Graphic Selena Gomez Sex Scene Uncovered

Selena Gomez sex scene

Selena Gomez engages in extremely graphic sex in what appears to be a deleted scene from her Disney channel reality show “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

In the sex scene below, Selena Gomez’s father comes home drunk after a long day of selling oranges by the freeway. He enters Selena’s bedroom and forces her to get his burrito wet.

Meanwhile Selena Gomez’s mother takes a break from her custodial duties in an office building to call and remind Selena to take the empanadas out of the freezer. She grows concerned when Selena doesn’t answer as she knows how forgetful Selena becomes after having sex with her father.

*Warning this video contains graphic sex scenes that many viewers may find arousing. Viewer discretion is advised.

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            Mr Durka, being a kind and pious man, merely asks us to try to return our visitors possessions. If you don’t want your possessions returned, then don’t leave them here, or simply ask us to dispose of them (though in your case, the land-fill didn’t want them).


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            C.I.A Christian Inteligence Association says:
            May 27, 2013 at 2:09 am
            Load and fire thats what you damn bitches should get.Feel the strongest force in the world at the palm of your ass hole face.Good luck with surving bitches of you other people want some just pm me.Sincerely Angel Of The Fallen Main Assault Team Of The C.I.A
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            Team Dumb-Shit

            Only the retarded would claim that the year 1776 would come again. The theory that only the truly stupid vote republican must be true – you repeatedly demonstrate that with evidence of the dreadful reality.

            Do the world a favor and have yourself aborted.

          • The Truth

            Team Dumbass,

            Your complete and utter lack of intelligence disproves all of your previous arguments. 1776 will never come again. That’s how time works.

          • Team America

            Troll and his homo boyfriend the Truth

            It will be like 1776 all over again when the Sons of the Patriots make a return and start a revolution to get rid of the liberals and the homos and we’re gonna start with this site. Consider yourselves in notice, fags. There’s gonna be no place for sissy homos like you two in the United States of Awesome (which is what this site will be called once we’ve taken over).

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            By the way

            I heard Alex Jones say “1776 will come again” on Piers Morgan, it was hilarious. That guys a complete psycho. If you haven’t seen it you could probably find it on YouTube. Check it out, that guy has serious mental problems. That shit stain Piers Morgan didn’t even do anything to make Jones angry, it’s hilarious.

          • Troll

            “It will be like 1776 all over again when the Sons of the Patriots make a return and start a revolution to get rid of the liberals and the homos and we’re gonna start with this site. Consider yourselves in notice, fags.” – Team Homo-Queer

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          But let me tell you this: we Muslims will make you pay for your debauchery.

          • Najid Hussein

            Brother Hashim

            Team Asshole is already paying for his excesses, as he is in the hallucination stage in his advanced case of long-untreated syphilis. Pay no attention to his mindless rantings, or let them trouble your mind.

            The Prophet (PBUH) teaches us to be charitable to the sick. Regardless, Allah (SWT) will doom this infidel to the eternal flames of Jahannam, where the barbed passion pole of the Iblis will pump his molten seed into his over-stretched rectum for all eternity.

            Allahu Akbar!

          • Team America

            Najid Hussein

            I heard all about your diagnosis. I can’t believe you have the most virulent form of super aids ever documented, must be tough to live with. They’re saying you must be some kind of super fag to have contracted such a powerful strain of super aids. One theory is that you and all the other Muslim homos at the gay bar called The Mosque got together and for a big Gang bang and you were the little piggy in the middle. Apparently you contracted the aids from all the other aids infected homo Muslims and all their aids fused inside you creating a new form of super aids. Then your super aids combined with the Reapers super aids and created the most virulent form of super aids ever. You really are some kind of super faggot.

            America! Give me liberty or give me death!

    • Mater the Greater

      mutual man love has always been a feature of civilization!

      • Imam Khalid

        So has killing homoqueers, homoqueer.

        • Mater the Greater

          imam the rusty trombone player…

          may your ass be pounded by a negro before Allah had touched stoned to death.

          • Imam Khalid

            You do not speak to me, you rotten smegma chugging butt pumper. I’ll don a HAZMAT suit and eviscerate you with my Iranian forged scimitar!

