnt drop 1,000 bombs no we drop 2 bombs just 2”. remember that fuck face.:)

  • Proud Mississippi klansman

    This pic of hayden was taken at a klan meeting where she was standing proud taking her oath to become a female member she pased her tests at 100% by taking out a google and a arab homo muslim. her next assignment will be to go to the middle east and bring back the turn coat miley cyrus to be whipped and then hung for going muslim this will be a waring for any other hollywood types who even think of going muslim

    White power

    • .

      Proud Mississippi KKQueer

    • demon85

      get ur facts strait miley cyrus is american she was raised by a country star and not to mention her father billy ray cyrus she so far from muslim it’s not funny she’s full blooded american u dumb ass and she aint kkk she was brought up right un like u racist fucks get a life and stop slandering good hard working americans.

      • demon85

        and i am alsotalking bout hayden also

  • Alissa DiCarlo

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    Girl on girl scenes are almost too emotional for me. I feel like I’m in love.

    • Kahlid

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      And by creampie I mean an RPG up the bunghole.

  • Proud Mississippi Klansman

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    Don’t you mean a blow job at the gloryhole

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      All you ever think about is the glory hole….you cock sucking pervert.

  • Yo mama

    Hell ya its classy

  • Hail_Satan

    Man she is HOT making it even hotter that she wants to kill me now :D I roll for Satan Lucifer on religion though :)

  • Hail_Satan

    fuck it for everyone here … EXPOSINGCHRISTIANITY.COM for you sand googles and “god lovers” quit hating on Lord Satan he is the REAL god that made us and anyone dissing on Satan is bound and determined to get a cockmeat sandwhich. If you want someone to blame blame god, cus his ass aint real. Ill see you all there and if you think an RPG? Really? Even if you do kill me, im hunting you down and taking you with me beyond the graves cus I got connections with the REAL demons of Lord Satan. Even personal connections with Lord Satan HIMSELF! Looks like I said my part in this religious convo, but I blew a load to that hot chick aswell lol night fuckers

    • demon85

      fuck you, you fucking freak do u really think u will live in peace when u go to hell, hows bout NOT boy you’ve been took for a ride hahahahaha man you make me laugh all that await for u is never ending pain torment and suffering hahahahaha you dumb ass!!!!!!

  • muslisms are cunts

    none of your religions are real haha God isnt Jesus isnt Muhammad was a dumb towel head cunt

  • muslisms are cunts

    You say blah blah muslims will control and destroy everything and havent done shit but talk shit and make ieds and if its true get off your dialup mud hut 89apple computers and go blow your selfs up

  • …unknown dude…

    lol what about jews you dont seem to be hating jews so y do u hate muslims? anyway aren’t muslims, christians and other religions supposed to be peaceful

    i’m not really in any religion but i’m closer to christian out of all religions

    i’m not a hippie or a peace loving guy i’m uh neutral

  • nuetral

    Wow. Just wow. Why can’t we just put down the guns, dismantle the bombs and GROW THE FUCK UP. Your acting like children, all of you

  • Not your God

    Arguing about a god that people have never met. No matter what side of the planet or what you believe in, religion is just a scam. Muslims and Roman Catholic Churches are the richest in the world. Yet they allow the people who serve them to go hungry . That’s a great god to believe in.
    We should send a copy of 50 Shades of Grey to Mars. This way when it is found people can read in and believe that is the word of the Lord.

  • i hate islam

    all you people are bad…………hate you

  • josh

    I really dont get why everyone has to be so confrontational. muslims have their beliefs, christians have their beliefs. everyone needs to grow up, little kids fight over stupid things and this whole topic is littered with a bunch of mindless bickering. you all are making yourselves out to be fools.

  • Ura cameljockey

    Larry is right!!!! Fukajihad.

  • allen jones

    Hayden is the most beautiful woman in the world , i would do anything to have a woman like her in my life , she has the best body , the most beautiful lips and face i have ever seen on a woman , i would be the luckyest man in the world if i was with her , allen

  • allen jones

    Hayden is like a rare rose once u see the beauty u cant believe ur eyes and its like god made her like a painting just for him and u dont want to blink bec, u will never see that beauty ever again

  • malachi

    All extremists suck. I cant even look at porn without some asshole thinking hes better than everyone else cause they’re in another country where running water is a commodity and women are seen as beneath men. Screw all extremists and grow the fuck up. Allah looks at most of you with pity considering you have twisted his word so much. God weeps for all his children but especially you. He looks at you with total pity.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Well…I can tell you for certain…that your mother is one big-time “extremist.”

  • demon85

    she’s married so give up and she gots a daughter so nice photo shop look at where the tan line is you muslim scum go kill ur selves fuck faces i’m full blooded american i hate u pussy footed scum go kill ur selves ur religion is wrong christians are right and go back home get the fuck out of america and stop desecrating her soil i think america should just bomb you to wipe u off the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • demon85

    i wonder if i could report this site as a scam and will harm your computer

  • Dave

    she’s the absolute perfect woman

  • Muslimseatacock

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    Americans rule were out

  • Chris

    I’d love to see an army on camel back with AK-47’s ridding to battle against the western world. It would be like a fist fight between Mike Tyson and Justin Beiber.

  • Jack

    like if you were just looking for naked pictures of Hayden, but got sucked into reading all this shit after you saw a bunch of idiots bickering about camels and goats.

    • me

      id rather jerk off to hayden then watch Pete and Abdullah fuck each other over the comments section of a half wit satirical celebrity soft porn site

  • sadhu

    Sorry folks, but that may be Hayden’s face, but it ain’t her body. Hayden has no mole left abdomen navel height, but does have a small mole, left side about 15cm down from the left tit.

    All this hot air…. for what?

  • me

    am i the only one who sees tits here, like really, c’mon people stop arguing about which religion sucks more and just talk about something we all have in common… We came here to see Hayden’s tits!

  • Erik chin

    What the hell, you guys mock a lot of great celebs, then you turn around and worship another. I get that everyone has favorites, but come on. Grow up a bit, you all should be mature enough to respect others in this world.

  • Peter

    I want to plant a seed in the belly of Hayden Panettiere.

  • FreeRyde


  • Max

    All your pics are fake. And also why would anyone want to get gang banged by a bunch of bearded suicidal tiny penis having Muslims? Hahahaha. Sorry you’re life has come to delusional thoughts and impossible fantasies lol

  • rajesh

    Thats because all of you are just terrorsit worthless wastes of space you fucking sand googles.

  • Your Mum

    Just letting you know it’ll probably be china that comes in and fucks us all up so stop your cyber war you pussies and get out of your mums basement

  • stiphler

    comoeon guys it is fake hyden… doesn’t do that!!!!!!