Gary Busey Is Barack Obama’s Top Adviser

Obama Gary Busey

After just 2 short years in office Barack Obama is already the greatest President the world has ever known. He promised to stop America’s imperialistic wars, and then brilliantly followed up on his promise by continuing and expanding them. He promised to give universal health care to all Americans, and he delivered and some by craftily paying for it without touching Americas brown people killing fund aka “the defense budget” and instead required pretty much every American to just pay for it their damn selves.

If all that was not enough Obama was also instrumental in getting the immensely popular banker bailout passed without which Goldman Sachs would never have been able to meet their executive bonus obligations. I shudder to imagine the collective guilt Americans would have felt if that nightmare would of been allowed to happen, especially since as Obama explained at the time, it was all the people’s fault for selfishly getting mortgages to buy homes.

I know what you are probably wondering, how has Obama been able to be so awesome? Is he the super Jesus the Bible foretold about? Maybe. Is he a robot built from the parts of all the great leaders of the past and recycled helicopters? Perhaps. Is he an alien who landed on this planet and received super decision making powers from the earth’s sun? Definitely not because that would mean he is not eligible to be President. I think the most logical explanation of Obama’s extremely awesome awesomeness is that he surrounds himself with only the best people.

If you want to know if you should continue fighting a war you ask a general. If you want to make a health care bill you ask the health care insurance industry to write it for you. If you want to know if you should continue giving trillions to Wall Street you ask guys like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner who work for Wall Street. Finally, if you want to know about being a super genius you take actor Gary Busey as your mentor, life coach, and top adviser, and that is just what Obama did.

As these exclusive behind the scenes White House photos show, it has been Gary Busey who Obama has relied upon throughout his Presidency. Let us hope that this dynamic duo of Obama and Busey keeps delivering in the next 2 years, so Americans can get their desperately needed war with Iran and expanded domestic spying program through the Patriot Act. Because someone has to keep an eye on all those unemployed people.


Busey Obama Busey Obama Busey Obama Busey Obama
Busey Obama Busey Obama Busey Obama

  • Tim

    The alien part was hilarious. Great writing, as always.

  • Cpm

    Well, that sure would explain a lot.

  • One Big Ass Mistake America

    Now, who says this nigger will make everything right? Can’t you see what is happening to our country? Fuck you, Obama. you could at least thank whites for the boat ride, you hot air spewing motherfucker.


    Tell your wife to stop posing for magazines. She is fucking ugly.

    • hry

      You’re a retard. Idiots like you make it hard to argue against Obama. If you’d shut your mouth and let the adults debate, maybe the rest of us wouldn’t be dismissed as a bunch of bigots.

  • TheJihadisDead

    “if that nightmare WOULD OF BEEN allowed to happen”


  • Dead Ed

    When was the last time the government said, “you know what? Without people like you, we wouldn’t have a tax-base to draw revenue FROM. So THANK YOU!” When was the last time somebody on MediCaid sat down and wrote a “THANK YOU” letter – not to a MediCaid bureaucrat, but the people who PAY the MediCaid bureaucrats. No, I’m not angry. This is not “angry”. This is “PASSION”!

    If democracy grants the power to the leadership in whatever form it wishes, it uses the power of taxation and welfare distribution to buy it’s support, which is to buy votes, which is to create a system of 50.1%, or 50 votes plus 1, to get whatever the hell it wants on the back of the 49! Democracy, at that point, is OVERRATED! Democracy is the process by which we select the leaders, not the powers that we GRANT them!

    You have to say to yourself, “I don’t care about other people.” You have to say to yourself, “I’ve already done my fair share. I payed my taxes.” If the government can solve every problem with tax dollars and it can solve the healthcare with tax dollars, then stop investing yourself in “human causes”. You take a stray dog off the street and that dog will be THANKFUL. A human being … just wants more.

    Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution: since when does “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;” allow the government to force the purchase of a PRODUCT? It’s one thing to regulate economic ACTIVITY, they can’t force someone to be ECONOMICALY active. The federal government doesn’t have the power to force you to purchase healthcare!