  • ……


  • Yuan

    I Like It

  • The Reaper

    This Mexican slut will do anyone this video shows that someone who is a stranger to her can walk in to her house off the street and before you know it his dick is in the filthy whores mouth and stinking mex pussy.

    • Team America

      Aids infested gay ass raper

      If you take your post and exchange the word Mexican with Tranny it accurately describes you.

      America! Come join the fight, come join Team Awesome!

      • Abdullah

        Team Trollop

        No virile, pious, muslim man will ever join your limp-wristed, fairy-fight.

        • The Reaper

          Abdullah the Nobody

          Are you completely retarded? You homo camel fuckers aren’t invited to join. I’m starting a new revolution and I’m bring about the return of the Sons of the Patriots and our goal will be taking you homos out, not letting you join us. The only thing you faggots will fight over us who goes first at the glory hole.

          America! Calling all patriots!

          • Team America

            Arrrr dammit. It was late and I had been working all day and fucking Abbas Al-Assan’s sister. I was gonna make a post about Reaper wanting to join the new Sons if the Patriots but I got side tracked and made the comment above.

    • Beastly man

      Reapee the fag

      Learn how to use a god damn coma or period you stupid shit!!
      I don’t know how they do things at the gay back house, but this website
      is full of people who actually have a functional brain.

      You, Imam the ass punish-er, and Tyrone the penis steal-er has been hit in the head
      with wayyy too many penises. You all better go to the doctor because i think the STDS
      and your personality disorders are starting to affect the nut box you call your brain!

      And for crying out loud…… learn how to use a damn toothbrush to clean that disgusting
      cum hole you refer to as your mouth!

  • jimbo

    That’s not selena in the sex scenes

    • wasfddaubjan

      its not selena gomez at all bitches


    DID anybody like my post. gease its not really selena but close. my god you people. in your comments atleast say if you liked it or not.

  • Einsam

    thats zoey kush

  • ObserversDickIsFatwa

    If Emma was a camel….I’d fuck her in a heart beat….

    Then again, I like fucking


    This is fake. In the beginning he has clothes on when receiving oral sex and when it shows the actual scene he is completely naked.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      untruth bird shit

      what do you know about it asshole? You weren’t there to see her big pussy suck his clothes off like a mexican hoover.

      • Team America

        Abdullah the destroyer of camel ass

        I’m sure you could teach him all about assholes. You know all about ass, you love the ass. Camel ass, dancing boy ass, tranny ass, Hashim the destroyers ass, farzen’s ass, Abbas Al-Assan’s ass and of course your favorite ass, The Reapers ass. Now you’re trying to add this homos ass to your collection. Speaking of ass, last night I fucked Abbas Al-Assan’s sister hard in the ass last and when I was about to blow she pulled me out and started sucking my cock and even swallowed. What a dirty little whore she is. Now I know how you feel when the Reaper does that to you.

        America! 1776 will come again!

        • The Reaper

          Team Tranny

          You are not only a homo you are also a sick pervert speaking of camel fucking and posting about how you rape dancing boys and tranny ass is bad enough but the posters here don’t need to hear how you swallow when you suck off a niggers cock.

          The only thing you fucked hard last night was the young boy you ass raped.

  • Hana

    How was this even considered?! The fuck?!

    • English 4 the English

      Can’t believe what you dirty muslims did in London and now Paris….scum bags…screwed up with religion and having sex with little boys…..peados!!!! You are curry stinking hypocrites. Anyone seen the ritual of Bacha bazi..check youtube…sick stinkin muslims…can’t believe you think @ll@h promises u a young virgin boy to fuck. GO HOME AND WE WILL NUKE THE LOT OF YA!!!!! RULE BRITANNIA……FUCKIN MAKE ME SICK YOU LIVE LIKE YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE AGES….WHAT’S WITH EATING WITH RIGHT HAND AND WIPING ARSE WITH LEFT….DON’T U GET SHIT PAPER URGGGGGHHHH

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        english for giving rim jobs

        The U of K now belongs to Islam and us Muslims will transform Buckingham Palace into the Mosque Of the Prophet.

