Harry Potter Is A Hoax

Harry Potter hoax

Harry Potter is a hoax! The picture above of Harry, Dumbledore, Bellatrix, and Lord Voldemort all happily posing together proves that the Harry Potter cult is based on a lie.

Heathens in the West have long worshiped the Harry Potter series as their new religion. Though it is a vast improvement over their love for the Jew God Jesus it is still heresy against the one true religion of Islam.

Now that Harry Potter has been exposed as a lie, there is no doubt that there will be countless Westerners searching for a new religion to follow, and I would just like to suggest they strongly consider converting to Islam.

Not only will it save your life in the coming Jihad when Islam conquers the Western world, but it is also an awesome religion. We get to wear pajamas all day every day, take breaks from work to go “pray”, and have sex with as many women outside of marriage as we want.

Yes Islam is the light and the way. You disillusioned Harry Potterites should embrace Allah as your lord and master and join our brotherhood… oh but no fat chicks allowed. Allahu Akbar!

  • Fat Housewife

    Dang it why are you always excluding me???

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Islam has all the perks and none of the bullshit of the false religions.
    Only a dumbass would reject Allah.

    Wise up infidels and become a Muslim and learn the ways of the Prophet (PBUH).

    Believe me, 72 virgins are way better, than a weekly cracker at your pagan rite of communion.

  • Happy Infidel

    Perks? Heh that’s a joke. Your pagan religion sucks big time. After you deflower the 72 virgins, then what? HUH? You tell me. That’s all she wrote.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You ignorant asshole.
      In heaven, when you deflower a virgin….she is “revirginized” the next day.

      You really are dumb as fuck.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • you


    You are certainly the most ignorant idiot ever… who ever said that Harry Potter was real?? Those were fictional stories made only to entertain, mere child stories that are extremely famous, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY KNOWS IT JUST A FICTIONAL STORY (hence not real)…. LMAO!! Do you even know what ENTERTAINMENT, fairytales or fictional stories are? hahahahaha You really made my night.. thanks! :D

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fuck you

      I know entertainment.
      Entertainment is watching infidels being stoned to death!
      I especially like watching heretics, prostitutes, jews, car salesmen, and atheists get their just deserves. We call it, the “golden stones” award.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • you

        Nah man.. that’s just being a XIII century retarded brute, just like you :)

  • Happy Infidel


    I wouldn’t know about those 72 virgins because I am not a Muslim. (Thank God)! Is that all you perverts think about is sex? You think you are gonna have all kinds of sex after you die? Think again stupid asshole!! Maybe the only sex you’ll have is with those young boys I read about in the Q’ran you bunch of homos.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You don’t know shit about anything, you dumbass lesboqueer.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Happy Infidel is a retard

        She has been huffing too much jenkum for her own good. She knows shit alright, its all she knows.

  • Happy Infidel is a retard

    You wouldn’t know about 1 virgin. 72 is out of your league

  • Happy Infidel

    Why would I give a fuck about virgins anyway you stupid pathetic moron. I told you I am a female and I am not queer. I told you I’ve been married to one guy for almost 50 yrs. Get a life already little boy. Get out of that basement and get a real job.

    You are the retarded one here Abdullest !!

    Eat shit and live, so that you can suffer.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      crappy infidel

      Your problem is that you have never been taught any manners and you act like a crazed drunken prostitute.
      Well, that will all change in the near future. After Islam takes over the degenerate west, you can count on becoming the property of a Muslim man.
      And after a few instructive “ass whoopings” and a burka, you’ll be tame as a kitty cat, and ready to learn appropriate behavior.

      You may not like it, you crazy ass whore, but it’s going to happen anyway.
      You do, however, have a choice of colors for your burka; black or black.

      Eat shit you stupid bitch and die.

      • allah hater.

        Trust me we the resistance are gonna kill ALL muslims here in europe. we are gonna blow up ALL Mosque, and you will looooooos. goodbye, fuck face.