    To say that “every person has a right to healthcare” makes two false assumptions: 1) you have the right to the LABOR of another person, and 2) you have the reasonable expectation that SOMEBODY ELSE will PAY for that labor. At that point, you infringe on the rights of A) the doctor, and B) the tax payer.

    The concept of human liberty has been an idea that great philosophers WROTE about, and SPOKE about, since the dawn of understanding of what liberty IS. Which was probably after 5 seconds after somebody said, “oh, by the way, I’m the one in charge here. And, uh, see those spears? If you don’t do what I say, you get stabbed with them.”

    I’m almost convinced now, that in the political arena, conservatives are the ONLY ones advancing ideas over the radio, and that liberals are just sitting there, “well, I got to complain about this … I got to complain about that.” You would think that liberals would be the 1st people at a TEA Party event. Liberals complain, “There’s no Black people there.” There’s LOTS of Black people. I didn’t see them on CNN. They were there! And Hispanics. And Asians. And Jews. I bet you even some Gay people showed up.

  • Dead Ed

    When you spend 2.4 trillion dollars, steal MORE money out of MediCare, as Social Security, MASSIVELY extend MediCaid, that already expanded 23% last year, BANKRUPT the states, BANKRUPT the next generations, drive up the debt into the trillions, THAT, according to Obama and Pelosi, is “DEFECIT REDUCTION”!

    The government imposes these MASSIVE costs to hire somebody, or to keep somebody employed … The businesses are going to CUT them! Now this administration has demonstrated that it knows how to DESTROY jobs, not CREATE jobs. And it’s one of the BEST administrations for destroying jobs in American history. It also knows how to destroy home ownership … destroy opportunity … destroy WEALTH.

    We now exist to SERVE the STATE. You don’t get to pick the healthcare you want. You don’t get to pick the provider you want. You don’t get to pick the benefits you want. They are going to TELL you WHAT to do. HOW to do it and WHEN to do it. Not because it’s in your best interest or your families. Because this is what they DEMAND. They MANDATE!

    We DETEST Nancy Pelosi … and Harry Reid! We DETEST this white house for what they’re trying to do to this nation! And we’re SICK AND TIRED of what they’re doing to our Constitution! THIS CONSTITUTION DOESN’T BELONG TO THESE TEMPORARY POLITICAL HACKS! IT BELONGS TO GENERATIONS BEFORE US, OUR GENERATION, AND FUTURE GENERATIONS!!!

    We’ve been told that government healthcare is a MUST. We’ve been told this by the stateist for DECADES! We don’t believe it. We’ve been told “it will cut costs”, but the people don’t believe it. So what this is, it’s not just a rejection by the will of the people, who we are now called “special interest” by the way, by Nancy Pelosi, this is a rejection of the Constitution.

    The Democrat party used to always claim to be the party of the blue-collar-worker. Well there are no more blue-collar-workers. They’re destroying their jobs! They’re destroying these industries. They’re embracing these stateist-flat earth-no growth-Marxist-nut jobs who work in very tall glass buildings in places like San Francisco and Chicago and know NOTHING about getting their hands dirty.

    How many more experiments do we need for government-run healthcare? HOW MANY MORE?!? The British have it, and they’re SINKING! The Canadians have it, and they’re SINKING! 3rd world banana republic dictatorships have it, and they’re DISASTROUS! How many more human experiments do we need, before it’s clear, that Barack Obama is full of CRAP?!

    Everybody wants to keep as much money as they can. They want somebody else to pay for what they get, and yet they HATE people who actually make a profit which make the system work. Do YOU work for free? I don’t work for free. Does Obama work for free? HELL NO! Plus we subsidize that guy up the wazu – Lining checks … Lining this one … Doing that – What the hell is wrong with making a profit?

    We haven’t spent a single dollar wisely under this president. He said he’d create jobs. He’s KILLING jobs. This is a DISASTER! An ABSOLUTE DISASTER! I don’t think we have 3 years to fix this. We damn well better change this congress in November and SLOW this man down. He’s UTTERLY and COMPLETELY out of CONTROL. He’s a JAUGERNAUT for DESTRUCTION.