        Also…all you heathen bastards had better be gone from our “United Islamic Kingdom” by next friday or it’s the AK-47 for all of you.

        • Dancing boy

          Hello Abdullah the butcher, I’m a pretty little dancing boy and I’m all yours. Do you want me to dance for you? Do you think I’m pretty?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            dancing fag

            You have the wrong man mofo.I’m a Muslim and we don’t swing limp-wristed.

            You need to find either brokeback pete or mangina moshe. Try their glory hole, it’s where they live.

        • her majesty queen elizabeth II

          come get me asshole

  • Team America

    Help me

    I’ve been kidnapped by Abdullah the butcher, Hashim the destroyer, Farzen the Wise and the other homo Muslims on this site. They have me locked in a dungeon and they’re planning on raping me. I over heard one of them say that they were going to call the Reaper and tell him to bring over the gimps. I don’t want to even think about what that means or what these sick homos have in store for me. Please, if anyone out there reads this message, help me!

    America! Don’t let Them rape me, I don’t want to catch their super-aids!

    • Thane

      Team America

      Hold on. Help is on the way. I have infiltrated their terrorist network and hacked their system. It seems you are supposed to be the next victim in their sick homosexual gang rape activities. They plan on keeping you alive for days, weeks and even months while they sodomize and sexually torture you. Eventually they while try to break you then indoctrinate you into their evil religion. It’s how they gather more members for their sick evil cult. They did the same thing to the Reaper, that’s how they turned him into a homo ass raper. They fear your greatness but believe that if you can be turned, you will become the most powerful Muslim since Muhammad. I’m coming for you, you just have to hold them off.

      • Team America


        Thank you but you need to hurry. The Reaper has arrived and it turns out the gimps are Murderous, Mater the Greater and the entire firsties gang in gimp suits with rubber balls straped to their mouths. You still have some time to save me. They’re about to watch Brokeback Mountain, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pricilla, Queen if the Desert (I’m pretty sure Mater the Greater is an Australian homo) to get into the mood before they rape me. You still need to hurry though. Time is running out and it looks like they are working themselves into a gay frenzy. They’re only give minutes into Brokeback Mountain and they’re already frothing at the mouth as they work themselves into a rabid homo furor.

        America! Save me Thane!

        • The Reaper

          Team tranny

          Please stop posting about your gay fetish ideas and the queer movies you like to watch with your gay tranny sex partners.

          • Team America

            Aids infested gay ass raper

            No, Thane saved me from being indoctrinated into their evil cult so unlike you I don’t like those sick perverted homo activities. I’m glade he was able to save me, I just wish he had been able to save you from having your ass raped repeatedly from those sick fucks. If he had, you might not be the aids infested ass raper you are today.

            America! Come join the fight, come join Team Awesome!

          • Team America

            Thane will you come over and pound up my blown out chocolate starfish? Your tiny cock will just fill into my penis extender.

            America! Jizz in my butthole Thane!

          • Thane

            You got it, TA! Help for your prolapsed anus is on the way!!

            You my boo, dawg.

          • Thane


            Your pathetic attempt at indoctrinating Team America through impersonation and homosexual posts will not work. You have already been exposed as an imposter posting under the name Celeste Star and mike. It was Team America himself who exposed you if I remember correctly, although your homosexual repressed posts makes it obvious that it is you. You have truly mastered gay posts and even surpassed the firsties as the biggest queer on this site. Team America and myself are strong heterosexual men and we are both immune to the effects if you indoctrination.

        • Team America


          Thank you for rescuing me.That was a close one. I just want to let my many fans know that I am safe and aids free thanks to Thane. I spent all night on the run and I think I am finally safe from those aids infested degenerate homos. However, this experience has made me realise just how much of a threat theses homo Muslims are to us straight guys. They planned to do to me what they did to the Reaper and indoctrinate me into their evil cult. Something needs to be done about this threat, that is why I’m proposing we put together a team of heterosexual western super heroes to combat the evil Super Camel Fucker Dune Coon Squad. I’m putting out a call to all those who value freedom and liberty, all those who wish to fight against injustice or anyone who just think the Muslims and their gimps are sick aids infested homos that need to be stop. Come join the fight, come join the greatest team of super heroes since those guys that had that movie out last year. Come join Team Awesome!