    • Happy Infidel is a retard

      Its obvious why you know nothing about virgins. When you married that poor husband of yours it was well known that you were the villiage Piñata. Your husband must be a saint married to a fucking dumbass like you.

      • WW

        Keep dreaming ignorant imbeciles… keep dreaming… only an idiot would buy ur crap religion… we are currently living in the XXI century, you are way back in the VII century, wake up already…

        Zoophilic ignorants!

  • WW is an asshole

    Roman numerals, how impressive! The other religions are pedophilic and money grubbing bastards.

    • ww

      Oh my! u don’t understand the Roman numerals? first one’s 21 second one is 7 (the century u are stuck in), there u have it. You´re welcome towel-headed chimp :)

      Ouh! and i forgot u were all that u just said too :) Disgusting muslims… u truly make me want to become a soldier if we ever need to remind u your place again and kill all of u just for the laughs :D that would be so much fun!

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You can take your infidel numerals, and shove them up your ass, you faggoty sounding homoqueer.

        Eat shit and die mofo

      • WW is a giant asshole

        March your chicken shitted ass down to the recruiting station you lil cocksucker. And don’t forget your pacifier you pussified bitch.

  • allah hater.

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  • allah hater.

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    9-11-2012…..BÍB,,,BÍBB,,BÍBB,,,BÍBB,,BÍBBB,,,,CABOOOOOOOMM. and we the PERFECT PEOPLE will be finally a rid of you the INFERIOR muslim shitts.


  • allah hater intelligence????

    Ah another coon checks in with monkey babble……….

  • lingophile

    Clever! But based on this website’s favorite topics, you should probably know the difference between “hearsay” and “heresy”.

  • anonymus

    Just to know, this website is called celebjihad right? and this article is the only one i’ve read but i can guess it follows islam’s spirituality, and i respect that, but, i could you try to convice someone to change their religion ( when harry potter is a book not any kind of coran or bible, so wtf to think it s a religion followed by so many people????wtf are you thinking) anyway so this website should reflect the islamic spirituality when most of the articles are about nudes girls ?? wtf again !!

    just to show what i feel but hey mr the article guy, just go out of your room and see the world , travel and feel what you think and dont think what you feel

    • theheadchimp

      Wtf? Feel what you think? What the fuck kind of pyschobabble is that? You sound so goddamn dumb that nobody should help you change your religion…….they need to change your depends.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are one dumbass mofo.
      We don’t care about your pussy-ass emotional issues; Jihad is our business.
      Instead of worrying about this article you need to worry about the coming Islamic takeover of the world.
      When that happens, pussies like you will be in deep shit.

      Suck on that one you crybaby mofo

  • anonymus

    okok i wasnt sure of what was infront of me, so you are not tolerent open minded people in here, right i shouldnt have thought that, it was really dumb of me, so you re just “illuminés”, allright no pb, but can you just repond to what i ve post?? this website is it really in the continuation of islam or just some bullshit created and added by some asshole ? Look out the article you crazy basterd who im 100% sure uses what he likes from islam and dont even want to consider the rest. and just you know im atheist so i wont be thinking of changing religion. I thought i would have some greate debat here but reading what come out of your mouth i’ll think twice,

  • anonymus

    ” Welcome to the Only Celebrity Gossip Site Run by Islamic Extremists”
    hahahaha, extremist ??? if you can’t even follow all the rules of you re divine book, dont make you look like one of whom really do, either they are extremist terrorist intolerent man or peacefull ideologist, But is that your real opinion of all the messages it dicted in the coran ? Nude girls music and propaganda ? you should try to have a conversation with your representant and see what tjey think of your occidental modern consumer behaviour in your life, and you want to be taken seroius…. nice try but the virginz wont be yours if you keep it that way

  • anonymus

    How do I post a anonymus comment? haehaehaehaehae

  • King of the Infidels

    I think they’re lovely stories