    EVEN though government-run healthcare will be a complete and utter disaster, the conservatives are smart. They will fight a legislative guerrilla warfare against government-run healthcare FOR THE REST OF TIME! MAKE THEM ANSWER FOR THIS MONSTROSITY WHILE YOU’RE WAITING IN LINE WHEN YOUR KID HAS STREP THROAT AND YOU CAN’T SEE A DAMN DOCTOR! THAT IS THE DEMOCRAT PLAN!

    We have it so GREAT in this nation. Not because of Obama, in spite of him. Not because of Pelosi, in spite of her. And not because of Reid, but in spite of him, too. They keep trying to tear us down and tear this country. ALL THEY DO IS PREACH NEGATIVITY! ALL THEY DO IS TURN US AGAINST EACH OTHER! THIS IS WHAT THEY DO!

    Just remember these things: everytime Obama tries to put on a moderate or centrist appearance, there’s nothing moderate or centrist about this man. HE DOESN’T LIKE THIS SOCIETY! He never HAS, and he never WILL! THE 5TH COLUMN IS HERE, ladies and gentleman. They have their MAN and he’s in the OVAL OFFICE! The 5th column is HERE! And it’s running this society into the toilet.

    There is ABSOLUTELY no justification to impose on us, NOW or EVER, government-run healthcare, by a government that has run everything else into the crapper. This government is drunk on power. Drunk on money. Drunk on borrowing. Drunk on printing. And I have a 1 step program for it… The Constitution.

    I’m a TEA Partyer. The liberals are the Tea Baggers. We’re TEA Partyers. Because the TEA Party philosophy and agenda is the conservative philosophy and agenda. There is no distinction. That’s why I’m a local supporter, and have been from day 1, and in fact, it encouraged movements of its kind to counter the movements on the left.

    The very man, who’s blown a hole, through this nation’s fiscal state, and did so happily, and continues to do so, who wants to blow it even BIGGER, sets up a commission? to bring “reason” to the fiscal debate? Now, ladies and gentlemen, this takes a pair. This guy’s got more arrogance than any president I’ve ever seen. He’s utterly PREPOSTEROUS.

    As early as Plato and Aristotle, it has been understood that: the management of a society is determined through politics one way or another.

    Reagan flat-out rejected the notion of a 3rd party. And you know what? it really is a coward’s way out. See, it’s hard work to take on the Republican party ticket back from the Repubics. But if you want to stand above it all and just say, “3rd party. 3rd party. The Republicans suck. The Republicans suck.” you can do well for yourself. But it isn’t going to fix anything.

    Well, Mr. President, you campaigned in VA and your candidate was slaughtered. You campaigned in NJ and your candidate was slaughtered. You campaigned in MA and your candidate was slaughtered. We’re going to gut you. And you should be issue #1 in this Nov election, because what you’ve done to this country, and what you’ve done to this country is a disgrace and a disaster.

    Barack Obama is at war with the private sector, meaning you and me. He wants to use the instrumentalities of government and federal law to deny us what we earn. That is, to steal our liberty. He doesn’t believe in private property. He believes that HE decides what’s private and what’s public. This is a man who’s instincts are contrary to those of past presidents.

    Most of US, WE KNEW, exactly what Barack Obama was, and we couldn’t believe these morons going along with him. “Gee, I didn’t know he was a Spendslist. Gee, I didn’t know he was weak on National Security. Gee, I didn’t know he was a left-wing ideolog. I didn’t know he was incompetent with no xp.” How could you NOT know? He IS all those things and he’s BEEN all those things.

    Meanwhile this president is DESTROYING the value of the currency, he’s burying THIS generation and future generations, with TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. I will take ANY of those bank executives and put them in the office of the presidency over this MAN. Because if THIS man ran a bank, the way he runs this country, he’d be in prison.

    Scott Brown. Christie. McDonald. WE’RE NOT DONE. We’ve only just BEGUN. We’re going in the blue states, we’re going in the pink states. We’re going in the (R)ED states, we’re going in the purple states. We’re going in albino states and black states. We don’t much give a DAMN. And the message will be the same: Liberty Versus Tyranny. You stand WITH US, or you stand with them.