          America! Join the fight! Join Team Awesome!

      • The Reaper

        Thane aka Team Tranny

        This is even sicker to post as this Thane to respond to your own post is the work of a sick and perverted mind. What gave you away is the fact that you posted using the same writing style you are a stupid queer.

        • Team America

          Aids infested gay ass raper

          If posting in a similar ways means that you are the same person posting then considering you and your homo Muslim boyfriends like Abdullah the butcher, Farzen the Wise, Umar the Brown, Najid Hussein and all the other camel fuckers on this site all make the same gay post than you must all be the same person. What happened? Did you all fuse together to become one big super homo.

          America! Come join the fight, come join Team Awesome!

          • Imam Abbas

            No one is going to join to the fag-fight with Team Homo-queer. Having that imbecile on your team puts you 50 paces behind the 8-ball before you even start!

            Allahu Akbar!

          • The Reaper

            Imam Abbas

            That’s not true! Team America can I join? I’ll give up sucking Muslim dick I swear just let me join.

          • Team America

            Aids infested ass raper

            No you can’t join. You’re a disgusting aids infested homo and we don’t want you. Go back to the Muslim homos where you belong.

            America! Calling all patriots!

    • The Reaper

      Team Tranny

      You are one sick mofo. To even think of something like that only shows that you have homosexual thoughts and dreams everyone knew that your a faggot this now proves that fact.

      • Team America

        Aids infested gay ass raper

        I didn’t think of it. You suck fucks did when you kidnapped me and tried to rape me and indoctrinate me not your evil cult. I’m no longer as disgusted in your degenerate behavior as I was before because I now understand what they did to you and how they turned you into the vile aids infested ass raper you are today. I even pity you a little, your disgusting homo ways aren’t entirely your fault, you became the aids infested gay ass raper they wanted you to be.

        America! Come join the fight, come joinTeam Awesome!

        • Mater the Greater

          team deliverance

          get back to donkey raping and shit eating instead of us all having to endure your homo-receptive crap.

          America – fingering our bumholes since 1776.

          • Team America

            Mater the gimp

            The Reaper’s also knows as mike the hillbilly. He’s the inbred hillbilly homo that raped the fat guy in deliverance and made him squeal like a pig. Now I know that you’re that fat guy. The Reaper indoctrinated you and made you his gimp and now you squeal like a pig every night.

            America! Squeal like a pig for the Reaper you fat homo!

          • Mater the Greater

            team anal gaping

            i only squeal with pleasure when you like my brown ring clean after i take a shit

            you love chewing them winnets

        • The Reaper

          Team Tranny

          No one kidnapped you wtf is wrong with you is this a fetish of yours wanting to be kidnapped and ass raped by muslims? First you wanted to be gangbanged by a group of niggers now it’s muslims you want you are one filthy sick pervert
          Muslims are not into gay sex you idiot so you may as well go back to being gangbanged by niggers.

    • Najid Hussein

      Team Tranny-Trollop

      We all know that you’ve been coveting the opportunity to get your overly-strtched, pestilence-filled anus plooked by a manly, virile muslim – yet you have had no success. Your claims are deteriorating so badly that I’m starting to think you’ve started having carnal relations with that “Angel of the whatever”, or have otherwise suffered yet another setback of your well-documented and long-untreated case of syphilis.

      You have reached the hallucination stage, which fortunately for all of us, means your demise from syphilis might come before your demise from full-blown AIDS (both are well deserved, in the opinion of all pious muslims).

      Regardless of the reason for your demise, we can all be glad of it. Enjoy the dungeon of your mind, and your fantasy hallucinations. Thats all you’ll ever get from anyone but your fag-buddy “Angel Of The fill_in_the_blank” (or other uninventive fag aliases that product of incest comes up with) you worthless infidel!

      On the bright side – at least your mothers basement will have some extra space in it soon!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Team America

        Najid Hussein

        Or should I call you, Abass Al-Assan or call you by your gay pornstar name Dr. Al-Assan. You took the name Dr. Al-Assan when you made the series of gay pornos called “The Dr. Is in … Your asshole! Oops, I’ve just been spotted by the Muslim homo patrol Troll and The Truth so I have to run for now so they don’t try to recapture me. Insult you more later, fagtard.

        America! Come join the fight, come join Team Awesome!

        • Najid Hussein

          There is only Team Tranny, and his faithful sidekick and fellow flamer, Angel of the Incest-spawned.

          Two major disappointments of nature – abortions that somehow lived.

          Very sad. Nonetheless, it matters not what Team Tranny coughs up with – it only earns ridicule and a few laughs on this hole site.

          • Team America

            Super fag Hussein

            That’s pretty funny coming from someone know as Super fag Hussein and just happens to be a medical marvel because he has the most virulent form of super aids ever created. Your gay shit isn’t even funny, it’s just sad and pathetic. I almost feel sorry for you then I remember that you’re a sick Muslim homo butt slut that fucked his way through ever homo Muslim on this site, not to mention the Reaper.

            America! Give me liberty or give me death!

          • Imam Abdul Hussein

            “America! Give me liberty or give me death!” – Team Tranny

            As a faithful and pious muslim, I vote DEATH.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      team teabag

      You stupid liar. I wouldn’t kidnap your faggy ass; I’d just shoot you with the AK-47.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Brother Abdullah,

        This Team America fag deserves nothing less than a bullet from the AK-47.

        His disgusting fantasies of wanting to be kidnapped and raped in the anus by Muslims are sickening to say the least.

        I would take pleasure in slicing his infidel throat with my scimitar but fear his HIV infected blood would get on me.

        For that reason I will be speaking to my Imam about issuing a fatwa for use of the pressure cooker bomb against him.


      • Imam Abbas

        Brother Abdullah

        Team Drag-Queen has been having a lot of bizarre fantasies lately – all one has to do is read the postings on this holy site to see the mindless rantings of someone who’s brain has been eaten by the ravages of advanced syphilis. That idiots story and excuses change so often he can’t figure out who he’s lied to about what.

        His attempts to cover up his questionable acts at Brother Durka’s offices are strange indeed, as videos and security camera footage tell the unfortunate tale in repugnant detail.


        My advice is simple: If you see Team Tranny – shoot on sight.

        You will be reimbursed for all the ammunition you use, plus one extra case of AK 47 ammunition as an added bonus.

        Allahu Akbar!

  • The man

    Stupidest description ever, probably a scene in her new movie spring breakers, not wizards of waverly place.

  • Carlie

    Half of those scenes were from the show, Dexter. So fake lol

  • Alissa C. DiCarlo

    I suck dirty nigger dick after it’s been in my smelly ass.

    • The Reaper

      Alissa Imposter

      STFU you asshole moron or I will take a baseball bat to your knees and spine if you have one that is.

      • Team America

        Aids infested gay ass raper

        Stop impersonating Alissa.

        America! Calling all patriots!

  • Fuck Arbs

    this is so fake, and you arabs are all gay fuck you cunts


      LOL :)))) What’s Arbs? Your more stupid than us the Firsties gang


  • Selena Gomez

    Nice fake….

    • Johnny

      I had a dream I was with u and we had sex then Went and played softball. What’s it all mean -.-

  • hublah jabar


  • Whitefella

    The thing that shits me the most about this site is the racism that run rampant through every thread here.

    Racism is something that should NOT be tolerated by any society – or website for that matter – in the 21st century. The sooner you fucking camel humpers, hooked noses, coons, wops, gooks, etc, etc, realise this, the better off we’ll all be.

    • Mater the Greater


      stuck to jacking off you friend of Dorothy.

      • Whitefella

        Dorothy? I don’t know a Dorothy. Please tell me who she is because if she IS my friend, maybe I won’t have to jack off any more.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What ain’t tolerated is a cock sucking, rainbow wearing, homoqueer, like you, talking your gay agenda on this powerful and holy Islamic site.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Whitefella

        Master the Bator and Abdullah the Butt Chomper,

        What you need to realise is that I have every right to spread my agenda or whatever else I want around your site, because as a white man, I am superior to you all and can do what I like. We do what we like, you do what you’re told, ok?

        And, once again, the agenda that I wish to spread is my objection to the racism that’s infested every corner of this place. My sincerity in this regard is clearly evidenced by my (albeit reluctant) acceptance that you apes are members of the same species as me and my white brothers and sisters, despite the fact that we’re significantly more genetically advanced than you.

        • Mater the Greater


          suggest you get back to giving team tosser a good ole reacharound like they taught you at grand faggot pete’s KKK club.

        • Farzan The Wise


          You have had one too many cocks up your ass you limp wristed queer.

          The only acceptance you will get from us far superior Muslims is a pressure cooker bomb at the finish line of your next gay pride parade.

          ALLAHU AKBAR ! Death to israel !

          • Officer-Snickers

            There’s nothing ‘racist’ about not liking anyone that’s non-white or gay. They’re just animals, not true human beings, so your logic is invalid.

            You can’t be racist against animals.


          • Whitefella

            Fartzan the Woos and Master the Bator,

            Your replies evidence that the old joke, “Q – What’s the difference between a Muslim and a computer? A – You only have to punch information into a computer once”, is not a joke, after all but actual fact.

            You simply do not appear to understand my demand that the racism around this joint must cease immediately

        • The Reaper

          White fool

          You queer you have infested many fags and trannies with aids the only good you have done is the spreading of your aids to the niggers with all the black cock you suck you should infect at least 75% of the coons in the USA.

          • Whitefella

            The Rim Raper,

            You must have me confused with another one of your friends, because I’m not from the USofA, in which case I’m afraid that I’ll have to leave the spreading of aids to all the coons over there by rim raping them in your capable and highly experienced hands (and tongue and cock).

            Where I come from, there’s no chance of my sharing a communicable disease with any of the coloured folk, because we never go anywhere near them.

            Once again, STOP THE RACISM!

          • Imam Khalid

            White Race Traitor, you may think you’re being ‘progressive’ or ‘enlightened’ by pretending that fags dykes, chinks, nigs, spics and other assorted muds are human beings but you would be very wrong.

            You’re just another brainwashed Americunt metrosexual who needs to have his lights punched out for good before he spreads more HIV at the gloryhole.

          • Whitefella

            In man Coloured,

            I understand that as the occupant of some remote, turd-world backwater, you must be severely genetically, intellectually and educationally challenged, and this is the reason why you didn’t comprehend what I said in my earlier post that I’m not from the USofA, which means that I’m NOT an ‘Americunt’. Or maybe you needed to have someone type your comment for you, and this got lost in the communication.

            Either way, as the all-superior but equally benevolent and lenient white person that I am, I shall forgive you for this serious indiscretion, just this once.

            And if my brain has been washed, then at least that’s one part of my body that has been cleaned, which is better than you could manage out there in the desert, where there is no water but only flies, camel shit and fermenting goat jizz.

            Now yet again, I implore everyone here to BAN ALL THE RACISM!!!

          • Team America

            Aids infested gay ass raper

            Everybody already knows you’re aids patient zero. Your the guy that fucked a monkey and then spread aids to the other trannies and homos and because niggers will fuck anything, they caught it from the trannies and spread it to white women. I’m just glade I’m a straight white male and I can’t catch aids.

            America! Calling all patriots!

        • Team America


          Another kindred spirit has come to this site. I’m forming an organisation called The Sons of the Patriots. Our goal is to stop racism, intolerance and injustice by wiping out the Arab Muslim homos on this site. You don’t have to be American to join, you just need to believe in our noble cause.

          America! Calling all patriots!

          • Whitefella

            Team America,

            Please sign me up immediately to your honorable organisation!

            I am ready, willing and able for the fight. My gigantic, gallant, pink pork sword is drawn, upright and ready to stab everyone of these intolerant apes’ butts out of existence.

            BAN ALL RACISM

  • David

    Wizards of Waverly Place is not a reality show. Selena plays the teenage wizard Alex Russo. What gave you the idea that the show has anything to do with reality?

  • Whitefella

    Actually, now I come to think of it, that joke might have originally been directed towards Maoris, not Muslims. But it doesn’t matter – boongs, jungle bunnies, coconuts, coons, niggers OR camel fuckers, I’m sure it applies to all of you coloured folk.

    Whatever, the case, I will say one more, (hopefully the last), time, the racism around here has to stop NOW!!!

    • The Reaper

      White faggot

      You need to stop fucking team tranny up the ass.

      • Whitefella

        Rim Raper,

        Your Neanderthal comment brings me to another of my pet dislikes about this site and that’s the sexual discrimination here. I’m sure that the poofters, faggots, carpet munchers, threepennybitlickers and trannies deserve better than the shit you all constantly dish out on them.

        • Imam Abbas

          White wimp

          I am quite certain that the poofters, faggots, carpet munchers, threepennybitlickers and trannies deserve far worse.

          Especially that faggot of faggots Team Transvestite, and his sidekick Angel of the Douche-bags.

          Those two products of incest, farm animal fuckers, and walking buckets of pestilence should be stoned to death.

          Allahu Akbar!

          • Whitefella

            In man Up ass,

            I’m somewhat confused by your comment about these Team Transvestite and Angel of Douchebags characters. If you hate them this much and want them dead, why do you want to share your drugs with them too?

  • all niggers should hang

    fuck you ‘white’ fella…niggers should be raped and killed. same with mudslimes.

  • alo

    first off, I watch alot of Disney channel and that is not the mother and father of Selena Gomez in the show… this is a scene from a new movie she did that is rated NC-17. she also signed off of Disney channel 3 years ago so this website is fake and this is some ol’ BS!!!!

    • duh

      Its not selena at all smh

  • 112233f

    fuck yall asses u can clearly see this shit is FAKE!
    im white and thats cool but black people rool and fuckin mexicans drool!

  • HELLO!!!!!!!!

    definately fucking her!

  • dfhsthtg

    Idiots this is a scene from spring breakers

    • fuck off

      No its not its not even selena idiot

  • Lee

    I was just lookin for somethin good to fap to while my gf is out of town. Got done whackin it, and then I started reading the comments, and the whole time Im just thinkin ” Damn; Have any of you people ever even seen a vagina anywhere besides the internet?” Doesnt seem like it.

    • Whitefella

      A vagina? What’s a vagina?

      • makaylarose

        srsly?? -_-

      • brokenshadow15

        Do you really not know what a fucking vagina is. WTF?!?!?!

  • leeah

    its funny how her top changes from white to brown.

    • Anony Mous

      she put her top on, they skipped a part.

    • Anony Mous

      she put her top on, they skipped a part.

    • Boby

      The bedroom keeled changing as we’ll

  • Islamabadpussycreamer

    Mexican whores like her need the small cock of a western man
    To make their loose saggy pussies wet


    Will you damn mother fucking goat and camel fuckers plz leave the celebrities of amarica alone do what you want to you islamic Hindu or what ever the fuck you are you did enofe with 9/11 go blow your self up for your country

    • Ricardo

      Are you sure of what country you are from? I am an American, from America.

      • For Ricardo

        Ricardo,With 200 years history only,shut the fuck up,American from America what’s the hell?

        • AnonymousREVO

          “Every generation needs a new revolution” -Thomas Jefferson American Revolution2 (anyone with me?)

          • Butch

            First of all, you missed the point of the comment you racist, and second, tell me where Islam is the most popular religion on the map, then you can insult it you fucking racist

    • thwhiteguyfromSA

      You are a racist bastard and you should leave people to believe in what they feel is true so don’t go hating on Muslims and get a fucking girlfriend ti fuck ao you don’t have to watch porn you sleazy piece of shit!

      • yomama58

        You were on this website weren’t you?

    • Anonymes

      Ehmm the 911 was faked there were more explosions in the twin towers so the were blowed up to can start a war against the irak

  • m

    oh shit

  • Bobbo

    So, what is the name of the porn this clip is from? I’d like to watch it.

    • jeana


      • ssvgvjh

        The porn clip, not the movie it’s edited with. It looks really good.

  • -

    this tape is not real jerks

  • Michael Robert

    I wish I played Selenas dad’s role in that movie!

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